Rants from a racist!


The filthy lies emitted from Charlie Rangel’s yapper will either be ignored or embraced by the mainstream media, no doubt about that fact. Nevertheless, what the tax cheat from hell had to say should frost your flakes, then again, maybe some of you might just laugh at the insanity of what he’s said.

Here’s a snippet for you to read via this report:

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) explained this week why President Barack Obama has not been able to work with the Tea Party members of Congress: They’re “mean” and “racist.”

Rangel’s comments were made Tuesday night during an interview with New York’s TWC-TV.

“They are mean, racist people. Now, why do I say that? Because in those red states, they’re the same slave-holding states!” Rangel said. “They had the Confederate flag, they became Dixiecrats, they had the Confederate flag, and the Tea Party, they’ve still got the Confederate flag! I don’t think that’s a coincidence.”

He also referenced Obama’s education background during the interview, joking that perhaps there’s something in the water at Harvard that makes certain alumni so “optimistic” that they think they can work with groups like the Tea Party.

Rangel, who has in the past referred to members of the Tea Party as “crackers,” made headlines last week when he referred to a deadly blast in his Harlem, N.Y., district as being his community’s 9/11.

Rangel ignores the real facts when it comes to the Tea Party and regular folks out in the real world regarding one of the main reason he and his ilk are going to be nothing but losers during the midterm election in November…as well in ’16 too!

Charlie should check this out:

Whether it’s been soaring premiums, insurance cancellations, frustrations with the state and federal exchanges, cutting employee hours or even daycare centers closing down, the Affordable Care Act’s negative effects have touched all 50 states.

Sen. Harry Reid (D., Nev.) saw it a different way in a strange outburst on the floor Feb. 26, calling all Obamacare horror stories “lies” and “stories made up from whole cloth.”
Here are 50 states worth of Harry Reid’s liars.

Watch below, this is an excellent video in more ways than one!:

Charlie, Reid, Obama and others should also check these out:

1.) Iowa Pastor Diagnosed With Cancer Finds Obamacare ‘Anything But Affordable’

2.) Fresh Concerns About Cancer Centers Under Obamcare

3.) Obamacare leaves Las Vegas man owing $407,000 in doctor bills

So, anyone have a reply for racist Rangel and his ridiculous rants?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!


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  1. ‘Ol Charlie Strangle and Sheila Jerkson Lee are both ate up with the same kind of stupid. If the states are so racist, then how do they keep getting elected?

    The reason Ovomit can’t work with the Tea Party is because HE is a racist, and wants to destroy America. The Tea Party wants to restore America.

    Oh well, at least after we are done with Ovomit, there will be proof that a black prez was, is, and will always be, a bad idea.

  2. ALL blacks are racist. Everyone of them. Why are people so surprised when a piece of feces like Rangel proves he is racist too? That attitude shows ignorance and brain washing. Blacks are portrayed on television as being wise and forgiving when they are neither. The are some of the meanest, racist people on earth. They are some of the most stupid at the same time. Rangel is a tax cheat, a racist, and there is probably more crimes that can be attributed to him that he will not be confronted with because he is black. I am tired of this da*n government treating blacks and their politicians like gods. If Rangel were white and Republican he would be in jail. Obama and Holder should be in JAIL and so should Rangel.

  3. BLACK POWER says:

    Rangel straddles the fence and is connected to the puppeteer. We exert large amounts of energy in an attempt to Trojan horse this beast. Rangel has been in a political headlock under whitey’s armpit for some years now. Another Cracka Bro incapable of full representation of the African community….MAAT-HOTEP

    • BP…

      Say what?

      Btw…whose “WE” that you speak of?

      • Big. Don’t worry your pretty little head about BP’s contributions. The person who looks after him will be along shortly to administer his medication 🙂

        And as my Dad always says: “What do you expect from a pig but a grunt?”

    • black,
      Rangel’s just an old blue gum negro man getting what he can.

      • BLACK POWER says:

        Like I said, cracka bro.

        • BP…

          Do you realize you don’t even make sense?

          Btw…you never answered my question to you above a few posts. – Please make some kind of sense this time.

          • What he seems to be saying, is that whatever black doesn’t act like a militant black, is white. He’s an idiot, eventually AWD will tire of him throwing racial slurs in every post and will hit him with the ban hammer. But it sure is fun pushing his buttons in the meantime.

          • Yep…insanity on display for all to see!

          • BLACK POWER says:

            Seeing that your understanding of allegory is non-existent. I will reframe my literary approach. To answer your question’s. “Say what” ? Rangel defines the uncle tom concept.’ Whose we that you speak of’ ? We are those that you underestimate….MAAT-HOTEP

          • BP…

            Only in your wildest dreams!

        • black,
          I’m not a cracker.

    • Black Power I sincerely look forward to the day I meet you and your kind on the field of battle. My wish is certain to come true. I am a decendant of Knights and Vikings. Prepare yourself to become fertilizer to grow wheat to make many more crackers.

      • BLACK POWER says:

        The feeling is mutual x1. The field would be an excellent platform to militarily express our agreed upon biological future outlook for eachothers kindred.

        • Pow!
          Old Son!
          How have you been?
          Do you realize that Gang Bangers and Arabs are the only gun totin’ folk who couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn? Why do you think that is?
          Perhaps your holding a gun in a manner not designed for is resulting in an errant bullet grouping. Or perhaps you don’t know that you actually have to aim the dang things. Seeing that you didn’t know what shoes were until we told you I can see that happening.
          I think that all gangland shooting reports should say how far the shot was from that killed poor “Hot Sauce” or whatever name you guys name yourselves (Black Power-Outage comes to mind). I suspect that Blacks have a 10% accuracy rate with shots over four feet in distance.
          If Urban Barnacles like yourself learned how to shoot, we might take your threats more seriously.
          Hey, I know this is off topic, but why do all black women nowadays wear wigs and use chemicals to straighten their hair to be just like white women hair? I can’t figure it out.
          Are they ashamed of being Black or Just ashamed at having Black Person Hair?
          And what’s with the colored contact lenses? Why do Black women want to have eyes the same color as white women? Again, are they ashamed at being Black or are they ashamed that they are not white and have straight hair and Blue and Green eyes?
          Why do they want to look like white women? Do you think its because then they can get a white man who goes to work and stuff?
          Or are they just ashamed in general?
          Do me a solid and clear this up for me.
          Potemus sed vos non Potestus

          • BLACK POWER says:

            AssLow! Allow me to attempt to answer the multitude of questions and enquires that you have concerning the African of your figmented imagination. Im excellent. No I haven’t seen a barn through the sights of my weaponry or for that matter an arab either. Im an excellent shot seeing that I have been a sworn public servant for 13 years a slave. Enforcing whiteys laws and standard of procedures. I am aware that the psychological symptoms that you described in the African woman, inflicted by whitey is not permanent and warrants our attention. Our Nubian queens take away from themselves when they imitate the deficient offspring bearer. Thanks for addressing another one of whiteys indoctrinated and imposed character flaws…..MAAT-HOTEP

          • “13 years a slave”…you are nothing but pure comedy!

          • BigT,
            13 years a slave, and sworn public servant=garbage collector! or with his constant use of racist terminology, more likely he is the guy who scrapes dead animals off the roads.

          • JMV…

            I think he flies on Farrakhan’s space ship.

          • Figment is not an adverb, so when you say figmented, it sounds like you don’t have a firm grasp on your native tongue.
            When you enforce Whitey’s laws they become YOUR laws. Even in the Mall.
            I hope you realize that the reason we toy with you ‘Cat and Mouse’ is to tie up your time and make you keep typing. That way you aren’t out somewhere being all Blackified and causing trouble.
            See? We’re looking out for you.
            That third strike is not something to fool around with.

      • Careful, x1. He will have all of his “mandingo warrior” friends with him. Remember, he’s black, therefore one on one honorable single combat is not a concept he understands.

      • I’m descended of Vikings too! And I’m quite large in stature. People always seem to be afraid of me. lol

  4. Rangel is a piece-of-shit…….I mean a piece-of-shit…..the worst of the worst…………..

    Rangel needs to be prosecuted for his “forgetfulness” to pay his taxes……and he needs to be kicked off the House Ways and Means committee…..he needs to be dragged out into the street and get the shit kicked out of him…..

    I god damn will hate this black bastard………..Rangel needs to be dragged to the nearest oak tree and hung……….it’s time to put those like Rangel in their place……he’s just an out-of-control ni**er……an uppity ni**er at that………….

    I would travel thousands of mile to see Rangel hung from the nearest tree that would hold his fat ass………..as a matter of fact I would like to be the one who hangs this thug and I’d like to wear a white sheet when I hang him…….lets start a bon-fire……get a rope…..and have a party………..

    this pic isn’t about Rangel but it is appropriate…………………it speaks for me………..


  5. inagadadavida says:

    Bigtimer, it said you don’t understand Al Gore. (but I thought the “e” was silent)

  6. To “Dirty Harry” this should go viral….talk about karma…..


  7. spurwing Plover says:

    Rangle needs to be shown the door we dont need to old goat calling for more idiotic taxes