If it weren’t for double standards, the left would have no standards at all!


“King Obama and King Holder”: Reverend William Owens called a spade or spade the other night…he tells it like it is and minces no words about this situation whatsoever! See what you think about his opinion regarding this matter and tell me what’s to disagree with. – Follow the money!

There will be two reports you can check out about this matter, the snide snarks from the opposing view will be posted at the end too…just in-case you want to check it out.

Here’s the main story:

A group of black pastors is seeking the impeachment of Attorney General Eric Holder over his calling for state attorneys general to ignore state laws that ban same-sex marriage.

“America is not where we have a king that gives orders from on high. But they use the influence of their office to change America,” the Rev. William Owens, president of the Coalition of African American Pastors, said of Holder and President Barack Obama in an appearance Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity.”


Owens referred to the president and attorney general as “King Obama and King Holder,” saying they have gone against the will of the people who have voted to ban same-sex marriage in their states.

Obama, he said, was deceptive when he said in his first run for president in 2008 that he believed marriage was between a man and woman. He later said his thinking had “evolved” on the issue.

“He did that to get elected first, and the deal he made with the gay community was, when I get elected on my second go-round I will fight for it. But he did not evolve. He was already there,” Owens said.

Owens accused Obama of purposely lying.

“He said if you want you can keep your doctor. It’s a pattern for them to get what they want over the will of the people,” he said.

Holder has said the administration’s efforts on gay rights are building on the civil rights movement, but Owens said his group parts ways with the White House on that issue.

“I was in the civil rights movement. We didn’t fight for anything like this,” he said. “In fact, they don’t want equal rights, they want superior rights. They want special rights. They have always had the right to do what they want to do.”

Owens said gay rights are being used to trample on religious rights, pointing to pressure put on Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to veto a bill granting religious exemptions to businesses such as wedding photographers who have moral objections to gay marriage. Brewer vetoed the bill Wednesday.

“What about what we believe?” Owens asked.

Here’s some snark from the left:

Fox Guest: The Gay Community Bought Obama With ‘Millions And Millions Of Dollars

So, do you agree or disagree with Reverend William Owens? – Calling liars liars works for me…how ’bout you? Anyone else notice how the leftist side of life via the mainstream media completely ignore outspoken people like Owens? I guess they must figure if they don’t report, their side will never know! Unfortunately, they’re probably right…yet they go on endlessly playing the race card for their messiah and his ilk, while the bigwigs on our side of the aisle shrink in fear!

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Snake Oiler says:

    Like an iceberg, the most substantial part of the agenda is unseen. At least by those who are either terminally stupid or willfully ignorant.

    The Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, have become a point of friction between the anti-Christian, pro-gay, pro-New World Order U.S. and the pro-Christian, anti-gay, anti-NWO Russia. To make things even worse, Obama decided to skip the Sochi Games and instead appointed three openly gay athletes – Billie Jean King, Brian Boitano and Caitlin Cahow – to lead the U.S. delegation. This was made as an obvious insult to Putin and the Olympic hosts.

    “Conservative” Republicans, who love and yearn the good old days of the Cold War, are itching for a fight at the OK Corral. Lacking any arguments to justify their newly-found love for the NWO gays, they argue that Putin should not be trusted, because he was a member of the dreaded KGB. They seem to forget, however, that their beloved George H. W. Bush was a Director of the dreaded CIA, a CFR-created and controlled organization that has done more to destroy America than the KGB.

    The full article is pretty interesting: http://www.newswithviews.com/G.....ndo111.htm

    As for Mr. Putin, you couldn’t pour the last four presidents of this country together and get a man even worthy to drive his limousine. Which should show just how far we have fallen in the quality of our national leaders. ‘But he’s a gangster!’ So what? He’s a nationalist – though he may believe that what is good for Vladimir is good for the Russian people. And if you don’t like it, then that’s just your tough s**t.

    • Snake…

      Just a quick thanks for you. Once again you’ve introduced to me to another website that I find very interesting too. – Thanks.

      • Snake Oiler says:

        Hello, BT. It’s sort of a clearinghouse for all sorts of commentary – some of it rather speculative and ‘far out’. Do people still use that phrase – ‘far out’ – ? Cliff Kincaid and Chuck Baldwin usually have some pretty decent stuff, among others.

        • Lol…I still use the phrase ‘far-out’…every now and then. Glad you filled me in some more about the site. I really like both men you speak of too…especially Kincaid.

        • eekalouse says:

          “Farm out” , “right arm”, is that what those kids are saying these days!

    • inagadadavida says:

      I didn’t pay much attention to the Olympics, and I didn’t realize how we politicized our delegation! So this is what Obama wants the world to think about us?!? No wonder America is not mentioned in end-time prophecy.

      I used to wonder WTH “the forgotten” were thinking (people who gave up America and went to Russia during the Great Depression). Now I’m thinking such thoughts!

      • Snake Oiler says:

        When your nation is being led by criminal degenerates who bend over backwards to cater to deadbeats, perverts, freeloaders, morons, etc., etc., it would tend to cause any sentient being to entertain such thoughts.

    • What you have put your finger on is the fact that people like a leader that gets things done.

      We brought a Ladies Blouse sissy boy to the Fight Club.
      We must Embrace the Suck that the world is a struggle among the Mighty, and a lot of us are Mighty no longer.
      As a whole, we have strength, but do not have the moral temper to to our steel anymore. We are a hollow colossus.
      As a species, the Liberal mindset of lowering the high, instead of lifting the low, is a disease of society that is suicidal in nature. This will not end well.
      The Liberal policy is a result to a willful disregard of proven evidence, and a hope of some future fundamental change in mankind “If we behave in this new way”
      Eternally hoping for ‘One Defining Action’ to trigger the switch to a new and better mankind.
      Sort of like: “If I buy some REALLY expensive gym equipment, then damn it, I’ll have to get in shape!”
      We should have let Patton make that right turn in Berlin.

  2. Dave in Texas says:

    When will this bullsh!t stop? It makes me sick seeing and hearing what’s going on in our country. It HAS to change.

  3. Obongo and Holder are not kings…….they are radical activists that hate the white man and western civilization……their hatred of the United States runs deep…….how these two bastards got elected to the highest office in the land of the most powerful country in th world is an affront to the sensibilities of every freedom loving person in the country…………………

    Obongo is a communist agitator, clean clear through to the very core of his being, and Holder…well, he is an angry black sac-o-crap that is filled with hate for anything that isn’t black……….Obongo and Holder are two peas in a pod that want to force their radical ideology on to the rest of us…..and force us into servitude to them and their ilk……….

    Obongo and the demoncrats have conspired against the American people by pandering to special interest groups like the homosexuals only for their votes to help keep them and their kind in power……they don’t give a rat’s ass about the queers, the deviants, and the sexual perverts…….if they can garner their votes by ginning up these perverts into voting for them by making false claims of discrimination they will…….both Obongo and Holder, as well as the rest of the demoncrats, will rile up these low information, misguided miscreants, and force them into a frenzy with false claims of perverted racial discrimination……..

    the Alinski-ites, which comprises all of the democrat party, could care less about the black Christians…..their strategy is obvious to anyone who follows what is going on in the country……in other words, Obongo, Holder, and the demoncrats believe that the blacks have no-where to go….their only play is to vote for the demoncrats that will continue to keep the blacks on the democrat plantation……it is the fate of those who are black….servitude to the demoncrats…..it is their fate…..

    • Bluto…

      As always, you minced no words. I truly hope we have more and more like Owens speak out…at least the number one network covers it. – Whether one likes FOX or not…they covered this news.

      • no matter how many blacks scream piss and moan about Obongo and Holder and the homos….nothing will happen……and the blacks will vote 95% for communists and demoncrats………..absolutely nothing will change…….they are on the plantation and they will remain on the plantation no matter what…………they have been paid for hook line and sinker and they will remain demoncrats themselves………………

        I refuse to see it any other way until they actually vote to change their situation…..but I don’t think they will…..they are demoncrats to the very end……………and they will vote as often as they can for who ever the demoncrats put up for them to vote for no matter who the hell the demoncrat is…….if it’s Hildabeast then they will vote for Hildabeast………

      • Hi, Yes Bluto nailed it! How are you today buddy? We will be getting slammed here Sunday weather wise. Miss my wood burning stove. LOL Me xxxxx

        • I’d be lost without our stove…it’s still five below in my area. Been busy with much…outside! Dang, I’ll be glad when the real global warming comes!

          You take care in your neck of the woods too my friend. – Mother nature can be a real bitch at times!

  4. Since his birth some time in the Bronze Age, Lazlo had dabbled in the Arts.
    I went to Art School, became a musician, had a cartoon strip and stories published, and designed trumpets to be made from the thighbones of my enemies, and Banjos from their skulls.
    So I have an opinion on the cake scenario at the top of the article, and Barry-O and his ways:
    Like all Art, a wedding cake is two things, one part craft, one part vision.
    The craft part is easy. You make cakes that tastes like crap, you won’t need to do it for long.
    The vision part is complicated. So a preface is necessary:
    There is Art in making things, and doing something well, but the creative arts require a certain vision; a vision of something that did not exist before, and the willingness to try to make it.
    An Artist reaches inside and brings out through Craft and Technique not only something that evokes an emotive response in himself, but a response that can be shared by someone else who experiences it. This is a special thing. Why else do we remember those people who accomplish it? And artists are legendarily jealous of their own works. Because Art is like giving birth. Its your Baby.
    Back to the cake.
    The second part of a wedding cake is the vision thing. It is the Artistry of the Baker that the customer pays for. If it did not evoke an important emotional response in those present, it would not be the multi-million dollar industry it is now.
    So why does the cartoon piss Lazlo off?
    Because forcing an Artist to go against his own vision on threat of Jail and fines is a mental version of Rape. It is reaching into the private castle of someone’s mind and and causing them to defile it with their own hand.
    This is why I swear eternal enmity with Barry-O and his Evil Henchmen.

    • “So why does the cartoon piss Lazlo off?
      Because forcing an Artist to go against his own vision on threat of Jail and fines is a mental version of Rape. It is reaching into the private castle of someone’s mind and and causing them to defile it with their own hand.
      This is why I swear eternal enmity with Barry-O and his Evil Henchmen.”

      A mighty big AMEN to all you stated. – Priceless.

    • Snake Oiler says:

      Très bien! Exceptional! Long Live Lazlo!

    • You painted a good image with your words there Mr Lazlo. I went to the same debate class as Ron White so “Oh yeah? .. Well F$#@ you buddy ” was about the pinnacle of my speechifiying skills but I do appreciate well crafted statements such as yours. Nice.

    • *Applauds*

  5. Snake Oiler says:

    The Gay Mafia’s offers cannot be refused, not even by Ziggy Stardust.


  6. Glad to hear Judge Jeanine Pirro speak about this issue tonight.

  7. Spurwing Plover says:

    I agree 100% with these black preachers Eric the Dread needs not only Impeached by indited for the murder of that border patrol agent and for Derleiction of Duity and Obama should be impeached and inited for Treason and Abuse of power

  8. I agree with the Reverend!!