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Steve Sailer had a piece last month entitled, “The wind is at the back of open borders“. It discussed a piece written by Alex Tabarrok over at Marginal Revolution, which stated, in part:

[M]ost moral frameworks (libertarian, utilitarian, egalitarian, and others) strongly favor open borders or find it difficult to justify restrictions on freedom of movement.

I asked in the comments section:

Do any self-assessed moral philosophers start with evolutionary principles/sociobiology/etc., or does they all presume the only way to construct a model for the morally perfect society is by stemming off of 18th Century, pre-Darwinian metaphysicists?

I.e., if I were to take up the task of hammering out a political (and hence moral) philosophy, it would start with human nature—as determined by state-of-the-art science, historical evidence, and cold, hard reasoning. Nowhere in my equation would enter baseless philosophies like Romantic-era notions of “blank slates” or any other such rationalist, non-scientific guesswork.

This leads me to believe fields like sociobiology and its kin (e.g., evolutionary psychology, etc.) are on the right track as they look at society as an evolved organism. Looked at this way, certain necessities pop right out at first blush.

E.g., one of the first things an organism needs are boundaries. In a single-cell organism, this would be its cellular membrane; in a multicellular organism, cell walls, bark, scales, skin, etc. In a social organism, this means its territory as defined by its borders.

Two things can be said about this:

One, if society is an organism, and organisms require boundaries to survive, then a society cannot survive without borders—giving lie to every purely rationalist-based political philosophy that advocates “open” (read: non-existent) borders.

Two, just as a multicellular organism has its boundaries (e.g., skin) and is composed of subunits (cells) which contain their own boundaries (i.e., cellular membranes), so too does a social organism need its borders just as its subunits (people) require their own (i.e., private property).

If this is on the right track, then it might just be that the need for private property is an indelible part of human nature, and a requisite for individual liberty. (This is perhaps the key point where John Locke and our founders went splendidly right, and where Marx, Engels, et al. went horribly wrong).

In quotes:

A man’s home is his castle.


Good fences make good neighbors.

Note I’m just spit-balling here. And I’ll continue…

Why would I say that private property (as in literal territory) is a requirement for individual liberty (at least for white people)? I don’t know what the causal link is between the two, but I had this thought: The bluest of blue areas in the US are in major metropolitan areas—NYC, LA, Chicago, etc. Most people in these cities (well, LA perhaps excluded) rent (or own shares in a co-op). Even if they do own their residence outright, there’s a good chance they’re in a multi-story building where one’s “territory” in surrounded in three dimensions by strangers. And what we normally think of as “territory”—i.e., a lawn, maybe some woods, etc.—is public space.

I.e., the vast majority of liberals I know don’t own land, whereas the vast majority of conservatives I know do.

I’m certain this idea (private property, or lack thereof, and its effect on political leanings) has been discussed somewhere at some time by people far more educated and intelligent than myself, so before I further expose my ignorance, I’ll yield the floor to our commentariat. Fire away!

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I’m suffering from yellow fever it seems…

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  1. I believe that Private property is a necessity. How do you protect yourself? Define what’s yours? Have piece of mind? How do you escape from the libtard propaganda that’s forced down your throat unyieldingly? You take your place, stick your name on it, and show the libtards what’s up, that’s how! Why? Because we’re Right and they’re what’s Left!

  2. I’ve often thought that those who clamor for open borders should be prevented from having locks on their doors, windows, not be able to live in “gated” communities, and must keep the keys in their cars at all times. Oh, hell, make it no locks of any kind.

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    Leftsts totaly reject the idea of Private Property in their minds its all open land and tresspassers should especialy wildlife aggents and illegal aliens have the right to tresspass onto your property since many especialy the eco-wackos beleive the earth owns us since they subcribe to this gaia poppycock

  4. All the Hippie types spout the “Property is theft” mantra: When they themselves are lacking in resources. This changes when they are in possession of something.
    Snatch a joint out of their hand and get ready to rumble.

  5. Nostradumbass says:

    If you own the property, why do you need to pay “rent” to the government every year? Seems like the government actually owns it, for they will definitely evict you if you don’t pay the “rent” on time. They even have “late fees”.

  6. Just a couple of my rhapsodic and bloviated observations here.

    1- Being in proximity to four mostly naked Asian babes and there are no such things as boundaries.

    2- Hippies understand that Bogart-ing is uncool, and in the early 60’s initiated a rule-set called “puff, puff, pass”. So even Hippies understand the need for order.

    3- Owning property takes commitment, maintenance, and dedication to hard work.

  7. Speaking of private property…I read this yesterday ~

    • Oh Lord… will they ever stop taking from us?

      • No, they never will. Take some more advice from an old fart, find a place to put your savings that is untouchable by the .gov and IRS, even if that means physically held gold or silver, or even cash that you hide in the mattress. Do whatever it takes to keep what you earn, and more importantly, keep it away from the .gov. And whatever you do, DO NOT tell anyone about it. Always practice Comm Sec, and Op Sec, because if the .gov ever gets wind of what you have, be assured, they WILL take it, and they will pass whatever “laws” they need in order to do so.

        I know it sounds paranoid, and even crazy, but as the saying goes, you’re not paranoid if they really are out to get you, and believe me, right now, our current world situation, they are out to get you.

        Always remember, as a young person, YOU are the one the .gov wants to use to finance all the bullshit ideas and programs they come up with. Forty years ago, it was me, now it’s your turn. Prepare.

    • Some of the most insidious invasions of privacy appear to be the “Judge ______” shows on television these days; people come on and voluntarily give away very private personal info hoping for a few bucks in return, and perhaps, 15 minutes of fame……the same goes for the Maury Povich/Jerry Springer type shows (I do not watch this sh!t at home, it’s on the TV in the breakroom at work). I don’t do surveys – online, printed, televised, or oral anymore…in other words it’s NOYDB. I’m very selective about whom I decide are my friends(I can name my real friends on four fingers)……lonely, maybe….content, mostly. 😐

  8. inagadadavida says:

    Wow. That’s a revelation. Nothing intelligent to add, I guarantee I will be chewing on this angle for quite some time. I’ve always known that there was something wrong with too much openness and freedom of movement, but I was looking at it as something was wrong with the way we do it. Should have known, then, that that was wrong. You just gave a completely different take.

  9. Spurwing Plover says:

    A good place for Obama,Kerry,Biden and Holder is State Prison

  10. Bob Smith says:

    “strongly favor open borders or find it difficult to justify restrictions on freedom of movement”

    Only if your moral framework is so short-sighted as to forget that your “moral framework” will not long be the framework by which your country works if you allow unrestricted immigration.

  11. This is interesting Red and it wasn’t me who put the Asian babes on your facebook.

  12. A_GOOD_LEO says:

    New here but here’s my thoughts. I bought a few acres of property in northern Indiana when I decided to settle down and had a family. I built a house on it and moved in.

    At first I was proud of the feeling it gave me of “ownership”. I thought it was mine. My grass, my woods, my fences etc. The reality is this, I didn’t really own anything. I paid taxes every year on “my” property. I put up an additional building on the land and guess what? My taxes went up because of the improvement.

    One could argue that I had “ownership” of the property because I was free to do with it what I wanted or the landloard wasn’t going to show up and tell me I had 30 days to vacate because he sold the place but that isn’t 100% accurate either. Granted there are less rules than renting, but it still left me with the feeling that if I didn’t pay, I would be evicted. Kind of the same feeling I had when renting.

    Anyway, just my two cents. I enjoy this website and the folks who post regularly. Keep up the good work!

  13. Czar of Defenestration says:

    Early drafts of the Declaration of Independence included
    Life, Liberty and PROPERTY.

    Without the Right to OWN stuff, you are a serf, a subject, a turd under the thumb of a Lord.


    On a related vein, I like to think I “spread the wealth around” when I say
    “steal something of mine, get a bullet for FREE!”
    Just depends your perspective….heh.

  14. Love the sign