Horrendous Slaughter!


Day after day we can see the same old stories reported on the boob-tube via the msm…they’re never ending. Recently it’s been that crazy bat from hell that drove her car in the ocean with her children inside with murder in mind. Or the big mouth attention getter Elijah Cummings vs Issa during the Lois “I take the Fifth” Lerner IRS hearing a few days back…then there’s the never-ending ‘Blade Runner’ murder trial. On and on it goes…rinse, lather and repeat! Yet the same media cannot take a few minutes out of their busy broadcast time to report the white genocide that’s been going on in South Africa for years now. Oh yes, the apartheid issue has really been going swell since ’94…just ask the white farmers that have been trying to make a living there!

To cut to the chase, here’s a recent report regarding this issue:

While South Africans wet themselves with excitement about the Oscar Pistorius murder trial, more hideous, racist and violent murders of Whites are taking place in South Africa daily, which no one seems to care about.

For example, we have the slaughter of another farming family – this time the Schutte family – an elderly German farming couple and their son – who had flown into South Africa from Germany to surprise his Dad on his 77th birthday.

The couple, Eckard (76) and Elizabeth Schutte and their son Lutz (33) were so badly mutilated that the police could not by yesterday afternoon say with any certainty how they had been murdered.

The police aren’t certain what happened exactly, but they suspect that when the wife Elizabeth left to go pick up their son from the airport, the barbarians attacked the Dad. He was found with his neck and chest carved open. The barbarians then lay in wait for the wife to return. Elizabeth was found with her head crushed in with a heavy object. The son’s wounds aren’t described, apart from the article stating that all three bodies were found with multiple, frenzied stab wounds and all the bodies were burned.

As Freedom Front Plus chief spokesperson Pieter Groenewald says, the cruelty of these murders doesn’t speak of ordinary criminality:

“The majority of farm murders are accompanied by cruelty and it creates the impression that it is racially and politically driven.”

Dr Groenewald is 100% correct. You don’t stab defenceless people multiple times, carve them open, bash their heads in and then set their bodies on fire if you’re a garden-variety criminal. No, these savage and torturous attacks on farmers are in another league.

The savages committing these atrocities are not only sending a message to other farmers, but are enjoying murdering these people immensely. This is personal.

The Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation did an investigation in 2010 into the reasons for the cruelty associated with farm murders and these geniuses blamed the culture of violence on education, poverty, unemployment and apartheid.

Apartheid…..naturally! That reason was probably put into the ‘report’ before the investigation started.

That study cost R3.5 million and produced rubbish. They may as well have flushed the money down the sewer.

There is poverty all around the world, but please find me a country which murders their farmers in the manner South African farmers are murdered. What a load of bull shite. R3.5 million……

But, who cares right? Oscar is on trial and the masses are getting ready with their popcorn and TV remotes so they can watch a sad man defend why he shot his girlfriend through a closed toilet door.

Now that is worth all the attention it’s getting! Never mind the murdered Schutte family and the thousands of other victims dying brutally around South Africa.

But, but…….Oscar!

May the Schutte’s RIP. And may the barbarians who murdered them rot in hell


You can read more about this report in the top link above…but here’s a small portion of it:

Although the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation has already done an investigation into the reasons for the cruelty which accompanies violent crime in general in 2010, it was a disappointment which revealed nothing new. The report did not address the causes for the cruelty of violent crime and addressed the general socio-economic and socio-political problems of violent crime. Even the Police acknowledged that the report had found nothing new. R3,5 million was spent to blame the culture of violence on education, poverty, unemployment and apartheid. Poverty and unemployment are poor excuses for violent crimes as there are many other countries with more poverty and unemployment than South Africa. The Freedom Front Plus will be requesting the minister of Police to approve another investigation,” Dr. Groenewald said.


Can you imagine how terrifying it must be to wear any of these farmers shoes? Why does our msm continue to ignore this situation year after year…hmm? Does anyone in this nation care about this issue, or should we just continue to look the other way and ignore it…after-all, the same msm was all gung-ho regarding apartheid, wasn’t it? Maybe that’s the real problem…they don’t want to admit they made a humongous mistake!

After all folks, we must remember…the producers of the white race are nothing but evil, they must be silenced and done away with one way or the other..simple as that! – America had better wake the hell up…and soon!

What say you?…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Mr. Rational says:

    Why does our msm continue to ignore this situation year after year…hmm?

    The same reason it* ignored Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, Kyle Jobin, George and Nancy Strait, the Wichita Atrocity, and thousands of other attacks in the war of Blacks on Whites.

    It doesn’t want Whitey to fight back.  It wants Whitey to die.

    * You mis-spelled “CMM”, Corrupt Marxist Media.

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    This shows that africa is still a primative backwards nation they havnt pregressed much past their savage state of wild bloodthirsty backwar savages and remember when they were making such crappy movies like OUT OF AFRICA and I DREAM OF AFRICA lets just return all black thugs and Black Panthers to africa

  3. mic doodle says:

    If those farmers wont or cant defend themselves, they need to hire mercenaries to go after gangs of full blown ni**er subhumans and return the violence a hundredfold. Why the f**k would you see this pattern occurring as much as it does and stay where you are? Kids being drowned in boiling water….and you take the chance of staying there and keeping the status quo? Then i guess you get your neck carved open. What was worse? Dealing with international protests against the apartheid or seeing this shit happen to ones family? If this is how the whites are going to deal in the future then theyre doomed. Good thing so many blacks get abortions or flash mobs would be annihilating entire suburban towns at a time.

    • SalsaChupacabra says:

      The ANC has passed legislation ensuring that any whites who leave SA must do so without ANY assets/money to start their new lives somewhere else. In effect, they can’t leave.

      • Spot-on! – Caught in a trap!

      • Not feeling too good… bad chest cold… but real fast –

        I know a couple of Afrikaners personally. One living in South America, two living in South Africa. Since knowing them, one living in South Africa has gone dark – no communications at all from him for several months…

        From what I can gather, back in 94 when DeKlerk handed over rule to the obviously corrupt and communist ANC, everyone with the means and foresight fled the country. Usually, this meant professionals – doctors, engineers, etc.. this was followed by a second wave of whites fleeing – those without much means, but desperate enough to try anyway. The hemorrhaging of white professionals was so bad, it literally impacted their health industry, as well as other industries, like mining, etc. The ANC responded by declaring that anyone who fled the country was ‘a racist’ and then started charging massive exit taxes…

        Currently, from what my friends tell me, it takes about $800,000 to legally leave South Africa for anywhere else… might as well make it 5 million. Nobody has that kind of cash. The country is circling the drain and leaving skid marks on the way out…

        As far as ANYONE in the West picking up on this story? Never gonna happen. The complicit Western sell-out media has invested too much moral capital in Saint Mandela to backtrack now and say anything ill about the Nirvana he created…

        If I hit the Powerball for major cash.. like one of the 400+ million jackpots… I would do everything in my power to bring over as many Boers as I can save. Set them up with zero-interest loans (payable whenever… no rush) and let them go back to farming in peace…

        But somehow, I seriously doubt that the State Department would allow me to import thousands of lily-white Afrikaners…

        • Malgus…

          Wondered what happened to ya. Please heal up soon…and thanks for that succinct post too.

          Take care.

          Btw…the State Dept. is another joke filled with nothing but libs and RINOS for the most part…it needs to be abolished, gone…ASAP!

        • Malgus, you can be damned sure our minority occupied government would stand in the way of any mass white immigration. They want whites gone, period.

          On a related note, there’s an Afrikaner who posts here on rare occasions (Fish Eagle). Fish Eagle, not sure if you’re out there or not, but would value your input here for sure.

        • i left SA before the shit hit the fan,been back 15 years ago,i want to return ,but as long as the ANC is in power there is no chance of me returning,hire mercaneries to effing hunt and castrate these effing low life kaffirs that are killing the farmers,eradicate all of them not with the bullet,but with the mashetti ,but it has to be done slowly ,so that hey can feel the pain,then cut of there balls and shove it in there mouths

  4. Well, of course the MSM will ignore this, it does not into their ideological view of the world, and how it works. They think the world should only work the way they think, and they’ll be damned before they report anything that would even remotely prove them wrong.

    Anyway, it’s the evil white man that is the reason that the entire planet has problems, I mean, whitey won’t just support everyone who wants to be supported. We made ourselves rich, and live good lives, and we should pay to help everyone else on the planet live as well as we do, even if they don’t want to earn that right.

    We, the white devils of Earth, are responsible for all bad things that happen to non-whites everywhere on the planet. Want proof? Look at all the poverty in the world, it was all caused by us, the evil white man! We invented so many things, and didn’t raise the rest of the population of the planet with us. We invented medicines, and make others pay for them. We invented most of the technology in use today, and we are evil for not supplying free tech to everyone else. Shame on us for not willingly supporting the lazy and useless! The poorest blacks in America have it better than the poor of Bangladesh, yet whitey is holding the poor blacks down, and keeping them enslaved.

    I for one, am positive that the South African white genocide will continue until the white man is extinct from ALL of Africa. And when it happens, it will serve the black Africans right. Who will grow their food for them? African blacks are too stupid and lazy to grow their own food, let alone keep farming equipment in good repair. They will starve by the millions, while the MSM will broadcast documentaries showing black children starving, all the while berating the white nations for not immediately sending ALL surplus food and money to Africa to help the poor starving Africans, without ever pointing out that they did it to themselves by killing off all the productive people in Africa (that would be white people to you libtards reading this).

    Oh, and BTW, when food and money do get sent to help those poor starving Africans, guess who will benefit? It will be the warlords and other criminals. Does anyone remember Mogadishu, and what happened there? For those that don’t, the warlords kept all the food and money, and the populace starved anyway.

    End of Rant.

  5. The reason those knob jobs in the media can’t cover any black on white genocides is that the Puppet Masters on the left make their desires known in infinite meetings with Network suits.
    The Multicultural “No Culture is superior to another” narrative does not allow the fact to be entertained that some Cultures are continually engaged in Sub-Civilized behavior.
    The Left cannot witness their theories succeeding by results because the theories simply do not work. People do not act the way the algorithms predict and the Left cannot accept this.
    This is why they must silence opposition instead of winning in debate with opposing views.
    Selectively reporting (or not) stories based on ideological agenda is the heart of propaganda.
    This means that the Networks and their masters are no better than the Nazis.
    They use the same tactics, and they probably have similar plans for us all, should they ever achieve the fascist Liberal state they yearn for.

  6. Spurwing Plover says:

    The worlds beloved Nelson Mandela was a ANC terrorists and a Communists as well this is the truth you,ll never hear from the talking heads or the leftists news media he also commity these kind of attrocities the UN honored a terrorists like they did with Yasir (Thats my Baby)Arafat and Hugo Chavez and what theyll do when Fidel Castro is standing at the gates of hell with Mandela and Chavez

  7. It’s all about race. Blacks will always view white with jealously, and therefore, innate hatred. The only way white culture will survive is for whites to become nationalistic about their culture.

  8. Back in 2008 the Irish journalist Kevin Myers wrote a brutally honest article in the Irish Independent about the general insanity in Africa, and the delusional ideas of white liberals.

    The original has been flushed down the memory hole, but it’s reproduced in the link below.


    • Liam….

      Spot-on article to this very day! – Thank you. I hope others take a minute to read that too.

    • Thanks for this, Liam. I remember reading this years ago and actually forwarded it to my liberal friends and family, but I’ve never been able to find it since then.

      PS, saw your message on another post about Peter Hitchens being in NYC for the debate on Russia. Will definitely try to attend–would be great to see. Thanks for the heads-up!

  9. Since I mentioned Lois Lerner in the blog post…I’m gonna toss this in the mix too.


  10. History has a way of repeating itself….. today SA… tomorrow the U.S… its coming

    • Bingo! – Yet our media of all venues remain mum…until it happens here.

      What the hell do they think the Knock-Out game is all about…hmm?

      • Yep, the knockout game is just the proverbial “toe in the water” to see what they can get away with… with no coverage, prosecutions or outrage its only going to get worse…. much worse

        • Yep…here’s a recent one.


          There have actually been two of them on same day, don’t have time to look for the pair of them at the moment…but you get the drift anyway.

          • the irony about that is its happening in “Democrat” territory… Karma?

            Maybe white liberals are starting to feel the effect of their PC ideology… but they would rather die than admit it or change… that’s fine with me

  11. Snake Oiler says:

    Looks like he had some difficulty in grasping the concept….

    SPRINGFIELD — Both Jermalle Brown and Douglas Bufford were gang members hired to play a small role in helping combat violence on the South Side through a program hatched by Gov. Pat Quinn’s administration.

    Paid $8.50 an hour with taxpayer funds to hand out anti-violence pamphlets in their South Shore neighborhood, the two low-income teens were part-time foot soldiers in the governor’s $54.5 million Neighborhood Recovery Initiative, a program he once described as “a comprehensive and concerted effort to keep our young people safe, off the streets and in school.”


  12. Snake Oiler says:

    The Evil White Man! But wait! No? Golly gee…..


    Older article, but I think you will get the picture.

    • But blacks enslaving black children for forced labor is ok, just as long as the evil white man is not involved, no harm, no foul, the MSM need not waste ink and paper on such trivia as this. But, let it be found that there is one white man involved, and there will be such an outcry, worldwide, led by the MSM, that evil white men all over the world would be struck down by the righteous outrage.

      • Snake Oiler says:

        JMV – what you have stated is true, with exceptions being made for big shot white Obutthole tokus-lickers.

        From the article:

        Every day hundreds of thousands of Congolese child-slaves are forced to crawl into underground mines on their hands and knees to dig for the essential raw material make electronic gadgets like cell phones, iPods, laptop computers, play stations, wireless systems, DVD players, blackberries and pagers possible.

        Industries dominated by white leftists (think Apple) who value the almighty dollar over human dignity. But I don’t think it will ever be stated in those terms, due to the fact that they are in collusion with obviously enlightened African types.

        • Yep, not to mention the mega bucks donations to the liberal machine, and the tax dollars that go to the politicos.

  13. Somehow in a long line of internet links I was taken to this following link:


    While the subject matter may not have to do with South Africa genocide, and I do apologize for derailing the thread in that manner, there is a very interesting take by a prison psychologist (or recently retired one for the sake of clarity). I really found it interesting and recommend anyone who has just a few minutes of spare time give it a read.
    Once again its the view point of a honest psychologist who doesn’t seem overly concerned with political correctness.

    • Snake Oiler says:

      Colin Flaherty is the man! There was quite a bit of interesting commentary, also. Since I am detail-oriented, one of the avatars, though small, jumped off the page at me. If this is an actual photo of the person making the comment, what a testament to American – uh….greatness!


  14. After what you did to the South Africans, you better be glad Mandela was MLK, if he were like Malcom X all you Whites would be dead…go back to europe MF!

  15. I’am living in South Africa, and to be honest it’s not that bad up in the Northern Cape where I live. But….. almost all of the rest of the country do have a very high crime rate, most murders is not heard of in the media, not even if it is a shootout in a city centre. Most black people in this country is very nice people, friendly, helpfull and even honest hard working ppl. Unfortunately things are looking as if it will take a turn for the worst if the new socialist party the EFF (economic freedom fighters) or the Everything For Free party as they are called in humor, wins a lot of votes. Just like in America, with the democrats, it is always very easy to get the votes of stupid people by telling them they will get a lot of free stuff. If I’am stuck on an island and have to choose between an African black or an African American hoodlum for company I will pick the African hands down.

    • Messiah…

      Sounds like you have the same type of msm we have here too…if they don’t report, you won’t know.

      So, are you saying the msm doesn’t cover the slaughter of all the white farmers that have been taking place for years now? – Very curious to know the answer to that.

      • The farm murders is covered ..and with priority… by our media. The state like in America did try to muzzle the media, but only in corruption cases, saying that reports on corruption bares national security information…go figure. The ANC is almost completely crewed by criminals trying to enrich themselves but since they are so busy doing this they do little harm in interfering with our still capitalist economy. But now, all of the sudden they have decided that the affirmative action that has, COMPLETELY robbed the whites of any chance of government jobs or support, has failed. You do know what comes next don’t you…..yes nationalization of all white assets thus buying them votes and sympathy with the uneducated masses for some time…Zimbabwe. This is coming. All in all, crime against whites is sky high but also crime on blacks. We have through our previously strong economy and black empowerment established a large black middle class. I dont know if they will be able to figure out that they too stand to lose that new black BMW and house, we will have to see, but my guess is no. They will turn on the remaining whites as a scapegoat for the ANC’s failed policies. Farm murders in my opinion is not increasing yet not decreasing. I think that it is a orchestrated genocide and it’s very easy for the government to ignore and deny to the leftist international leaders. Look, I don’t fear for my life everyday in South Africa and I don’t know anyone that does. You can go to shopping malls, black neighborhoods (well 90% of them), beach, restaurants, streets etc with a lot of black people and you will be fine.

        • Thanks so much for your fact-filled information. – What a mess our world is in now…the USA included.

          Stand strong and fight back in whatever way we can is all I know there days.

          Anyway, you don’t know how much I appreciate the response…I can’t thank you enough.

      • So to answer your question Big. We have free and honest media, but our crime is very high and lots of murders don’t even get a small in a local paper. I believe it is the same over in the states. However racial crime is covered very well, and also crime done by the police. Most white on black crime is merely racist incidents with no physical harm being done to blacks. Black on white crime is mostly accompanied by physical harm, robbery and sometimes just racism. Whites is not more prone to be victims of crime than blacks. White on black crime THE WORLD OVER is so rare that it is almost a myth. Same here, whites just don’t hurt blacks…..but stats will show that most crimes against whites is perpetrated by blacks. Ok we are only 8% of the population. At the moment I fear that the ANC as we knew them from the time they took power in 1994 will be memories we will cherish compared to what’s gonna happen here in the next 15 years. There is a strong socialist movement stirring over here. It is not what the ANC wants, but they will have to jump on the wagon or become a memory in history. Our black people is better than yours! Don’t get me wrong, you still cannot build a first world country with them. Are blacks stupid? No! It’s a cultural thing, and the underlying problem in many white countries also. (see Russia) Do South African blacks have a better culture than African Americans? Yes! Only problem is they can impose that culture here as the law of the land while Africa Americans cannot do it in USA (yet). And unfortunately our black culture is still a culture of failure in South Africa.

        • Sorry bout the second response, tried to rephrase a little. Been reading AWD since it went online and the great thing about this site is that it is my daily little dose of sanity in a politically and socially f**ked up world. I can associate with all the people here ….. and as a bonus sometimes laugh my ass off about matters we all know too well is dead serious. Keep it up Big, who knows maybe our children will one day thank us for it.

          • Oh my gosh Messiah…you have absolutely nothing to apologize for. You have no idea how much I’ve always appreciated your in-put here from Day One. I value all of your opinions via your perspective in life.

            It’s just that I’ve had little time here today, busy doing other things. Anyway, just read your second response…I hope others are too. You do wake us up here. And at least it sounds like your msm is far more fair and balanced than ours.

            As to your very last sentence above….I pray that will be so.

  16. Dave Sacco (@dsacco53) says:

    see mister rational . he’s right!

  17. rebelpatriot says:

    I went to Africa in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. It was a hell hole then and will never change. The best thing
    would be if they all just died out over there. The black race will never get it together. They just keep
    begging and blaming whites. Ignorance and violence is all they know.

  18. If I can leave South Africa now I would do it in a blink of an eye. This place is horrible. We have to live on 24/7 awareness of our surroundings & on the watch out for criminals. Can you imagine living like this? Now getting one night’s proper sleep. Waking up for any single lil sound in my surroundings. Creeping quietly around my own house with a bow & arrow or stick, making sure no one has entered my house. We are not allowed to own a gun. Some farmers & other whites that had gun before 1994 still have guns but after 1994 most requests for a gun permit has been denied. Now they have this new legislation were gun permits have to be renewed every 5 yrs. So far more permit requests have been denied/rejected & those people have to hand their guns in at the police station.
    Imagine living like this: Where ever you go, there is a 50 to 1(1 is us whites) change that you’ll be robbed, stabbed, shot, raped or killed. Imagine living like that.