We all know about the ‘Seven Deadly Sins‘…so, for something a little different for a change, thought I’d ask you which one out of the seven you think you’re the most guilty of, and why. Be honest, which one of them, or two or three…do you think are applicable to your life so far? Or, do you feel that you aren’t guilty of any of them?

To digress a bit, the reason I thought about asking this question was simply because of a show I watched the other night from ‘The Independents‘. I usually enjoy this show because it’s so different from the usual fanfare we see when we do view the boob-tube when it comes to politics.

Now, to cut to the chase…see which sin you think applies to you via the definitions below:


PRIDE: An over high opinion of oneself; exaggerated self-esteem; conceit, arrogance, vanity, self-satisfaction.

Have I been so proud that I’ve been scorned (disrespected) as a braggart (bragger)?
Have I acted prideful, consciously or unconsciously out of fear?
Have I used pride to justify my excesses in my sex conduct?
Do I like to feel and act superior to others?

GREED: Excessive desire for acquiring or having; desire for more than one needs or deserves.

Have I been so greedy that I’ve been or could be labeled a thief?
Do I long for the possessions of others out of fear of not getting enough?
Do I let greed masquerade as ambition?

: To feel an intense desire, especially sexual desire; to long: after or for.

Have I been lustful enough to rape, if not physically what about in my mind?
Do I fear I will never have the sex relations I need?
Do I have sex excursions that have been dressed up in dreams or delusions of romance?

WRATH: A strong feeling excited by a real or supposed injury; often accompanied by a desire to take vengeance, or to obtain satisfaction from the offending party; resentment; wrath.

Have I been angry enough to murder?
Do I get angry out of fear when my instinctive demands are threatened?
Have I enjoyed self-righteous anger in the fact that many people annoy me and that makes me superior to them?
Have I enjoyed gossiping as a polite form of murder by character assassination?

GLUTTONY: One who eats too much. One with a great capacity for something; as, a glutton for work.

Have I been gluttonous enough to ruin my health?
Do I grab for everything I can, fearing I’ll never have enough?
Do I bury myself in my work, hobbies or activities?

ENVY: To resent another for excellence or superiority in any way, and to be desirous of acquiring it.

Do I agonize over the chronic (persistent or recurring) pain of envy?
Does seeing the ambitions of others materialize make me fear that mine haven’t?
Do I suffer from never being satisfied with what I have?
Have I spent more time wishing for what others have than working towards them?

SLOTH: Disinclination to action or labor; sluggishness; habitual indolence; laziness, idleness; slowness; delay.

Have I been paralyzed by sloth?
Do I get alarmed with fear at the prospect of work?
Do I work hard with no better motive than to be secure and slothful later on?
Do I loaf and procrastinate?
Do I work grudgingly and under half steam?


There are a lot of different definitions for the seven deadly sins out there, some from the left are simply pathetic excuses, so I won’t go there, you can find those yourself if need be. I’ll just leave you with one more here via this link.

Side-note: To you wise-crackin’ guys out there; This ain’t, “I’ll take the gal behind door four!”

There may some of you that think this is all garbage and don’t believe any of this anyway. If so, speak up and state your case too.

Anyway, I’ll start off by stating that mine would be wrath…and I’ll leave it at that for now.

What say you? – Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Gonna have to go with wrath….my job entails working with the public, some of whom make a career out of stomping on my last nerve and then rolling it on the floor….I have a very low tolerance for general stupidity and lying…..’nuff said 😐

    • Hi Grumpy, My favorite expression these days is “you can’t fix stupid”. Have a good day my friend. Joy x

      • Back atcha Joy….had to put in my hours at the “club” today….my favorite is

        “Life is tough, but it’s tougher when you’re stupid.”

        – John Wayne –

  2. jose emanuel says:

    Definitely Wrath.I also work with the public and, have little or no tolerance towards stupidity,ignorace and the self entitlement attitude.I would love to bitch slap these people into oblivion.

  3. Bluto is guilty of all seven…..I have to admit to being a real peice-of-sh!t……..I ride Harley Davidson Motorcycles…..drink too much beer, party all night, lust after women, hate all my neighbors, steal, eat barbecue like a pig, I don’t share, and like to laze around………….

    but most of all……………………

    I hate stupidity and wilfull ignorance…………………………


    • jose emanuel says:

      Are you out Bluto?I know you’re getting tired of three hots and a cot.

      • no, not free yet, but I’m going to be come hell or high water…….if I have to get dressed and get my things together and have to just walk out of here I am going to be out today……..I’ve done it before….told them to get the paper work ready or I’ll just get up and walk out……they usually get things done instead of sitting on their asses and wating for lightning to strike……….

        • jose emanuel says:

          Bingo Bluto!I have done the same thing.Start gathering your belongings and they see you mean business.Thought I would mention this but, it is patriots day in Boston.My beloved O’s are playing the Red SOX TODAY AT 11:00AM I just wonder if bozo is going to soil the field throwing out first pitch or, is he at the “action foundation” race baiting? I hate this administration, everybody in it and, what they stand for.UH OH,It’s happening again,my wicked, evil,racism way’s.

          • jose……………I’m tired of all the bullsh!t…..they want to call me a racist…..go ahead…..so what……I could care less………we know they are no better and they do not have any moral superiority over any of us…….I for one have had it with their bullsh!t…..every last one of them can go to freak’n hell for all I care….all of them…….

            anything you say…..anything you do…..is all racism to them….if you don’t agree with them then your a racist…..ok it that is what being a racist is then that’s what I am…….

            big freak’n deal…….nothing they say matters…..they can all go piss in the wind………..

          • jose emanuel says:

            That’s what’s wrong with you Bluto, you are always right!I am also sick to death being labeled something I am not.They have become the very essence of what they hate and, that’s racism.People play along with it because they have no other recourse to defend there actions.They are simply ignorant,insecure and totally oblivious to the truth because the media tell’s them so.Simply put they are a pathetic “class” of people!

          • Bluto, jose, et al…

            Speaking of racism…check out how the left ties racism to everything, and other things.


        • Have somebody bring you a jar of dirt.
          Bust it in the corner and hit the nurse button
          Announce that your spider collection is now loose
          That ought to expedite things

    • Bluto…

      Leave it to you. – That’s a classic!

      Btw…I’m referring to your top post.

      • jose emanuel says:

        Excellent post Big!The question is how do we stop this insane radical left?

        • All I know is to fight back in whatever way we can. Also, if we could get rid of the gutless RINOs in our party, especially at that top…that would be a major help. But, then again…I ain’t holding my breath for that to happen when it comes to clueless voters.

  4. Oh let`s see ..I have hit each one of these at one time or other in my life …

    so I will take one from column 3 and 4 from column 2 ..and with 6 you get egg roll right?


    • LMAO! How in the world do you come up with the things you do…it’s miraculous!

      • Hi Buddy, Just mailed my check to get our boys out of Leavenworth. Take back America. Pox on Obongo.

        • Joy…

          Amen to what you said about O. – Also, I know what you’re doing will help…anyway, I sure hope so.

          I, for one, sure as heck have nothing but admiration for you and what you do.

          Oh wait…I forgot, we’re all labeled ‘domestic terrorists’ now.

  5. jose emanuel says:

    What would racism fall under?because the dum’s said we were and, I heard Charlie Rangle is on the floor right this minute trying to pass legislation making it 8 deadly sins.Racism right after sloth.Being they want to be god and all.OPP’S I forgot ALLAH!

  6. jose emanuel says:

    This is off topic but,Mark Levin endorsed a young conservative running for, I think a senate seat in Washington.He is trying to unseat a “good ol boy” who’s been there since Nixon.I think the state is Tennessee.I definitely need to do more research on this guy but,my question is being there is not one politician I would donate to on the federal level in MD.Should i donate to a candidate that I like other than the state of (mayhem) MD.?

  7. All of them
    I am prideful of the greatness and generosity of my country
    I am greedy in the pursuit of more freedom
    I lust after the charms Lady Liberty offers
    I am wrathful with those who would subvert our Constitution
    I am a glutton in hoarding freedoms for the next generation to have and enjoy
    I am envious of the vision of the Founders, and why can’t I see with such clarity
    I am slothful, This is a great country and I ain’t moving or changing it.

  8. I plead guilty and when I stand before the Almighty I will have the best lawyer a body can get. He is so good he works pro bono for he himself paid the price before I even got there. I highly recommend him. He works for the firm of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Just ask for Jesus.

    • I like you already, and we’ve never met; truth is, if we were all honest, we’ve all been guilty to some degree of all the seven deadly sins, and you’re right, my sin debt has already been paid.

  9. I guess mine would be greed. I just can’t get enough moisturizing products.


  10. Speaking of sins! This is sickening!!!!


    • OMG. Can you hear me screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is getting angrier every day.

      • You found it. I knew you would feel as I did about this. I am incensed to the max. Might post about it later. We shall see.

        Btw…going to toss this in here just for the heck of it. This is what this country is becoming:


      • jose emanuel says:

        Joy,Jesus is coming and boy is he pissed!I wish he would hurry it up because I can’t take much more of this literally insanity.

        • Hi, Last week my 6 year old Grand daughter was here for a sleepover.She brought a cartoon to show us. It was a child’s cartoon about the birth of Jesus. Priceless. Wish I could put my 3 Grandchildren in a giant bubble. This world has gone nucking futz .

    • BT I read about that woman earlier. Talk about a selfish self centered b!tch with no heart or soul.

    • I saw that early this morning; it is worse than sickening – the limey has sold her soul to Satan for a few £’s and fame – really??? She is nothing more than a whore; at the risk of sounding crude and cold-hearted (I’m really not) perhaps it is better that she lose this child than subject him/her to a God only knows what kind of upbringing or to the abuse that would come from being an inconvenience to herself. I DO NOT believe in abortion but can you imagine the hellish environment the child would be brought up in? Hell has its jaws wide open for this monster.

  11. I wonder where JMV has been. I hope he isn’t in a standoff with the Feds over an unpaid parking ticket or something.

    • mag…

      I’ve been wondering about that the last couple days too. Maybe he traveled to see family for Easter…or something. Hope he’s okay.

      • jose emanuel says:

        I can’t wait for Mark Levin to chime in on the NY. Slime piece.I now must go and redistribute my wealth because,millions of scum depend on white racist to feed, clothe, and house them!I HATE BOZO!!!!!!

      • No, I’m still kickin’, just did the Easter thing with my dwindling family. I didn’t take my computer so I could decompress a little, only to come back and find that the world has sunk deeper into the cesspool. JEEZ!!!! I take one holiday off, and look what happens!

        This is why I can’t go to dude-a-palooza! If I’m out having fun, the world may end!

        Anyhow, I’m going to respond to a few new posts, then go back to beating my head against a brick wall…..

        • Yay! JMV returns!

          Hey JMV…I know what you mean about staying away from the computer when traveling. I do the same thing when I’m able to go anywhere for awhile….which has been quite a long time now. Anyway, I was always glad to get away from all the turmoil this administration has wrought etc etc.

  12. Bluto should be given some kind of an award or something…….I’ve been as patient as I can be and I can’t be patient no more……just went to the jailers station and told them if the paper work isn’t done and ready for me to sign then I’m busting out……been waiting to see the head jailer now for hours and I’m still waiting…….Bluto will be committing murder if he doesn’t get out of here soon……

    Bluto needs to be free………

    so free Bluto now……….the jailer-woman says she’s doing the paper-work right now…………..

    • LMAO…you’re getting the ball rolling so you can be free, free at last!

      Hope you have a minute to let us know when you’re finally exiting your cell and heading home.

      Love to your kitties too…lord know, they’ve got miss ya tons by now.

      • was just told there are more complications……the nurse told me the doctor here wants to put in a pic-line and put me on I V antibiotics at home as an out-patient……and that no-one is here to put the pic-line in and i would have to stay…..they might have someone here tomorrow…….

        I just told the nurse to get the paper-work done……I want out now

        • Bluto…what’s a pic-line?

          Also my friend…maybe you should think about staying one more day until they can get that worked out for you. After-all, you don’t want to end up back there…and have more serious complications down the road because you didn’t.

          Just a thought because I care dearly about you.

          I’ve been hospitalized more than once or twice and such, for very serious, life or death matters…I know how you feel about wanting to go home, but maybe one more day will end up being the best for you in the long run.

          Just some thoughts from your friend in Big Sky.

          • a pic-line is an intra-venous catheter that threads through the upper shoulder and goes directly into the heart…….you have to be trained in order to put one in and I’ve had it done before……the doctor just came up to see me…..when I went to the nurses station and told them I was leaving come hell or high water they got the doc and started to scramble……..

            I talked with another doctor last night….a specialist and I am going to start seeing him….already made the appointment this morning…….the hospital here did a bone scan and I spent a week 24 hours a day for seven days on intra-venous antibiotics, day and night non-stop…….this specialist told me the bone-scan can’t tell them much and I needed an MRI……well why didn’t the hospital physician do this back a week ago, I just wasted an entire week….this specialist is already making the appointment for me to get the MRI……so I want out of here….I’m tired of wasting time ……I just wasted 7 freak’n days doing what they wanted me to do….now they’re running around to get me out-patient services and a way to get intravenous antibiotics as an out-patient…….

            the thing is when I said I was leaving if they didn’t get the paper work done soon then all of a sudden the hospital doctor appeared and is getting the stuff necessary done……..they just got in contact with this specialist and are coordinating with each other…….

            so we will see what happens……….just got another visit from administrators…..they’re getting all this done….coordinating with another doctor’s office..etc etc……….

            well this doctor stuff isn’t over but I will be out of here in the next couple of hours…..amazing how fast the office works and the nurses and doctors work when you tell them if it’s not done soon Your walking out…………..

            so Bluto is being cooperative but firm with them and now things are happening like they should…………

          • Thanks so much for all of that very informative information my friend. Now I have much more understanding about what this entails and all that’s getting done and coordinated now. Like you say…all of this should have been done within days.

            Hang in there…and please take care. We love ya here.

          • Bluto,

            hang tuff buddy and above all do what is best for you and your health….that damn pic line sounds horrible…..you are in our thought here on AWD and we all want you home and feeling better…


        • Bluto, Want all of us to storm the hospital and free you?

          • Joy, that’s funny…can’t ya just seeing us all doing that if we all lived in the vicinity. Or protesting outside?

            Btw…maybe he really made his real escape this time. I haven’t seen him here for quite a few hours now. But then again, I said that last night too.

            Time will tell.

  13. Angry White Boss says:

    Wrath. Definitely wrath. I can get really angry sometimes, really really angry.

  14. Ladies and Gentle me …this just in….the imfamous Bluto ,a known Domestic terrorist and radical member of the AWD gang (a internet-purse wearing hate group)…is still being held captive at a out of the way hospital…..an un-name source says the nurses holding him were last seen hooking him up to a letal-injection device…..
    Cats from all over the city are gathered outside the hospital in packs. a few felines have broken into the hospital admins home and taken over …


    as predicted this has gotten way way out of hand …Reports are that a deranged primate named Lars is leading the protest …this could led to a revolt similar to the 1765 Barnaby coast monkey ass biting rebellion….stay tune for further details
    …..this has been Jigg reporting for the Jigg Digg news hour…”where we dig up da news and get jiggy wid it…


    • jigg…

      Great news report…picture too!

      • I have come to the conclusion that the sanest,nicest,smartest ,kindest,patriotic Americans are all here on AWD.

        • I second that…and you’re right in there!

        • I dunno, I’m sure I’m a few bricks shy of a load, and I have my suspicions about Jigg, Magnum, and Lazlo.

          I sure AWD has a different opinion too, since I keep riding him about his moisturizing habit. 😉

        • I think all the ladies here on AWD’s site are the best. It’s great to be around so many great Conservative women that don’t get offended at things that liberal women would be screaming about. All of you have our utmost respect.

          • Thank you magnum. You’ve almost got me misty-eyed.

            Anyway…much appreciated.

            …and as you know, we love and respect the majority of you men on this site too.

          • Mag, you wrangling a date to go to dude-a-palooza with? 😉

          • JMV you can’t blame a guy for trying.

    • LMAO.

      • Ain’t that jigg something else? Heck, the way he reported that news, he ought to be a real reporter. He’d do far better than the tons of nitwit, so-called reporters we have now.

  15. I have been guilty of all of them at one time or another. Since I quit the workforce, I have been limited to sloth, and wrath. Sloth, because I have been working since I was 13, and I’m enjoying being a lazy slob for a while longer. Wrath, because no matter how far I get from civilization, I can’t seem to escape the absolute stupidity of the left wing libtards. I swear, if/when the people rise up, I will be keeping hell packed with the souls of libtards I have dispatched.

  16. I’m in big trouble.

  17. Sloth, hands down. LOL I love playing Sims 3. It’s a miracle my apartment isn’t a fleatrap!

    Hey Grumpy, I hear ya there, I’ve been a counter jockey before.

    Taking care of pride, though. Let me put it this way: I am praying for the restoration of my marriage, and I believe the Lord is working on me during this time. A little remodeling here and there, ya know?

  18. Always guilty of lust and proud of it… God’s fault for making you ladies so beautiful.

  19. Ugh… I’m sooooo screwed

  20. Lust & Wrath