T.W. Shannon: “We Are Citizens…Not Subjects


If you’re not from Oklahoma I doubt if you’ve ever heard the name T.W. Shannon before…I know I hadn’t until I read a report and watched a video segment about him where he expressed his views about various topics, including affirmative action (which he helped do away with in the state)…as well as his views about the race baiting game Dear Leader and Eric Holder etc. like to play all the time. He despises all of this, he hates the divisiveness by using the race card…on all citizens of this country, not just the black population! He was also the former Speaker of the House in Oklahoma to-boot.

Anyway friends, he may the next senator to replace Tom Coburn for a seat in the U.S. senate. I could go on and on about this, but you can do your own research about his man if you’re really interested.

Here’s a short synopsis via our friend L.D. Jackson that posts here now and then:

T.W. Shannon is making waves as he runs for the Senate seat being vacated by Senator Tom Coburn. He started off behind James Lankford, in terms of name recognition, but he is rapidly closing that gap. In this interview on Fox and Friends, he addresses the actions and words of Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama. It’s not at all hard to see exactly why so many Oklahomans like T.W. Shannon.

The main gist of Shannon’s remarks is simple. The Obama administration is using bullying tactics to silence any and all opposition to their agenda and we are citizens, not subjects, of the Republic. We would all do well to remember that and act accordingly. We should not be bullied by a federal government that has grown out of control.

He speaks of intolerance from the left, bullying from this administration from the Head of the Snake on down. This also includes Gohmert vs Holder regarding Fast and Furious, the IRS, the NSA, Benghazi scandals too. And Sharyl Attkinsson, former CBS employee that covered the scandals is also included in this piece via the video.

You’ve got to love this segment…watch and enjoy:

Friends, I’m going to digress a bit here…if you have the time, check out this link below and see the latest reports regarding Attkinsson, videos included. It’s well worth your time and an excellent report:

Ex-CBS Journalist Active in Covering Benghazi, Fast & Furious Describes ‘Chilling Effect’ Obama Admin. Has on Reporting

Now, back to T.W. Shannon and a tad-bit more…keep in mind he also thinks our government is completely out of control, mad with power from the top on down! The stone-walling from Holder and Obama, along with journalists being intimidated and silenced along with we the people is intolerable. He knows the American people want answers about everything during the various congressional hearings…and we deserve the answers via our liberties that come from the constitution itself, instead of all the criminal stone-walling we’re getting from the O-Team that’s worked hand in glove with the majority of the mainstream. – After-all, we all know by now Dear Leader depends upon their silenceor spin involving any major scandal their precious messiah is intertwined with as well!

Like T.W. says in part of the video above…”We are citizens of this republic…not subjects.”

What say you? From the little bit you’ve seen and read, do you think he might make a good senator…or not?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. First of all, thanks for linking to my post about T.W. Shannon.

    Concerning his campaign for Coburn’s Senate seat, I am leaning heavily in his direction. I like how he has conducted himself in the Oklahoma House and think he would be a great replacement for a man who will be very hard to replace.

    • Hey there my friend that covers Oklahoma news and many other topics via your blog site…thanks goes to you as well. If I hadn’t read about this man and watched the video etc…I wouldn’t have a clue about his name, let alone about his run for Coburn’s seat. So far, I like him and what his values are, where he stands on various subjects that matter a great deal to all of us. Anyway, time will tell…and good luck to him too.

      Also, thanks so much for covering AWD links on your site too…I, for one, sure appreciate it. 😉

    • Btw LD…if you’re still around, I’ve been watching an interview with Coburn and Brian Lamb on CPAN for quite awhile now….it’s pretty interesting in more ways than one.

      I wish Coburn the best with his fight vs cancer…it’s a helluva a struggle to beat.

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    End amnesty,repeal the ESA,get america out of the wretched UN,end Affermative Action nationwide,round up and deport all member of The Black Pathers terrorists,have Obama,Kerry,Holder and biden indited for various crimes agsinst the american people

    • So, Spur…what do you think of TW Shannon? Do you think he has a chance to become one of our senators, or not?

      Just kidding Spur…I know I’ll only hear crickets when it comes to getting any kind of a sane answer, or any answer at all. Then again, maybe you’ll shock me and prove me wrong…any chance of that?

      • BT you crack me up messing with Spur. All I know about Shannon is the Senate Conservatives Fund supports him so for me that’s good enough. I also heard but haven’t confirmed that Rand Paul is backing McConnell instead of Matt Bevin in KY. I don’t like that if it’s true.

        • Howdy magnum…

          Heck, couldn’t help it this morning when it comes to Spur…heck, sometimes you can count on his same ol’ lines no matter the topic…just trying to draw him out a little for some fun…although I know it’s to n avail.

          Now, when it comes to the Rand Paul matter…that’s true, and I was disgusted when I heard about a few months back. Wish I could say it shocked me, but it didn’t. I do hope Bevin wins…but last I saw a few weeks back, that ain’t lookin’ likely either.

          One other thing, I was hoping, and still hope Snake will throw in his two-cents about TW Shannon, being that he’s from Oklahoma too.

      • Big T,
        Be kind to Spur…you do know old shore birds are an endangered species….


  3. This fits right in here regarding the race baiting from the O-Crew…can you say fail!?


    Hume puts it in a nutshell…


  4. Angry White Boss says:

    We need more people like him. As sad as it is to say, people are more willing to listen to a Black Conservative then a White one. That’s the truth.

    When a White Conservative calls people out on the race card they’re just spun to look like backwards racist hatemongers.

    But that same excuse doesn’t work against Black Conservatives, because you can’t say a Black man is racist against Blacks, that wouldn’t make sense.

    And that’s why I’ve never heard of T.W., because he’s a Black Conservative, and they are powerful weapons against commie rat bastids.

    • Sure appreciate your comment…but you’ve got to remember, when a black conservative like Shannon runs for office, the white liberal elitists go after them all big time. Call them Uncle Tom’s and such. I’m so tired of the double-standard hypocrisy from lib destructive the liberal elitists….they are the real racists!

      • Angry White Boss says:

        Oh, okay. I never noticed, I steer clear of the MSM. Thanks for the info BigT. I guess I gave the tards to much credit. I didn’t think that even THEY could pull that off and still have credibility to the populace.

      • BigT,
        It’s the liberal blacks who call conservative blacks Uncle Tom, house ni**er, etc. Whites, even liberal ones, are not allowed to use such descriptives when referring to blacks.

  5. Hey Chante and Knowledge…what do you think about this man?

  6. Cruz endorses TW Shannon from the Sooner state.