Are We at a Breaking Point?


With everything swirling around us 24/7 via this administration’s big foot of government on all our throats, one has to wonder if this nation isn’t headed towards the eve of destruction in the very near future.

Friends, we are having wicked weather in my neck of the woods, so I have to keep this short and to the point. But after you read two reports below, and watch one of them as well…see if you’re worried that this nation is now about to go into a major tailspin in more ways than one. Especially when it comes to the militarization of the majority of our federal departments. Of course, gun control comes into the mix as well…nothing new there.

Here’s the first report…see what you think about this:

Why does it seem every federal agency in the country has their own law enforcement authority? Why do all these bureaucratic branches maintain heavily armed police apparatuses?

Recently, federal agencies have been making huge ammunition purchases.

Here’s a (probably) incomplete list of all the federal agencies with armed police forces:

• Homeland Security (this one I understand)

• Department of Health and Human Services

• Department of Energy

• U.S. Agency for International Development

• Commerce Department

• U.S. Postal Service

• Department of Agriculture

• Environmental Protection Agency

• Internal Revenue Service

• Social Security Administration

• Department of Education

• National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

I understand the need to enforce federal law. And some of these agencies can investigate serious federal crimes (like the Post Office), but can’t these agencies have the US Marshals Service perform their law enforcement duties? Isn’t that what its purpose is?

NOAA claims they need armed agents to enforce “marine resources” and “international treaties.” Isn’t that what the Coast Guard is for? The Office of Law Enforcement has 134 agents. But the request for 46,000 rounds of hollow-point bullets was designated for the National Weather Service. NOAA now claims this was a clerical error.

Think 46,000 is a lot? Last year, the Social Security Administration made a request for 174,000 rounds of .357 hollow-point bullets.

And in the last year, the Department of Homeland Security has purchased 1.6 billion (with a “b”) rounds of ammunition.

(On a side note, attempted to dispel the notion that 1.6 billion rounds is excessive. They claim “DHS agencies train quarterly, with an expectation of using 1,000 rounds per year per firearm for training and qualifications, while an officer may never fire a single round from their firearm on duty.” Perhaps this is true. So 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition divided by 1,000 rounds per year for training means there are 1.6 million DHS agents?)

Perhaps this is another conspiracy for Alex Jones to wrap his website around and not a preparation for a totalitarian state.

Even if it’s not, somebody needs to explain why seemingly every federal agency is up-arming to the hilt.

Something is afoot, but I’m not sure what it is.


Here’s the second report:

Today is the last day to register an assault weapon in New York State. Gun owners risked being charged with a misdemeanor or felony if they don’t do so before the deadline.

It’s part of New York’s gun control law called the SAFE Act, and comes amid resistance from gun owners who believe that registration leads to confiscation.

On The Real Story, Kate Pavlich reported that around one million people in the state are refusing to register their sporting rifles, which are now classified as assault weapons under the Safe Act.

Pavlich believes it’s realistic to think that the government will confiscate Americans’ guns if they aren’t registered.

“If you look at the course of history going back decades and centuries, it is a serious concern,” she said.

Pavlich said that gun owners are fearful that they’ll be made out to be criminals simply for owning a gun. After the Newtown shooting, a local New York newspaper received backlash for publishing the names and addresses of gun owners in the area.

“There are very serious privacy concerns here and it’s not just of gun owners. Let’s not forget that the ACLU, when all that information was published in that newspaper, came out on behalf of gun owners saying that their information should be protected.”

Pavlich said she doesn’t think the ACLU will change its stance on the issue now that the law classifies guns differently.

How much more can this nation withstand? – What say you?

Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. thank you govenor Cuomo……the “Safe Act”…’s a god send…….I can’t tell you just how much safer I feel…….we were in such danger from these gun owners and now we are safe and it’s because of you Governor Cuomo………oh, thank you so much……….

    we know these guns kill people and I don’t want to be killed by these out of control guns….and now because of the “Safe Act” I won’t be…..and it’s all because of you……..

    you were right Governor Cuomo when you said “””It doesn’t take 10 bullets to kill a deer”””


  2. Joe Stalin says:

    Do something preemptive: publish the names and home addresses of ALL the New York state Judges and Law Clerks. The NY judiciary expects to fully support ALL the anti-gun statutes promoted and passed into ‘law’ by the Cosmopolitans. Put the data on a foreign based server(s) so as put them out of reach of the United States government.

    The Cosmopolitans expect to begin their terror campaign under the “Color of Law” up to including imprisonment and executions (Try to resist and receive a .40 S&W in the cranium.).

    Spread the Stalinist Terror. After all, EVERYTHING the gun controllers have pushed for has led to this moment, their Victory Tour over the Second Amendment.


    • Your post hit every single target you aimed at…dead-on!

    • jose emanuel says:

      This doesn’t look good.It could be the beginning of the end.They been planning this sh!t for years.Wait until you see what they have in store for us.The new world order is coming to fruition and, I for one will fight to the death before I am enslaved more then what we already are.We were warned for years about the power of the federal reserve and the bankers that run the world.We now live in a police state,coming soon to your nearest city Marshall law, and then……….

  3. It is something to worry about-all these federal agecies and all their private little armies. I still have doubts about how many people would be willing to fire on americans to install a total dictotorship for the idiot in the white house and the rest of the useless commies, afterall everyone knoes by now that he forged his birth certificate and draft card.

  4. jose emanuel says:

    I just love the way they sugar coat confiscation of guns and peoples rights.You ‘re right Bluto! thanks Como with the “safe act” bullsh!t I can sleep better tonight knowing a deer hunter isn’t going to invade my house and blow my brains out because of “social injustice” and a hate whitey terror campaign. One million people are in for a big surprise!

  5. I think a portion of this ammunition is going to covert operations in Syria and elsewhere…
    I think a WACO shitstorm is headed to Bunkerville Nevada. Ah, the last calvary charge! It was glorious !!! . Drones vs Cowboys, it’s a Brave New West.

  6. RidinShotgun says:

    Let’s not forget abou the fact that ovomit signed an executive order back in 2010 removing all A-10 close support aircraft and Apache attack helicopters from the National Guard of all fifty states. He’s cutting the Army and Marine Corps down to the bone, and since they aren’t getting the hardware anybody care to guess what agencies took possession of the aforementioned attack aircraft?
    What makes me laugh is that this pathetic scumbag (Who were it not for his father would have his mug plastered across billboards on the side of the road, advertising for his ambulance-chasing law practice) still thinks he’s going to be president.

  7. RidinShotgun says:

    A link to how this might turn out, a bit of a read, but well worth every line. Check it out.

    • Dang, my PC won’t let me get to that link; says secure connection fail. It may have to do with my XP Window program being gone. I have a new computer coming in a little over a week…so I bet I don’t have this problem.

      Anyway…thanks RS, closing up for the night, catch ya all tomorrow.

      • RidinShotgun says:

        Hey there darlin, I tried the link and it worked, not sure what happened on your end. BTW, just read that ovomit is going to attempt to seize 10 million acres from MT to CO and place it offlimits to everyone because he wants it declared public land.

        • You can be sure if he does it will to stop and fracking and such. You know, anything that has to do with being energy independent. – The bastid needs to go.

  8. RidinShotgun says:

    More food for thought

  9. New Yorkers say screw the SAFE Act

    • jose emanuel says:

      Good for them!bozo and co. would love nothing more than to put something else in the shredder.I thinks it’s great the good people of New York are standing up to this tyranny.People have had enough.

  10. I think we should counter Bloomberg’s anti gun group “MOMS DEMAND ACTION” to “MOMS DEMAND AUTOMATICS.”

  11. Lmao ….talk about hitting him where it hurts….stopping Holder`s pay check..

    I got a giggle out of this


    • Jigg…

      That’s a grand plan…now if they’d only do it!

      • big T,

        it will never get thru the senate, but i love it just to piss Holder off……and it draws attention to what a crook Holder is……I have to enjoy the giggles when i can with this bunch..


        • Well, like Farenthold suggested, attach it to one of the major bills they have to pass, like the budget bill for one example. It’s been done before.

          I’m not holding my breath…but hope springs eternal!

  12. Spurwing Plover says:

    Tell that imperial scumrat Andrew Cuomo to Go Jump Off a Cliff the good citizens of the state of New York will NOT REGISTER THEIR GUNS and if he dont like it tell this slimey peice of worm rippen filth he wont be getting any couperation becuase the citizens are aware that registered guns can be easly confiscated just like they did in nazi germany,communists russia and china and ona seperate but simular note the former Big Worm of the Rotten Apple Micheal Bloomberg claims he is going to heaven for his gun control mantera typical for someoone drunk on power Big Surprise for Bloomberg he dies and ends up in that place of Fire and Brimestone meeting a certian fellow with horns and a pitchfork

    • jose emanuel says:

      Spur,The guy with the pitchfork is bozo,the ones stoking the fires are holder,lerner,reed,al,jesse,farakoon,and many, many, more!I never knew a heaven that depicted liars,crooks,murderers,extortion,ect. This gun control sh!t that they put out there knew it would pull on the heart strings of women, and fa@@ett lib’s I ask this question again.When walking thru a kill whitey neighborhood(and there is plenty in any city)wouldn’t you rather have a gun at your side?Or do you think the yo’s are going to sit around with you holding hands singing “cume by ya”? Don’t these assholes get it.The savages in the city do the murdering,not a deer hunter! Michael moore and the rest of you lib f@ggott’s drop dead!P.S. you love the illegal’s and nigg@s so much! you pay for them because, we are tired of it!

  13. Check this out…see what big brother is doing in gun shops…

  14. Wake up America! – The EPA has to GO!

  15. Revolution is slowly becoming the only answer left to a free people in the US. We must remember it will be a long hard battle but we will win it. To see many of these left wing politicians in jail would be worth the bloodshed. The constitution says it is a our right to be armed and that right shall not be abridged. The government has broken the constitution because they continue to “abridge” that right. They say:….. you can’t own this gun or that one; you have to register them and we will see if you can keep them; or….that gun too powerful to own, etc.etc. In reality the 2nd amendment MEANT that the people should be able to own the same weapons the regular army had so we can keep a check on the government. How far we have fallen from the real intent. Ever notice that every time Obama starts pushing more gun control suddenly there is a mass shooting somewhere to go along with his diatribe. There is a massive conspiracy involving many people to take our guns. We will not give our guns away to them. We will however give them the projectiles.

    • inagadadavida says:

      Close, Carnac… the Colonists were better armed than the British army. And while their level of drill has been the subject of criticism, their “dirty bastard” tactics (militia units etc.) and superior weaponry enabled us to drive out the British. The British army used mostly the “Brown Bess” musket which was already outdated, but the Crown couldn’t afford to buy better.

      American Rifleman (NRA magazine) had a really good serious piece on this a few years back. Went into all sorts of statistics on combat effectiveness and such.

  16. Angry White Boss says:

    “Friends, we are having wicked weather in my neck of the woods,…” Better watch out, BigT, I hear that makes people kill each other! 😛

    Couldn’t resist. 😛

  17. Angry White Boss says:

    Oh my… Things are looking bleak. We NEED to get the word out. SOOOOOOO many sheeple! They know not what is happening! Any ideas on how to educate those who do not seek education?

  18. kenn aka keeper says:

    The way things are going in this country it’s beginning to fold like a cheap card table in a Bangkok whorehouse.

  19. Here’s another example of Dear Leader’s gun control. This takes place in Big Sky Country.

    Hope someone reads this. Look at the connections via power with O.

  20. Russian spy planes flying over our skies.

  21. This is one more example of what kind of filth works with Dear Leader.