Attention, dudes and dudettes! This is your fearless leader Angry White Dude aka The Big Sexy aka Miles Long aka El Duderino aka Sexius Maximus. Or, as my ex-wife referred to me, “you sorry, no-good sumbitch!”

AWD is writing because I need your help. Last fall, we changed to a new webhosting company that also handles our ads. They created our new super-groovy page layout. They have also done extensive research on how AWD compares in traffic patterns to other conservative pages. AWD has very dedicated readers and a loyal community of those who make comments. What we need is more new blood!

Our readers are not forwarding articles on AWD like we should. If you’re a regular reader, I guaran-damn-tee you have a circle of friends and family who have the same ideology as you. They probably also have a FBI detail on them, too. Please click on any of the buttons at the top and end of each article to send it to Face Book, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, or email your people. We need to bring in more readers who are simply not aware that exists and is probably the best blog in the world! PLEASE make an effort to do a better job in spreading the word to your circle of influence.

For example, Bigtimer posted an excellent piece yesterday on Subverting The Constitution. It only has been forwarded ten times! Ten damn times! Ten times for such a great piece that millions should be reading! Dammit! Don’t piss the Big Sexy off! Start clicking on them little buttons and sharing with others or AWD might just have to beat your ass like a red-headed mule at Dude-A-Palooza II in a few months!

Also, if you use Ad Blocker….stop using it at I think you can make exceptions to allow ads for individual pages if you like using Ad Blocker. Ads are how bloggers pay for the bandwidth for hosting our sites. Some pay by the click, some by the impression. When you use Ad Blocker, the ad impressions are eliminated and bloggers receive nothing. Also, if you see something of interest in an ad, click on it and check it out. We are going to be adding some cool ads in the near future and also some cool officially licensed AWD stuff.

If you insist on using Ad Blocker, please consider hitting the Rosie O’Donnell tip jar and throwing a few pesos AWDs way to help with our increasing bandwidth costs. It would be mucho appreciato. If you don’t want to do either, you might consider jumping on Air Force 2 and jetting off to Ibiza with Moochelle and her homies for the week!

Keep in mind, bloggers don’t get rich from blogs unless you hit it really big like a Michelle Malkin. And that’s about one in a billion. It’s very difficult to come up with original content that people want to read every day. We are very blessed to have our regular contributors like the great Bigtimer and Redstater NYC here. They’re work is invaluable to our community. How they continually come up with great posts amazes me and I am forever in their debt!

So please make an effort to share the content of this page with others that need to find I can think of very few conservative blogs that need to be read at this time in America more than this page!

Thanks for your consideration and thanks again for building the greatest community on the inter web net!


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  1. Angry White Boss says:

    I don’t do any of those social media sites, and my money-pit is plum cleaned out with me tryin’ to buy a new laptop, having to move now, and a number of other things.

    Sorry I can’t do more for you, AWD, but I can keep reading this blog everyday! I am new here so I should be able to get more involved in the future!

    On a side note, how do you feel about Michelle Malkin?

    • AWB…

      You can always use the email feature to send any topics you like to your friends to help spread the news…know what I mean? – Just a thought.

  2. El Duderino…

    Excellent suggestions for all of us. And thank you so much for the kind words as well.

    Btw…I forgot to mention to you the last two times we talked that I appreciate the offer of the Tee Shirts after my visit to Rosie….but no need to worry about that. Much appreciated though.

    As you know, my computer is about done…so I’m lucky to still be posting until I can get my new one installed….soon, I hope!

  3. Thank you AWD for letting us know how we can help I will do my part. If only we could get access to the money Michael Moore spends on snacks each day.

  4. Lars and I will help however we can.
    He is alerting his raccoon and squirrel friends
    I shall do the same.

  5. AWD I guess BFH traded his furry hat for a speedo and is in Florida now.

  6. BillTheBuyer says:

    I don’t do social media either. I just think it’s dumb for the most part. I generally copy and paste links into and email rather than put someone email on a web site.

  7. Just sent ya’ a “LUV” offering…..

    • jose emanuel says:

      AWD, I am able use my crow bar in time of need but,i do not send money via internet.If I am missing a mailing address or post office box number then someone please enlighten me.My ex wife said I should be a blond when it comes to this sort of thing.I could send money order with a couple of dollar’s and, when I say a couple it will be.I am also donating to the “racist tea party”so I’m trying to spread what little I have around to fight our cause.

    • Grumpy, thanks so much for your contribution!