Liberals want to control everything you think, say, or do. They can’t help it! If there’s a way to force you out of your rights or make your life more uncomfortable, liberals will support it! Anything that benefits Americans or America will be met with screeching howls of protest from liberal mindless morons.

Fortunately, liberals are idiots who deal in theory and not reality. And there are more of us than them. Liberal think tanks (oxymoron alert!) and anti-American tortured ex-hippie college professors indoctrinate middle-class socialist brats into every stupid insult to our intelligence du jour.

There’s no hypocrite like a liberal hypocrite. Al Gore, the Man Bear Pig, can make millions criticizing every modern convenience from electricity to air travel in the name of the fictitious Global Warming Climate Change while flying around in a private jet and living in numerous homes that each consumes more power than Ecuador. Mooch Obama and singer/performer/whatever Beyonce campaign against use of the perfectly good word “bossy” because it may stigmatize little girls but have no problem with Beyonce’s husband Jay Z rapping about ho’s and bitches in his ‘songs.’ Hypocrite, thy name is Libtard!

So it’s no surprise that America’s Daddy Michael Bloomberg is funding an anti-gun campaign while knowing not the first little thing about guns other than they go boom and that he hates them. He’s only looking out what’s best for us like he did when ridding NYC of the evil 32 ounce soda!

The first ad in his new anti-gun campaign called “Every Town For Gun Safety” shows the ignorance on the very subject anti-gunners despise. Anyone who reads this page who isn’t a LibTroll will immediately spot the stupidity of this ad:

bloomberg anti gun ad

Maybe his organization should be called Every Idiot Who Knows Nothing About Guns! But what do we expect from liberal “gun experts” who don’t know the difference between a clip and a magazine? Or their asses from third base? Well, we can expect them to post an ad depicting the entire cartridge coming from the barrel when fired.

This is what we expect from libtards. Long on emotion and dishonesty, short on intelligence and fact. Liberals want to disarm the American people more than they want to moisturize. Why? Because they are peaceniks who visualize world peace? Hell no! Liberals are thugs who rule with an iron hand over those who have not the means to protect and defend themselves. Look to any communist country and judge for yourself how individual rights are respected! Those without guns always end up on the wrong side of them.

How different would the Bundy Ranch scenario at Tianamoo Square have turned out if armed patriots hadn’t shown up and been prepared to shoot back against the government oppressors who found it acceptable to train sniper weapons on peaceful protesters and throw pregnant women to the ground? Even with help from freedom-loving patriots, Bundy had cattle slaughtered and property destroyed by the government thugs! Tyranny. Nothing more, nothing less.

It would be interesting to see liberals go after the criminals who create the majority of gun crime in America and seek to impose the death penalty on the repeat offenders. But liberals hate them some death penalty and refuse to acknowledge from whom most gun violence comes. They’d rather abort babies.

So AWD respectfully says to anti-gun tyrannists like Michael Bloomberg “kiss my ass!” I’ll not surrender my guns nor my rights to a corrupt ruling class that would just as soon kill or imprison me than suffer my Constitutionally-protected rights. Our rights are not given from those corruptocrats and they will not take them from us without a fight.

Actually, there is something faster than a speeding bullet. A liberal trying to take your rights!

Molon labe!

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  1. Angry White Boss says:

    If they would go and arrest the (Destroyed)troit gang members, then gun violence would plummet! But they won’t, they’re to bust moisturizing. To busy killing babies to worry about killers.

    • I would say the problem isn’t guns, but gangbangers with guns.

      I’m a Detroit native myself. Now living near the Amish in Ohio. What a difference!

  2. this norming I have been all over the net reading articles…..the Easter weekend was slow and now a lot of stories are appearing on the various sites……anyhow there is a theme that that I am seeing and it’s the hypocrisy of the “left”…….

    that bitch over at MSLSD Melissa Harris Perry is saying that people who lost their insurance coverage….well that’s just tough… had crappy insurance anyways……..just who the hell are these sons-a-bitches anyways….just who the hell do they think they are………

    you bastards on the “left”…..every last one of you muther-fukers can “”go to hell”….eat sh!t and die…

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    So according to braindead liberals if all the privatly owned guns are confiscated and melted own into dumb peace bricks,manhole covers and park benches everybody would live in peace and harmony This just proves liberals come from Stupidland their national flag is yellow witha chicken on it their national anthme is KAMBAYA and their embasador and diplomate are the two Crash Test Dummies, the dove being too christian is replaced bya Chicken as their National Emblem and their grand exualted poo Poo Head come on a chuafer pedled bicycle

    • It’s not that I disagree with you, but please. Could you try spell check? This is painful to read.

      • MomaBear………this is the Spurwing……this is his signature….if Spur changed his M.O it wouldn’t be the same…….this is part of his identity here at AWD……….we love his posts….if he used that confounded new contraption “spell-check” it just wouldn’t be the same…….this is the “””Spur””””

        this is how we identify him….it’s how we know it’s him and no-one is impersonating him……….

        we love ya Spur…..don’t change a thing………

  4. This evil bastard Bloomberg has a 17 man armed security team.
    Liberal policies create crime, and then these mentally ill lemmings want to disarm law abiding citizens. Chicago had ANOTHER horrific weekend, 6 dead, 37 or so were wounded from shootings.

    First, the welfare system is creating sociopath monsters, real live monsters. We need to be able to defend ourselves from these subhumans.
    The Mexican drug cartels are using the Chicago area as a northern hub for drug distribution. These gangs are fighting over turf. It wouldn’t suprise me if Mexican cartels were supplying arms to their street soldiers.
    Liberals will not address the causative factors, and look to restrict guns and gun rights.

  5. Seriously? The whole cartridge exiting the muzzle?

    See, this is what happens to those who over moisturize, the slimy goo sinks into the body, and goes straight to the head turning whatever brain matter it finds into mush, turning males into effeminate metrosexules, and females into flannel wearing bull dykes!

    AWD, you need to get that moisturization monkey (sorry Lars) off your back! Do it fast, and cold turkey, before the metamorphosis takes place and you sell your guns, move to west Hollywood, and turn the site into a pro homo blog!

  6. Have you ever noticed Obammy`s plans are just like the commie plans….let`s have a look….


    spooky stuff


    • He is a CRB and his agenda parallels the Commies. He was the 1st American candidate to be openly endorsed and financially supported by CPUSA. Now he is the 1st American President supported by CPUSA. He is a Killer Tomato.

  7. I want to give thanks to the dude for this site and for the wonderful folks that come here to share their ideas ….being here it is easy to forget just how many very sick libtards are out there and how much they want us wiped out… is an example ….

    they hate us..


  8. And, then there’s Juan Williams.

  9. Joe Stalin says:

    Now that the Cosmopolitans are on the verge of sending armed government agents to confiscate the arms of New York and Connecticut citizens, perhaps it is time to stop referring to these criminals as “anti-gun liberals” and call them by their now proper name: “THE ENEMY.”

    They are not fellow citizens or political opponents; they are “THE ENEMY.”

    The Cosmopolitans expect ZERO resistance to confiscations like what happened in the United Kingdom and Australia. They expect total surrender. No physical pushback at all.

    THE ENEMY. Repeat that to their faces at every opportunity. For that is the signal that you are no longing backing up or kowtowing their “laws.”


  10. GadsdenFlagFlyer66 says:

    We the people receive job creating advice from Obama – Never had a real job. We get parenting advice from Planned Parenthood – Largest abortion provider in the country. We get told to sign up on a web site that’s broken for healthcare that doesn’t exist to be provided by doctors that refuse to comply. We get energy production from people that hate fossil fuels and believe wind and solar is sustainable. We get religious advice from atheists. We get Constitutional advice from people that call it a “living document” to be altered in the heat of the moment. We get told we’re racists by racists. Now, we are given gun ownership advice from people that don’t own guns and obviously have nary a clue how they work. Stupid people shouldn’t breed! They would’ve been better off showing a picture of someone throwing a gun at someone. It would have made more sense.

    For those interested, here is Ted Nugent answering a second amendment question in his latest interview. Spoiler: His answer is AWESOME! http://www.westernjournalism.c.....offenders/

  11. Softy slowly…drip by drip….inch by inch they are killing the American way of life ….

    Obama and his czars …like vipers and on we sleep…


  12. Spurwing Plover says:

    Obamas not the first dictator to use kids for propeganda effect Hitler,Stalin and Mao did the same so did Ho Chi Mihn and Pol Pot and all of them favored Gun Control and Gun Confiscation like many demacRATS do

  13. Speaking of the looney left…

    Pathetic….they’ll try anything when they’re desperate. Just when you think they couldn’t sink any lower, they always come up with something new.

  14. Guns are not the problem…. ban young black males and watch the crimes stats evaporate overnight.

    I have been to MANY gun shows and not once has a weapon jumped off the display table and started shooting at me. Hell, I am cleaning my 1911 right now and its not even giving me a threatening look.. LOL I have plenty in my gun safe and NONE of them have attempted to break out and go on a shooting spree…

    To hear the libtards ( America hating Marxists ) point of view NO ONE could make it out of a gun show alive with all those dangerous guns in there… kinda like Chicago after dark

  15. Funny….very funny….. I didn’t realize until reading this article that the brass, spent primer and bullet ALL traveled down and exited the barrel!!!!!
    Who is the idiot that made this picture?????

  16. Love the propaganda poster, if they’re too dumb to know that the casing doesn’t come out of the muzzle with the bullet, they sure as hell shouldn’t lecture anyone. By the way libtards, you ain’t gettin’ my guns.