AWD’s grandmother used to say “where there ain’t no fools, there ain’t no fun!” Well, you can extend that “no fun” part to include anywhere where libtarded feminists abide! They just can’t be satisfied if anyone around them is having a little fun. The reason? Because most feminists are miserable because they are mostly lebanese bufforillas and hate straight curvy hot babes and cool hombres out for a few laughs.

A UNC Tarhole female student (probably majoring in African American Studies like the entire UNC student-athlete population) got upset at a Chapel Hell bar recently because the DJ played a song by Robin Thicke called “Blurred Lines.” Apparently the song is about date rape.

According to The Wire:

On Saturday night, University of North Carolina student Liz Hawryluk asked the DJ at a local haunt, Fitzgerald’s Irish Pub, to stop playing Robin’s Thicke “Blurred Lines,” because it “triggers” victims of sexual assault. After Hawryluk spoke out about the incident on social media, Fitzgerald’s fired the DJ.

What do you wanna bet the DJ had also been playing rap songs all night that deal with screwing ho’s and shooting homies and such before Mssss Hawryluk got her little lebanese boxers in a twist over Blurred Lines? Imagine that! A college DJ playing one of the most popular songs of the year at a bar!! He’s obviously a conservative, racist teabagger who actively participates in the “War on Women!” Obviously, he should have worked in a few Indigo Girls tunes to keep the flannel shirted fem-tards at bay.

Disclaimer. AWD likes the song Blurred Lines. I had no idea what the song was about because I never really listened to the words. I just shake my butt to it on the dance floor at a few hangouts around Dallas. All I know about the lyrics is the “hey hey hey” part (which I can sing pretty damn well) and “you’re the hottest b*tch in this place” line (which I don’t sing because I’m a gentleman). I had no idea about the date rape stuff until I was told about it by a young lovely a few weeks ago when I was pouring booze down her throat. Hell, if I want to listen to lyrics, it will be Leonard Cohen and not Alan Thicke’s kid.

Here’s the song and video. You be the judge. I don’t know about y’all but AWD thinks that brunette in the video is very ugly!

Catchy tune. Hell, I do like it and I don’t care what some lebanese bufforilla blue scumbelly feminist from Carolina says!

So Mssss Hawryluk has taken it upon herself to monitor and censor what the students at that godfersaken hellhole of a waste of tax and tuition dollars can listen to while hoisting a few chilly ones after cheating on mid-terms! Why would she do that? Here’s her answer:

“Fundamentally, all I was aiming to do is to create a safe space in the Carolina community. In a lot of ways, violent or graphic images that allude to sexual violence are triggers.”

Right! You getting the DJ fired will protect the virtue of every female UNC Tarhole student…most of whom have been having sex since 4th grade. And college kids listening to hip hop haven’t heard any suggestive lyrics dealing with violent or graphic images in their little communist lives?! What a maroon!

AWD couldn’t find a photo of Miss Party Pooper but my guess is she has a grill that would require a date rape drug for her to get any flippy floppy….for the guy!

Here was a DJ just playing popular tunes like he was hired to do and was fired because some ugly, lebanese bufforilla who couldn’t rent a date (with a boy) sets out to save the women of UNC by censoring a song that everyone had already heard a thousand times! Yep, sounds like the Tarholes!

Liberals, they just can’t leave anyone alone! They have to tell you how to live your life by their whacked-out standards! Hell with that! Hey hey hey!

Hey, Miss Carolina Busybody…you the biggest b*tch in the place! Leave the fun for the fun people. Don’t you have a rock throwing event against the Right To Life Student Association to attend? Carolina students! You either hate them or hate them!

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    Wouldnt you like to get canned some liberal DJ who plays annoying liberal songs like JUNKFOOD JUNKIE,DOG & BUTTERFLY,AGE of AQUARIUS and BIG YELLOW TAXI? on some all day marathon

  2. I find this song Blurred lines offensive too, not because it triggers date rape, but because it completely sucks.

    Not only should the DJ have been fired but he should of had his ass kicked just for playing it in public

    Like I always says, a song/video really sucks when the parody is better


    As far as Liz goes she is a miserable bitch who will most likely keep her F@#ked up last name her entire life. If she does happen to find a broke, out of work DJ to marry, I’m sure she will hyphenate her last name.

    Some people just ain’t happy unless they’re spreading misery and wallowing in it.

    And AWD I am becoming very suspicious of some of your professed activities like…

    “Disclaimer. AWD likes the song Blurred Lines. I had no idea what the song was about because I never really listened to the words. I just shake my butt to it on the dance floor”

    Now please take yourself hog hunting and pay 3 days penance in your tree stand. I expect 1 dead hog, 2 dead coyotes, and a dozen dead jack rabbits. You’ll get extra credit for manliness if you eat a dead rattlesnake slow roasted in a Dakota fire hole.

  3. I tried to pronounce this woman`s name while eating a Saltine cracker and damn near choke to death..
    She is probably the way she is because not even a pimple faced freshman with Carolina Blue balls will screw her…..as for the song ..not my cup of tea …but each to his own as the man said when he kissed the mule`s ass.

  4. Mz Liz might not wanna shop at this clothing store, I hear the layaway plan is pretty rough.


  5. Who can take a song seriously which asks the burning question “What rhymes with ‘hug me'”?

    As for the video itself. Worst “Simply Irresistible” imitation, ever!

  6. AWD tries a new password!

    Always choose a memorable password

    A lady helps her husband install a new computer
    Once it is completed, she tells him to select a password,

    selecting a word that he’ll always remember.
    As the computer asks him to enter it
    he looks at his wife and with a macho gesture and a wink in his eye, he selects a word:


    As he hits “enter”, to validate the selection,
    his wife collapses with laughter and rolls on the floor in hysteria!!

    The computer had replied:


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  8. inagadadavida says:

    From the video it looks like this song is just about miscegenation. Complete with the “shuffle-step, shuffle-step” beat that says “white boy can’t dance, got no rhythm” when it’s just a lame tune.

    I do like the brunette, though.

  9. Angry White Boss says:

    That filly needs to get a life, and get out of everyone else’s.

  10. Date rape isn’t something to be made fun of. It’s horrible and perverted. Jesus said in Mathew that if a man even looks at a woman to lust after her then he is guilty of adultery let alone raping a woman.
    Angry white dude and other commenters on here that like date rape, I’m not a liberal, but a conservative Christian. The Bible says that if we don’t condemn sin, then we are just as guilty the person engaging in it.
    That dj should be ashamed. Please check out rabbi Yehuda Levin on the dangers of listening to fowl music and watching porn.