Duke University, the so-called “Ivy League university of the South,” has a new Word Police campaign to ban free speech called “You Don’t Say.” The campaign seeks to ban the use of phrases such as ‘man up’, ‘don’t be a pussy’, ‘bitch’, ‘no homo’ and ‘that’s so gay.’ All perfectly good and acceptable phrases except to sissies, pussies, bitches and homosexuals. Eliminate the word ‘bitch’ and the entire rap music industry collapses overnight! Only a university that can be considered an Ivy League school can make up this stupid sh*t. Actually, Duke is a school for New Jersey Yankees who couldn’t get into a real Ivy League school.

The word-banning campaign, of course, seeks to refrain from offending the ever-offended homosexual community. The organizers say the phrases in question “delegitimize” homosexuality. Like homosexuals don’t do enough on their own to delegitimize homosexuality!

gay pride

One of the leaders of this testosterone-phobic group is Duke student Jay Sullivan. You better believe Jay’s majoring in Womyn’s or Feminist Studies or some other ideological claptrap major. You can also believe he’s seen quite a few units up close and personal. I’m sure Jay gets pretty excited when he hears ‘man up!’ He said:

“Language is a reflection of how we think about others and view the world. My goal is to…. help facilitate discussion about how language affects many social issues, from race to gender and sexuality.”

How many times do you suppose Jay and his uber-libtarded friends called members of the Tea Party “teabaggers?” Well Jay, AWD has a goal, too! AWD’s goal is to tell you to kiss my big Texas ass! Don’t be a pussy! Man up and don’t be gay! I’ll not surrender my First Amendment rights to speak and/or offend anyone or anything to fit your little PC faggoty agenda. Yes, I said it…FAGGOTY! Hell, that felt so good, I’m going to say it again…FAGGOTY!!! FAGGOTY!!! FAGGOTY!!!!!!

This is just another sad attempt from Big Gay Brother to emasculate traditional American men and continue the wussification of America. ‘Man Up’ is exactly what America needs to do at this sad point in our history instead of worry if our words have gotten Lance and Glenn in a little tizzy over at the Society of Duke University Sissy, Bitch, Pussy, and Homosexual Students Association!

This whole political correct circus is a total disaster zone that pollutes the minds of stupid college kids before they can grow up and learn what’s what in the real world. Rather than go to college and learn something that might create wealth for themselves and benefit society, these libtarded middle-class, socialist brats (h/t Oingo Boingo) waste tens of thousands of student loan dollars trying to censor normal people who actually do something beneficial for society. Work!

Wherever stupid exists, you know feminist lebanese types are not far away. They too are on this banning words campaign. Just a few weeks ago, libtards like Moochelle Obama and Condi Rice (that’s right, she’s a libtard!) wanted to ban the word “bossy” because it might hurt the feelings of little bossy budding bitches in kindergarten.

The feminists want to ban ‘man up’ because it is offensive to womyn! Let me tell y’all one damn thing. AWD knows a lot of womerns and I’ve known a lot, too. Ohhhhh, have I known a lot of womerns! 😉 I can tell you that the normal womerns of America don’t want some libtarded, metrosexual (i.e. homosexual in a metro) half-a-sissy, girly man type like this:

chris hayes 1

A guy like that will go through a womern’s beauty supplies faster than they will! Feminine products, too! Hell no! a little curvy filly wants a man with tostestorene coursing through his manly veins. Like this:

john wayne

American normal womerns want a man who makes them feel protected, treats them like a lady, shows them a good time, twirls them two-stepping around the dance floor, then takes them home and puts a sparkle in their eyes. Of course, wussy boys like Duke’s Sullivan and MSLSD’s Chris Hayes also want a man like that too!

As much as libtarded wastes of space want make everyone and everything equal, it will never happen. Because we are different. Men are different from women. Not liberal men, of course. But us regular guys who like to do man things like hunt, fish, drive muscle cars that get a couple gallons per mile are needed more than ever in America. We’re the ones who get things done. Think any war would have been won with men who moisturize as soldiers? Well, we’re about to find out since Obama is turning the military into a homosexual recruiting society! We might lose wars but our uniforms will look fabulous!

Men do things women cannot do and women do things men can’t. Men are physically stronger. Think that’s sexist? Take it up with God, Lance! That’s why you don’t see fillies toeing the rubber on the mound at a baseball game humming a fastball 100 mph over the corner of the plate. The differences between men and women are also why you don’t see any dudes waiting tables at Hooters. Or having babies (although there are a lot of libtarded males who’d like to try). Men (I’m talking about real men and not libtarded males) and womerns (I’m talking real women and not ugly, lebanese Duke students) compliment each other in our different abilities. It’s yin and yang. It’s feng shui. It’s Mao Tse Tung and all that other Chinese sh*t nobody knows what the hell is going on. The point is, banning words isn’t going to change what has been since years before the dawn of time….men and womerns are different!

Banning perfectly good words and phrases because they might offend some weirdo? Well, that’s just gay!

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  1. Sounds like the Ivy League weenies read 1984 and took it to heart. They are implementing “newspeak” every day, and anyone who disagrees is an enemy of the state.

    So be it. I’m an enemy of the state. There is nothing legitimate about fags, lesbos, transgenders, bisexuals, cross dressers, serial moisturizers (AWD), man purse junkies, or any of the other numerous deviant behavior types that all want to be accepted into decent society with open arms.

    And I’ll say anything I want to as long as I want to. That’s my right, anyone doesn’t like it, tough.

  2. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Hmmmmmm………nope, nothing here about not upsetting the delicate little sensibilities of shirt lifters, rump rangers, uphill gardeners, chutney ferrets, or back door conquistadors…..

    Looks like Duke U can go f**k itself!

    • jose emanuel says:

      I couldn’t even read the whole comment because,a couple of weeks ago I “offended” someone by saying “my computer is acting gay”He asked “what do you mean by that”? I said it’s just running slow.Then he got into a tiff comparing computers running slow and gay.I despise these fking faggots and there sensitivities.Grow a pair you peter puffers, it’s a harmless expression!

      • Jose,
        Peter puffed a pickled pecker
        if Peter puffed a pickled pecker
        where`s the pickled pecker Peter puffed.

        the end


      • Some times things are just being gay, need to man up, and so on… not my fault my computer wants to act completely retarded, to the point its behaving like a person with a “gay” run, or breaks down if i need it to perform at its expectations…

        This entire ban phrases is just another group of cry babies complaining to anybody who will pay attention to them. And every single one of them will get dick checked and told to suck it up buttercup because mean words make them cry…shit if thats what words do to them then what sort of unholy hellstorm would stubbing their toe do to this world?

      • scottishwoman says:

        I don’t see why anyone would what to compare being mentally challenged with being gay as they are two very different things.

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    This is just another leftists run university that needs taken to court and sued for everything their worth and make those stupid adminastraors eat crow

  4. For the women that want to be more equal with men.


    Maybe because he’s tired of being referred to as one!


    • When they can write their names in Pee, on a wall, we’ll talk.
      Until then: Dream your little dreams, and quit trying to be like men, because it’s not working out well.
      It’s like teaching a pic to sing. You’re wasting your time, and you annoy everyone.
      Now I wonder?
      Why are (liberal) women obsessed with being (and now Peeing) just like men?
      Why do Black women wear wigs that look like white woman hair?
      Or better question: Why are there no black women wearing afro wigs?
      Why do you not hear of Conservatives getting sexual ‘reassignment’ surgeries?
      Why is belief in Global Warming which paints mankind as evil considered ‘settled science’, and belief in a Creator who loves us and has given us a moral code to help us survive, is considered Hate?

    • Angry White Boss says:

      In regards to the first link: EWW! Soon they’ll be making pantyhose and ladies underwear with flys in them! FLYS!!! *COUGH* *GAG* *GASP* I’ve always known feminazi’s were stupid, but now their penis envy has gone to far!

      And to the man (And I use that term oh so loosely) in the second link: That’s because you are one. 😉

  5. This is just another shiny ornament on the Holiday Tree of Liberal existence.
    One more ”Nodule of Nonsense’ that is shiny and bright for those whose entire lives are spent in speculation, abstract conceptualization, and ‘Modeling’ that could not be more distanced from this reality if they existed in an alternate universe.
    One more vapid Control Attempt that will evaporate like vapor in the sunshine when the liberal communists crash the country ‘so they can fix it’ and guys with faces as punchable as the guy in the picture are spending their days in hiding from all the Redneck Neanderthals they smirked at, who are now out looking for Bastards just like him as the final ingredient in their Lamp post Rope and Liberal assembly project.

  6. will this make it any more clear? On the reason why I believe china will replace America as the superpower of the world soon.

  7. Poofter candy bar. I bet it tastes like crap!


    Jet….Cold Hard Bitch!


  8. Spurwing Plover says:

    Disband their athletic teams for a year or two

  9. AWD men can’t conceal carry like this.


  10. Meh, these poofters are too busy getting in touch with their feminine side to man up. Pillow-biting nancies, the lot of them.

    I guess the feminazis don’t like being reminded that men are generally stronger than women. I’m a woman and I have no problem with it. Instead of whining about what you can’t do, concentrate on what you CAN do.

    I’m not only a race realist, but a gender realist as well.

  11. OMGawd…. I am so sick of this PC crap. I grew up in a time when gay meant happy. My grandmother called cigs “fags”. Don’t be a pussy meant more like the “weaker pussycat” not the V word. Man up? grow some balls – Remember when Gen. Patton slapped that whiner? Well good on Patton.
    When these stupid uber feminists realize that if they put on some lipstick, a good push up bra & some eyeliner….. they would have more power over men then they ever thought of- NO offense to the menfolk here- It all balances out.
    My man, Trooper Mac, picks up the heavy crap, disposes of half eaten critters in the yard, protects the family (tho this girl carries) & other assorted dude crap. Now he does the buy the foodstuff because he enjoys the people circus freak parade & I cook.
    I work on cars because I LIKE IT – not because of some feminazi agenda – been out helping my Dad since I was a toddler. And I mess around with cars & engines with fake nails & eyeliner.
    I am proud of my woman make & nurse babies role. I am also smart enough to know boobs are multitasking wonders. Not only do there feed babies, they are great to look at. I want to slap any womerns that decry, “Breasts are feeding babies only.” Poor misguided, silly feminazi.
    If the C word is the worst thing one can call me, ppssshaaw. Only a word & yet, I can be a bossy one sometimes.
    I used to be visit a hippie type mothering site. Funny thing: the new age, hippie feminist chicks would complain about their vidya game playing “men”, lust after real men, meaty famous blokes & secretly had “being over powered in bed” fantasies. Oh they would also say how open they were with their wussie men watching online porn but complain when the men would go to a topless bar to see a few chick that looked like real women.
    Gay people want to be lumped in the “normal couple” bunch but they are not. We have opposite parts for a reason. I don’t care who marries who. Whatever- Peace. We are seeing a result of endoctrine disrupting chemicals on a generation.
    If I do the same job as a dude, pay me the same. I don’t expect to or want to be equal across the board. We balance each other.
    Now we have a carefully planned plan to censor our thoughts & opinions. It is everywhere.
    This mama & daddy are doing everything we can to protect our preteen boy.

  12. Sick of soft language ……a few words on it……



  13. Angry White Boss says:

    That’s so gay! No homo. Don’t be a pussy, Duke U. Just Man up! I swear those college kids are bitches.

  14. Louisiana Steve says:

    Banned ‘man up’? That’s not very white of ’em.

  15. God created male and female, and he blessed them and called them “human.” Genesis 5:2

    How do you misinterpret that?

  16. With all of those uptight feminazis and queers on campus, the blue devils must walk around with blue balls……

  17. Spurwing Plover says:

    Back some years ago the U.S. Supreum Court rule that collages and universities that ban military recruters can have all their public funding up off I would like to see all public funding cut off to these same places that have their PC speech codes and ban gun ownership and lets see how these lowlife reptiles like that

  18. Just wanted to add… that the first amendment protects you from prosecution from the government for what you say.. It does not protect you from being called an asshole. And you… are a f**k-all asshole. And I can not be prosecuted by the Fed for saying such, but you have the freedom to not only disagree with me, but call me out for what I said.

    I really wish people would spend as much time educating themselves as they do in writing pansy-ass blogs.

    • Wow, you really put us in our place. Thanks for taking time from your liberal protests, and encouragement of deviant activities to show us the error of our ways, and also for the first amendment lesson.

      However, if all of you highly educated liberals would take your own lesson on the first amendment to heart, you would understand that the banning of words violates said amendment.

      I really wish libtards would spend time pulling their heads out of their asses instead of responding ignorantly to intelligent blogs.

    • B, I didn’t say the government was taking my freedom of speech. But it is guaranteed by the Constitution and I’ll not surrender it to a bunch of PC girly men like yourself.

      Interesting how you are so conscious of not offending homosexuals, feminists, transsexuals, etc but have no problems trying to purposely offend me! I guess you don’t embrace diversity! You must be the Duke valedictorian.

      You’re right, you have free speech but you have it on this page only as long as I tolerate your little moisturizing ass!


  19. The gay activists seem to be perpetually offended just as much as Moslims are perepetually offended.

  20. AWD Thank you for your blogs I am glad there are still real men out there. It seems like up here in NY we are a dying breed, at least publicly. Behind the scenes so to speak a lot of guys think this way they are just too scared to say it. But some of us will never be scared of these sissies and love a good fight, even just verbal ones.

  21. donhellbound says:

    i went to auto-zone in ann arbor mi. getting parts for my mustang and i said thats so gay and the girl behind the counter flip out on me, didnt say anything about anyone just about a part i was ordering. asked to speak to manager, and yes she was the manager. going back to Florida missing my southern comfort zone.

  22. Duke should lose federal funding for countenancing the impairment of free speech.

  23. Allan Foster says:

    So, what do they call a female dog at Duke?

  24. toolpusher says:

    Would love to get some of these pussies on my rig floor..I would unleash some manliness on them that would have them writhing on the floor in a vomiting puddle of lib destruction.I seriously doubt any one of them would last longer than an hour of good hard manual labor.I would unleash a torrent of verbal abuse on them that would be biblical in its fury(just a normal shift on a rig).Anyway everyone have a good one..love this site.

  25. AWD, you have a typo. I think you meant Lesbian not Lebanese. I’m 1/2 Lebanese myself.

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  28. As a multi-ethnic, bisexual, vegan, pagan, supporter of gender equality, I just want to say that I agree it is freaking ridiculous to ban words and twist every subject and event into a podium for human rights. I am against the “ban bossy” brigade and I’ll be against this new absurd fight to end common and very harmless expressions.

    Yes, it is wrong to call a female leader bossy if you are just saying it because she is a female leader. No, it should not be considered wrong to call a female leader or anyone bossy if they are in fact, being bossy. Some people really do try to assert too much control over situations or others but it usually just leads to someone saying, “stop telling me what to do” or “stop being so bossy.” Usually when someone calls someone bossy it is because they are standing up for themselves.

    Same goes for the word bitch. It all depends on how you are using it. A person is not a bitch for refusing to date someone or being in power. But the woman that is screwing her best friend’s husband or the rich pretty popular girl that goes out of her way to pick on the geeky girl on food stamps? Bitch. While females can be called an asshole that seems to be used more when describing certain men. It’s kind of the male equivalent of bitch.

    Feminists completely misinterpreted what “man up” even means. It is not about denying women the right to be tough or saying that if a female is tough she is acting like a male. It is saying that there are times you have to stop acting like a little boy or little girl and grow up and be an adult. Man or Woman up. Notice that the words “boy” and “girl” do not have the root “man” in them. Saying “man up” could apply to either gender. It could mean stop acting like a boy and act like a man or stop acting like a girl and start acting like a woman. Don’t be a scared little kid. So when you “man up” you are being as capable and courageous as an adult should be.

    No homo is actually used the most by people that support gay rights. It’s often used to call out queerbaiting (homo erotic subtext used to draw in an audience *especially GLBTIQ* but then not having any follow through). No homo does not mean that homosexuality is actually forbidden or bad. It’s a way of saying, “See, we both recognize what is really going on here, that this friendship or storyline is gay as shit but society is saying we can’t admit it”. It’s a way of admitting it without admitting it, if that makes sense.

    I agree on not liking “that’s so gay” and don’t really have an opinion on “don’t be a pussy.”

  29. Duke makes me puke. From what I have read (not just this article) this faggot university is one of the most liberal in the land. If you are a white male you should go somewhere else. When will whites stick together and boycott places. It must happen. No white male should go to Duke. Remember the way Duke threw the Duke Lacross team to the sharks when some cheap black stripper said they raped her when it was proved they didn’t, I am sure these families of these kids sued the crap out of Duke but apparently that did not wake these liberals up. Perhaps if all whites left their stupid little school….things would be different.