Women's Health Hero

Move over, Wendy Davis–there’s a new Women’s Health Hero in town!

Call in NOW, Planned Parenthood, the DNC, and other assorted leftist goons—racist, right-wing teabaggers are at it again, trying to oppress poor wittle womyn and make it illegal for them to practice reproductive healthcare!

Apparently holistic health expert Megan Huntsman took the home-birthing cum “women’s health” movement to its logical conclusion and avoided nasty “women’s health” clinics like Dr. Gosnell’s, opting instead to perform the “women’s health” procedures herself in her own home. In fact, she appears to have been infinitely more orderly about the process than the aforementioned Gosnell, as she organized the more-than-partially-birthed “women’s health” quite nicely in their own shoeboxes and arranged them neatly in her garage.

But, of course, the hate-filled, violent, neo-Nazi right-wing extremists want to charge her for murder. Hah. As if she killed human beings or something. Note to Islamophobic, nativist knuckle-draggers: those were just lifeless lumps of tissue! You’re just trying to hurt defenseless womyn because you’re sexist, patriarchal, misogynistic, chauvinistic pigs!

Why do you wingnut teabaggers hate women so much?

Here’s the story: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/utah-woman-arrested-7-dead-babies-found-article-1.1755428

“Facing multiple counts of murder”—can you believe it?! Ladies, let’s get over to Utah and let them know that this male oppression will not stand!

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  1. Red…

    Just watched a report about this murdering nutcase via the boob-tube. People like her make my blood boil.

    • Hi, This is sickening. Beyond belief. What is going on in this world. A baby is a gift from God. My gorgeous 2 year old Granddaughter is here now. Sleeping. She is our little angel. So many nut jobs in this sick world. God help us.

    • Hi, Go to The Blaze. See story Britain’s Got Talent. 79 year old woman dancing. Will make your day! Joy x

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    Planned Parenthood the #1 Killer of the innocent get that into your thick cement heads liberal dip-wads its not the NRA you ignoramuses its the leftists,athiests demacRATS as well need to be hit over the nogin witha mallet q few times?

  3. Red,
    I think about the mind set of this sick woman and how easily she carried out this disgusting crime ..then I think about those snipers at the Bundy ranch and what they were thinking as they took aim at fellow Americans…..the sickness of our Congress and globalist that wish to hold us under tyranny….
    so many libtard thinking scum that would do us harm if given the chance….
    No I have no problem standing up for my rights and calling them out …I am at war for my family ..my friends my country …..enough is enough….I will fight them till I am long dead and expose them all I can….may God embrace those poor babies and give them rest..

  4. Out of all the things that go on in America murdering innocent babies is the most evil. This bitch is just frickin crazy but when you have a culture that actually fights for the right to kill the unborn by the millions it’s Satanic and America will be judged by God.


    • And people have the nerve to have bumper stickers saying “God Bless America.”

      I once had one on my minivan saying “America: Bless God.” Got it from Repent America. That’s the group that had 11 arrested for protesting at a poofter-pride parade in Killadelphia.

    • it’s Satanic and America will be judged by God.

      magnum, I think we ARE already being judged by God

      Romans 1:28

      New International Version (NIV)
      28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done.

  5. Spurwing Plover says:

    Liberals have bumper stcikers reading SAVE THE REDWOODS and KEEP ABORTION LEGAL

  6. Is this “woman” for real?

  7. Red when you get a little extra time have a couple Martinis and some Froglegs.


    • Crusading Conservative says:

      Magnum, I watched this, and the abortion segment sure did sit heavily with me. When the one man points out to that idiot woman, that the baby on the table is now the patient, and the woman clearly had never considered that – seeing that just made me realize (again) how wide the chasm is between liberals and conservatives, and I just don’t see any common ground. These people really have no respect for human life, unless it’s the life of a convicted murderer on death row.

      A sad state of affairs, when we have hearings to determine what the procedure is when a baby survives a botched abortion.

  8. Im sorry, but can you people just discuss this without the need to bring up god? a woman should have the right for an abortion if the circumstances are necessary. How would you feel if you were forced to keep the baby of you’re rapist? how would you feel if you were still a teenager and had to take on the responsibilities of parenthood? raising a child may be a beautiful thing, but when you’re young, naive, alone and without income it can destroy lives, more than just the unborn babies.
    think about that before you start spouting out shit about these women being children from ‘Satan’ you insensitive pigs.

    • Crusading Conservative says:

      1) ‘you people’??
      2) We bring up God because we believe in God.
      3) This article isn’t about a ‘necessary circumstance’.
      4) It’s ‘your’, not ‘you’re’ rapist, and no one is advocating forcing a woman to keep a baby conceived in rape; however, I believe the statistics of a rape conception are low … most rapists use condoms, given that their DNA can be used as evidence. Also, there is the morning after pill to prevent the pregnancy … the rape argument is sort of wearing thin.
      5) Personal responsibility, and birth control, can eliminate the majority of teenage pregnancies … killing your child out of convenience to correct your mistake isn’t really a good solution. If you’re not ready to take on the responsibilities of parenthood, you’re not ready to take on the responsibilities of responsible sex.
      6) I must have missed the reference to women who have abortions being ‘children from Satan’…
      7) If you think us all insensitive pigs, why do you spend time on this blog?

    • sasha check the abortion clock I posted in my first comment. It will give you the rape statistics.

    • sasha…

      You’re missing quite a few braincells.