Brendan Eich resigned as CEO of Mozilla because of his support for Prop 8 in California, a proposition that banned homosexual marriages. It overwhelmingly passed.

How dare Eich support normal, traditional marriage in a self-destructing state long known for lunacy! He would be Governor of the joint if he had only donated money to groups that promote pedophilia or incest.

Mozilla’s Chairwoman (Chairperson, ChairMs, Chairtron, I’m trying to be PC here) Mitchell Baker apologized to the 3% of the population who now control the lives and careers of the 97% who might not agree 100% with their lifestyle. She said:

“Our organizational culture reflects diversity and inclusiveness. We welcome contributions from everyone regardless of age, culture, ethnicity, gender, gender-identity, language, race, sexual orientation, geographical location and religious views. Mozilla supports equality for all. (Except Christians who believe homosexuality is a sin)

We have employees with a wide diversity of views. Our culture of openness extends to encouraging staff and community to share their beliefs and opinions in public (unless they are Christian, of course). This is meant to distinguish Mozilla from most organizations and hold us to a higher standard. But this time we failed to listen, to engage, and to be guided by our community.”

Might want to rethink that part about diversity and inclusiveness, Mitch! Of course, I’m joking! All Mozilla employees enjoy freedom of speech…as long as it is speech approved of by the politically correct, homosexual Thought Nazis!

Mitchell ends with “Thanks for sticking with us.”

Who’s sticking with you? AWD hasn’t used Firefox for years because it’s so damn slow. Now I have another reason to avoid using it forever! Instead of sticking with you, Mitch, I say “stick it!”

Eich wasn’t just any run-of-the-mill right-wing homophobe. This guy invented Javascript and co-founded Mozilla. Don’t look for him to be unemployed long. Maybe all of the homosexuals who boycotted Mozilla should also boycott Javascript too. Yeah, right.

What is really amazing here is a man donated $1000 of his own money to support a proposition that protected the nuclear family that has long been the building block of American success and was forced out of his job at a company he created by his own employs. His views are right in line with the huge majority of Americans. Homosexual marriage has lost at the ballot box EVERY time it has been on the ballot. In EVERY state, including California.

This is more evidence that the homosexual lobby, which always cries how they are bullied, are the real bullies in America 2014! Gays can pretty much do anything they want but they want more. They want YOU to accept and approve ANYTHING they want to do. If you dare raise your voice in opposition, you will suffer an onslaught of hatred from radical homosexuals and liberals. Yet homosexual terrorists constantly pat themselves on the back praising their belief in acceptance and diversity! It’s interesting that homosexuals supported Barack Obama in 2008 when he opposed gay marriage. Homopocrisy?

The end of corporate America is near when a small fraction of extremists force out a brilliant CEO who created the company that employs them because of his personal beliefs. What would be the outcry if the CEO went about firing homosexuals at Mozilla because he didn’t like their lifestyle? He didn’t.

Theoretically, Mozilla hires employees on the basis of their work output. I assume they hire the best candidate for the job regardless of their sexuality, religion, creed, Ford/Chevy preference, etc. Why should their personal beliefs enter into the equation as long as they can make money for Mozilla? The same logic should apply to the CEO. As long as he did his job well, his personal beliefs shouldn’t matter. He broke no laws in donating money to Prop 8 except being politically incorrect. He only supported a proposition that the vast majority of Californians supported. For that, I say he should run for President!

What’s next? Will a Mormon CEO who tithes be forced to resign because the Mormon Church also donated money to Prop 8? Must prospective executives have to pass a PC litmus test approved by the homosexual terrorists? It’s pretty clear that Christian beliefs are being swept away by liberals, political correctness, lawyers, and government faster than Whoopie Goldberg wakes up ugly.

AWD will admit that I really never got too worked up about homosexuals getting married. I find my views more libertarian the older I get. You know..I’m OK, you’re OK, leave me the hell alone. Straight people will still marry and gay marriage wouldn’t affect that. But after watching the homosexual terrorists in action over the past few years has made me anti-gay everything! Not because homosexuals are homosexual but because they are bullies and I’ll be damned if I’ll be bullied into anything!

I’ve long said I don’t care if someone sleeps with snakes. Or their hairdresser. Not my bidness your homosexual until you make it my bidness. And I see America kowtowing to a few million homosexuals complete lunacy!

I hope Brendan Eich will move to Texas. There’s a business opportunity in all this. I’ve long believed there is a huge untapped market of conservatives who will support conservative businesses. Just think back to the Chik fil A support day! Maybe Eich will build his own browser and allow his employees to have their differing opinions in their personal lives without it costing their careers. I’d support that!

But I won’t support Mozilla ever again. A slow product served up with politically correctness is nothing I choose to support.

AWD wants to help the Human Resources department at Mozilla with a question that should be asked of every prospective employee to accomplish their lofty diversity goals. Hit it, Josie!

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:


  2. Hats off to him. He has convictions. God bless him

  3. Boycott!
    To hell with the gay mafia: those fecal smeared-biohazard- sodomites. I will never except your sickening “marriages”- nor your f… up agenda

    (And I do mean biohazard when I say it!)

    • Harvey Milk says:

      In The Ukistan 1% of the population provides 50% of the AIDS cases. Because as Phil Robertson correctly pointed out the anus is for expelling stuff not for backdoor shenanigans a cretain part of the population has to wear diapers because the muscle holding the “Peter King Monday Morning Quarterback” articles in is too weak to do its job. What population is this? Yes it is the 1% that Michael Moore campaigns against.

      Support Michael Moore! Stand up to the 1%!

  4. Art Vandelay says:

    More proof that liberals, especially militant fags, hate free speech. They claim to be for tolerance, diversity, and inclusion…as long as you agree with them and toe the line of liberal orthodoxy. If you think for yourself and express a dissenting view, they will crucify you.

    I use Internet Explorer on Windows and Chromium on Linux. To protest the fag mafia, I will not use Mozilla products. Its actually not a problem because Mozilla stopped being relevant about 5 years ago, fags or no fags.

  5. I was furious when I read about this news this morning, also heard about it via talk radio too. I’ve been with Mozilla for years, it’s never been slow for me…then again, I ain’t tech savvy. Nevertheless, what they did to this man is beneath contempt. I also hope he starts his own browser …I’ll be with him!

    And AWD…that ‘homopocrisy” line is a keeper!

  6. Alexandra says:

    And they have the nerve to say we Christians are bullies.

    Well, as one of my old high school teachers used to say–you point the finger, you have three pointing back at you.

    • jose emanuel says:

      Before I was laid off due to “outsourcing” I was a member of the aflcio who supported obozo.I am a registerd republican along with many of my coworkers and had no say in what party the union supported.All that I know I paid my union dues and had bozo crammed down our throats either we liked it or not.It made me want to separate myself from the union but I had no choice.Now these fukers caused a man too loose his job.There is some kind of connection between my (union workers)and this story.Could someone tell me the rational thinking behind this?please I’m not kidding!bluto,big,jmv,edtudo,joy,art,spurwig.anybody.thanks guys,jose

      • Don’t know, Jose
        I was a member of the CWA(Communication Workers of America), and the same thing happened to us. We had no say in who the union supported, in fact, the union even tried to tell us who to vote for. I was screwed from the start, being at the time, a republican, I was an outcast as conservatives are viewed as being anti gay, black, labor, diversity, hell you name it, I was worse than a second class citizen.

        You are right though, there is some kind of connection between ALL unions and this story. Its just to tenuous for me to figure out without more data, and unions tend to keep all information compartmentalized and secret. I still can’t figure out why the CWA was in support of immigration, since it would mean lower wages, which means lower dues paid to them.

        All I can say, is that right now, I am seriously anti-union, as I see them as playing a major part in the deconstruction of this nation.

        NOTE: And I can bet with confidence that Eich didn’t resign voluntarily. He was forced, I guarantee it.

        • jose emanuel says:

          thanks JMV,we were looked upon as nonconformist,not going along with the masses.Unions used to be good but now they look to cater to the co. needs and not the workers.Thats exactly what happened at my co.The union knew our jobs wrer going to be outsourced but persuaded us to ratify and sign a contract 9 months prior to renegotiating a new contract.One year later we lost our jobs.We knew they knew but it was to late.They sold us out!I have no use for the c@@ksuckers.

  7. So…Dear Leader released this info via the IRS. – Which is ILLEGAL to do!! But what the hell, destroying people is the name of the game when it comes to the O-Team.

  8. Cooter Brown says:

    Dam Queers are at it again. To show my support I free-ed up some space on my hard drive by removing my Firefox browser and I am vowing never to use it again.

    • Alexandra says:

      I’m using Firefox right now. What browser would you suggest as a replacement? I’m thinking about using Google Chrome.

      • Go for it…it is a good browser…might take some gettin’ used to but I’m liking it so far…almost as usable as FF…not going back….be sure to go to “Settings” and don’t be afraid of customizing it to your taste…..HTTPS everywhere, Tabs to the Front, Ghostery, DuckDuckGo for Chrome are the extensions I added and I am pleased 😀

      • Art Vandelay says:

        Chrome is OK but it is Google spyware so be forewarned. Try Internet Explorer 11.

        • Use Linux as my OS….refuse to install “wine” to run Windoze apps….Micro$oft sold their customer base out years ago…, yep, I’ll take my chances with Google…can’t be any worse than Micro$oft

  9. Nobody is being “forced to resign” in the scandal ridden Obama adminstration.
    How peculiar?

  10. Looks like a death wish to me….

  11. Spurwing Plover says:

    Lets all have a Firefox hunt

  12. what the hell is going on……..I mean what the fuk is going on…….homo’s are running rampant through the streets shaking their bare asses and everyone is suppose to drop to the ground and kiss their god damn asses……some-how I don’t think so…………………….

    I’ve had is it with these homo’s that think we have to kow tow to their every whim…..that we are suppose to go prancing in the streets in our underwear along with them and celebebrate their sexual perversions with glee…………

    and now these perverts take to twitter and other social media and this private company is suppose to drop their pants and start masturbatng along with the homo’s………..who the hell are these pricks……and why didn’t Firefox stand up to these homosexuals……..Chick-fil-a did and look how that turned out…….seems to me that Firefox didn’t have the balls to stand up against these internet twerps……….

    Firefox deserves what it gets……it deserves to go out of business for not standing up to this bullsh*t……what the hell is wrong with these weaklings at these companies……seems Chick-fil-a and Duck Dynasty are the only ones with any cajones any more……………

    enjoy your retirement weak ass ceo… one will remember a coward…..what-ever your name is……

    • Anybody else here understand more and more where Vladimir Putin is coming from?

    • Angry White Boss says:

      Yep, I love how Duck Dynasty didn’t back down, even after Phil got banned. They said that they support him and can’t see the show going any further without him. No cowards there. They are funny, intellectual, and as patriotic as a bald eagle! After Phil pwned the fags I totally had to buy the first three seasons, and I have not been dissapointed by them so far! 😀

  13. Another state where voters are overruled by another activist judge.

  14. I just posted this on another forum loaded with libbies; they were talking about the same issue:
    ( I’m not banned yet)
    “Leftist Fascists Force Out Mozilla CEO for Holding Same Opinion Obama Held in 2008”

    I am a “homophobe”, only it’s not an irrational fear.
    A huge percentage of these people are literal biohazards.
    Give em civil unions to keep the spread of disease down and tell them to STFU. You are not being married in a goddamned church! You’re not Mary friggin Poppins!

    Mary Poppins

  15. So what other browsers are there? I have Mozilla now but would happily get rid of it.I am getting sick and tired of these poofters and lezzies dictating what everyone can and cannot believe.I used to be a live and let live/you leave me alone/I leave you alone kind of person.But I am tired of them foisting their agenda on everyone.I live in California(please, I know) and the time they had Proposition 8 on the ballot I wasn’t going to vote yes or no on it-I was just going to ignore it -it made no difference to me one way or the other.But just before I got to the polling place a poofter with a big no on 8 sign got in my face.It pissed me off so much that I voted yes on prop 8 as I was so pissed off by that idiot with the sign.And I think that is what will happen with a lot of the population-they will get so tired of this in your face demanding acceptance crap that people will turn against them,

    • jose emanuel says:

      I agree herbie,especially when they had the audacity to compare themselves to the civil rights movement in the 60s.It pissed a lot of black people off!They are definitely overstepping their bounds.

  16. the homo’s in Finlandia are over joyed at the prospect of “homo stamps”……….the postal service in Finland is printing their new “homo stamps” and the “homo stamps” will be on sale soon…….they’re sure to be a big hit……every one will be celebrating their new found love for the homo’s in Finland…..

    since Finland is now a “homo country” all homo’s should be making their way to visit the new homo capital of the world and buy them some “homo stamps”……..just think homo’s….you could live in Finland and be homo-ing all the rest of your days…..wouldn’t you like to do that…….so don your gay apparel and get the next flight out on Trans-Love airways and head on to Finland for a gay ole time…………