The ‘Snake Oil‘ president decided to insert himself during the WH Daily Press Briefing a few days back. After-all, he never gets enough face time via the boob-tube dontcha know! And once again, the Liar in Chief told so many whoopers that it’s not one bit funny, let alone believable. Yet he gets away with all his lies via the water-carrying msm. – Infuriating to say the least!

One example of his water-carrying buddies in the press was blatant during this presser. He called-on some nit-wit leftist from Politico to ask the first softball question…talk about a set-up! And in aswer to the questions the dimwit asked, the liar from Chicagoland droned on and on and on with tons of lies with his response. It’s absurd…it’s mind-bending…it’s criminal!

BHO was born a liar, he remains a liar. Simple as that. – In the briefing below, he attacked republicans every chance he got. The community organizer acts as if he’s still on the campaign trail 24/7!

Anyway, see how many lies you can count during the briefing in this report:

Today in a White House press briefing, President Obama answered questions from reporters and touted the successes of ObamaCare.

He said, “We now know that the number of Americans who’ve signed up for private insurance in the marketplaces has grown to eight million people.”

For ObamaCare to be successful, young healthy people need to sign up to pay for the older sicker Americans who typically have higher health care costs. President Obama said that 35 percent of those people who applied under the federal marketplace are under the age of 35.

In total, the president said independent experts estimate that “millions of Americans who were uninsured have gained coverage this year, with millions more to come next year.”

President Obama was fired up when answering a question on making ObamaCare work. He maintained that there needs to be a constructive conversation between Republicans and Democrats about how to improve the law.

The president said Democrats should forcefully defend the fact that uninsured Americans now have health care thanks to their party and blasted what he called the GOP’s “fear-mongering.”

“This does frustrate me – states that have chosen not to expand Medicaid for no other reason than political spite. You got five million people who could be having health insurance right now at no cost to these states. Zero cost to these states other than ideological reasons, they have chosen not to provide health insurance for their citizens. That’s why. It should stop,” he said.

President Obama was asked about the tensions in Ukraine. He said the U.S. government will be consulting with European allies, adding that there are additional consequences in place that can be imposed on the Russians if the situation doesn’t improve.

“My hope is that we actually do see follow through over the next several days. But I don’t think given past performance that we can count on them and we have to be prepared to potentially respond to what continue to be efforts of interference by the Russians in eastern and southern Ukraine.”

President Obama clarified that military options are not on the table.

Commenting on immigration reform, the president wouldn’t give away timing of any new legislation.

He said his administration is open to working with Republicans on this issue, adding that the only way to fix the broken system is through congressional action.

“We have already tried to take as many administrative steps as we could. We’re going to review it one more time to see if there’s more that we can do to make it more consistent with […] the attitudes of the American people which is we shouldn’t be in the business necessarily of tearing families apart who otherwise are law-abiding.”

Now, trust me…I don’t expect you to watch all of this. It’s bad enough we have to see his face everyday, still…he told so many lies his nose should reach the moon by now:

Have at it…throw in your two-cents. – Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    Nice try Obama now tell us about the big one that got away

  2. the present administration is so god damn full of liars I can’t count that high…………..this liar needs a stint behind bars to loosen her nasty tongue so she can squeal like a pig and tell what she knows about how this administration conspired against ordinary American citizens………….

    Johnny Boehner can put this bitch behind bards without the Justice Dept. and Holder…..we don’t need Eric “my buddy” Holder what-so-ever to jail this lying-ass bitch…….all that needs to be done is for Johnny boy to grow some balls and jail the bitch and then this nasty bitch’s tongue will begin to sing a different tune……I guarantee she won’t be claiming the 5’th…………


    • BLUTO,

      I thought you would get a kick out of this article…….hang in there buddy hope you heal well and are released monday….


      • saw that earlier about that fat-assed bitch…….If it were me I’d refuse to attend graduation if I had to tlisten tto that lying bitch……….

        • jose emanuel says:

          Mark Levin had a reporter on his show the other night and she got hold of Miss liar’s emails.The report was about the emails sent to D.O.J. and how the I.R.S. could prosecute the Tea Party movement.Eri Holder was involved that’s why of corse he’s not investigating,and her digging found, it goes straight to you know who.That’s why the bitch took the fifth! This could topple obozo.Johnny better dam site do something, or else lock his ass up too.

      • I’m not Bluto…obviously. But I hope the petitions grows and grows. People are sick and tired of this couple inserting themselves whenever the deem it so…all for their agenda, and theirs alone.

        The suggestion given where she should go works for me. – Of course I have another suggestion to where she can go…but I have a feeling that goes without saying.

        • you got tath one right Big…..all she wants is a god damn photo-op….to promote her bullsh!t agenda……..these sh!theads never miss a trick………

          • Spot-on. Nary a trick one. What kills me about MS. Junk in the Trunk…she always acts like she’s exercising with kids somewhere for photo-ops via the msm. Yet, it’s obvious she never really does by the looks of what she carries around with her. And to top that off, what she’s deemed via her mandates when it comes to food labels via grocery stores, restaurants, school lunches is killing us in costs…changing what can be put in food products…and the kids at schools across this land are throwing the lousy crap out…and complaining about it all.

            Gawd…I despise these monarchs that live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. – Controlling bastids both of them. – And throw in Valerie Jarrett too.

            Transforming America one day at a time!

      • GadsdenFlagFlyer66 says:

        I thought I would give a go at writing the commencement speech for her.

        Ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls and racist white teabaggers,
        It’s an honor for you to have me here today. Did you eat your vegetables and drink your soy milk today? The milestone you have achieved by letting me speak here is something you will never forget. I want to congratulate you all on having me speak here today. Lucky for you, I let the racist white people attend too so the media will say how inclusive I am. Now that you have graduated and are heading towards serfdom to pay for my endless vacations, I want you to understand two very important things. Number one is obvious, sign up for Obamacare. Number two is a bit more lengthy. I want, therefore, you work. And drink lots of water.
        Now on to more pressing matters. Have you noticed how awesome me and Barak are as a couple? I mean even though he’s gay and I’m a lesbian man. You should also be aware of how many black students are not attending this graduation. We need to address this problem right away by lowing standards for graduation and attendance. We can fix this problem right away if you greedy racists will just send in the remainder of your income that we haven’t taxed YET. Changing standards doesn’t cost anything but I’m a democrat, so we will figure out a way to put a price tag on it. For those of you attending, donate a $1000.00 to Obama for Amerika and I will have my body double take a selfie with you. Mama Robinson needs some new jewelry and a few more staff members so please give freely and we won’t have to confiscate it. I also cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to worship me and Chicago Jesus. If you can’t do this willingly then of course, your a racist. You know when we visited Barry’s home country of Kenya, we saw starving kids everywhere. It instilled in me how badly I needed to get away from those little mongrels and head over to Red Lobster. We need you to help feed those kids because they all looked so jealous, while we dined in front of them on more food than they see in a year. You can send those checks to OFA, we will make sure a democrat candidate that cares, gets the money. In closing, guns are bad, white people suck, I’ve never been proud of my country and can I get some fresh drawn butter for my lobster? We have also provided snacks in the other room. There is raw soy beans, fresh arugula and parsnips. Please limit yourselves to only 2oz, let’s move!
        Ok, thank you for realizing your graduation is all about me. I’m off to Vail to ski before we head over to Hawaii for a well deserved vacation. White people get to work so you can pay for more affirmative action to produce more people like me and Barry. (to secret service: “Does my ass make this dress look big?”) (secret service agents response: “I’m kind of busy screwing a foreign hooker.”)

    • Bluto…

      You know the cry baby leader of the House isn’t going to do that…he has no balls.

  3. Here’s tons of lies…442 of them!


    …and check this one, this speaks volumes about the shape the dems are in.


    • if Obongo did have a real recovery going he would have to sabotage it…….how could he put millions on “welfare” if there was a real recovery….he couldn’t….they would all be getting jobs and contributing to society instead of mooching off of it…….Obongo’s goal is to force Americans into dependency and servitude to the federal behemoth………he doesn’t give a sh!t about us……his only goal is to grow the god damn oppressive leviathan……….

  4. Speaking of liars! – Cherokee Nation…


    • BT this is a good video about Elizabeth Warren.


    • GadsdenFlagFlyer66 says:

      Fauxcahontis on her whirlwind book tour, promoting another Bill Ayers best-seller. Elizabeast Warren, Hillary and Bubba Clinton, Barry Soetoro, Elijah Cummings, Mary Landrieu, Babs Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and Sheila Jackson Lee have all complained recently about the polling numbers on ‘trust in government’. Don’t forget, each and every one of these incendiary lying machines claimed that Mitt Romney was dishonest and a liar. You could waterboard everyone of these ‘civil servants’ (oops puked a little) and you wouldn’t get the truth. They have been lying so much for so long, they don’t even know what the truth is anymore. However, they are certain that America sucks, and it needs to be ‘fundamentally transformed’ into the communist utopia their college professors promised them it could be. Not a single one of them has ever had a job that didn’t involve receiving a tax-payer funded paycheck. (Outside of writing books about their taxpayer funded job) Everything our founding fathers warned us about and enshrined in a document on hemp, after eight years of deliberation, has come to fruition. If this doesn’t frustrate you beyond all measure, your not shopping at the right gun store!

  5. the lies just don’t stop….they get caught lying and then they turn right around and lie more and then continue to tell more lies……..it just doesn’t stop…….even when they get caught………


    • It’s Rahm, it’s Chicagoland…what else would one expect?

      • jose emanuel says:

        The mayor in Balto. city (Another stupid bitch) said.”the shootings and killings in the city don’t effect the average citizen”That makes me feel real safe walking down the street knowing the YO’S aren’t shooting at me.Just another dumacrat!

    • Yep…that Fox poll speaks the truth. The rest of the msm is ignoring it. Let them…we have an election coming up…the people will speak the truth. (At least I hope they do.)

  6. BT ihave not read the post yet, but i will. I just wonder what is going on with posting or even getting to this website! I usually have to try 3 or 4 times to get here without oops google yadda yadda please try again. Oh well i always will lol!

    • Heck Kathy…I don’t know. The site was crazier than hell yesterday…but working fine today on my end. So…I just don’t have any answer to help your questions out. Maybe someone else knows…or has suggestions.

      I’m certainly glad you kept on trying, love your much needed input here…that’s for sure.

      • jose emanuel says:

        Just posted comment.What’s happening?

        • jose………

          it’s fuking up again…..just happened to me too……

          • Well, guess I missed all the problems on the site again. My power went out last night after posting that to KathyP.

            At least my power came back on about five this morning….and so far I’m not having any problem with the site. – Sure hope others aren’t either.

            Happy Easter everyone.

  7. Lawdy oh lawdy…….the site must be under attack by the Mooch monster….


    Run for ya lives…..hide da bacon…and small children….


    • That picture proves Lar’s theory nicely.
      After crashing the economy, and almost destroying the republic, Barry and his evil henchmen attempt to remain in power by nefarious means and are booted from office in the ‘Common Sense Uprising’ of 2015 when the American people finally become united in: hating everything Obama.
      The final straw was the discovery and publication of Obama’s private journals, which outline the communist agenda and their use of the Global Warming hoax to enslave the American people to Agenda 21.
      “The Great Scouring” ensues for the next ten years when the Obama couple, finding no refuge on the surface of the planet take to the Underground. And there, over millennia evolve into the Worlock race, living as cannibal parasites of the Eloi in the future world.
      To be vanquished by Me as soon as its my turn to use the Time Machine again

  8. GadsdenFlagFlyer66 says:

    Big Timer,
    Just from your writing of the dialogue, I count 14, in 13 paragraphs. I must confess, I didn’t watch the video, I have heard him speak enough to last me a lifetime. I also didn’t count the lie, that he refers to himself as President Obama. Isn’t is Soetero? In his defense though, most of the illegal immigrants I encounter, lie about their identity.

    Expecting the media to hold him to account is laughable at best. We have better odds of seeing them wash his feet at a mosque, than to call him out for lying. They have proved themselves to be teenage girls at a One Direction concert, fawning over his every breath. It really is disgusting. I’m certain this kind of coverage is exactly what Benjamin Franklin had in mind when he lobbied for a fourth estate to keep government accountable. It makes me throw up in my mouth a little, just saying that. Even the very few exceptions to the ‘rule’ like Ed Henry and Brit Hume tread lightly in fear of reprisals. With the way the White House and it’s accolades have treated ordinary citizens who speak out, with audits and visits from the NLRB, EPA, OSHA, DOJ, ATF and an endless alphabet of other organizations, it’s not really a surprise. With the commie oppressors at the helm, I’m actually surprised by how much information we are able to obtain. Maybe Pravda will make a come-back. Maybe they already have. Keep up the great posts.

  9. Hi BT I read the post.I as well have a hard time with the out and out lies and spin! Today,talking to a relative i love,he’s 79 and is a die hard dem.Everthing i brought up from gay marriage to illegal immigration he was completly against! Then i said “Well what do you think about Obama now”? Sad to say his response was /I had bought into conspiracy theories.I do know this BT,all i can do is pray and then just stand!

  10. Angry White Boss says:

    Ugh! Lies! Endless lies! Nobody magically got insurance off of his crappy scam! And to call it “Obamacare”? Talk about self service!

  11. CBS news is touting Elizabeth Warren this morning as a presidential candidate…….a nice expose on how she is a fighter for the small people and she only thinks of us and how she can help the middle class……..CBS is making sure she gets shown as a middle class “warrior” and has been all her life because we should know that she experienced a time when her father lost his job and the family lost their family “station wagon”……………

    awwwwwhhhhhhhh……I’m all upset…..they lost the family station wagon…..see how middle class she is…………………

    and don’t you ever think we have forgotten about this you lying-ass bitch…………………


    CBS cn go to hell and so can Elizabeth Warren………………….lying-ass bastards……..you can shove your propaganda up your ass sideways……….

    and you can stick the family station wagon up your ass…….ya got me bitch………


  12. CBS news is touting Elizabeth Warren this morning…….a nice expose on how she is a fighter for the small people and she only thinks of us and how she can help the middle class……..CBS is making sure she gets shown as a middle class “warrior” and has been all her life because we should know that she experienced a time when her father lost his job and the family lost their “station wagon”……………

    awwwwwhhhhhhhh……I’m all upset…..they lost the family station wagon…..see how middle class she is…………………

    and don’t you ever think we have forgotten aobut this you lying-ass bitch…………………


    CBS cn go to hell and so can Elizabeth Warren………………….lying-ass bastards……..

    • Bluto…

      Did you check out the two posts magnum and myself had about the lying witch yesterday in this thread.

      Scroll up aways, I posted about her right under one of your posts at 9:33, then magnum had a priceless post under mine. If you don’t catch magnums vid….you don’t know what ya missed. It’ll have you or anyone else laughing!

      • yes I did see that when it was posted….laughed my ass off at that vid…….I like the wanted posters too…..

        • Good…I thought you’d get a kick out of it…especially being in the joint and all.

          Hope you’re have as good as an Easter as you can my friend. – Tomorrow is your release day last you heard…let us know when you do.

  13. Spurwing Plover says:

    Move over Pinnocio,Barron Munchuasen theres a new liar in town


    10. He strengthened international friendship and cooperation between patriots who cling to their guns, religion and integrity.

    9. The increased international awareness of government spying results from violation of human rights and privacy laws committed by the Obama administration.

    8. By constantly insulting our values and stealing our liberties he made us realise how much we care for our faith and tradition. The threats to our lifestyle are forcing us to become more determined and forceful.

    7. He helped humanity become aware of devaluation of Nobel Peace Prize.

    6. Thanks to the overdose of gay propaganda he established a solid base on which to build gay bashing.

    Side effect 1: Gushing over the openly gay couples, yet refusing comments on his own ambiguous past associations he facilitated the spread of rumours about his own sexuality.

    Side effect 2: He makes Vladimir Putin look even more macho.

    5. His perpetual boasting and phantasms of omnipotence shifted into a very efficient public awareness campaign against malignant narcissism. Obama helped to persuade not only mental health professionals but ordinary citizens that Narcissistic Personality Disorder should not disappear from Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

    4. Bowing to foreign leaders, making confusing and exceedingly arrogant statements he managed to convince millions of people around the world that we need to put the genie back into the bottle. Obama caused that entire nations have a more suspicious and hostile attitude to Islam and we will think twice before electing officials who act like servants of a foreign supremacy.

    3. He proved that wussy bureaucrats make bad military leaders and are harmful to our security interests. The Commander in Chief should both earn and deserve this honourable title. By neglecting veterans and persecuting soldiers he made us aware how much we respect them and how much we owe them.

    2. He excavated dangerous ideologies; reminding us they proved harmful to humanity and made us want to eradicate them. He brought to light the grotesque features of political correctness and we are less likely to fall into the trap of laxity and permissiveness.

    1. As a result of his disastrous leadership we came to the realisation that an incompetent and socially irresponsible president should be dismissed like any bad manager. He reminded us that we have the right to demand accountability from our leaders, and an obligation to limit their power if the prime duty to serve and protect turns into a licence to harm.

    Side effect 1: Association with Obama brought his European allies record unpopularity and riots.

    Side effect 2: We love Donald Trump’s: “You are fired!”

  15. it is just a matter of time before they get what the deserve.

    • I hope you are right…more than you know.

      • jose emanuel says:

        It just cannot continue like this much longer.I mean one lie after another. Snowballing so big it’s bound to get out of control.When it does I think some people are going to wake up dead.If I were Louis lane I would watch my back because she doesn’t know who she is dealing with.Theese people will stop at nothing to hold on to there power and, they feel she is a threat well…….

  16. The IRS is STILL going after conservative groups. – Infuriating that they keep getting away with.