The leftist Thought Police are at it again trying to control what you say, think and do. Yes, Condoleezza Rice, that includes you too! You never fooled AWD with which side of the fence you’re really on. Are you related to Colin Powell? Ideologically, HELL YES!

Banning words is the better looking cousin to banning books and free thinking. Leftists hate them some name-calling words unless they are the ones hurling them. Right, Teabaggers? But leftists aren’t merely concerned with your hateful vocabulary, right-wing extremists, they want to control what you drive, what you eat, what you drive, the temperature of your house, how to spend your earnings, if you can own a gun, etc. Leftists have decided what’s in your best interest. Right, Condi?

Today, idjits on the left are trying to ban the word “bossy” because they believe “bossy” only can apply to women. I guess Marine Colonels and General Officers merely make suggestions so not to offend soldiers with their bossiness. Well, maybe now they do since we have a homo-sexule military! Why not try and ban phrases, too? Like “kiss my big ol’ sexy butt, libtards!?”

Here’s their video:


Most of the womerns in that video are either lebanese and/or oo-ga-lee! They all are libs. And who gives a rat what that strumpet Beyonce says? The only thing she’s the boss of is getting nekkid on stage.

Bossy is a good word. I understand that nobody likes to be bossed around. AWD certainly doesn’t, especially by a bunch of leftist, bossy hags who tell me what words I can and cannot use. I’d much prefer they get in the kitchen and bake me a pie. But “bossy” is not a gender-specific word and ugly hags do not have the right to seize possession of it.

AWD has a suggestion. If we’re going to ban the word “bossy” because it offends leftist womern bosses, why shouldn’t we ban #uglybossybosses for anyone unfortunate enough to report to a filly? Let’s face it, womerns make the worst bosses possible. AWD has had several womern bosses in his metoric career rise. Each of them has been a total disaster zone! Every single one!

Womern bosses are emotional, petty, and generally play favorites with their fellow fillies in the workplace. Anyone who has reported to womerns and is honest will agree. AWD had this very conversation just last week with a filly friend (who is a baby doll). She agreed and even added that womerns are more difficult to manage as employees then hombres. AWD agrees. I have managed men and babes and the fillies will tie me up bitching about nothing for hours while men generally just did their job. I’ve never had a dude cry at work. Womern employees? Shee-ut! Hell, don’t take my word for it, maybe Fem X (a conserva-babe who works a high-pressure, big $$ job) will weigh in on the subject.

Back to banning #uglybossybosses. The last thing a cat needs on Monday morning is to drag his butt into the mines only to look at and listen to some mean, ugly bufforilla boss who just got her monthly visit from Aunt Flo! She’ll be pissed because her husband didn’t either wash the dishes right, vacuum the carpet where it makes a @#&* perfect grid pattern when he’s finished, or didn’t take the dogs (which she calls her “children”) to the vet to get their $1000 @#*& dog psychology! So guess who BossZilla takes all her menstrually-induced, life frustrations on? You know it! The dudes who are happy because they’re coming off a great weekend running hard with the fellas, smoking cigars, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, watching a few games or honky-tonking, and luring a little, smoking-hot filly back to his bedroom/boudoir for a few hours of hot flippy floppy.

BossZilla hates these guys because she is a miserable failure at life and the dudes are not. Sure, she may have the corner office but at what price? At her womanly core and deep in her diseased, liberal DNA, she knows she’d rather be staying at home raising the next generation of taxpayers and baking pies for her man who puts a twinkle in her eye when the day is done instead of filling out useless monthly reports and making everybody in the office miserable. For these and other reasons, womerns make terrible bosses. It’s even worse when they’re liberal and ugly.

It’s a scientific fact. Liberal womerns are generally ugly and mean where conservative babes are mostly hot and sexy. A quick look at the appearance of female attendees at Tea Party and Occupy events proves that statement. Any male who chooses a liberal womern over a conservative is probably a metrosexual (homosexual in a metro) who would prefer to be biting a pillow with his hair stylist, Bruce!

Conservatives realize and accept that men and women are different. Each has their unique abilities and gifts but no little babushka will never hum a pigskin 70 yards to perfectly drop like a feather into the hands of a sprinting wide receiver. On the other hand, no hombre will ever grow a pair of perfect breasts even though Michael Moore comes close! Seriously, men are naturally more cut out for the heavy lifting while women do the organizing and keeping it all in the road. It’s nature. It’s ying and yang and feng shui (whatever the hell that is), protons and neutrons, estrogen and tos-test-o-rene, etc. Liberals are not natural. Liberal womerns are more unnatural.

So join the Big Sexy in demanding an end of ugly womern bosses in the workplace! Haven’t we men suffered enough having to contemplate Hitlery Clintoon as our next President. Actually, President Hillary proves everything AWD has written here today about ugly womern bosses and why they should be banned! Maybe we should also try a #banuglyhillary campaign!

Here’s the Godfather of Soul telling how it all works right:


When music was music. Suck on that, Beyonce! Right after you bake me a pie!

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  1. They can Bitch all they want… But they ain’t the boss of me.

  2. Well, since I am retired, I no longer have to deal with fuglyfemalebossybosses, and I have had a few.

    However, that video has for damn sure guaranteed that I’ll be using the word bossy a helluva lot more.

    • Bossy is now entering as a major word in my vocabulary. I suggest all Conservatives do that to. That is, if that suggestion isn’t to “Bossy” of me!

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    Some farmers name their cows bossy

  4. Ya know AWD,
    some of these women are just taking this penis envy thing way too far ……..

  5. Jack Daniels says:

    Yeah well, I’m back on the oil rigs where only REAL men can hack it, and work…and NO womyn boss exist!!

    Yippy yi friggin yea!!!

    • Hey JD did you ever get your tat? Hope all is well with you and yours.

      • Jack Daniels says:

        Hey Magnum,

        Not yet….got back on the rigs so that we can break free from this God forsaken place. Priorities right now is to pay off our taxes and get the hell out! I figure in about two months. When I get it, I will change my avatar to show it off.

        Family is fine thank you. Hard being separated, but in the end freedom will be the payoff.
        Hours are long on the rigs and I am out for weeks out on a hitch before I have down time, so I can’t come around here as often as I would like…I miss that.

        I hope all is well with you and yours.

        Stay cozy my friend

  6. AWD you shouldn’t be a sexist. Sexism is wrong and being wrong is for women.

  7. Fix it with Freedom.
    Bring back the Duel and let those who find offense in words do something about it.

  8. Lars has had it. He’s in his hovel furiously re-writing all the Beatles’ song lyrics to include a ‘Bossy’ theme.
    His first shot at is is to the tune of ‘Yesterday’

    You Are Bossy, thus; your Bossiness
    We are finding ways to see you less
    And due all to; Your Bossiness…
    Your demands all sound so shrill to me,
    Somewhere else is where I long to be
    Your Bossiness is killing me

  9. Whenever I’m asked, “How long have you been married?”, I reply:
    “From the original Mrs. Z (Mom), through all the parochial school Sister Mary-Fill-In-The-Blanks, to the present Mrs. Z (significant filly), some woman’s been telling me what to do.”

  10. Totally agree. Liberal women in general are the worst.
    They are petty, catty, jealous, backstabbing, deceitful, liars, uncooperative, unprofessional, have a huge chip on their shoulders etc.
    Try to communicate with them and you get stalled and an attitude.
    Communicate with a man and you direct answers and cooperation.

    • Not to mention there as ugly as Obama’s @$$! Oh wait, that’s his face, so hard to tell the difference.

  11. I’ve always despised Jimmy Johnson and I now have a new reason to hate him. I wouldn’t doubt that the rest of the Hendrick stable is just as liberal.

  12. ‘Bossy’ can easily be replaced by some other ‘B’ words. 😉

  13. Isn’t telling someone not to use the word bossy kind of bossy?

  14. AWD it’s nice having the women on top sometime. Now get back out there and do your part!

  15. I know firsthand having a female boss/supervisor/whatever is worse than having a male. It’s the truth, we women are more emotional than logical.

    That’s one reason why I won’t vote for a female president (or a candidate with a female running mate). Men are the leaders.

    Now we need some actual men….

  16. Snake Oiler says:

    Hey boss man you’re looking pretty smart
    With your chicken skin suit
    You think you’re pretty hot
    In the pork pie hat

    Sooner or later
    Your legs give way, you hit the ground
    Save it for later
    Don’t run away and let me down

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  17. Over the years have I not only had femaBITCH bosses who were afraid of me and competing with me, I’ve had women teammates cry, scream at me, throw things (once at me), slam doors, ostracize me, slander me to clients, ice me out for weeks (one winner went a year), gang up on me, pout because I don’t like them, ad nauseum. As much as guys and guy bosses can be cold or perceived as unemotional, I’ve NEVER had one treat me as horribly as the women do. And people, I don’t work at Target. I work a white collar job in corporate America where we deal with other people’s MONEY. AWD you are spot ON as usual.

  18. Snake Oiler says:

    It’s official. On Sunday, March 9th, 2014, political correctness breathed its last breath. It had been careening out of control since trannies took over the controls, but the moment that Beyoncé starred in a PSA to ban the word “bossy,” PC lost its last shred of credibility.

    Beyoncé is the songstress who warbles such sweet lines as, “I fill the tub up halfway then I ride it with my surfboard, surfboard/Grinding on that wood, grinding, grinding on that wood.” Her husband loves her very much and has made it clear that he has “99 problems, but a bitch ain’t one.” This dumb bitch, who spends thousands of dollars weaving white women’s hair into her own, is telling young girls to be themselves. Did you know “bossy” is a sexist term used to prevent girls from becoming themselves? Me neither. I don’t think anybody did. When the NAACP had a funeral for the N-word, it seemed silly, but at least the word “n*****” had a built-in pejorative taint. But now the PC Squad has resorted to opening the dictionary and pointing at whatever words their fingers touch first.

    “Words matter” is one of PC’s founding tenets, but they have diluted this idea until it is indistinguishable from water. Having someone who disguises herself as a white woman and croons about getting plowed tell us which words are sexist is hilarious. It’s a funeral for the Thought Police. They are done.