The Obama Regime! Here are some stories and various topics that pertain to this out of control ‘Imperial President‘ and the cohorts that enable him to rule over each and every one of us daily in one way or the other:

1.) Frustrated States Fight Federal Overreach

2.) ObamaCare Victims Fight back: We re not Liars and Phonies!

3.) Is America in an abusive relationship with the President?

4.) Supremes shoot down state’s fight for gun rights


5.) Stephanopoulos Grills Kerry: Is There Any Indication Putin Is Listening to Obama At All?

6.) Sewer Dwelling: Obot Acolytes reach new lows in Cultural Marxism; Demonize US military & exalt Muslims


What say you about any or all topics above? – Fire Away Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Despicable outrage what these bastids do if they don’t get their own way!


  2. Vince Carter says:

    Obama and this idiot wants nothing but war. Syria was none of our damn business and neither is this. As if anyone in this world would care what either of these nit wits say. I guarantee Putin has flipped Obama off as he did regarding the gay issue. I hate to say it but Putin definitely has the balls and we don’t. What a sad state this negro want-a-be has put this country in.

  3. Liberals think there is no evil in man or that there are no evil spiritual forces at work in the minds of men. They embrace this spiritual evil and think their warm tributes will calm and pacify the raging lion. They think the evil in man is just a misunderstanding, easily fixed by hugs and kisses. The idea of magnificence, beauty, love, grace, and mercy never enters their thoughts, unless they feel a need to overcome them. The destruction of all that is God-like is their final solution to the ultimate truth. Are you ready to be hot or cold? Being warm is being liberal, and that is the final end. Control is best served hot.

  4. Hilarious! You can bet Putin’s shaking in his boots.


    Yet this just happened…


  5. Spurwing Plover says:

    Time for all 50 states to suceed from Washington D.C. get ourselves out of this wretched United Nations and bring home the troops,build a border fence and tear up all those UN treaties and have Obama entire cabnet banished from america

  6. The O-Team won’t deport illegals, yet they’ll do this to this family.


  7. Be ready to pay more at the pump!!


    • and at the auto dealership….the numbers are bogus and will compound exponentially…..and what’s it gonna cost to retrofit older cars to meet the new standards……buncha friggin’ a**holes

  8. Another day, another delay regarding OCare…dear leader deemed it so…again!


    And here’s Rahm’s brother…one of the most hateful POS ever…


  9. Spurwing Plover says:

    Revoke his Nobel Peace Prize no Peace Prize for War Crinimals