Liz Cheney: “She doesn’t have a spine that reaches her brain.”

Here’s a preview:

On Tuesday morning, Liz Cheney hit back at Pelosi for her comments.

“Frankly, Mrs. Pelosi is somebody who was briefed on the program,” Cheney said on “Fox and Friends,” according to Mediaite. “She forgot she was briefed on the program, later had to admit it. And I have to say that when I heard those comments yesterday, I was reminded of something that Margaret Thatcher once said about one of her political opponents. Mrs. Pelosi’s problems is that her spine doesn’t seem to reach her brain.”

“We’ve got too many in Washington who were all in favor of doing everything necessary to defend the the nation after 9/11, and now seem to be really not interested in looking at the facts, but really just looking for a way, frankly, to cast blame and say things that aren’t true about those brave men and women,” Cheney continued.

Liz Cheney hit it out of the park when she made one little line about SanFranNan on a morning show today…and ya gotta love it! You might or might not agree with the rest of Cheney’s defense of her father…see what you think about all that was said via this report below:

Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter, Liz Cheney, blasted Democrats for their unnecessary criticism of interrogation methods used on terrorists.

Appearing on Fox and Friends Tuesday morning, Cheney called out Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) for speaking out against the enhanced interrogation program, which her father implemented. Pelosi appeared on CNN’s State of the Union program Sunday and accused the former Vice President of setting a certain attitude in the CIA. She also critiqued the CIA’s enhanced interrogation program. Her rebuke comes days after Cheney appeared at an event at American University in Washington, D.C. and admitted that he had no regrets or qualms over interrogation methods employed the CIA during the Bush administration.

Cheney defended her father against Pelosi’s harsh words, telling Fox and Friends that the program “saved lives and prevented attacks after 9-11.”

Cheney also took issue with Sen. Angus King’s (I., Maine) suggestion that the former Vice President should be subjected to waterboarding. King said that one of the detainees questioned endured waterboarding 100 plus times. “Senator King is just wrong,” Cheney said. She explained that the detainee waterboarded 100 plus times was Khalid Shaikh Mohammed who the CIA thought had “perishable information about imminent attacks on the United States of America.

She defended the waterboarding practice, saying “If the choice is you’ve got to waterboard someone like Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, who was responsible for the deaths of 3,000 Americans, you’ve got to do that in order to prevent further deaths and further attacks, which by the way, we know it did, or you’re going to let Americans die. And somebody like Senator King, somebody like Mrs. Pelosi, they’ve got to be willing to accept the consequences of their argument, which is to say which attacks would you have let happen or which Americans would you have let die?”

Watch, listen and enjoy…or don’t:

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    Listen to a demacrat all you hear is a lot of mindless braying those these dumb jackasses

  2. This is your libtard grandmother on Prozac…
    You wanna talk about batshit crazy!

    I wonder what feel good meds they have that retard Joe Biden on?

  3. Calamity Jane says:

    I’ve had the unfortunate distinction of actually having to work with Pelosi just after she became Speaker of the House……All that I can tell you is that I’ve seen good bird dogs that were smarter…No offense to bird dogs!

    • CJ…

      You’re kidding…you actually had to work with Ms. Botox herself? – My heart goes out to you in more ways than one!

      • Calamity Jane says:

        Yeppers! Got work with ol’ Nance back in my network TV days. She was with Diane Feinstein that day….Talk about a 2’fer!

        I also had the very strange hour or so with Joe Biden at a bar……Me, Joe, and a liberal knucklehead producer were the only one’s there. The producer told Biden that I was a friend of Rick Santorum’s. Biden put his hand on my forearm (GEEZ! I hate that!), then asked me if I would be offended by telling me some “Rick” stories from the Senate………Biden was a likable enough character, but I left with the impression that he would have been a riot with a few more beers in him!…….What a blowhard story teller!…….I kept asking myself how in the world did this guy rise to the level of a US Senator (at that time) !…..In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny….”What a maroon!”

  4. GrimmCreeper says:

    In the perfect world it is the children and grandchildren of these freaks, who are the ones in harm’s way. Only then will we get some idea of how much they loathe these effective tactics. These scumbags are detestable.

  5. RidinShotgun says:

    Pelosi is proof positive that shit ALWAYS floats to the top! I apologize to some of the women here for my rather salty language. One of my professors at Fordham worked for Pat Moynihan at one time in his career and he stated that Pelosi was by far one the absolute dumbest people he has ever met! Some of the other students in the class actually gasped and called him on it, basically, they wanted to know how a staffer for Moynihan could say such a thing. I give the guy credit, he kept waxing eloquently, saying, “Look, just because I work for someone doesn’t mean that I’m some kind of mindless zombie who never questions anything the party elders say. Besides, I can honestly say that if the media actually did their job once in a while, this woman would have been laughed out of her job years ago!”
    Some of the students began asking him what he thought of other well-known politicians and the two that he said stood out most for him were; Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. Everyone wanted to hear about Clinton and he disappointed them greatly. quote he; “I helped him with his first election in 1992 and I met with one of his “associates” to give him some vital campaign info about Bush’s days at the helm of the CIA. When I met him, he had three other guys with him, people who immediately put me on edge, as they looked like they were capable of doing some seriously horrible things to people. My contact was sporting a small hammer and sickle pin on the lapel of his jacket and when I handed him the sheaf of documents, he stepped close to me as if he was searching for something. I asked him what he was looking at and he said, “Oh nothing, just wanted to see what a real life New York Jew-boy looked like is all.” The other three chuckled and they all walked away. I stayed on another two years, but never volunteered to help them ever again.”
    I asked him if most of the stuff in the media about them was correct and all he said was, “The stuff you see is barely the tip of the iceberg. One of these days all of this stuff is going to come home to roost and everyone of us in this country will pay for it. It won’t have anything to do with sex, or other women or anything like that.” I asked him to elaborate and he said he couldn’t, so I let it go. One of the other students mentioned Reagans name in a oily tone and my professor floored everyone when he said, “I loved the guy, hell, I voted for him twice!” These 18-20 year olds could not believe what they were hearing, the professor said, “Look, say what you want about the guy, but he loved this country and he didn’t have an evil bone in his body.”, when one of the students countered with, “He broke the law, he lied to congress.” He countered with, “Look, we had our citizens that were being held hostage by some very ruthless people. I know he publicly said that we don’t deal with terrorists, but when you knew what he knew about their conditions, I want to have a president who behind the scenes says, “Those are our people, get them back any way you have to!” That’s the guy you want to have in the oval office!” He then went on to add, “I know most of you here seem to think Clinton is some kind of superstar, but he isn’t. In fact if you look at how he ran his home state, if you were honest with yourselves none of you would vote for the guy, he did a shitty job as governor.”
    One of the other students again, asked how he could have voted for Reagan twice and he was told, “Because Jimmy Carter was not only not up to the job, he was dangerous. And Mondale was more of the same. I never met Carter, but I have met Mondale and the guy is another apologist for this country trying to masquerade as a statesman. The cold war is over now and most of you weren’t even born during it, but it’s a very dangerous world out there, and for those of you who think it’s all our fault, you’re dangerously naïve. You people should also know that most of the people who make a career in politics do so because THEY CAN’T GET A JOB IN THE REAL WORLD.”
    Pelosi is a prime example of that last point.

    • RS…

      Priceless post…priceless inside information. – Thank you!

      • jose emanuel says:

        Polosi is from Baltimore.We baltimorians call her a baltimoron.

      • jose emanuel says:

        That’s what these kids want……a superstar like obozo hanging out with jazzzzy and bounceee my ass around.The past two generations have become fat off of foodstamps,idiots from public education and, lazy because the gov. takes care of them!

  6. Liz clearly defined the Liberals/Progressives. Might as well been Jeb and Hilarity. By the way in 1960 after JFK was elected Teddy was always described
    as the “smart” Kennedy kinda like Jeb is being described as the “smart” Bush. The Bush family has always sided with the Progs on the really important and very expensive Govt. expansions. Birds of a feather.

    Proof positive.