What’s fair and balanced about this?


Here we go again! When it comes to ‘Education 101’ the race-card is being used on this campus in another blue state, this one is on the west coast. Wished we could be surprised by news like this…but anymore these days, it’s to be expected. In fact, you can count on it!

Folks, I don’t know about any of you, but you can color me disgusted with all this bullsh!t…I’ve had my fill! See if you are as well after you read this report and watch a video below:

A school-wide questionnaire at Western Washington University (WWU) asked the community “How do we make sure that in future years ‘we are not as white as we are today?’”

The question, released through the communications and marketing department’s daily newsletter Western Today, comes on the heels of admonishments given in multiple convocation addresses by WWU President Bruce Shepard for the university’s “failure” to be less white.

“Every year, from this stage and at this time, you have heard me say that, if in decades ahead, we are as white as we are today, we will have failed as university,” Shepard said in the 2012 speech.

And in a recent blog post on WWU’s website, Shepard echoes these sentiments, saying those who do not agree “have not thought through the implications of what is ahead for us or, more perniciously, assume we can continue unchanged.”

“In the decades ahead, should we be as white as we are today, we will be relentlessly driven toward mediocrity; or, become a sad shadow of our current self,” he wrote.

WATCH: President Bruce Shepard base success on the color of the students and not the content of the curriculum. – See if what he says doesn’t set your hair on fire!

The six question survey, inspired by Shepard, is meant to combat a recent decline in Washington high school graduation numbers, the pool from which the university draws 90 percent of its students.

The university has already replaced standard performance reviews with sensitivity training and hosts workshops to better serve undocumented students. WWU also provides literature on how to better “recruit and retain faculty and staff of color.”

Campus Reform talked briefly to a spokesperson from the university who was hesitant to offer clarification to the controversial questionnaire.

There are a lot of links inside the report above, including the six question survey. If interested, just click the link provided.

Ahh yes…isn’t diversity just friggin’ wonderful?

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. I am white and proud of it. This must be taught to all whites and white children. We are literally the salt of the earth. Where whites do not live the area is usually a pig-sty. We must not allow this government to trash our race anymore. We must not allow this government’s schools to slander whites anymore. We must not send or kids to a college like WWU that does not appreciate white people and thinks that 3rd world students are superior. I am tired of all of this diversity. All diversity has done is given the democrats a platform to divide the nation. Diversity weakens a nation. Diversity is NOT “our strength” like their lying commercial says. The Left in American want us watered down with colored races because it weakens us and the know White people are not going to take their abuse forever like others will. This is not your government. If you hate this government then you are a patriot. No more diversity. No more diversity.

  2. Diversity has all but screwed this nation totally up…and yet we allow it more and more…we have given the highest offices in the land to them and they have failed and proven to be the worst in history..and still we whites sit on our ass and allow it…we have no one to blame but ourselves for not standing up for the white race.


  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    Then they dont need white money from tax payer whites i say cut these universities and collages off by 100% No More for You Scumballs

  4. As I’ve said before, these liberal lemmings can’tr wait to commit cultural suicide!

    On a happier note: with a little ray of sunshine:

    Rapper cuts off own penis, jumps from building

    By Kevin Rutherford

    Andre Johnson, a Los Angeles-based rapper affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan, is critically injured after jumping off a two-story balcony in what appears to be a suicide attempt after reportedly cutting off his own penis.

    According to TMZ, Johnson, aka Christ Bearer, was found by law enforcement on the sidewalk outside a North Hollywood apartment at around 1 a.m. early this morning (April 16). He was transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center upon his discovery.


  5. Ain’t nothin wrong with being a Dirty White Boy!


  6. Well gee, Shep, you want a less white university, how about this:

    1. Provide a free ride for all minority students. The white students will take up the financial slack.

    2. Start to provide more fluff classes such as African American studies, women’s studies, etc.

    3. Give immediate tenure to all professors of color, and let them teach whatever the want regardless of the course curriculum.

    4. Let it be known that any minority found in violation of campus rules will be immediately given a passing grade due to the hardships endured by his/her race.

    5. Let it be known that any white found in violation of campus rules will be immediately expelled, with local LE being called in so it goes on his/her permanent record.

    6. Double minority professors salaries and cut the white professors salaries in half.

    Just these six moves will ensure that your university will be less white within a semester. Of course, the university will obviously and eventually decline in scholastic merit, but that doesn’t matter, as long as you are politically correct and diverse, right?

    • JMV…


      • Just trying to do my share, BigT, so that our colored cousins like Knowledge can have the opportunity to receive a decent edumacation.

        • Job well done.

          Btw…I get so sick and tired of trolls like Knowledge never commenting on any new blog posts that has to do with race and race card being played by their prez and the likes of Holder etc. Instead, they stay on the same old year or two year old threads. I’m just sick of all the gutless wonders.

          • Yeah, they are all abject cowards, but sometimes they sure can be fun to play with. There are days when I’m looking for an argument, and they supply the sounding board. It’s just too bad that they can’t provide me with a GOOD argument when I want one.

    • You left out Number 7

      7. Bruce Shepard resigns immediately and gives his job to this guy


  7. Spurwing Plover says:

    The pluague of Multi-Culteralism

  8. Yep,
    they screw things up we bail em out……..here comes another one………………………….



    • Heard about that news early this morning via talk-radio. Where the hell the pretender in chief thinks he’s going to free up a cool million is simply amazing…this nation is over it’s head in big brother debt now. He makes me puke…not a day goes by that he and his team don’t.

  9. Here’s WWU’s diverse faculty.


  10. I am so ashamed…..I’m white and now I am ashamed of being a white man…….but what can I do about it……I don’t want to be a white man anymore…..maybe I can paint my skin and not be whtie……it’s so racist……my whiteness shows just how racist I am……..and I am very white so that means I am really racist………

    the girl of my dreams is white so I am ashamed to say that she must be racist as well……she must be the most racist white girl in the entire world because she is so white……I really don’t want to have leave her because she is white and is such a racist but I have to…….how can I stay with a white woman that is nothing but a racist bitch…..

    there are just too many white people…..all these racists running around really usepts me……my whitreness is a sin…..I’m a sinner…..that’s right…..I must be a sinner becasue I’m so white and the girl of my dreams is a sinner because she is the whitest girl I know……….once you see her picture I’m sure you will look away in disgust because she is so white and her racism is so apparent to all that look upon her……..

    you racist bitch………………..


    • LMAO…

      So many of you guys are cracking me up to today with your sarcasm and humor today. – Much appreciated, much needed too!

      Btw…the gal of your dreams is as pure as the white driven snow!

    • Bluto,

      lmao….i like your girl..even if she is white …I am a sinner white scum myself…hell I will try to do better …heck even my hootie owl here is white..damn…..racist ass bird….but i can not help being white ..I once had blue balls from lack of sex does that count ??
      I know i will hold my breath till i turn blue……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………damn I passed out…..hell now my nose is blood red and my eyes are black…
      ya think i could get an Obama phone now?


      • I don’t think so jigg……you just seem to be too white……no amount of smacking your balls into a brick wall to make them change color will help you….you’re just too racist…..

        so no Obama phone for you…………your punishment for being a racist is to have to work for a living, pay taxes, and let others sit home and watch Jerry Springer all day long……..that’s your punishment for being a racist white man…….you have to work………


    • Bluto,

      Shame on you, you racist bastid. Lusting after an evil white racist female, don’t you know that you are supposed to be lusting after the nations black pearls? Pearls such as Orca Winfrey, Whoopie Goldberg, the First Wookie, Star Jones, and even that most stunningly beautiful Racial Jenteal?

      You had better straighten up and fly right, or I’m going to have to inform on you to the IRS, and have them do an up-your-ass audit on you.

      I have taken pity on the other readers here by NOT posting photos of the lovely black pearls mentioned above. Besides, Jigg, or that evil racist Magnum probably will anyway….

      And where the hell is Lazlo? Did Lars snap and kill him in his sleep?

      • JMV I think Red has Laz locked away somewhere forcing him to do artwork under the threat of death. Or at least great bodily harm.

        • Lol….I’ve been eagearly waiting to see some of that artwork.

          Btw..where the heck have Red and AWD disappeared to? – And to think, I’m not supposed to post too many new blog posts. Dang…when no one else is here during the day, into the evening…what can it hurt?

          • BT I say post away it’s a free for all when AWD isn’t around to scold us. lol

          • Believe me, I wished I could…especially when my hubby is gone for more than a month at a time on his job. There are tons of topics I read everyday I’d love to blog post about. At least want to get three in a day before going to bed. But, I must abide the Dude’s wishes.

          • I think Red and AWD are off to a spa in either NYC or Austin, having a treatment, and mutual moisturizing sessions. And maybe purse shopping.

            I still think Lars Luthor has hatched an evil and heinous plan that involves doing genetic experiments on Lazlo in his basement laboratory.

          • JMV you might be right about Lars.


          • Yeah BT I know, I’m sure it’s expensive for AWD to have such an awesome site. I give some when I can as most of the regulars do. Maybe we need to come up with some sort of contest to raise some Extra $ to help out with the bandwidth.

  11. Joe Stalin says:

    Maybe the real question is exactly what are you going to university for? Most people DON’T belong in college. Period. We’ve allowed the education-industrial complex to milk parents out of outrageous amounts of money and to waste the early years of young adults who just aren’t cut out to be college material.

    “Specifically: When College Board researchers defined “college readiness” as the SAT score thatis associated with a 65 percent chance of getting at least a 2.7 grade point average in college during the freshman year, and then applied those criteria (hardly demanding in an era of soft courses and grade inflation) to the freshmen in a sample of 41 major colleges and universities, the threshold “college readiness” score was found to be 1180 on the combined SAT math and verbal tests. It is a score that only about 10 percent of American 18-year-olds would achieve if they all took the SAT, in an age when more than 30 percent of 18-year-olds go to college.”


    Steve Sailer states that Caltech doesn’t much care for Affirmative Action. I guess that being white is alright if you can make the grades.

    Bill Gates expends MILLIONS on his Bill Gates Scholarships for Blacks and Hispanics. Maybe whites should be asking what all this educational funding is doing to help them?

    As far as I can tell, all this higher education spending is simply causing the Universities and educators to feather their nests at the rest of society’s expense. After all, exactly WHY should tuition rises greatly exceed inflation?

    • As always your post is spot on via my viewfinder in life. You summation at the end says it all too. I was looking for a report I saw about all of this while having my morning coffee to post here for you and others, but can’t find it at the moment. Anyway…your summation was what it was about.

  12. mark levin is on fire …..wow, he’s telling it like it is……………….

  13. well hell maybe we should just pay these black folk off….it would be sort like this….



  14. Chante…………..where are you…..what’s the matter don’t you have an opinion on the matter……c’mon post what you really think on this article……………

    • Love ya Bluto!

      Btw….I asked her the same question down on the last blog post here about TW Shannon too.


      • blacks are cowards……..typical of the blacks …..post something and then run and hide………she’s reading these posts without answering any of us….she is still here reading these posts…..but is refusing to comment……..they all say we want a conversation on race and when they get that conversation they run away……….

        • Right you are. They always ignore the new comments about the Knock-Out assualts, or anything to do with their messiah Obama….and his sidekick Holder too. They depend on others going to them on very old threads. It makes me pull out my barf-bag. I am sick of these gutless wonders.

          • Biggy………

            if they would post on newer threads they would be surprised just how tolerant of different views we are…….and I mean completely opposite views……but they run and hide…..can’t be seen on the so called “white people” web-site……the truth is their sites are no way as much fun as this site is………

          • You said it all…never looked at it that way. Nevertheless…I tire of their BS!

        • Bluto,
          Cowards is right …I pulled just one of 1000`s of links i have to their crap……notice the smiles too…

          no sir I will bash em every time they troll and attack my friends

          fuk em



          • Some of you might have noticed chante comments on one of the old post …I responded as nicely as i could ..he seems to think we are all racist and stupid..his words…
            I tried to explain most of us do not think all blacks are bad and invited him to join in on newer post…..I place these links here to give him an idea of why many of us have chosen not to hang with black folk too much…….



            this is my last effort for him…if you read those post of his on the old blogs you will see why.


          • jigg…

            I’m curious to check your links out in just a bit. I have to get outside and do a few things.

            Btw…I made up my mind last night I am no longer paying attention to any troll on those old threads…period. They are not worth one single response. They should be ignored.

            Don’t feed the trolls comes to mind for me in this case.

  15. unless…..

    YT is paying the bills…….

    Bizzaro World………you just can’t make this $hit up.

    • jose emanuel says:

      It’s not right to be white!So does this mean I will have to get a suntan because, maybe just maybe I will be accepted as a person of color and diversity.where do these assholes come up with this sh!t?He want’s diversity ah.Well Mexico is just booming with prosperity,that they can’t cross the border fast enough to get back there and,the yo’s are just darlings to have around shooting, killing, pregnant at age 13, neighborhoods look like Beirut.Yea they really know how to live and, the esteemed colleagues jesse, al, farakoon,holder,You love the diversity so much, you pay for them.Then when you are walking down the street they can slit your throat!!You f@#king moron!Whoever said this is the lost generation is right.

  16. I’m FIERCELY proud of my WASP heritage, and am teaching my two sons to be likewise. After all, what’s the ONE race which created this country, and Western Civilization, for that matter?

  17. Spurwing Plover says:

    Repeal Affermative Action cut off all funding for Western Washington Uninersity

    • That’s an excellent one to throw in here. Black Student Unions etc are the problem. The conclusion to this report says it all for me.

      Btw…the whining by this gal is sickening! – What part of you didn’t qualify and fail don’t they understand?