Let’s face it. America has been on a downward slide since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Terrible Presidents and worse governance. Those of us who lived during the reign of the “Evil Empire” remember how every American (except Ted Kennedy and assorted liberals) recognized the Soviet Union as an existential threat to the United States.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, America was left as the sole world superpower. We had a good run where, instead of making intelligent decisions, we lived far beyond our national means and allowed politicians to do tremendously stupid things. Our national debt continually skyrocketed, government grew in size and scope, economic freedoms waned, and America began its downward slide. Today, no one who thinks for themselves sees a rosy future.

Instead of having a common enemy in the Soviet Union, Americans turned on ourselves. Liberals and conservatives grew to despise each other. Oddly, liberals now identify with the failed economic policies of the Soviet Union and communism while ignoring the brutality and mass poverty forced upon those under the control of the Kremlin. America is truly a house divided.

Question? Would America fare better with a renewed challenge from the Soviet Union? No doubt China would love to see a more powerful Russia to partner with against American interests. Would the spoiled Gen X generation benefit from realizing that freedom is not free and there are bad people in the world as once did their parents and grandparents? Would America realize that instead of cutting billions from national defense and rewarding welfare moochers that our money is needed defending our freedoms (what’s left of them)?

It’s been interesting watching conservatives siding with Vladimir Putin as he destroys the foreign policy of Barack Obama and exposes him as a community organizer idiot. Putin is KGB and despises America. AWD has never forgotten Putin is KGB and has never praised him even though I have nothing but the most negative feelings for Obama and the destruction he is forcing on our country.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind watching Russia overtake Ukraine. Perhaps that aggression would awaken the West from its stupid, politically correct slumber. Maybe Europe would cast aside their acquiescence to Islam and America would focus on strengthening our economy and putting more producers to work instead of crying racism and pushing amnesty for illegals. The West didn’t win the Cold War by political correctness, weakness and struggling economies.

Weigh in with your opinion on this. I’d like to hear. AWD believes we need to be shocked into action to get back to the values, ethics, and toughness that made America the strongest and most prosperous nation in history. A renewed Evil Empire friendly with communist China would certainly do that.

Your thoughts?

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  1. the dumb-bells running Washington are so clueless that if Putin invades and takes all of Ukraine they will probably applaud….after-all they’re communists themselves……….

    it might do Western Europe some good though…..they’ve experienced appeasement before and it lead to 60 million dead…….Russia taking the Ukraine just might wake up the dumb-ass Europeans and get them to start paying for their own survival by increasing their military budgets….but that just might be wishful thinking…………


    • Lt. Sandman says:

      Europe (except for Germany) is weak and pathetic. Putin has nothing to fear. Except for our sanctions. Go get ’em, Barry

  2. Reagan was right when he said The Soviet Union was an Evil empire. Well now America Aka USSA And the Europe union Aka EUSSR are 21st century evil empires, Putin is a nationalist not a communist.

    • So true. As I have said for years the USA is now the new Soviet Union, albeit the Negro Soviet Union and the former Soviet Union (Russia) is the new USA.

      • Lol I am a negro! but I 100% agree that Putin is trying to protect his people. And the fact of the matter is, Putin is a Russian patriot and he’s facing the NWO who are waiting to loot Russia like they did in the 1990s under that drunk Yeltsin

  3. Bluto just said it all!

    I vote for Bluto to be our Secretary of State and go over to Moscow and tell Putin “how the horse eats corn”.

  4. This guy knew how to handle Russia……..


  5. Spurwing Plover says:

    If these idiots want the Soviet Union let them go live in the European Soviet Union or maybe Cuba or Venuszualia were dont need it here oh yes and CHINA they can go live there see the real meaning of what Karl Marx envisioned

  6. I agree with AJ–we’re the new Soviet Union, far more Marxist than nationalistic Putin. So as far as what it will take to wake us up, I don’t think a strong enemy will do it–we’re too far gone as a people and as a government. The left, which controls the media, education, academia, government, business, entertainment, etc., is completely insane–and half the population is too stupid and docile to even recognize this. Putin could threaten to nuke us into the stone age and the left would whine about “triggers” and “heteronormativity” and “microaggressions” other such completely non sequitur nonsense. E.g., if the Sputnik situation were to happen today, the US would respond by creating NASA…to teach Americans about the wonders of Islam.

    I.e., to think that a strong enemy would galvanize the US–its [Liberal] Establishment and its sheep–presumes that the [Liberal] Establishment and its sheep are reasonable…which they’re not.

    I hate to say it, but the only solution I see for curing the nation of its sickly insanity is a massive purge, and that would have to come from within.

    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again………30 million libtards need to go, maybe as much as 40 million…..all of them placed in the ground…….the only thing they are good for is to be used as fertilizer……..

      • jose emanuel says:

        Right on Bluto!The libs’s are a virus but, it starts at birth with indoctrination and continue to polute there mind’s with Marx’s commie teachings.These people are like robots, they don’t think for themselves and, therefore believe everything they see and hear.That’s precisely why the media is so important to there propaganda machine!

  7. Well Dude here are two quotes, can you tell which quote belongs to President Obama, and which quote can be attributed to President Putin?

    “There are both things in international law: the principle of territorial integrity and right to self-determination.”

    “If you like the plan you have, you can keep it. If you like the doctor you have, you can keep your doctor, too. The only change you’ll see are falling costs as our reforms take hold.”

    So if both quotes are from Socialist Presidents, which quote was built upon the foundation of ethics and which quote was built upon lies.

    I’m sorry but in my book an ex-KGB operative serving his country, beats a cheap pathological liar serving his own overblown ego.

    One cannot wield leadership nor prosper on feet of clay.

    And no we don’t need Russia as an enemy nor a friend, we have enough friends and enemies already, and they are all expensive.

  8. Putin is trying to rebuild Russia ..Obama is trying to destroy America…..Putin has balls ,,Obama is a racist Punk homo……
    Found this on Drudge ..seems here we go to Poland on the ground….


  9. jose emanuel says:

    Putin is holding Euorpe hostage financially with gas and oil dependency.They are screwd because bozo and his isolationist bulls!t and won’t lift a finger to help our allies.Polland is next!

    • Remember The CIA/ Soros started this shit with their puppets the Obama regime leading the assault! The NWO wants to destroy Russia, ask yourself this, is it a coincidence that the Ukrainian crises started just when Putin was busiest with his winter games?

  10. Spurwing Plover says:

    Back in the 80s braindead liberals were going crazy for Gorbachev and that leftists rag TIME named him their MAN OF THE DECADE which shows how leftists TIME is

  11. AWD:
    Its irony, isn’t it?
    The evil that brought Russia down is the evil that we (as a whole) embrace. Putin is only coming face to face with a Communist America because of HIS past leaders that wanted to destroy us.
    HIS past leaders & their Communism (American Commie spies, also) are responsible for this collapse.
    WE (as a whole) are responsible for not doing anything throughout the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s up to the last 5 years…

    Putin is only facing the ugly dragon that Russia threw off in this sick neo-“America”

  12. Our current lawless regime has exposed our domestic enemies more clearly, and they are the ones we need to deal with as a clear and present danger.

  13. Angry White Boss says:

    The problem with a new Soviet Union would be that the government, OUR government would most likely be in on it. And if not in on it, at least they’d be pretending that nothing is going wrong in the world. I know it sounds a little improbable, but our Great Grandparents would have said the same thing about the current state of our beloved Country.

  14. Lt. Sandman says:

    I long for a leader that has the balls that Putin does. Anybody that can rise through the KGB and end up ruling Russia is a tough MF. Let them take the Ukraine and become the world power that they could and should be. Europe has been diluted and is weak (except for Germany, eh?). The Middle East is in Russia’s backyard and they can deal with ‘those people’, too. Putting another 5,000 young Americans in the ground covered with the flag of this Great Nation is not on my agenda.

    In the Preamble, the words ‘to provide for the common defense’ come mind. I don’t recall the word ‘offense’ being there.

    The United States should look inward first, and focus on our own hemisphere. Our brothers and sisters in both North and South America should be our first priority for the future. A good start would be if everyone got out of bed and did something productive.

    Having three Superpowers that are economically interdependent is the best way to keep the killing to a minimum (although minimizing killing is a lot to ask of the human race). It comes down to peace through strength, not peace in our time.

    If the freeloaders would get out of bed and get to work, all of our problems could be dealt with. That is, of course, dependent upon a better class of leaders. My Father and his generation that have passed are rolling over in their graves. They gave so much to have it come to this.

    If something doesn’t give, we’re screwed. I’ve only got about twenty years left. Maybe I’m getting out just in time. But rest assured, I will continue to contribute and take less that I give until the day I die.

    Go Putin (and us)!

  15. not so angry uk dude says:

    i think you are missing the main point
    the us is only threatened by Chinese expansion and will keep most if not all its power in the pacific
    the European powers have far more conventional power than Russia and are capable of defending themselves. the UK and France both have enough nuclear weapons to take out the outer four powers on there own. the us wants the EU to become a federal state so they can leave the defense of Europe to the united states of Europe and concentrate on china.
    problem is the UK will never be part of of this.
    without the UK the EU is a toothless tiger and will always feel they need the US to defend them catch 22
    personally i think the US should leave the Europeans to there own defense, the US has spent enough time money and blood on defending Germany and its undeclared empire. the UK can defend itself as they have proved many times in the past. Russia is no threat to Europe it does not have the strength to take on the EU. the US should look to the pacific and leave the Europeans to deal with there own problems
    take a look at the defense budgets for the UK Germany Italy and France in 2013 total 210 billion dollars
    Russia 2013 90 billion dollars
    you see the point