Vladimir Putin has been smearing Hussein’s little community organizing nose in the poop for 5 years now. This has to be the greatest time of Putin’s thug life! Consistently sticking a finger in the eye of America and making the US President look like an idiot. Which he is. Maybe Obama should send over another “Reset” button!

Russia needs the Ukraine. Too much commerce and too many economy-dependent pipelines go through the Ukraine for Russia to watch its puppet Ukrainian president be swept out of power by citizens wanting a closer relationship with Europe. And while Obama and SecState Lurch Kerry boo hoo over Russia’s agression, Putin knows America will do nothing to prohibit Russia from militarily doing what it wants in the Ukraine. Nor will any other western government. Just like in Georgia when Bush was President.

But lots of beady little Persian, Korean and Chinese eyes are closely monitoring what reaction Obama will have in regards to Russia entering the Ukraine. They realize Obama only wants to play golf from the ladies tees and rap with @#&*^ rappers at expensive White House parties. Global thugs realize this is as good as they will ever likely have it in regards to a free hand to do what they want. Even Hitlery Clintoon (probably) wouldn’t be as weak as Hussein!

So who’s next to enter the Great Barack Hussein Obama Global Giveaway of 2014? Will China make a move on those insignificant Japanese rocks called islands? Or will they really get squirrely and go after Taiwan? What about that little yellow bug-humper in North Korea? Why not launch one of those Wal Mart nukes into South Korea while Hussein is four-putting? Or, maybe even more probable, Iran hands off some of that fissile material to Hezbollah to smuggle into Tel Aviv? Think all of this is impossible? Guess again! The world realizes Obama won’t do jack.

America no longer has a big stick. Instead, America has a big dick in the White House who hates his country and foolishly believed world leaders would go along with the American propaganda media and other leftists in perpetuating the illusion that Obama can piss and hit the ground! No, they would rather humiliate the dying superpower.

I don’t think China is going to do anything yet. They are rapidly catching us militarily but probably won’t challenge America until it reaches parity. Plus, we’re their market and Americans could sour on buying Chinese sh*t at Wal Mart real fast.

North Korea is a flyer. Who knows what they will ever do? But China probably would arrange a 9mm headache for Kim Jong Duck Dong if he raises too much of a ruckus with South Korea or Japan.

My bet is Iran sets off a test nuke to give the finger to the Great Satan over the nuke-u-lur deal Obama and Lurch foolishly made with Muslim madmen mullahs hell-bent on the destruction of Israel and the West.

What are your predictions for the next global crisis Obama and Kerry will f#$& up? Or do you believe Russia will be the only one to take advantage of the biggest wuss in the history of the world? Obama is so weak he makes Clay Aiken look masculine.

Let’s hear your predictions!

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  1. Predictions no longer matter. Our military, once the greatest on earth, has been subverted, perverted, downsized, and stretched too thin to do anything to any global thug who wants to test the waters of conquest.

    Our service members who actually do the fighting are overworked, many have over 5 rotations through the sandbox, and many are returning to the states with PTSD, or missing parts, and are abandoned by the government and listed as potential traitors and nut cases. This is the fault of EVERY administration since Reagan.

    The only thing keeping us from being invaded by foreign military forces, is that Americans themselves are mainly armed to the teeth, and as Admiral Yamamoto said, “We cannot invade the United States, there would be a rifle behind each blade of grass”. However, our pussy in chief and his minions are working on fixing that.

    Prepare to defend yourselves.

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    Putrid Putin no diffrent then any of the rest of the KGB agents

  3. Since they are both communist (Obama/Putin), I would prefere the 6th degree Judo master over the “community organizer” playing President

    • Obama is working with Putin against The USA. Watch your Russian ammo dry up soon to punish Putin, like Clinton did with the Chinese ammo to punish them.
      Obamas loving this sh8t.

  4. jumpin joe says:

    Looks like all the tin horn dictators have, “unclenched” their fists. Now they are bitch slapping Dear Leader around with that open hand.

  5. Spurwing Plover says:

    Putrid Putin and Obama the Fink very Little diffences between tyrants and dictators

  6. toolpusher says:

    first time commenting AWD been lurking for about 3 yrs.Nice rant about the chichuahua in the whitehouse is hiding under the desk while the russian wolfhound hunts..kerry has no credibility as he hunts for the falsley earned medals he tossed when he stabbed the american military in the back.Putin will make obama look like the loser he is…there is absolutly nothing the west can do about the situation in the ukraine as we have became a nation of pussies..Sgt Moore…(somalia,bosnia,afganistan.

  7. lou hodges says:

    What is the BIG DEAL? Obama is a communist. His grandpa went to Russia to study communism, his mommy was a communist, his friends are communists, his parents met in russian class, and now he’s all upset that a former KGB communist is demanding the Ukraine. What is the freaking big deal?

  8. inagadadavida says:

    One of my friends just posted this… putting it here since it concerns our feckless leader.

    Obama to Israel- You have no right to your borders.

    Obama to Ukraine- You have every right to your borders.

    Obama to USofA- You have no borders.

    Sums it up!

  9. Wait, Putin invaded to control pipelines and energy sources?

    What are the chances we could get Putin to invade us so we can get Keystone?

  10. hope i can put some issues here…

  11. The next WW will start under Obama… But he can always take a line from Shrillary…

    At this point, what difference does it make?

    And then Bammy can go back to f*ucking us between rounds of golf.

  12. THE SAVAGE NATION (HOUR 1 of 3) 03-03-2014 [Putin and the Ukraine]


  13. Perhaps Putin expects Obammy being black would settle his dis agreements like the Obama and Holders black brothers and sister do………


    they are the chosen ya know…….make no mistake we have no business in Ukraine’s problem now…
    consider who is pulling the strings……..

  14. Spurwing Plover says:

    Can anyone remember back when brain-dead liberals were all going crazy for Gorbechev? and that liberal slime rag TIME named him their MAN OF THE DECADE typical for a leftists rag like TIME

  15. Los Angeles gangbangers surface in Syria to join Assad forces in fighting


  16. We have gone from a time when a great American President said: “Speak softly and carry a big stick” to a POSPUS who does nothing but give speeches and carry a golf club.