Today, a guy named Sean commented on the page and wrote,

“You right,personally I do hate all of you,can’t stand you, what do you expect,from the way you devils treat us,thanks”

With what’s going on in Ferguson, AWD thought I’d repost this. In six years, this post has received more comments than any other we’ve written. Mostly, the comments from black people echoed the words of Sean that they do indeed hate white people. I thank them for their honesty.

Today, Eric Holder said he is going to Ferguson not only as the Attorney General, but as a black man. Would any white man in office go to Ferguson as a white man? This is just one of the many instances we deal with in America with racial double standards. They’re accepted. And they’re wrong…if you’re interested in equality.

This subject of black racism is one that nearly everyone knows from sad experience but no one wants to discuss. Except us!

Andrew Breitbart wanted to destroy the leftwing mainstream media. Angry White Dude wants to destroy political correctness. I’ve never been much at pretending or lying and I have too much self-respect to fool myself into thinking something is when it is not or is not when it is. That was one of the reasons this blog was started.

Rassmussen released a poll titled Voters Are Much Less Optimistic About Black-White Relations. The report states that just 36% of voters now say relations between blacks and whites are getting better, down from 62% last year. Here’s the kicker, thirty-nine percent (39%) of whites think black-white race relations are getting better, but just 13% of blacks agree. While that will surprise a lot of liberals, it really is no surprise at all.

While it will chill the blood of liberals, AWD will break it down for you: Black people hate white people. Certainly there are some who have broken the hate for whites that nearly every black person learns from an early age. But nearly every black person in America has an ingrained hatred for white people. Black people can be civil towards whites individually at work and at play but never let yourself believe your black acquaintances don’t really hate your white guts deep down.

How do I know this? Simple! I made the same comment to black acquaintances of mine and they were honest enough to answer that I was correct. I had a conversation with two professional black men I like very much and consider to be friends…not extremely close friends…but friends nonetheless. Our conversation began on politics but quickly jumped to race relations in the United States. Both are staunch Democrats and view the Tea Party movement (which they know AWD supports) as a racist group. Both support Obama and big government even though, as I explained, the government takes money from their pockets as producers and gives it to moochers.

I mentioned that I believe most white people embrace the dream of a race-neutral society of Martin Luther King more than blacks. Most white people do not understand why in the year 2014 there is a NAACP, BET, Miss Black Universe, etc when we have a black President. I believe most white people try to judge others on their actions.

Both black friends believed that another white friend present and I are beneficiaries of white privilege. My friend explained that he was not granted school loans because he was white when he came from a very poor, single-parent home. After he graduated, he took a state police exam where the highest 300 scores were accepted. 1100 took the test. My white friend’s score was 179. He was in. Right? Wrong! After the state applied the race curve that improved the scores of lower scoring minorities, my friend’s rank was in the 800s. No job with the state police. What did he do wrong? He was born white.

I mentioned to my black friends that I cannot do business with local city and counties because they prefer and accept bids from minority contractors, even though they cannot compete on a service or price basis with my company. So much for white privilege!

My black friends said there were many years where blacks were treated unfairly by Jim Crow laws and it was payback for those times. My white friend asked them how long he and his son and future white generations would have to pay for things done before he was born? Very few blacks who suffered under Jim Crow laws are even alive today and certainly none of the young black thugs who commit such a great number of crimes today was ever a slave or forced to drink out of a separate water fountain.

We then discussed the actions of young blacks today and if black Americans were better off today than they were in the sixties before the Great Society reparations began? I said I believe you cannot give someone something for nothing and expect any good to come from it. Generations of blacks have now been told they are victims, whites are evil, and blacks are entitled to free money, housing and everything else when very few blacks alive today have ever faced systematic discrimination. If blacks have faced discrimination it is because responsible blacks are grouped with the great many blacks in America that cause such tremendous crime and problems. I also added that if I was held responsible for actions I did not commit by members of my race long ago, shouldn’t it be fair for my two black friends to be held responsible for the violent black thugs and criminals today? It’s simple logic but not so easy under the laws of political correctness.

50 years of welfare, social programs and excuses has had a tremendously negative effect on the black race in America. Blacks under perform nearly across the board when compared with other races. Why? Political correctness, liberal politics, ignorance and hate. It is easier for blacks, as a whole, to blame their station in society on white people for slavery than it is to blame themselves for making bad life decisions. Most people who are not black are taught actions have consequences. Young blacks are taught they can do or say whatever and they will be excused. This is why we are seeing a growing number of brazen attacks by groups of young blacks on whites these days. These young black thugs believe there will be no consequences. But there are consequences, even in the ridiculous world of political correctness. That is why such a large percentage of America’s prisoners are black. Political correctness tells us it’s because of racist judges, police and laws…but the realistic know it is simply because so many blacks commit crimes.

Look at how so many young blacks look and act today. Wearing pants below their asses, tattoos, speaking filthy language or ebonics, loud, immoral, violent, sullen… that what Martin Luther King dreamed?

So it’s no surprise for me to have read of Obama saying the police in Boston “acted stupidly” when they did not in arresting a belligerent, trash-talking black Harvard professor, or Eric Holder for not prosecuting hate crimes or discrimination when blacks are the perpetrators. A quick glance on Drudge Report today tells of a black judge who rejected a plea agreement for a white youth because it, in his words, “a ridiculous plea that only goes to white boys.” And you better believe a black community organizer who studied at the feet of the racist Reverend Wright for twenty years hates whitey too. It’s what blacks are taught. It is the elephant in the room that nobody wants to acknowledge. Certainly not PC liberals!

I don’t know if blacks can ever escape the ghetto mentality of white hatred that is so ingrained in their community. But I know this….blacks are the only ones who can help blacks. I am not responsible for slavery any more than my honorable black friends are responsible for Beat Whitey Night at the Iowa state fair. I cannot save blacks nor can my tax dollars. Hatred, violence, ignorance and laziness are the hallmarks of the American black race in general. Many black people have escaped the chains of ghetto culture to enjoy the benefits of hard work, sacrifice, achievement and wealth. But far too many blacks are chained to poverty and ignorance by the slave master….and they don’t even realize the slave master is black!

I’m glad more white people are starting to let their voices be heard concerning racial issues. Political correctness has for too long forced us to sit back like whipped dogs and not comment or complain about what we see going on around us lest we be labeled racist. Why must we walk on eggshells to not offend the perpetually offended when their actions are offensive!?! Nuts to that! Say it loud, I’m politically incorrect and proud! I tell and stand for the truth!

As AWD has stated over the years, I care about the actions of the person and not the pigment. I don’t like trashy people of any race. Therefore, I am a trashist. I believe black people can achieve like other races if they will only do so. Making poor life decisions brings negative consequences. One makes a conscious decision to be what we are. Everyone.

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  1. Yeah…lather, rinse and repeat. Most of us that have been here along time know all about it…tired of it too. Same old, same old. I, for one, have had enough. – Had my fill…period, full stop.

  2. you dumb-ass blacks….what the hell do you think we are suppose to do…..””kiss your black asses””…

    why don’t I think so……it seems every last one of you thinks we owe you something……well, we don’t………don’t owe you a god damn thing……tired of having to carry you blacks…..tired of having to support your black ass……get a damn job and support yourself….and your own off-spring……and another thing learn how to talk dumb-bells…you’ve been in this country for four hundred years and you still can’t speak the language……

    and you can stick your rap music up your ass……….

    oh yeah, and pull up your pants….jack-off……….

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Repeat it, over and over:

      Whites Owe Blacks Nothing.

    • The low pants trend came from young ghetto birds seeing their “heroes” in prison on the outside of the fence. While looking in, they seen some of them wearing their pants low. Little did they know is that was a sign that the person was “Available” or gay. So in attempt of being “hardcore” they ended up copying the wrong people.

    • @ Bluto
      I am a black educated women with multiple degrees. have I ever asked you to pay any thing I own? have I ask you to carry me any where? have I asked you to take care of my children? you want to talk about the English language. it seems you haven’t done a great job learning the English language yourself. lets begin with English 101 to English level 300. I bet you haven’t gotten that far in English class. as for blacks on welfare. I laugh at you darling. there are more whites receiving more benefits besides the jews. so stop the hate and focus on educating yourself and your children.

      • Ahh, the jooosss. That didn’t take long. My only question is why no slurs against the latinos?

        BTW, as long as you’re schooling people on proper English, it’s customary to capitalize the first letter of a sentence. Guess all of your degrees didn’t cover that.

      • You have multiple degrees and yet can’t use capitals or proper writing skills. It looks like you could not pass a basic middle school writing class, let alone pass English.

  3. I have dated black and mixed women. I have had many black friends. It doesn’t matter if they hate us they have no choice but racial alliance. Just like Liberals and PC has forced good people to behave in a way that is against their own morality and beliefs Black people who associate and “act” White are still forced into a racial alliance.

    I do believe there are a talented 10% and can seamlessly integrate into White European society but they have families and friends. They must never forget they are Black and therefor owed. It is an easy out to claim racism or bias. This is another reason why there was Jim Crow. A nice Black family moves into a good neighborhood and before you know it family wants to move in to because it is a nice neighborhood eventually they regress to the mean and now the neighborhood is no good and White people move out.

    Our cities are war zones and are unlivable. There are schools where kids can not read and violence is an everyday occurrence. Black teachers, admin, janitors, lunch staff, etc. are all make work projects for unemployable Black people. Look at DC all Federal jobs are over staffed with minorities well above education and population numbers. Rockville, MD is an artificial Black Middle Class neighborhood and crime is still rampant.

    The only choice is segregation so the Feds will not allow that. Maybe this is the start of engineered Race War? I moved out of the US it is infected and very sick. I wish you all well.

  4. Here is something the liberals do not understand
    They expect other cultures they protect to act white and share the same values when they do not.

    Thus it “multiculturalism” on the surface, but a more slick way of pushing the very values and expectations the left are taught to rebel against.

    Bring up the idea other groups may have a different culture and values and that some how being “negative stereotyping” and “racist” yet somehow they (liberals) expect everyone to act white and have same culture.

    • Don,
      At one point, a sizable number of Americans decided that their culture was diametrically opposite to that of there fellow Americans. They had been subjected to terrorist acts by other Americans and their business and wealth had been targeted. Special laws were passed to isolate these people and tax them in a more aggressive manner. The put upon Americans decided to form their own political region and enact the doctrine of “self-determination”, the very bedrock of American principals. In response to this activity, the American government greatly increased the size of the military, sent armed ships against the harbor cities of the involved states precipitating an armed response. This was then followed by 5 years of warfare were the Americans (known as Yankees) destroyed as many homes, businesses and infrastructure in the South as it could. They killed soldiers, women, children and just about anything else that the could find beneath the Mason-Dixon line. They took so much wealth and property that the South is still recovering. All this due to the fact that the South is culturally different from the North. These same people then turned their attention to the remaining Indians on the continent and virtually exterminated them. These same people are “playing” with the blacks and still attacking those of us in the South with this group and others ( Latins). When are we going to say, enough?

      • david my Great Grandfather and many of my relatives fought for the South in the Civil War. I’m a fourth generation Texan and my family will never give up our heritage and cultural differences!

      • You missing the point. The point is the left is racist according to the supposed standards they uphold. If analyzed close enough, it wouldn’t surprise me a “racist” cynic who just wanted wealth and power created the leftist ideology.

        Case in point, a lot of black politicians ripp off their fellow travelers. Yet to point this out would be considered “racist”

        My grandfather (despite if you agree with his view or not) said things began to go down hill when women were aloud to vote. Not I agree with it, however whoever wrote the leftist ideals might have thought of things the same way and instead of saying “keep them in their place” thought “hey if give these non white and non male and non heterosexual people privileges, these misfits will screw up the place and allow me to make changes that allow me more power!”

        I mean, the idea of those who are traditionally rejected by society being used as fodder to bring in sweeping changes, to destroy the old order is not a new idea.

        If the left’s heart was truly in the right place, things would have gotten better. Not worse. Judge an ideal by its consequences, not by its tenets or promises.

        The tenets of the left give the idea we would be all one big happy family by now and things would work better. Not true. It has created a society divided and at each others throats. It has destroyed any sense of community regardless who you are. It has created a society based on feel good instead of rational decision making.

        When I say cultural differences, I mean non white cultures. They do have different values but to point this out would be considered “racist”

  5. Spurwing Plover says:

    Frankly if these black savages cant be more civilized then we return them back to where they came from

    • and where did I come from since you know it all. stop being ignorant. I hate knowing and be around ignorant white people. blacks are not savages just like you wouldn’t like it if people look at you like a rapist, child molester and serial killer because white men are known for that kind of behavior. judge each person as an individual and not a whole race.

  6. Perhaps you missed this recent story

    American black Ali Muhammed Brown gunned down and killed 4 americans because he was on a payback mission for american foreign policy in the middle east. Of course this won’t make national news…

    • True Conservative says:

      “……Of course this won’t make national news……..ashington/”

      I usually don’t bother reading tripe like this blog and the related comments but I have an Uncle who has been milking Social Security for a disability pension for nearly 35 years (who hates all Government programs because that is what Fox News tells him to do) who sent me this link and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the claim that the Ali Brown story wouldn’t be seen in “national news” and then having this confirmed with a link to CBS News. This is probably why black folks hate ya’ll….because ya’ll are dumber than a sack of hammers.

      • If you’re white pal, they don’t care if you feel their pain. You’ll being lying in a pool of your blood with a bunch of these thugs standing over you, laughing at how you’re twitching, just as easily as me after I’m out of ammo.

        Of course there’ gonna be a much higher body count with me.

  7. GadsdenFlagFlyer66 says:

    The left will never give up the PC war. They will just keep expanding the ranks. Central American illegals and Muslims are already jumping on board. If you’ll notice, all of the loudest screaming members of the PC police force are extremely wealthy. Obama, Holder, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jamie Fox, Danny Glover, Morgan Freeman, JZ, Beyoncé, Maxine Watters, Oprah, James Clyburn, Neil DeGrasse etc. are all mega millionaires. The race baiting game pays way too well for them to ever abandon their “product”. Look at the media’s ratings increase since Ferguson erupted. They are all popping champagne corks as I write this.

  8. Reading your perspective if quite intet

  9. Don’t forget that now in most American colleges and universities one can major in “African-American Studies”. You can receive an actual college degree in in hating white people, how evil white people are, and how whites keep blacks down. These degrees are even paid for by white tax dollars. After receiving this degree, which has no practical application as far as getting a real job, one becomes a “professor” of African-American Studies and the cycle repeats.

    • not one single white person paid for my degrees, so that is a lie. I work to pay for my education. my tax paying dollars helps the whole country not just only black and whites.

  10. I think they are living MLK (Michael Lucifer King’s) dream. MLK wasn’t much more than a thug himself. Plagiarized for his degree, for one thing. Then he cheated on his wife with black and white women, and the night/morning before he was shot he was with some women–and abusing them. In short, he was no hero. And there are rumors that he was also “on the down-low.”

    Christians ought to be leery of him because he denied the basic tenets of the Christian faith, such as the virgin birth.

    I might add that MLK was a Communist. So was Rosa Parks for that matter.

    Before the so-called “civil rights” movement you didn’t have the knock-out game and all this other crap that’s going on.

    • “Rosa Parks was not communist. She was black. She didnt get up cause she was too tired and thus ending up so “No!”

      Thats the difference in black culture and white culture. In the military if you have a white guy told to cross a mine field, he will consider how to do it while a black guy will straight up say “Fuck you sir, do it yourself!”

      Not every thing of black culture is a mess. There somethings that CAN be learned from each other. The good parts are really good while the bad parts are really horrible.

      • If I’ve read you correctly, I’d respectfully disagree. Both Rosa Parks and MLK were Communist sympathizers. They have photographs of them at a Communist conference. MLK’s ties to Communist organizers was well-known at the time.

        The entire Rosa Parks bus fiasco was pre-arranged and practiced as a means of drawing the media’s attention to their cause.

        I’m not saying MLK was a hard-core, card-carrying Communist per se (although I suppose he could have been one?), but it’s hard to deny that he had very strong sympathies for what they believed.

        • Rosa Parks….took several buses a day sitting in the “white seats’ trying to get some bus driver to say something. She thought her “protest” was not going to work until she finally got a bus driver to bite her bait and say something. It was orchestrated. Now…libs and blacks make this old commie sympathizer some kind of hero. She is burning in hell right now.

          • Remember the pictures of whites pouring ketchup on the heads of black in Walgreens? That was pure Hollywood, the whole thing was staged. Then many of the riots that you saw on TV were actually recreated or staged as well. The news people would take over a whole town and have their actors come in to get the action they desired. Never, ever believe anything that you see on the news.

      • Please……The black soldier would not be there. He would be already in some brig for raping one of the local girls. White soldiers are all there is. A few tokens are in the field for the news pictures.

  11. Spurwing Plover says:

    I see where hollyweed director SpikeLee is calling for a uprising of blacks over this Frankly Lee should be arrested for attempting to instigate a riot

    • I say let ’em have their uprising. Give everyone else a chance to defend themselves from the violence, and rid ourselves of this four hundred year long plague.

  12. No pun intended but isn’t it time to call a spade a spade? How many more new psychological disorders, social ills, or just plain ole insane excuses will we have to listen to and accept as a justified reason for Black violence, crime, and mindless Negro behavior and immoral degeneracy?

    For those of you who do not already know this the Black race is the only race of people (if you can honestly call them people) that does not possess the FYY genetic profile the rest of humanity does.

    Genes do not and cannot lie. We are NOT all the same.

    Hasn’t century after century, decade after decade after decade of Black failure and ever increasing Black degeneracy proven beyond any reasonable doubt that not only are Blacks totally incapable of creating or maintaining civilization but are not even capable of adapting just a few simple rules that governs decent human behavior as an absolute for civilization.

    If Negroes cannot reason with themselves that their way of doing things always and absolutely always leads to chaos and total destruction of everything around them how can any reasonable human being believe that they will someday change?

    If Negroes cannot see the disgusting vileness of dropping their pants and showing off their smelly assholes on a hot sweaty summer day but actually think this is what defines them then they are completely and totally deranged. YOU CANNOT REASON WITH A DERANGED PERSON!

    We have all been brainwashed into believing that hate is bad but if it is soooooooooooo bad then why is it a normal pre-programmed human emotion?

    After seeing the endless videos of Black violence and mindless behavior how can you possibly have love for these savages?

    I say hate is good and hate is necessary. It’s time to avenge ourselves and give back in full measure what Negroes have given us for decades. It’s time to let the Negroes do what they want and that is to live without law in squalor and laziness befitting their hearts desires. And that is why they MUST be removed from us or else we will perish with them.

  13. edward boyce says:

    is this about African americans,or Ni****rs?

  14. I can’t even think of ONE nice, respectful thing to say about the Negro.
    Not one.
    So ,,,, I will leave.

  15. Bluto&Bt, Yes blacks hate whites. Isn’t that racist?????????????????????????????? sick of everything going on in America. Fork them all. lock&load time is coming soon.

  16. Right on Dude! It’s about friggen time we whites get up off our knees.

  17. Excellent comment on blacks hating whites. It is true. They do. That is why whites should get off of neutral and realize they have an enemy in their midst and do something about it. Teach your white children to avoid blacks and do not befriend them. They just want something or they are luring them into something. Let the PC liberals suffer their stupid PC anxieties over some innate racism. The racism in this country comes from blacks and the black controlled government. Start saying and writing what you feel and what you want. You know that blacks hate you and are purposely destroying this country. Forget the cat-calls of racism coming from the left who are so brainwashed they need someone to tell them their talking points on when to use the bathroom. Many millions upon millions are with you and are in the same boat. They fear being called racist when it is you (whites) that are being discriminated against because of your race,……not blacks. Whites need to boycott the liberal media, liberal stores who push race mixing in their commercials, and boycott the whole country if need be to get your point across and your rights back. You need to band together and strike when you are struck. You need to quit giving to any organization that gives to blacks. You need to act as if the blacks are lepers and do not fool with them. You need to shun any white who is married or in a relationship with a black. We have the money, the guns, and the numbers to make this government come around and see it our way again or else.

    • And may I please ask you why you have such hatred of a person with a different skin color?? Yes, I do agree that many things when wrong. So my question to you is: do you think, by your standards, could we possibly get along?
      All the best!

    • I’m a black woman and I tell my children from day one. do not trust white people especially white men. they are rapist, child molesters and serial killers, don’t hate its a fact. black children fear white men because white men are animals, savages and killers by nature. white women, I have no problem with them unless they have a problem with me. I don’t like to mix race because I feel blacks should stick with blacks and whites with whites but I cant control who people fall in love with. I can only control who I fall in love with. you just make sure you teach your children how to fight because they will think like you. getting beat up everyday by blacks is no fun especially for white children.

      • How do you figure that Shay? Show me the stats that prove white men are guilty of raping black women and children. Facts are, black men are the fanatical rapists, not white men. In fact, blacks are only 13% of the population, yet they commit over 50% of the violent crime (rapes too) in this nation. Don’t hate, facts are facts, and these facts come from DOJ, run by one of your own.

        See, the fact is, that you are an ignorant racist skank who is pissed that black men would rather bed down a white woman instead of one of you obnoxious, fat, loud mamajammas.

        • JMV
          Probably a blue gum too.

          • I’m not too sure Ga Steve. Her writing pattern, diction, and punctuation, show that she is educated to at least the equal of a middle I.Q. white. While she claims to be black, that is no proof, especially on the internet, and as the recent outing of a NAACP president in the PNW proves, people can claim to be anything.

            The NAACP issue is a white woman claims to be mixed race, gets to be president of an NAACP chapter, starts mudsharking, and denying her heritage. Then her parents, both white, step up and out her.

            No, I don’t believe anything Shay says, she has already proven how whacked out she is.

            Anyway, I’m in a bad mood today, and looking for a fight/argument, but unfortunately, all my potential opponents are limited by their low I.Q.s. It looks like my best bet is to just crack the bottle of Pappy Van Winkle, and sit back to enjoy a couple of fingers of the worlds best whiskey.

  18. inagadadavida says:

    I dream of a color bland society…

  19. “Blacks under perform nearly across the board when compared with other races. Why? Political correctness, liberal politics, ignorance and hate.”

    You left out the most important factor. Maybe you left it out because this fact results in a harsh reality which only nature can correct and may not be correctable. Maybe you dispute it is a fact. Maybe you haven’t looked to Africa and realized there are no modernized successful African cultures.

    Blacks on average do not have the intelligence to form successful Western style civilizations. We must remain separate. Like Fred Reed recently pointed out. We don’t really want to live together anyway, and blacks don’t like being forced to behave like whites.

    • Do you think they can be thought to gain this intelligence? Do you think, honestly, that we could exist and function in a multicultural environment? I am white and I do see what you are speaking about but honestly how can we make things work??
      Best Regards,

  20. Such a great line “Why must we walk on eggshells to not offend the perpetually offended when their actions are so offensive
    ?!?!?” I have witnessed this behavior too- nothing will please them! I didn’t cause slavery or racism and my ancestors were conscientious objectors on one side and in Europe being farmers on the other. Others parts were native Americans and others Asians who were not here either. I am not responsible for the events in past! I am not your oppressor to think that I am your oppressor then you give me way too much power and yourself too little. Anyone can do something with your life regardless of their situation. I have a friend that I grew up with who has down syndrome and of course she never was able to attend college but she’s become the number one Avon sales person in the state of Texas! If she can be successful than anyone can!

  21. the problem is blacks breed like rats and over populate the cities to the point the kids grow up on the streets, many white people family plan and only have one two or three kids then take care of them and spend money to send them to good schools most blacks are born to a welfare hoe and have not a chance when they got 10 brothers and sisters roaming the streets stealing from stores and bulling the hell out of the white kids that are unfortunate to have to live around the or go to school with them

    • @ Dennis
      your grammar sucks dude. stop talking and writing. you are very uneducated by the way you write. sad, it seems a lot of white folks haven’t passed the basic English class. smh, its very sad. welfare hoe, you must be talking about your mother because she raised you all wrong. are you on multiple medication? I need to know because if you are, its making you really really stupid. what black kid beat you up? you have a big mouth but cant back it up. focus on the English language like passing the basic and then maybe you have a chance passing eng 101 to eng level 300 and better

      • Like you are any better with your missing punctuation. But at least, for a black, you can make yourself understood compared to your uneducated, low life black brethren.

        But that’s ok, you are just a passing racist troll, dropping a turd, then moving on before anyone can respond to your tripe.

        • You’re a huge part of the problem-too bad we didn’t pick our own damn cotton, then you could be telling your children the same thing about the tribe across the river in Africa.

          And we could be living in peace.

  22. Brain power does not have a skin color. The Civil War was NOT about freeing “brown or black” slaves; the war was over TAXES wherein the people of the “north” wanted to impose a tax on the states in defiance of the “constitution” that originally read that the STATES would tax the citizens of the states. The idea of the “federal tax” was a primary reason the Europeans who came to this land wanted to be free of the British. Consider the difference between the “blacks” in Africa and the “blacks” in America. If the “blacks” in america were as “smart” as they like to think they are, they would get a job, save their money and go back to Africa and create their own country. If “white” people had not TAUGHT the “blacks” what the “blacks” so desperately want to own and control in THIS country, and had LEFT the “blacks” in Africa, MOST ‘blacks” would be DEAD today as a result of what they do to each other and themselves in Africa. What happened to the Indians is far worse than what happened to the “blacks.” White people are their own worst enemy, just as “blacks” are their own worst enemies. Today, “black” means the same as 90% WHITE; and also means dark brown, medium brown, light brown, dark tan, medium tan, light tan and Michael Jackson off white. The theory of evolution is largely based on the similarity of appearance between African blacks and gorillas. White people today are in NO WAY responsible for the “black condition” in that “white people” have tried everything they can to integrate “black” people into a SYSTEM that provides opportunity not found in Africa. Whites and “blacks” SHOULD be separated for the sake of ALL involved. Yes, there are some totally disgusting and evil white skinned people. However, no matter how disgusting SOME white people are (I am “white” and I want NOTHING to do with MILLIONS of white people), “black” people are FAR MORE “racist” than ANY white person I have EVER known. White people are far more likely to give a “black” person an equal opportunity shared by other “whites” than “black” people are willing to realize that SKIN color is NOT the PROBLEM between the two groups of people; it is BEHAVIOR that is the primary issue. “Black” people are FAR MORE likely to call whites “racist” than vice versa. Hate for white people is TAUGHT to “black” children for more often than vice versa. (I have to take care of something else now, don’t hate me because of my skin color, my skin color is NOT IMPORTANT at all in the BIG picture of life. Idf the “universe, or GOD, “judges” people based on skin color, we are all doomed because skin color is NOT of any real value to the universe or GOD, but BEHAVIOR is. My Dad, was a dark skinned Phrygian from Syria, my mother was a lily white English woman. White people THOUGHT my dad was “black, and a group of whites tried to “kick” my parents OUT of the white neighborhood. “N*gger” is a word that originally meant “a lazy, slothful person;” niggers have NO skin color by BIRTH, they have ALL the possible skin colors. N*gger is NOT a white only word, and “blacks” call each other n*gger FAR more often than whites call “blacks “n*ggers.” )

  23. I wasn’t like this before say 2008 but after seeing Obama in action and all the rest of the violent blacks in America and around the world, I’ve had it wit them. What a mistake it was to bring them here as slaves. Just think if that morons 300 yrs ago didn’t do that and how well off our country would be. Its not o say there are not good black people, but about %80 of them are the most lost, violent people on earth. They are a true lost people, don’t want to be around them.

    • that’s how I feel about most whites in America. they are some nasty ass people. they keep every thing dirty from house to children. aleays have lice and bugs in their hair and a million of animals in their house. dead mice and animal feces everywhere. I know b/c I enforce taking children from unfit mothers and fathers. the most children I take away is from white parents. its sad that I have to depart children from parents. just because you white doesn’t mean you clean

      • Shay, I’m curious. Based on your comments, it appears you agree with the article. Do you agree and admit that most black people in America hate whites? Thanks.


      • Shayisstupid says:

        Dumb negro.

        Yes, your race is nothing more than savage animals.

        Your race is less than 15% of America. Your race commits more than half the violent crimes in America. Fact!

        Do yourself and the rest of America a favor and go back to whatever jungle you were pulled from.

  24. Arnold Pierce says:

    Black men are usually very loud, rude, crude, foul mouthed, lazy, good for nothing, violent thieves and rapists. But not all of them, just most.

  25. jonduke11 says:

    Ill start by apologizing for not fitting your typical “black” person but i am of the kemetic descent (and so are yoy) and i do not hate you, white wife, or my white parents. The definitions placed on other kemetic people shouldn’t be constrained to a color. This is the first problem of why the ignorant “black” people you mention feel that they should hate so called “white”. Continue to focus on what angers you and thats all you will see.

    Are you saying there’s something inside of these so called “black and white” people. If so what would that be?

    You spend your time pointing out things to make white people upset. Its really easy to point out the problems. Would be great if you spent time looking for a solution.

    • Jon, keep reading. I offer lots of solutions in addition to my opinions. My posts don’t always incite anger. Most are just plain stupid in an attempt to be funny. We welcome your comments here.

      I hope you took the time to read the post before commenting. It answers your questions to me.


  26. I neither hate white people, nor black people exclusively. I Just hate people in general, you’re all a bunch of c**ts and I want nothing to do with the lot of you.


    Totally agree with the above statements. I grew up in Detroit. 1953-1970. I went through the 1967 riots when we had a 7:00 pm curfew. National Guard tanks going up and down the streets. I was a pretty 14-year-old girl and would watch my parents not be able to work for two weeks because their businesses were burned and looted.

    I used to be able to walk 1/3 mile down to the library after school to do homework, unafraid. But shortly before the riots and certainly during and after, that changed.

    I couldn’t walk down my own once lovely well-maintained middle-class neighborhood in NW Detroit without having a carful of black young men calling out obscenities to me. Horrible things I wouldn’t even repeat here. I was shocked and frighted – repeatedly! I’d done nothing wrong. My parents were immigrants and had nothing to do with slavery. I certainly had nothing to do with slavery, but I was forced to submit to this terror by the angry blacks in Detroit. Girls going to the local public high school who were white were grabbed by the angry black girls and drug into the bathrooms where their long straight blond hair was cut off. Then they were kicked and left lying on the floor. My male friends could no longer go to a football game without fear of being attacked by black students with knives. I witnessed. I saw. I was there! In 1971 when I was going to a community college in a predominantly white suburb, the black guys were coming in more and more and would wait at the end of a hallway for a white girl to come their way so they could embarrass her and humiliate her with sexually directed remarks. I personally lived this scenario many times.

    What really irritates me is that the media won’t do a thing to show how many times whites have been murdered at the hands of blacks in the past 100 years, or remind them of all the white lives lost during the Civil War which was fought mainly for freedom of the slaves. In my opinion, if they hate whites so much and want to get rid of us and have a place where no whites exist, they have a very large continent with many different climates and lots of free space where they can set up their own culture. It’s called Africa. Their Homeland. They wouldn’t have to even look at a white person again in their lives. Of course, nothing of value would be built. There would be no decent roads. No electricity, no water treatment plants, nothing of what the white man has provided for them in this country. The black athletes and movie stars and rap singers who make millions probably wouldn’t be able to ply their services there, but Oh Well! They wouldn’t have to deal with the white man. Oprah Winfrey could spend all her millions helping them all get food and water – at least for a while. But she prefers to lives in a white neighborhood with huge gates surrounding her and like Obama, take her vacations to lovely places where the white man has made the beautiful homes, ships and restaurants and resorts.
    Don’t see Obama taking his vacation down in Louisianna in a black neighborhood do we? Or Kenya? Nooooooooo. He wants to be at Martha’s Vineyard. The whitest spot in America. And Michele Obama has made it clear as water that she hates white people and even hates America although for the past 8 years, and no doubt the rest of her life, has and will enjoy all the amenities that white society has to offer. I’d say the blacks have much to be grateful for due to the “Crackers”.

    Angry White Woman

  28. Hmmm, I think racism is everywhere, not just the US.

  29. In 1865, the US population was 24 million, now it’s well over 400 million. My forefathers & most of your forefathers weren’t even in the US before 1865 but yet we still get blamed as whites now for something someone else did well over a 100 years ago. My forefathers like most here arrived in Ellis Island & were poor dirt farmers with NO say or authority about anything. The blacks will blame a white new born baby of being a racist too.
    I don’t know if it’s evolution or what but I’m thinking that blacks have another 1000 years to evolve into society. I grew up as a farm kid & never around blacks until I was 17 & joined the military. It was in the military that I saw how blacks really were. After 4 years of active duty I was ready to get out so my buddy talked me into going into Army Aviation & rezin listing Why Aviation? Because most blacks can’t pass the test & dam few are even seen on the flight line period. Guess what? I did 20 years total & retired at age 37. Why? No blacks. Oh sure there were a few black pilots but they were college educated & sharp & they didn’t play the RACE CARD ever. They fit right in.
    At age 53 now, I’ve yet to find any black that acts as professional as the blacks I flew with back then.
    This tells me that blacks as a whole 95% don’t give a dam about anything including their own kind.
    When I watch shows like 48 hrs, Pawn Stars & the News, who do I see acting like animals 99% of the time? Blacks. Nothing in this world is lower than a white girl with a black period with an end result of a bi-racial child no one wants, then the black guy splits on her. Stupid white women. Folk’s, this isn’t what I think but rather what I see every day as do you. Even the educated blacks on ghetto blacks are sick of their own kind which is why they move to white neighborhoods to get away from their own kind.
    I as a white man can’t stand the diversity / sensitivity crap. You don’t work then you don’t eat period. The only people I want to help is the senior citizens that have paid their dues. Don’t even get me started on illegals.