AWD would rather sell his children off for Zimbabwean medical experiments than vote for another @#&* Bush! Didn’t like the first, was completely insulted and disappointed with Jorge W, and now the wussypants RINOs want me to support El Jeb? I’d much prefer to make out with Whoopi Goldberg! And I’d rather give myself a .45 caliber headache than even think about that horror!

Every time Jeb Bush opens his pie-hole, it seems he’s preaching to Americans the benefits of tens of millions of illegal aliens entering the United States. All this while tens of millions of Americans are out of work. Those that still have jobs are struggling tremendously to make ends meet. But Jeb focuses only on the welfare of illegal aliens!

Here’s his most recent lunacy:

“I’m going to say this and it will be on tape, and so be it. The way I look at this is someone who comes to our country because they couldn’t come legally, they come to our country because their family’s dad who loves their children was worried that their children didn’t have food on the table, and they wanted to make sure their family was intact. And they crossed the border because they had no other means to work to be able to provide for their family. Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony. it’s kind of — it’s a — it’s an act of love. It’s an act of commitment to your family. I honestly think that’s a different kind of crime that should be, there should be a price paid, but it shouldn’t be — it shouldn’t rile people up that people are actually coming to this country to provide for their families. And the idea that we’re not going to fix this but with with comprehensive reform ends up trapping these people, when they could make a great contribution for their own their families but also for us.

So I think we need to get beyond the harsh political rhetoric to a better place. The great number of people who come to this country come because they have no opportunities in other places. They may love their country, but they come here because they want to provide for their families. And they can make a contribution to our country if we actually organized ourselves in a better way.”

Jeb, there are people far poorer in the world than the largely Hispanic illegals entering America. China, India, Indonesia, all have people in far worse economic conditions. Should America look the other way and also let these uneducated, largely unskilled people enter the United States illegally? I’m sure they love their children and want to provide for them just as much as Mexicans.

Following Jeb’s logic, why shouldn’t I mosey on down to W’s house in Dallas and break in? Hey, W’s rich and I’m sure has a lot of cool stuff my children would like. I love my kids so why shouldn’t I break into W’s house and take all his stuff? Better yet, why don’t I just live there with my family? Oh, because I white. But that’s exactly what illegal aliens are doing to American taxpayers and workers.

70% of the children born in Parkland Hospital in Dallas are to illegal aliens without money or insurance to pay for the birth. But guess what other even better gift the illegal parents receive in addition to free health care? A brand new bouncing American citizen who qualifies for all those social programs like food stamps and welfare! And after dropping 6 or 8 new Americans, the welfare and food stamps can really add up! Ay caramba, Papa’s gonna get a new Ford F-150 troka! Hell, in the streets of Dallas, Lone Star food stamp debit cards are so prevalent they sell for $.50 on the dollar! Isn’t America lo maximo?? Those gueros are muy estupido, no? Chevere! Chevere!

Jeb’s brother Jorge W lost AWD when he insulted American citizens who opposed his and Ted Kennedy’s amnesty plan by saying “illegals do the work Americans won’t do.” I called major-league BS on that! Illegals do the work Americans don’t have to do because of skyrocketing welfare and food stamp programs! Get fired, gringo? No problema! You get two years of funemployment!! Eat, drink, and be merry (at taxpayer expense) because tomorrow we’re in Me-hee-co!

The Republican Party is completely owned by big corporations who love them some illegals. Illegals work like dogs for less money than those lazy, insolent welfare moochers! Plus, if you pay illegal workers cash, no payroll taxes!!! Open them gates and let all those child-loving illegals in!

America will succeed only if government run welfare is abolished and illegal immigration is eliminated. Americans must once again have the right to work or starve. That’s the way it was when America was running on all 8 cylinders before LBJ realized he could buy the eternal votes of poor people with welfare programs begun with the Great (Swindle) Society.

Charity must be returned to private organizations. AWD has no problem financially helping the aged, disabled, mentally ill, etc but not with corrupt politicians and legion of bureaucrats forking over my money! The worthless masses who will stand hours in line for Section 8 housing applications or for the latest $250 Nike shoe must be cut off from the taxpayer’s earnings! Same goes for illegals who broke our immigration laws to enter America. I would prefer the money I earn go to the welfare of my family. Any charity I choose to support should be just that…my choice! Not the choices of Barack Obama, Jeb Bush of the other 500+ corruptocrats in Washington!

AWD is not anti-immigrant. I am anti-illegal immigrant! I’ve personally been through the legal immigration process and spent thousands of dollars playing by the rules. Amnesty in any form is a direct insult to those who were forced to deal with the incompetent ICE employees. AWD lived in South America as a yoot and I speak Spanish fluently. I like Hispanic people and most aspects of their culture. AWD guaran-damn-tees you I know much more about Latin culture and speak Spanish a whole hell-of-a-lot better than Jeb Damn Bush! And as a father, I don’t need his lecture on parents loving their children! I love mine and that’s why I’m trying to fight the lunacy in the Republican Party. The Dims are beyond redemption.

America has enough domestically grown moochers. We need no more. We must return moochers to producer status. That will not be easy. Generations of moochers have never worked a day in their lives and are lazy, uneducated, ignorant and bring no value to America.

I don’t like Jeb Bush or the Bush family. But I will respect Jeb Bush only when he opens the doors of his homes and fills them with illegals. He will also have to provide food and money to them and give them the run of his houses. Because that is what is happening in America on a much grander scale! Then, and only then, will Jeb Bush not be just the latest hypocritical corruptocrat doing the bidding of his corporate masters! Until then, Jeb, callate la jeta!

The problem with America is you can count on one hand the number of elected politicians who give a damn about Americans!

I will NEVER vote for El Jeb Bush! Nunca! Mas nunca!

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  1. Calamity Jane says:

    I’d vote for a can of dog food before I’d vote for Jeb.

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    Anyone who supports illegal imagration and amnesty is a Traitor no matter wha party your from and they dont deserve to live here in america anymore

  3. SalsaChupacabra says:

    Outside of the activist cartels with ties to the Democratic apparat there are PRECIOUS FEW Illegals who want amnesty. The vast majority prefer things as they are. Why deal with the hassle of citizenship and the inevitable loss of their unfair competitive edge vs. citizen workers (under the table pay) when legitimizing them would just put them in the same boat with the rest of us? Even Illegals know that our country would continue its policy of porous borders and they’d end up losing their jobs to the next wave of “undocumented immigrants”.

  4. Bush is trying to lead the country on The Highway to Hell. He is a coward. As Governor of Florida he had a chance to really show some intestinal fortitude with the Terri Schiavo situation but put politics first. He’s a friggin loser. He is the Ted Kennedy of the Repo party.

    • jose emanuel says:

      The g@ddam repo’s sold us out to corporate America years ago with the outsourcing bullsh!t.Now it’s called insourcing!what little jobs that are available the illegals gobble up and will earn half the salary a U.S. citizen will earn.Both parties need “overhauled” putting it mildly.My sister and I laughed our heads off one day hearing Ws”catch and release” program.I think the gop is entertaining the thought of giving this clown the green light to run.GOD HELP US ALL!!!!

  5. I’d never vote for the POS “Jebbie”! I’ve despised the BOOOshes ever since George sr said “a new world order”..globalist phony sob! No more BOOOOSHES!

  6. It’s seems like a non stop assault.
    One rino after another is paraded before the press to tell us it’s the right thing to do.
    Both parties and big biz have a plan, and middle class whitey aint part of it!
    Now that they know they can print money non stop, with no one holding them accountable, taxpayers have much less value.
    The elitists are all stuffing their mattresses at an accelerated rate. They have things all arranged for after shtf. We will all be left to battle it out while they relax on their yachts and private islands.
    And there aint jack shit we can do about it now.

    • We can always go Rhino hunting on private islands and yachts rather than fight amongst ourselves.

      • I would enjoy that wholeheartedly!

        Unfortunately, I have kids and a wife, such as she is. lol
        I will have to defend them when the time comes.

        Even though I love them, if I could go back, I probably wouldn’t have had children.
        Society has been going straight down the shitter ever since, and I really feel bad knowing the next generation will most likely have it way worse off than we did.

        So while I’m hunkered down being the man of the house, take a few shots at those bastards for me!

  7. aceydoozy says:

    Jeb, and any other Bush for that matter, makes me ill. No more of these elitist Bushes, this ain’t a friggin’ monarchy.

  8. misterbill says:

    I hate Jeb Bush. I hate what he stands for. He is an illegal immigrant by osmosis

  9. Not another Bush.

    Two were bad enough and old Jebby boy was a crap Govenor as is don’t want to see him up in the big house. Got enough Illegals here that we need to toss out on their fourth points of contact without giving anymore a free pass cause they have families here. I’m pretty sure since they breed like roaches half of Mexico has relatives already in the US.

    As much as I want to see a Republican President no heck no Ted Cruz or nobody.

  10. Spurwing Plover says:

    This bush is full of nuts and nut and more nutbut no birds or squrrels go to it and even the vultures stay away

  11. Only thing I ever agreed with Jesse Jackson about was when he said “Stay out da Bushes”

  12. RidinShotgun says:

    Go ahead you worthless, turncoat piece of crap, go ahead and run. You and that traitorous, larazza – loving spouse of yours! I’ll write in Patrick J. instead of your name, even though he doesn’t have a chance of winning. Come to think of it, neither do you.

  13. Gonna toss this in the mix…


  14. Spurwing Plover says:

    Moses and the Burning Bush

  15. isabel matos says:

    Run Jeb Run! Get it out of your system. Nothing you have said has stuck for the last five years. What will it take for you to understand: It’s the Message AND the Messenger, Stupid!”

  16. Spurwing Plover says:

    Please dont get Bush-wacked

  17. riverlife_callie says:

    For some reason this little puke has always caused a visceral negative reaction for me. He is a Progressive Democrat. The fact that he calls himself a Republican only shows that he is a liar.

  18. Dear Jeb,
    I got all wispy eyed when I listened to your speech about illegals, right up until about the time I remembered that 20% of the U S prison population is made up of illegal goddamned aliens.
    How many american victims of crime by illegals do you think we’ve had over the last 10 years? We’re talking tens of thousands you gringo motherfu..er. How about U S taxpayers picking up the bill for the massive welfare and medical bennies compadre? How about all those displaced americano workers hombre? You’re a classic dick RINO.

  19. Angry White Boss says:

    “AWD is not anti-immigrant. I am anti-illegal immigrant!” Well, said, AWD. Well said.

  20. misterbill says:

    Words on Dame Liberty

    Emma Lazarus rose from the dead,
    Looked all around and shook her head
    Oh dear Oh dear, the power of my words
    Has America invaded by thundering herds

    I wrote what I wrote at a different time
    When being American was quite sublime
    People came here to be part of us
    Now they want to throw us under the bus

    So if you want to come here and be free as eagle
    Your entrance to here better be legal
    For if it is not, to your shame
    We’ll send you back from whence you came.

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  22. to the whole moronic idiotic bush family of criminals, kiss my white independent ass and all of your are so full of shit there’s no toilet big enough. between father and both brothers this stupid idiot family is so disgusting they make me sick to all hell for their what you call complete moronic idiotic assholes who don’t know logic if it were right in front of them and jeb bush is the biggest asshole of all bush’s, he’s turned stupid mexican due his stupid wife who’e so ugly when i see her face i want to vomit. she wears the pants in family and their kids are assholes so shut up jeb bush and stay in texas where you belong the most shittiest state in america next to florida.

    if it were up to him all illegals would get amnesty worse than omoron and his wife would call the shots in white house, send them back to mexico

  23. jeb bush is from a very famous family of idiot morons who hate america, love illegals and muslim terrorists and voting for this total moron would be like committing suicide,