Pete Sessions is good. Real good. Most Congressmen must keep close to their constituents by actually living in the district they represent. Not Pete Sessions! He has a super power that allows him to keep his finger on the pulse of the Texas 32nd district…from Florida! Because of this, Sessions is known among his colleagues and “good friends on the other side of the aisle” in Congress as Super Pete! Look! He can spend billions of tax dollars in a single Debt Limit increase! He can hold up Special Prosecutors on Benghazi with the stroke of a pen! But he can’t tell the truth about where he actually lives! Bless his heart.

As a Texas Congressman, Sessions has a pretty decent voting record. But, again, this is Texas. Unless one lives in a gerrymandered district represented by the next pre-felon from the Congressional Black Caucus, you can pretty much expect your Congressman to vote pretty much the right way most of the time. At least when the votes are easy.

But lying about where you live crosses the lines of decency and honesty and Sessions should be held to account by his constituents. The Texas constituents, that is.

One thing you’ll see with every @#&* politician everywhere. None of those sumbitches will ever voluntarily leave office until they assume room temperature. AWD lost a bet with a buddy over Kay Bailout Hutchison. I bet the only way she would leave the Senate was her being dragged by the ankles with her fingernails digging up the wood floors. But she did voluntarily leave. She found a higher paying gig as a lobbyist!

Oh! And Happy 92nd Birthday to Texas Congressoldman Ralph Hall who has served since Larry King was sperm! Don’t expect Ralph to remember what Texas is. Bless his heart. Being a Congressman for 70 years is fun! Wheeee!

Pete Sessions is just one of the legions of lifetime politicians who lie and/or mislead constituents to stay in the greatest gig in the world. Remember this guy:

Honesty is such a lonely word! Not only did McCain not complete the dang fence, he supports amnesty for illegals. Kind of like Sunshine State Pete Sessions!

Is it me or is Pete Sessions starting to resemble Charlie Crist?

Will Americans ever wake up enough to clean out the lifetime politicians who deliberately mislead and lie to save their political careers?

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  1. AWD, you Texans should primary that POS illegal alien lover. No different than Juan McScamnesty
    & co., ALL beholden to their robber baron masters and could give a f*** what is right for the American people!
    Damn I hate those bastards!

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    We need a type of force field at our borders that will disintigrate anyone who touches it or tries to go over and under it just like ina episode of the classic 60s Sci Fi series LOST IN SPACE

  3. I called the NRA this morning and they told me that they are only planning on supporting incumbents who are strong on the second amendment and that they take no other issue into consideration. I told them they are starting to act like the unions telling their membership who to support. Needless to say I have cancelled my lifetime membership to the NRA they no longer represent freedom. They are all about lining their pockets with my money.