Being the most stupid Democrat is a feat not easily accomplished. Long is the history of proud, loud morons with zero intellectual capacity populating the ranks of the Democrat Party. There is bacteria in public toilets with more intelligence than most Dims.

From his recent public comments, Virginia Democrat congressional candidate Mike Dickinson would have to study to surpass the smarts of an amoeba. Normally one with this low level of mental horsepower must hail from a gerrymandered district to consider running for Congress. But Dickinson is a cracka and has no such protections as that of noted Demorat Oceanologist and island expert Hank Johnson who once shared his concerns over the flotation ability of Guam:

Johnson said he was concerned with a Naval base, Guam would “become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.” That Admiral should have been made the Commander In Chief for not falling out of his chair laughing at that stupid idiot Johnson!

One would be hard-pressed to surpass the major-league levels of stupidity of Hank Johnson, who actually has a brain-cell more intelligence than his predecessor and nutjob Cymfia McKinney.

Enter Mike Dickinson. Dickinson is to intelligence what Bubba Clintoon is to chastity. Dickinson has been embarrassing himself with ridiculous tweets and TV appearances telling how he will destroy the Tea Party and Fox News while making personal threats to his political opponents.

Greta Van Susteren had Dickinson on his show last and reduced him to a puddle of libtarded, primordial goo. If you haven’t seen this, you need to watch the most intelligent Democrat in the world:

Not surprisingly, Hank Johnson recently endorsed Dickinson:

“I proudly stand with Mike Dickinson and fully endorse him to be the next Congressman from Vienna. We need men of Mike’s intelligence here in the Congressional.”

Dickinson’s career has apparently taken place in the striptease industry. Why is AWD not surprised? He lied about being the CEO of a nekkid business when he was most likely associated with the business only by sitting by the stage stuffing dollars down g-strings until the bouncers throw him out.

Yesterday, Dickinson tweeted this threat against a Virginia GOP delegate:

“@RobertGMarshall you are a terrorist. After I decimate the tea party I am coming after you and the stupidity that is your rhetoric.”

After being called out for his ridiculous Twitter rants, Dickinson tweeted:

“I have power over all the haters. You disrupt your life to read my tweets and respond. How sad.”

Sad, indeed. Sad that morons who should be institutionalized are running for and in Congress. But Dickinson’s a Democrat. I repeat myself.

Here’s Dickinson’s profile on his website:

Meet Mike

Mike Dickinson was born and raised in Henrico County. He learned from an early age that hard work and perseverance would lead to success. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University, with the help of student loans, and established a successful career.

As a restaurant management consultant, Mike learned firsthand about the challenges facing small businesses. He knows that Washington’s uncertainty and gridlock coming has crippled the ability of our job creators to expand and plan for the future.

Mike believes Congress needs to get back to finding solutions to our nation’s problems rather than being stuck in a loop of partisan bickering and crisis management. As a business person, he understands that long term planning is required, not lurching from crisis to crisis.

That is why Mike is running for Congress. He will focus on fixing our economy and providing opportunities for the people of the district. He will ensure that our schools have the resources they need to ensure that the next generation has the same opportunities he had. He will fight for a fair minimum wage so an honest day’s work brings an honest day’s pay. With your vote, Mike can work to put our nation back on track.

Meet Mike? I’ve been trying to avoid idiots like Dickinson my entire life. Here’s a little advice to Mikey. Loud, stupid, and hanging out in strip joints is no way to go through life, son.

I’m not sure how Dickinson is polling but he should consider these campaign slogans:

Vote for Mike! He put the Dick in Dickinson! Or maybe:

Mike Dickinson Will Keep Guam Afloat!

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  1. LMAo…love your write-up about this nutcase. I happened to catch this live when it happened…talk about priceless, Greta did a great job on the liar from looneyville.

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    He is the kind of liberal demacrat that has STUPID written all over his face DIP-WADMAN the THE STUPIDS

  3. Hysterical. The stuff of pure knee-slapology. Mike has completely changed my mind about Democrats whom I thought were stupid, pathetic and dishonest outright, among other attributes. Who knew?

  4. I don’t know who the hell this “tard” is but I don’t like him…….he sounds like a real piece-of-sh*t….and I don’t like pieces-of-sh*t….they smell bad…………

    but….it doesn’t surprise me that the dimicrats would put up someone to run for office with the I Q of a gnat…..maybe I should clarify that about the IQ of a gnat…….I don’t mean to insult gnats by comparing them to dimicrats……………

    there’s only one cure for a dimicrat like this bozo and that’s this…………………


    • Your picture sums it up!

      • jose emanuel says:

        I can always count on Bluto for a good laugh.I met Gretta a few times and she is definitely a hard person to hate.Unlike this sh!t for brains this is the reason for authorized abortion.God will not punish any person for terminating this slime ball!

  5. I am from the greatest of all states, the state of Virginia.

    Virginia is the birth place of presidents, home of the cardinal and the dogwood. The Old Dominion implies all the greatness that King Charles II bestowed in the title, and Virginians earned the state motto Sic Semper Tyrannis in the war for independence. And let’s not forget in the great war of Northern Aggression that Richmond Virginia was the capital of the Confederacy.

    And most notably if it wernt for Virginia there would be no Texas. Let that sink in for a minute!

    That’s right, after ya’ll F@#Ked up at the Alamo it was a Virginian who pulled your ass outta the fire and made the state of Texas something to be proud of.

    So us roughshod Virginians really don’t take kindly to folks from other states disparaging our fellow citizens…

    But in this case I must offer apologies on behalf of the great State of Virginia for the buffoonery of Mike Dickinson, and I ask the forgiveness of the readership here at AWD for Mike’s stupidity, and I hope not all Virginians in the future will be judged by Mike’s lack of sagacity.

    And please Mr. Dickinson STFU


    • Angry White Boss says:

      I don’t think anyone here is judging Virginians as being the same as this dumbass. You’re getting ahead of yourself, my friend. We already know that the dims don’t represent the states that they are running for.

  6. republican jack-off Jib Boosh gets booed at conservative event……………….

    I don’t remember where I heard this but it was one of the talk radio programs last week……….if Jib Boosh is the nominee republican voters all over the country are going to sit out the election…….a member of the “tea party” has called other tea party organizations all over the country and the consensus is the same…….if Jib is the nominee we are sitting out the election…………

    personally I don’t think Jib stands a chance of getting the nomination unless the fix is in….but I don’t think they can get away with it this time around…….there’s too many of us that are fuming mad and pissed off………….

    Jib doesn’t stand a chance in hell of getting the nomination and doesn’t stand a chance in hell of winning if he did get the nomination…………….


  7. First off, I resemble the cutting remarks about Hank Johnson and Cynthia McKinney — truth be told, the two together haven’t enough candlepower to break single digit IQ results, and yeah they’re both a disgrace. As far as Dickinson, I never heard a turd talk before, gibberish, but nonetheless talk. Methinks he must be eating “hash” donuts – a lot of them judging from his roundness(rotundity) ’cause I noticed his eyes rolling around in their sockets with almost every breath; the fact that he is laughing(sneering) throughout his conversation with Greta indicates to me that “the lights are on but nobody’s home”.

  8. Dumbass!


    Oops sorry AWD my mistake I thought you said Vagina.

  9. Huh. I didn’t know that there was a casting call for the new congressional reality show, “Dumb We Much”. This guy will be the new Snooki.

  10. The saddest part is the sumbitch is so damn stupid, he probably doesn’t even understand that he was publicly humiliated.

    Even sadder, is that Democraps will STILL vote for the dumbass.

    Never trust a politician that looks like John Lovitz

  11. He probably lives in a van down by the river.


  12. angrywhitejarhead says:

    I’m embarassed that this idiot is from Virginia…but what’s new? We just elected Terry McCauliffe as our Governor. WTF? Terry McCauliffe. One of the biggest douchebags ever to exist. Northern Virginia has become a hub of liberalism and my state has become a laughingstock. Oh…don’t forget about Jim Moran. Now theres a guy I’d like to pummel about the head and shoulders for about 30 minutes. God, what a piece of garbage.

    • That’s from all the ex-MD types moving to NoVa for a better quality of life and voting for the same maroons they voted for in MD. Same with southern NH with the ex-MA idiots. The NC research triangle area is full of ex-NJ idiots. Look at FL in areas with heavy NJ/NY transplants.

      The leave a libtard area cause it sucks, move to a conservative area for a better quality of life and then turn it into the same libtard crap hole they came from and can’t figure out how or why the quality of life has gone down hill since they arrived.

  13. angrywhitejarhead says:

    Is it just me or does this guy look like a pedophile? Of course that would make his name a redundancy…Mike Dick-in-son. God I want to just bitchslap his fat face.

  14. angrywhitejarhead says:

    Oh yeah…isn’t it ironic that Virginias motto is “sic semper tyrannis” and yet we elect idiots like Dickinson, McCauliffe and Moran as well as help elect the biggest tyrant this country has ever known?

  15. I live in a small town inS.W. Virginia, love it here sort of a Mayberry type of place…much different than northern Va. which is really like being in D.C.
    but Virginia is changing as is the entire world.consider this article about Australia…hell I think of Kangaroos ..independent folk and open spaces ….not what i see posted here ….

    i see very rough seas ahead……………….

  16. Spurwing Plover says:

    Just like all typical socialists they want to control all we see and hear just like the opening narration from the 60s classic Sci Fi series THE OUTER LIMITS

  17. Angry White Boss says:

    Hypocrite! Commie Rat Bastid! “I iz a lyr!” “I no lik liez!!” This is just as dumb as when Katy Perry called actresses out on nudity.

  18. Edouard D'Orange says:

    I live in VA’s 7th district, the one this dumb*ss is supposedly running in, and I’ve never heard of him. I would have been so much better for never having listened to this lying piece of dimocrap garbage. I don’t even like the squishy RINO Eric Cantor, who is way too liberal for this district. There is an alternative in Brat running for the Republican nomination.

  19. This is really devoid of information – which I am looking for on this guy – your ad homin attacks are of no use.

    Still a question for you…

    What do you make of Brat’s phrase ‘Christian Capitalism’ !?!

  20. Danny Sarros says:

    Hey talk about war on women, and war on private citizens…. I’ll pay $22.87 for a picture of this guy wearing his Nazi uniform and carring his pink riding stick… you know he’s a pediophile. and where did he get $100k to toss around… sounds like corruption to me… at best misappropeition of campaign funds