Dudes and dudettes…are you sick of being taxed to death yet? Or do some of you think our tax system is fair and can’t wait for your yearly refund?

Do any of you have to write a check to big brother via our federal government? Do any of you have to write a check to your state taxes yearly? Plus, don’t forget all the interest you still are required to pay that stacks up on you if you do have to pay by the 15th…and do so! – Why the interest…how is that fair?

To start with, here’s some information you might be interested in. – You should know about all of this:

1.) Obuttmunch Has Proposed 442 Tax Hikes Since Taking Office

2.) 8 Infuriating Facts To Remember On Tax Day

3.) Greta: Why you should be Enraged about the Tax Code

4.) 9 Facts About Taxes That Will Have You Looking Into Getting Stranded on a Desert Island

5.) Full List of Obamacare Tax Hikes


Now, if you’re fed-up with all the taxes we have imposed upon us, (72,000 pages of the tax code) see if you like this solution when it comes to the power of the IRS, April 15th and Happy Tax Day! – This is solution comes to us via Moonbattery:

Three simple steps that would save America:

1. Make taxation fair. Everyone pays the same rate. No more looting some sectors of the population while others ride free.

2. No more withholding. All federal taxes are paid at once. You write a check to Obama et al. for the full amount on April 15.

3. Elections are held on April 16.

No Democrat or big-spending RINO would ever get elected. America could be turned around before it goes over the falls.

But as it is, the national debt is $17.6 trillion, and nothing the Feds steal from you today will slow down its rate of increase.

This video should speak volumes:

H/T to magnum for the Moonbattery report.

We need a real ‘Emancipation Day’ when it comes to the stranglehold big brother’s claws have around millions of our necks! Keep in mind we work over one hundred days a year to pay for all the taxes required via Uncle Sam. Also, over fourty-five percent of households aren’t required to pay taxes on the fifteenth of April each year. – Chew on that for awhile!

What say you about all of this? Do you like the solutions above…or do you have a better one? One of mine would be to get rid of the IRS pronto! – Replace it with a Flat or Fair Tax…just a thought.

Plus, if we ever get rid of the IRS and replaced it with something like a Flat or Fair Tax, the law that passed would have to ensure it can NEVER, EVER be changed or increased by any of our congress-critters, including any president via Executive Orders either…period!

If we had a conservative candidate run on this issue, as well as illegal immigration, getting rid of Obamacare, the EPA, and jobs/economy for starters…he or she might go places, like straight to the top and become the next president of the United States of America! – One can dream!

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. GrimmCreeper says:

    I’ve been a fan of number 2, in particular, for many years. The looters figured out long ago that you can quietly skim and plunder by doing so every two weeks or so. But if the taxpaying population were to have no withholdings pilfered until tax time, and then had to cut a check there’d be rioting in the streets. They may be slimy but they aren’t always stupid.

    • Joe Stalin says:

      “Withhold Tax” was the idea of Milton Freeman to pay for World War II after Pearl Harbor. Wars are the impetus to grow governments without end, because there is ALWAYS a useless politician willing to spend someone else’s money after a war on anything and everything.

  2. Big T,
    Happy Tax day!!!
    here is an old but wonderful film that i like to watch around this time each year….


  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    On a seperate note Rory Reid Harrys equaily ugly son says Mr Bundy should be prosicuted Typical from a spoiled llittle rich eletists demacratic brat. Him and his rotten father both need to be banished from america we can do without these arrogant pompious peacocks who treat us ordinary birds with such distain

  4. jose emanuel says:

    Yes,get rid of the I.R.S.!They are the biggest crooks without masks this govt.could have.The parties,conventions,vacations ect.I understand that taxes keep municipalities functioning and,don’t mind paying my fair share.taking care of deadbeats,welfare,politicians stealing to take lavish vacations on our dime needs to end.I heard one politician state that what would happen to the I.R.S. employees, they wouldn’t have jobs.If he were standing in front of me I would be in jail for homicide.Flat tax, no refunds everyone pays a certain percentage. Even the deadbeats pay.NO MORE I.R.S. Find a candidate to run on abolishing the I.R.S. he has my vote.I almost forgot,no more bozo tactics.

  5. What does anyone think about a consumption tax?


    • BT I like it. The Tax Attorneys are the ones that don’t like any changes to the Tax system. The more complicated the better for them.

      • Nail on head! – Lord, I hope I live to see the day the IRS is abolished! The EPA too! I could go on and on and on…we are on the eve of destruction!

  6. Five years ago via the Tea Party: Sure wished this was still happening today!


  7. Since we pay tons of taxes on OCare, in more ways than one (my hubby’s check shows the new tax taken out each time)…check out what Dear Leader is doing now via the census. Please take a minute to read this:



    • I did notice the bottom 4-panel photo of O giving all Americans the middle-digit salute — back atcha bastid

    • Now that you remind me…I certainly do, in fact I posted about it somewhere back then. Sure glad you have that here again.

  8. …but wait, they found something new to tax!


  9. Hi BT we wrote those bastards from hell a check for right at 2thousand yesterday! That of course is on top of what they deduct all year long! Lord help anyone like us who may be late! Unlike “our elite educated bastards um i meant betters lol,They won’t be able to just pay it when and if it’s convenient.Oh no the IRS will take anything people like us have! Somethings got to give or it’s on!People have to be sick of all the corruption and hypocrisy!

    • We’re with ya gal. We had to write a heckuva four digit number too yesterday…irks me to no end that interest is included on top of it all to-boot. – This is out of control now…it has to end. This nation truly needs to rebel.

  10. Obamacare tax added to restaurant bills.


  11. How sweet…this will halt.


    Aren’t we lucky?

  12. This is very old so It’s my Dad’s fault. He used to play crazy stuff like this sometimes.


  13. Spurwing Plover says:

    No More american tax payers money to the United Nations or Foreign crinimal leaders or to pay for camel sculuptures or terrorists time to cut off all payment to the UN

  14. Bleeding the taxpayers…..body temperature just doubled…..


    AND this is only one state!!

  15. Murdering babies is Tax deductible.


  16. Don’t forget about the illegal aliens.


  17. You’ve gotta love the attached letter Rummy sent with his IRS info…


  18. She should be behind bars already!


    So should some in the DOJ as we all know. As well as plenty of senators involved in this from Whitehouse on down. Including some in the House like Cummings.

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  20. Angry White Boss says:

    “The world would be better if everyone drunk more Tea.” — AWB

  21. Spurwing Plover says:

    The Infernal Robbery Service in deserate need of demolision