Friends far and wide, and trolls alike…see what you think about this ten point plan suggested for Cliven Bundy. Heck, after you read it you want to laugh…but that laughter only lasts a moment. Unfortunately it seems everything suggested is right on target when it comes to what our nation has become.

After you read this, see if you can add anything to the list. Also, if Cliven Bundy did as suggested, would that solve his problems vs Big Brother?

Here’s the ten point plan via this report:

Rancher Cliven Bundy looks like he could still be in a heap of trouble for having thoroughly ticked off Fedzilla and the Keebler elf himself, Harry Reid.

Being the peacemaking Christian that I am, herewith are ten ways Cliven Bundy could get the Feds off his backside and actually ingratiate himself to the big government droogies of the Left.

1. Bundy should fire his ranch foreman and hire Jay Carney who could effectively lie his butt off about Cliven’s cows. “Eating grass? His cows aren’t eating grass. What are you talking about? These are the most transparent, grass adverse, cows ever.”

2. Bundy should rename his ranch “Benghazi” , then the Feds would never show up. Ever.

3. Staying with the Benghazi motif, Bundy could also blame his cows’ raid upon the BLM’s grass flats the result of an anti-Muslim YouTube video. Case closed.

4. Bundy should start boldly smoking and selling grass versus having his cows eat the grass.

5. Bundy should become, for the remainder of his life, a vile race-baiter. If he sold nothing but hate towards whites and conservatives, he could owe the IRS two million in back-taxes and they’d include him during White House fundraisers and MSNBC would give him his own talk show. Problem solved.

6. Staying in the racist vein, Bundy could join the New Black Panthers Party, change his name to Shabrique Shazamm and intimidate all the white devils when they show up to vote during the upcoming midterms. Can you say, “Instant protection by the DOJ?”

7. Bundy should get gold-capped teeth, trade his cowboy hat in for a hoodie, walk around holding his crotch and say “mother-%&#$@” every other word. He’d be hailed as a victim and a poet. A victim poet, I tell you.

8. Bundy should build a mosque on Ground Zero. If he did that he’d own half of Nevada.

9. Bundy should start hanging out with Latin dictators and expand his enterprise from cattle ranching to a gun running operation for drug cartels south of the border. Do it, Cliven. Like, muy pronto.

10. Finally, and especially, Bundy should claim that he was the inspiration for Brokeback Mountain. If CB played the gay card they’d throw him a party at the White House and the BLM goons, wearing Daisy Dukes, would serve him and his posse a desert tortoise consommé.


Here are some other topics I’m going to throw in here that have everything to do with the O-Team, jackbooted thugs in many entities of our federal government…and confiscation:


2.) Promises kept: Obama Promised a ‘Civilian National Security Force’ – Today There Are Over 120,000 Armed Federal Agents

3.) Outrageous insanity!: Sheep and Sheeple? Out-of-Control Gov’t Regards Them the Same

4.) Irony: ‘Domestic Terrorists’ Rally at Nevada Ranch

Harry Reid terrorist

So, whatta ya think of the ten point plan…did it hit the nail on the head? Can you add anything to it? Also, what did you think of the four topics listed and everything they entail…hmm?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Big T,
    I think all the bad press harry has gotten over this Bundy deal will keep the feds from doing another attack….I do also think that the government will do something huge to take the countries mind off of it ..a false flag i believe…and i mean a huge one….hell it works every time and people will buy into it …
    Problem Reaction Solution..same formula as always….they give us the problem we react they offer a solution….control in every thing….and with our minds on a larger picture they will take every thing the man has…in court and call it legal…


    • Heck, I don’t know anymore. When it comes to the powers that be…who knows. All I know, is that ten point plan speaks the truth about the shape our nation is in. The wisdom in the words by the author speaks volumes via my viewfinder in life.

      The power of the O-Team in the other four topics listed should give every American a wake-up call…but it doesn’t, not when it comes to the majority of this nation.

  2. BT Remember Reid was attacking the Koch brothers furiously about 2 weeks before the Bundy thing. I know he was trying to turn peoples attention elsewhere because he had this planned. That’s what leftist do. I saw a video of Reid attacking them over 100 times, I mean he was totally obsessed. I can’t find the vid now but you get the picture. The ten point plan nailed it!

  3. Hey all, just for the heckuva it….here’s something that’s looking like good news.

  4. BT sorry this is off topic but we all hate it when cops get out of hand and shoot a families dog. I thought this one worked out pretty well.

  5. Art Vandelay says:

    Washington DC is full of slimy corrupt politicians, but Harry Reid is in a class by himself. Harry Reid is like the fictional Corleone family, but without the charm. Harry and his kids, in-laws, and friends get a piece of just about everything that happens in Nevada. If you want to do business, you have to go to Harry and give him his cut. He is pissed because he tried to sell out the Bundy ranch so his Chinese buddies could take over the land. Harry Reid is a festering, putrid boil on the asshole of America. He is a parasite who contributes nothing, and sucks the blood of hard working people to enrich himself and his cronies. When the Revolution comes, I truly hope it will be televised so I can see Harry Reid get what he richly deserves.

  6. Ten Points, that’s typical Government waste.
    Lazlo fixes it with four
    1. Round up all Politicians and government hacks perverting the Constitution for personal gain
    2. Place in giant cannon one by one
    3. Shoot Politician into orbit.
    4.Repeat and rinse.

  7. Off topic: I wonder if Bluto finally escaped from his cell…we haven’t seen him here for hours now. Bet he did!

    • Uh-oh….good thing I didn’t put any money on this, I would have lost…see Bluto around this morning on another thread.

  8. when the people have had enough from their government …they sometimes rise up and take control…
    even in China…….as seen in this article and photos…..

    you should learn from this Obama and harry….


  9. Spurwing Plover says:

    Thid Reid idiot and his little snot son need to be reminded were not living in a monracy and he isnt a a privaled nobelman with certian prilages we also had enough of arrogant kings vover 200 years ago and frankly King Harry the Putrid and Prince Rory the Rotten need to pack their bags and leave america and take the wretched BLM with them

  10. Oh brother! Speaking of domestic terrorism…check out what the DHS is telling parents to do now.

  11. BLM whistle-blower squeals on the Reid’s and such. – Check it out.

  12. Spurwing Plover says:

    I suppose this arrogant pompious old peaock would have called the Minute men Domestic terrrorists knowing he himself is a blabbering tory big mouth him and his stupid jerkhead son Rory. Pipdown scary harry we lower birds are tired of your arrogance

  13. Angry White Boss says:

    Wow. Spot on… and it disturbs me.

  14. Imus throws in his two-cents.

    I agree with him on this matter…Hannity too.

  15. Spurwing Plover says:

    It figures these PETA jerks would become involved in this knowing his idiotic they are Hey only a idiot would have anything to do with these stupid PETA jerks. PETA has been watching too many of those stupid BABE and GORDY movies

  16. inagadadavida says:

    Maybe Cliven could found the New Black Angus Party. Halal beef.

    I like the idea of selling grass instead of eating it!

    • You sure as heck mentioned some good lines that tie into the ten point plan. 😉

    • inagadadavida says:

      Oh, and Mooo-lon Labe! Somebody needs to print t-shirts with that cow with the star over it like AWD used as the pic for his article. I’d buy a couple!

  17. Tossing this in for the heck of it…

  18. Dirty Harry ain’t done yet!

  19. Sheriff Mack has a message for Glenn Beck…