AWD is a very lucky man. I mean, other than being supa-sexy, uber (that means ‘a lot’ in German, goat ropers) intelligent, and being physically gifted in the crotchular region. I’m talking about being lucky because AWD has actually met the man, the myth, the right-wing extremist, MisterBill! I crap you negative, he actually exists! And today, we celebrate MisterBill’s birthday!

Yes, Misterbill is old and homely as has been discussed for years here at AWD.com. But MisterBill has something almost as good as looks going for him. He’s very intelligent and I’m sure, before he was old and ugly, was able to reel in a few fillies in his day. Well, that’s what he told me anyway.

All joking aside, MisterBill is old and ugly. Now, we’re not talking Janet Reno ugly or anything like that but he could use a few decades of beauty sleep. But MisterBill is a conservative intellectual without equal! His witty and thought provoking comments at AWD have been the topic of many deep and stimulating conversations in the FBI surveillance van parked 24/7 outside his home. And who can forget his epic poems which never fail to bring a chill up angry white backs throughout trailer parks in Appalachia? Such talent is rare outside of bowling alleys.

AWD met MisterBill at a Tea Party event several years ago. He is a gentleman, he is wise, and intelligent. I’m honored to call MisterBill a friend. It’s refreshing to know America is filled with great patriots and people like MisterBill. But he is ugly.

Join the Big Sexy in wishing MisterBill a happy birthday! I wish I could be in Georgia today to hoist a chilly one with him and hear his opinions on life firsthand. We are honored MisterBill has chosen AWD.com as a home on the inter web net where he shares his perspective and wisdom. Learn from the master! MisterBill is a great man! Just ugly.


p.s Bill, you know I’m joking mostly about that ugly thing!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Mr. Bill! Hey–where in GA are you? I’m down in Atlanta for the week. Can I buy you a beer?

  2. Happy Birthday Mister Bill. Always enjoy your point of views.

  3. inagadadavida says:

    Must be about 5 years old in AWD years…

    Happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday to one of my dearest friends on the internet from way back when…and may the sage of wisdom have many, many more to come!

    Hope you’re having a good one misterb!

  5. MTPatriot says:

    Happy Birthday MrBill!

    A long time admirer of your sage wisdom and words!

  6. Comments of MisterBill’s are always a must read.
    Happy Birthday, Sir!

  7. misterbill says:

    Folks, thank you. You almost make me feel humble by your tribute. Yet, we all know my ego is too big!

    AWD says I am ugly. He does not tell you that that stands for Unbelievably Gorgeous Like You.

    I have not written a poem for some time since my sorrow at the second election of the pimple head in the White House .

    Another personal issue is that AWD wears Depenz, while , to Debbie’s pleasure, I wear Deep Ends.

    I had some problems with High BP which seems to be under control now. So, I should be able to vent my spleen on occasion now. I thought I was going to buy the ranch, but I don’t speak Spanish so I am not eligible.

    BT you are a treasure. Thank you for the years of warm friendship and the same to all of you.

    I am not much of a church going man, but I am a believer and every day I pray for the restoration to sanity and solvency for our country.

    ..and I thank Him that I have friends like all of you

    PS I am 81 years old today. When you get closer to my age, I will post some unbelievable things an older person can do with WD40..

    • misterb…and thank you for helping me get thru many trials and tribulations over the years too. We’ve fought the good fight together in more ways than one…and not just politically. Prayers we’ve prayed for each other have been a godsend for me.

      Btw…tomorrow I celebrate my b-day too. Another thing we have in common. 😉

      • misterbill says:

        A flood of memories washed over me. Please email me as to the progress of your health status. I feel so fortunate to have gone through what I have and still be here and feeling good!!!

        Dear lady, unlike many of today’s spoiled brats, you have been through the fire and it did not melt you. It steeled you and for that I am happy.

        May God grant you a truly happy birthday and many more.


  8. My good man Mister Bill, congratulations and many more.

    I am adding my voice to the chorus and thank you.

    Your countenance and wisdom are comforting to one and all.

    Blistered, out!

  9. misterbill……..even though you are an ugly bastard we will honor your b-day with a shout-out ……. glad to hear that you are a Tea Partier but it’s too bad that you are an ugly Tea Partier……….maybe if Lois “the communist” Lerner was arrested on your b-day for a surprise b-day present it would have been a great b-day…….. but at any rate here’s a shout out to you on your b-day………..