Fem X has a son that turned 18 last month.  On the morning of his birthday, he stopped his little  brother in the hallway and said, “Today I am a MAN.”  His little brother blinked at him obliviously and went downstairs to play Minecraft. However, I, Fem X, heard his statement. I’m glad he clarified it for me, because as his mother I had no idea age alone qualified him for manhood.  He seemed to be packing his duffel bag as I watched him;  ready to go on tour as the apex predator of our society: the White Male. What birthday advice could I give him that would address his new status?  How could I affirm him yet protect him with counsel for his future?  He’s going to be going to college soon, and the world will offer him a chance to test and prove his manhood. I put my hands on his shoulders, looked into his eyes, and said, “Son, I love you; please don’t rape anybody…”
Let’s turn to the infinite wisdom of our community organizer leader Mr. Barack Obama for clues as to why I chose this forewarning. B.O. created the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault, based on his information that 1 in 5 college women have non consensual sexual experiences, which are perceived as sexual assault or rape. Sounds horrifying- one in any number is too high, but one in FIVE?  How can this be true?  Obama then goes on to say that  “…we have to teach our young men to give women the respect they deserve.”  I was simply following his suggestion. You know, doing my part to counsel my son that when he goes to college he will be seen as a potential rapist.
However, what Obama politely FAILS to mention is that 80% of these reported cases involves alcohol consumption, frequently by BOTH parties!

Here’s a sobering quote from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2013 report on drinking: “…while binge drinking has long been associated with men and boys, it is, in fact, a common occurrence among females; one in eight women and one in five high school girls engage in the behavior, leading to some 23,000 deaths among American women and girls each year.

“There’s been a shift in the drinking culture,” where “males and females are considered equal, and unfortunately that has led to a stubborn level of binge drinking among girls,” says Aaron White, health scientist administrator at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), a division of the National Institutes of Health. To put it more bluntly, “they started to drink more like boys and they’re not letting go,” he says.” Can anyone say “beauty by  binge?”

 I am not discounting the shocking and tragic cases of rape where a woman is forced against her will to have sex or perform sexual acts. I’m also enraged at the serial predators who drug women and rape them, such as what our friendly NFL player Darren Sharper allegedly did to at least 9 women across several states.
But here’s an open question: why is it defendable for a woman to cry rape when both she and the guy were drinking? Men apparently have an overpowering primitive need to release themselves on a woman according to the Feminist Militia, and any unwanted attention is always instigated by the man and always the man’s fault.  Males, if not defined as violent perpetrators are then labeled as insensitive, eager recipients at the other end of the “hook up” we as liberated women give them. There is no question that rape and even unwanted sexual experiences happen. However, let’s acknowledge that alcohol consumption seems to be the catalyst. Why are we not educating our youth about the myriad of dangers associated with ALCOHOL?
Women, do we need a fresh lecture on what happens to our inhibitions when we drink- especially binge drink?  If you go into the open ocean at dusk at swim around, every fisherman knows you will increase your chances of attracting marine life. Same goes for drinking.  If you are out drinking in public, especially to the point where you are any shade of drunk or binge drinking- chances are strong you will attract the wrong kind of marine life and get in a sexual situation you might not want to be in. Why do you have to put yourself in those situations, anyway?  Do you jog at night in the park?  Do you go to sleep with the door to your house unlocked and open wide?   As much as our dark overlord feminazi protectors would like to have you believe, you DO have responsibility in the situation. Are you as women so infantilized that you expect people not to prey on you when you have been drinking? And then when you have so lowered your inhibitions you end up with an unwanted sexual experience, you expect protection?  Also, who told you you could drink like a man and have sex like a man?  You aren’t a MAN. You will not FEEL EQUAL to a man when it’s over. You don’t deal with it like a man and you can’t punish guys because they don’t process sex and sexuality like you do. Why do you give yourselves away over and over and act like you are liberated and enjoying it, when deep inside it’s plummeting your self esteem?  GlRLS- you can’t have drunken hook up sex and think you will respect yourself in the morning!
Oh, by the way, some guys are there to get an education and won’t rape you. Sorry girls, spotlight off of you.  And prepare your minds for this truth: some guys actually get raped by women. In others words, sex is not just something men line up to “get”. I challenge that it is always a male perpetrator and female victim. Obama ignores the man’s cause, and feminists believe we are all pacifier sucking babies, but what if WE women are the perpetrators? What about all of these studies saying males are victims of sexual coercion  WITH FEMALES? Whaaat?  I shared this finding with a man I am very close to, just to get his opinion.  Surprisingly he said, “Yeah.  My first sexual experience was kind of like a rape.”  He said at a freshman party at a Texas university, somehow two women got word that he was a virgin.  They lured him to his car and while inside one of them proceeded to have sex with him. While most women hear this and think this is every guy’s fantasy,  he said he didn’t really realize what was happening until it was almost over because he was TOO DRUNK TO RESPOND.  He said he wished it had not happened, and he never saw those women again. Don’t forget, this was over 20 years ago…imagine how much worse it is now in this age of meaningless sex and hook ups.
Bottom line:  alcohol is a catalyst for rape and other unwanted sexual experiences. Men AND women can be victimized. The Feminists, true to form, lie to women and say for guys out there it’s all just the call of the wild, baby, when actually we can be perpetrators as well. We need to take responsibility for  OUR sex drives.  Stop hiding under the cloak of innocence- for whatever the reason, we want sex from guys, too.
Back to my son…heading out the door soon and blithely ignorant of what awaits him. I followed him to his car and said, “Wait, son; let me change my advice to you. I love you…please don’t rape anybody. And please….don’t get raped.”

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  1. It’s refreshing to finally see a woman who understands that being responsible for your actions is not just for men only. For too long women have been trained that they can literally get away with anything by blaming the results of their poor decisions on the nearest male.

    It’s also nice to see a woman who also thinks that a woman can rape a man. This is an issue that is ignored in today’s society. Case(s) in point, all the recent news stories of female teachers taking sexual advantage of male students, get caught, and are sentenced to a fraction of the time a male teacher would get for the same infraction performed on a female student. That is, if the female teacher is punished at all.

    Anyone see the movie 40 days and 40 nights? In it, the protagonist, played by Josh Hartnett, is raped by a female, and there was silence from all sides about that scene. Had the roles been reversed, the feminazis would have shit themselves in outrage that such a scene was treated so cavalierly, yet because it was female on male rape, well, everyone knows a woman can’t rape a man, right?

    Most women I know only want equality when it work out in their favor, and to their benefit.

    • Women vs. Men is nearly the same situation as Black vs. White. So long as you’re not a Man or not White you can do whatever you want and nobody will care. White Men are held to such HIGH STANDARDS. Especially in comparison to our ‘victims’.

  2. yeah let’s look at some rapes shall we…????


  3. Well written: equal equality = equal responsibility.

  4. Excellent, well done post.
    Is it sexist to suggest the FemiNazis want to have their cake and eat it too?
    They say they want to ’empower’ Women.
    They do this by saying that the stigma of people saying the word “Bossy” disenfranchises young women so everybody has to stop saying Bossy or they’re all a bunch of big stupid heads. That will get women to be taken seriously.
    They say that relying on a man for sustenance is a form of rape, but relying on the Government, well that’s different.
    They tell women that it is the age of equality. Women can drink like a man, curse like a man, have casual sex like a man, walk away from unwanted offspring like a man until women believe they are just like men.
    But when you look at who gets killed on the job, men get killed 10 times more often because men are the ones willing to work around giant machinery, in harsh environments, and volatile situations. That’s why men make more.
    All that FemiNazis offer women is the illusion of equality while placing the responsibility for any an all actions on other parties. Not a successful survival strategy.
    Thus for women by definition, colleges are idiot factories , and life crippling lawsuit minefields for men.
    Sounds like you need to get smart before you go.

  5. PAmadwoman says:

    Fem X, I recall a commercial from years ago urging drivers to lock their cars and take their keys. “Don’t help a good boy go wrong,” said the narrator. Obviously this was not a go-ahead to would-be car thieves to help themselves to unlocked cars, but a message to car owners that they also have a measure of responsibility to protect their property. So, too, with locking your house when you leave it, not leaving your pocketbook in a shopping cart in the next aisle, and so forth.

    It has always irked me that so-called “feminists” refuse to warn women to be likewise responsible for their bodies. In their lust to force “equality” on the sexes, they disregard the obvious precautions and opt for condoning clearly irresponsible, even reckless, sexual behavior, then punishing the male (in the case of rape, or “rape”) or killing the unborn child. If Satan himself were to advance a plan to degrade the female sex he couldn’t have done a better job.

  6. Sexual Assaults In The Military Are At An All-Time High And Most Of Them Are Male On Male


    • What do you expect? What with all the queerness that’s been shoehorned into the military, I’m surprised those disgusting fags don’t do it more often…

  7. spurwing Plover says:

    This happened a few years ago some thug raped a woman some five days later he returned to rape her again but this time she had a shot gun a freind loaned to her the results one very dead rapists

  8. bluestockings says:

    Dear FemX, I was astonished that I had never, looked at this in the light you so brightly shown on it. . I just did not get it. Now I do get it. Thank you for being there for our young boys and girls. They need to hear this truth. It could save lives. Someone once said that “The
    ability to communicate is the highest form of intelligence.” Dr. Floyd N. Jones