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There’s a furor growing in upstate New York over a pair of basketball teams and their “racist taunting” that spilled over into Twitter.

Of course, only one side is getting the blame. (Guess which one.)

Mahopac, located in Putnam County (two counties north of the Bronx), is a predominantly white school—90% white compared to 2% black, according to this page.

Mount Vernon, located in southernmost Westchester County and bordering the Bronx, is predominantly black—81% black compared to 3% white (ibid.).

Their basketball teams are, as you may suspect, similarly racially inverted.

After a squeaker of a game on March 5th (2014), with (white) Mahopac losing to (black) Mount Vernon by three points (40-43), “racist” tweets starting spilling forth on Twitter, with such gems as:

tough loss boys, but at least we can talk to our dads about it.

My response? LOL—good one, kid! Unfortunately, as we’re all too well aware, the Liberal Establishment has as much sense of humor as it does compassion for whites, so the inevitable wailing and gnashing of teeth has begun, and the demand for scalps grows ever stronger with each passing day.

So far eight students from Mahopac have been suspended from school for these tweets. One was apparently suspended for the unpardonable sin of displaying a…gasp…Confederate flag in his tweet (see image, above).

As for the white teen cheerleader who had her hair pulled by a [presumably black] Mount Vernon adult fan? Black Interim Schools SuperNintendo Judith Johnson exonerated the black players and washed her hands of what the adult fan did—and then clarified that even if the assault were under her purview, it wouldn’t matter anyway. To quote:

…[T]here is no formula I know of that equates hair-pulling to racist rants.

I.e., assaulting a teenage white girl < “racist” tweet. Got that?

Now while there are plenty of points to be made about media bias (e.g., of course the local news is all over this, obsessing solely over what the Mahopac kids said while saying nothing of what was surely spewing out of the racist minds of the Mount Vernon players and fans) and the overall anti-white (aka “anti-racist”) agenda of the Liberal Establishment that is more than willing to sacrifice the lives and futures of high-performing white kids upon the altar of “diversity”, they’re all too familiar. Why beat a dead horse? Certainly everyone here understands what the Liberal Establishment does to whites who don’t submit to their own dispossession and oppression, and who have the audacity to point out racial differences.

What I think is of note here, however, is actually some good news. Say what you will of these kids’ tweets—whether they’re genuinely “racist” or not, whether it was wise to go to Twitter with them, etc.—what is obvious is that these youngsters have not been successfully brainwashed by the Liberal Establishment. They see through the lies; they recognize the reality of racial differences; and they aren’t afraid to speak their minds. This, despite 24/7/365 programming (in all senses of the word) telling them that whites are evil racists, blacks are awesome, and everything would be hunky dory if we all just accepted this.

And, what’s more…they’re “downstaters”—meaning they’re within the sphere of influence of New York City/tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT)—the bastion of radically left liberalism.

As I was rereading some comments on an old blog post of mine, I saw this one from one Chris H:

Is there anyway every so often we can have a nice story/commentary where the good guy/gal wins once in a while?

Maybe this isn’t exactly a “nice” story, and maybe the “good guys” (if there are any) don’t necessarily win, but I do find hope in the details. Perhaps the youth of today aren’t the mindless Obamatons we presume them to be; maybe some see through the veil of constant deceit and bottomless anti-white animus that defines modern Western Civilization; and maybe their willingness to put their counter-establishment sentiments out there for all to see is not so much bad judgment as it is civil disobedience at its most American.

Well, one can hope anyway. In the meantime, I stand with those “racist” kids of Mahopac High.

For some extra color, here are some links on the story:

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  1. BillTheBuyer says:

    It is likely mostly true. Is the truth racist? I think not. Besides, who really gives a shit?

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    Minoraties these days are getting too many special prilages and prefelemcial treatment whats needed is some common sense something thats rare in the goverment

  3. Alexandra says:

    In a homogeneous society racism isn’t even an issue.

    I just turned 41 last month. I grew up–in the Detroit area–with all the brainwashing. Thank my husband for setting me straight on that score. He was born and raised here in NE Ohio.

    • You didn’t get the memo, obviously: diversity is strength!

    • You broke free of the brainwashing that was poured in your face all your life, that is by no means an easy task, Alexandra. I applaud your husband, but especially you.

      I know how hard it can be to escape when you are force fed evil propaganda all your life, I’ve been told how evil all men are my whole existence. But it’s admittedly easier for me to fight the brain washing, I’m a White Man after all, the target of the hate.

      The only way I could gain libtard favor would be for me to be queer, and there’s no chance in HELL of that EVER happening!!!

      But as a woman, you could have stayed with the libtards by simply bowing to the Führer of the feminazis; like so many woman before you. All the special favors you could have been granted by society, if you would just have turned your back on morality and you gave those favors up to do what’s right. People like you should be proud.

  4. mic doodle says:

    Its getting to be that time to read Pierce’s “Hunter” again. Great book. Also check out the end of Birth of a Nation so i can see the good guys win. Cant let this shit keep bottling up.

    • Oooh You are spot on..haha and i thought i was the only one cheering at the sight of the cavalry clad in white, riding in at the last minute to save the day..Love the movie, Love your comment even more!

  5. Doctor Exposes Big Pharma’s Largest Secret
    March 8, 2014

    Anthony Gucciardi interviews Dr. Group about some shocking statistics following antidepressant prescriptions:

  6. I’m seventeen, so yeah, there are still some young people who don’t buy what the dumbs are selling!

  7. Red,

    I think this definitely qualifies as a “good” story, and I appreciate your printing it.

  8. I Call Racistry!
    Peoples who live in rural areas are just fronts for Lynch Mobs in training. Go ahead with your unlimited data plans and Tweetify your racing racist Racistry. Everybody knows that when Blacks seek the comfort of company of the familiar they are only expressing their rightful chrysalis from slavery.
    Just as when Whites infest their gated communities and gentrified neighborhoods they are expressing their privileged Slave Owner hating hateful hater mentality. No wonder they have no souls.

  9. RidinShotgun says:

    I have a bit of experience with these “people”, so I’ll throw my .02 in here. The reason why NOTHING is going to be done against the feral bantus is because of one thing – votes. You see the mayor of this cesspool is one Ernie Davis – a cheap knockoff of Al Sharpton – and Ernie has a long history of being outside the law. One of my old neighbors when I lived in Westchester was a sargeant from the Westchester County P.D. who once told me that when he was a patrolman, they were being called by Mt. Vernon P.D. to assist on jobs quite often during the summer. He said that they were at Davis’ house EVERY Friday night and that the parties were beyond outrageous – People high and passed out on his front lawn, in the street in front of his house, fights and women screaming running around beat up, with their clothes half torn off.
    I asked him how this guy could get away with this and he said, “It’s simple, if you’re running for statewide office here, you need the votes in this area, He tells whoever is running for office that if they want the votes, they’ll leave people like him alone.” as a result, shit like this happens. In fact he told me that during the ’92 presidential election, the DEA stopped him coming back from Jamaica with enough coke on him to land him in jail for the rest of his life. He made a few phone calls and was back out on the street a few hours later, along with word from on high down in D.C. that no one had better lay a hand on Davis from here on out. Why? The Clinton campaign needed his guarantee of votes.
    Yes boys and girls, this piece of shit is still mayor, in fact he got re-elected during the last mayoral campaign. The high school there is a war zone, bloods and crips run the place, in fact students have to be dismissed in shifts in order to minimize violence.

  10. misterbill says:


    Sorry we didn’t get together. I left a msg. Maybe next time.

    Today’s irony, for me, I used to live in Mahopac.

    • Yeah, sorry I missed you Mr. Bill. I do get down to Atlanta freakishly often so next time I’ll plan ahead and make sure we have a chance to grab a drink.

      Mahopac of all places–hell, I grew up just north of you.

  11. everyone I know that has children is taking their kids out of public school and opting for private schools that are all white….no blacks……….

    if I had any kids in school now I would do the same…..make sure they didn’t go to a school where they learn to become wiggers………….I couldn’t imagine myself letting that happen to one of my own and I hate to see it happen to anyone who is white…………

    when I see or hear a white kid acting like a ni**er in public I want to reach over to him and grab the little bastard and straighten his little white ass out…….you stupid little moron….do you have any idea what you are doing to yourself……….can you imagine your own son acting like a ni**er or your daughter idolizing some big-ass black rapper………..

    the only thing I can say is I wish we picked the cotton ourselves…..what a freak’n mistake some of our ancestors made by not picking the cotton themselves……

  12. Funny tweet!

  13. Try to ignore the negraz, they’re only 13% of the population and shrinking fast. They’re just dupes for the owners of this country. We need to focus on the banking families and their henchmen. Everything that is happening is occurring in order to complete the plan to destroy the USA and Europe for the benefit of these families. Negraz don’t matter.