Understanding Right-Wing Infiltrators


infiltratorThe methodology of the infiltrator is not complicated. They say the right things. They have an uncanny ability, even, to say what you’re thinking. Through their impressive rhetoric and grandiose gestures, they gain your trust and become a vital part of your political activism and your worldview. You learn to rely on them, and you feel better knowing that such a clever person is fighting on your side.

Then, when you need them most, when victory is within reach, you feel searing agony between your shoulder blades, and as you twist to reach the knife handle, you see them turning away, pretending they don’t know how that happened.

An infiltrator, in short, does exactly the right thing, right up to the moment when their doing the right thing counts the most, and then they do exactly the wrong thing.

For my part, I think that all of mainstream conservatism, with a few notable exceptions, is made up of infiltrators. Fox News always says just enough of the right thing to get you to tune in, and then steers you back to open borders, international money pits, and multicultural candidates and platforms. Had Trump not entered the race, the network would have been doing full-time propaganda for the inevitable nomination of Jeb. Similarly, talk radio pundits never quite end up “going rogue,” although, to listen to their blather, they are just as outraged about leftist crimes as us commoners are. There are of course sincere people in the mix, but the establishment has so much control over the dialogue that even the good ones are usually forced to be quasi-leftists and de facto neocons.

But there is something new under the sun. I have had moments of doubt, but at this point I don’t see any way Trump could be faking his performance. We have, for the first time since Reagan’s rise, a non-infiltrator defining the national conversation.

And, this being the case, the infiltrators are forced to do one of two things.

Their first ploy is, seeing Trump’s poll numbers, the infiltrators play along with him. They pretend to like him—to understand the feelings of us working stiffs—in order to buy your trust now and shank you in the back at a more opportune time. So we see Hannity and O’Reilly—and now, ridiculously, even Rumsfeld—guys who have never done more than occasionally mumble about open borders and lost manufacturing—pretending to have seen the populist light.

Alternately, some infiltrators know it isn’t going to get any better for them, so they start cashing in their credibility now. So we see Republican sages, and gasbags like Levin and Beck—and of course the National Review hit men—betting the farm “Against Trump.”

Yes, these guys all have lawyerly reasons for opposing Trump, but babbling about ethanol subsidies and who’s a “real” conservative, when we’re annihilating our industry and importing the friggin’ third world, is idiotic. Where were Levin, Beck and the neocons on the big issues—on the policies that are killing the middle and working classes—for the past 20 years?

I became aware of the infiltrator model in 2010, when I listened to Glenn Beck sandbag Texas gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina. Medina was a hardcore right-wing insurgent running against establishment garbage, and she was making huge gains. Then came the break that should have put her over the top—an interview with the great Glenn Beck. And what did Beck do? He jumped on rumors of “9/11 trutherism,” blew them up into the central issue, and deliberately killed her campaign.

This was Infiltrator 101… Beck was the poster boy for far right Tea Party insurgency until the moment arrived when he could put a genuine maverick in the catbird seat. Then, suddenly, just coincidentally, Beck did exactly the thing that would steer conservatives back to the multicultural open borders gang.

That’s just an obvious example. The pattern repeats at every level. The recent betrayal from Paul Ryan is one more reminder. Dubya talked a good game but loved open borders and social programs, and his dad is largely responsible for transferring our manufacturing to China. Right-winger John McCain calls his own constituents “crazies” as soon as they have a serious discussion about controlling illegal immigration.

Let’s face it, except for a few hold-outs, we have no representation in the establishment or the establishment media. The mainstream right, if we hit the mute button and study its policies, is always far left. The first step to fixing the problem is to stop giving attention and respect to the charade.

Bill Matheson has been employed doing everything from making sandwiches to selling industrial cleaning equipment, and has worked for himself doing everything from mowing lawns to building web sites. Bill’s first book, Under Bastard Christianity: A Handbook for Heretics in an Age of Equality Cultism, will be released in January of 2016. Follow Bill on Twitter and Facebook, visit The Matheson Report.


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