This soulless creature is the living definition of what selfishness is…period! She’s a walking, talking evil woman via my viewfinder in life. She’s also the definition of what vile means.

When I read about this earlier today, I was stunned. I was also steamed, still am. The words that could be used for her can’t be posted here, but I’m sure you all get my drift.

There will be three different stories about this topic, all of them short and to the point. Make sure and check them out, you’ll learn a lot about this creature and her demands in the past. Everything from a boob job, to the final outcome of what she thought wouldn’t happen. It’s better known as backlash!

See what you think about this report. The video is no longer available…unfortunately:

British celebrity-wannabe was interviewed about her decision to abort her child in order to improve her chances to appear on a reality show.

From the Daily Mirror: – Wannabe celebrity Josie Cunningham last night confessed the chance of appearing on TV’s Big Brother was worth more than her unborn child’s life.

Puffing on a cigarette and rubbing her baby bump, the controversial model and call girl – who will have her abortion at a clinic this week – said: “I’m finally on the verge of becoming famous and I’m not going to ruin it now.

An abortion will further my career. This time next year I won’t have a baby. Instead, I’ll be famous, driving a bright pink Range Rover and buying a big house. Nothing will get in my way.”


Now, read these reports. In the first one you’ll learn more information about this woman, who the fathers might be and such. The second story will explain about her past, demands for her boob job…and the end result about this matter.

1.) Horrifying: Woman To Abort Her Child So That She Can Be On Reality Show

2.) Big Brother wannabe Josie Cunningham ‘will not appear on show’

Sadly, we have millions of shallow creatures like Josie across our own nation. – God help us all!

What say you? – Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. smug bitch……….you can see it in her face……damn smug bitch……..

    • Yep…smug and soulless.

      • Stuart Devers says:

        Yes a complete waste of space…..

        You might not be aware she had her boob job done for free on the NHS!! About 4-6000 dollars…

        The sadness of this story is about young girl in the UK who has a very rare form of cancer which can not be funded by the NHS.

        Her family have to raise about 500,000 pounds- over million dollars to get her treatment in the states or Germany or she will die.


        Very sad times that vanity and self love is the norm with people like this!!

        Check this story out this will maker you ponder about life.


        • Stuart…

          Thanks so much for the information you send us via the other side of the pond. Unfortunately , prioritizes that come first in the USA are no different than yours …in oh so many ways. It’s a pity what our world has become.

          Also, I couldn’t get your link to go to the proper place…but my old computer has about had it. Can’t wait for my new soon.

  2. What the hell is this stupid bitch going to do to be famous? Let’s see, she has no brains, a decent body, big fake tits, and a butter face….oh, yeah! She’s going to be a porn star and make a name for herself by pulling trains of diseased minorities and farm animals!

    Although, she should do time for cruelty to the farm animals.

    Skankety skank skank

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    Whats she want big time interviews with the worshippers of Gaia or perhaps to appear in the United Nations to blabber about this Over Population bull poo poo or is this her sacrifice to satan

    • Whatever it is, whether it be her 15 minutes of fame or not. To do this at the cost of her child’s life is beneath contempt. She’ll have a special place in hell saved for her.

  4. She’s Uking Fugly. She looks like somebodies Big Brother, maybe a Tranny. WTH!

    • magnum…

      I was kind of waiting to see a guy say what you did. I don’t think she’s pretty on the outside at all. We sure as hell know she isn’t on the inside.

      • she’s a skank…………the only place where she could make it is porno flicks and crummy ones at that………

        she’s a real live breathing skank………….and it shows…..not just what she is about to do to an innocent unborn but it shows in her face……and she is homely skank-bitch at that…………….

        • Did you read the link about the question of whom the father is? She isn’t sure which one is. I wonder if they know about this…or have any say about this matter.

          My heart goes out to the defenseless that are aborted each and everyday by their mothers…it’s horrifying what’s happens in this world when it comes to women and their natural instinct to protect their babes at all costs…before and after they are born.

  5. Big T,
    I can think of nothing LESS appealing that this self absorbed hussy….
    she does nothing for me at all…to me a woman with child with love in her heart and a desire to nurture and care for that child is a thing of beauty…..this walking hormone trap is nothing more than a cheap trash can.


    • Your last line sums her up for me. – Unfortunately, the trash heap is where she’s going to put her defenseless babe.

      Satan has a place for her…God has waiting arms for the babe.

  6. Liberals logic 101=if they decide to have a child its a “Baby” if they decide to kill it then its a “thing”

  7. In a more perfect world, she would have a tumor, instead of being pregnant.

  8. Speaking of abortion. Check out this article and the video of Margaret Sanger unearthed.


  9. I’m not going to pass judgement on her because she is representative of the hundreds of young women I rolled around in the gutter with back in my youth. So I guess shame on me.

    However she is the perfect example, and the end result of a culture in decline. Instead of principles, faith, and morals, we have iniquity, denial, and fecklessness.

    Hopefully she finds something of true worth and has an Epiphany before the Porn industry kicks her to the curb for the next younger crop of wannabe starlets. And leaves her broke in the street with a meth or coke habit.

  10. An ode from the Bodine Grunch Chronicles

    Before I’d climb your scaly thighs,
    And rest between your festered t!ts,
    I’d drink a pint of drunkard’s puke,
    And die of the blithering Sh!ts

    Spare me the ban hammer, PLEASE!!

  11. There is a throne in Hell for this vile ,heartless cretin.

  12. Spurwing Plover says:

    Planned Parenthood will want her in their leadership

  13. GadsdenFlagFlyer66 says:

    I can’t really comment on this. It makes me so pissed off, I want to start throwing sh*t. These abominable monsters walk among us. I want to slap her parents silly, but sh*t splatters. Can we abort her in the 60th trimester?

  14. OK Lazlo waited a bit to comment because her reasons for killing a Tiny Human prompted a mental lurch akin to whiplash.
    She is obviously in need of an intervention. But what kind.
    A religious intervention won’t work, she is immune to compassion.
    Appealing to her Universal altruistic sense of Motherhood won’t work, that’s like expecting a beer closet to remain full after painters have been employed there.
    One cannot advocate in favor of the Child’s interests as the child is viewed as a temporary parasitic career killer, not a Tiny Human. She would sue it it if she could.
    No, you need to sell to her where she lives.
    Send in a TV Executive.
    If Lazlo had a pile of cash that’s exactly what I would do.
    I would hire an actor to play a TV Executive (three feet tall with an eye patch)
    Who with copious Limo rides and Bistro lunches, would sell her on my “Show”
    She gets paid some amount a month to bear the child while being filmed bravely ‘Hosting the Parasite’ for nine months. She carries “It” to term and gets a pay off of some impressive amount.
    The cliffhanger Season Finale is her dropping the child off for adoption and going out to score some fun drugs and drink in shiny places with hot guys.
    We let the film show her for what she is, use the scandal ratings boost money to provide for the Tiny Human’s welfare.
    She can grow old and miserable gnawing the old bone of cheap, tawdry former glories.

    • Wow, if that don’t beat all!

      On the other hand, your idea does save the life of the baby…so, thumbs-up to that wild wacky world of your wonderful imagination.

      Yep…problem solved!

      • My original idea was to lure her into a deal where we only start filming AFTER the baby is born.
        Then the reality show can be about her being shot into orbit.
        Lars said the demographics didn’t have synergy with the marketing target.

      • It’s things like this that make me wonder if some modern day Abraham is somewhere today arguing with God about not destroying us like he did with Sodom and Gemorrah

  15. so two posts have dissapeared what the hell is going on

    • Bluto…

      At least I know it’s not just me. The site went in the crazy side again. Hopefully this will be fixed ASAP.

  16. Wait till she gets breast cancer. There’s a link between induced abortion and breast cancer.

    Stupid selfish tramp….

    (I can’t think of anything else right now that doesn’t use words of the four-letter variety!)

    • Alexandra…

      I know exactly what you mean regarding your last sentence.

      • I’m a mother myself. I can’t imagine how any “woman” could choose death for her child. I have a 12-year-old son, slightly autistic but outgoing and friendly…and woe unto anyone that messes with him!

  17. Angry White Boss says:

    Her face belongs on a Picaso

  18. This is vile of me to say, but oh well here goes. The abortion came too late. It should have occurred to her.

  19. carnac 123 says:

    We had a little tabby cat for years. She has passed now. She was a good cat and a nice pet. It is a long story how we got her but once here she was here to stay. She got pregnant one time before we fixed her. She had three kittens. I remember how she protected those kittens. When the dog would come and look at them she would shield them with her body. She and the dog got along but she still did not like other animals around them. She would have (IMO) protected those kittens with her life if she had need to. She was a better mother than these human skanks that this society raises lately. If the cat thought someone was going to take those kittens to hurt them she would have fought tooth and claw to save them. This slut in the article will giver her child up for a chance at fame. She killed a human life for fame. She will regret this action. She will never forget what she did even if she acts like it doesn’t matter. She is the epitome of trash and we have too many people like that in our midst.

    • carnac…

      What a great post. Each and every word speaks volumes for me. More than appreciated, just wanted to say thank you.

  20. There are a lot of women in the West who have their own reasons for not being inconvenienced that they may think are less shallow than Josie’s, but they really aren’t. Some Josies’ want to finish college first, while others are focused on advancing in their career. Some just don’t want to ruin their slim, girlish figure.

    I know of a woman who aborted her baby because she didn’t want her husband to have to deal with another round of her post-partum depression. They got a dog instead.

  21. Speaking of abortion, some of you may recall when I wrote about what the UK was doing when it came to burning babes that had been aborted in the UK (too lazy to look it up at the moment)…any way, seems good ol’ blue state Oregon is doing the same thing.


    Despicable disgrace.

  22. Geesh, what a fugly, self absorbed, baby killing, skank…. fake tits and 5 lbs of makeup just doesn’t make her more appealing no matter how much you squint you eyes.

    How drunk was the loser that knocked her up?

  23. johnnybegood says:



  24. What a beast, failed tit job and painted on eye brows, but the man hands really complete its look.

  25. Just Observant says:

    Come on, why are you all pissed? You really want her to procreate? Give it a thought.

  26. Seems good ol’ Josie had a change of heart…or something like that.


    Her mind might have been changed by the outrage from millions of folks out in the real world too.


  28. She is a pure piece of trash. How would you like to ‘bring that home to mother’? You would have to hate yourself.