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A Transvaluation of 4chan (or, “How 4chan Saved the World”)


The stages of /b/.
The stages of /b/.

Years ago, I felt the need to express my disgust with 4chan–particularly, Anonymous and /b/. I considered it emblematic of the degenerate madness of millennials–a sewer of grotesquerie, perversion, and self-infatuation.

Today? Today my sentiments toward 4chan have swung 180°–I now view it not as a mere cesspit of degeneracy (which it most certainly is), but as the crucible that has forged tomorrow’s warriors for Western Civilization.

(Note I use the past perfect “has forged” above, as I believe 4chan is not what it used to be. More on that later.)

As Nietzsche had observed, “But it is the same with man as with the tree. The more he seeks to rise into the height and light, the more vigorously do his roots struggle earthward, downward, into the dark, the deep–into evil.” While our universities coddle and bend over backwards to accommodate ever-more hysterical, triggered-happy, overgrown infants who literally cry and retreat to their “safe spaces” when exposed to innocuous words (such as “Trump 2016”) or images (such as the Confederate flag) that they have been trained to view as “offensive”, 4chan provided an outlet for the men amongst the boys to congregate and hash it out, no holds barred. Put another way: Our universities are little more than really, really expensive ball pits for overgrown children, whereas 4chan was Fight Club for men sick of our degenerate, emasculating, pathetic, weak, groveling, suicidal culture. (Which is why many of you probably never heard of it, at least not when it first started out years ago. For the first rule of /b/ [the heart of 4chan] was, like Fight Club, do not talk about it.)

From that fusion-level inferno of anonymous online debate, replete with the most offensive images you could imagine, arose a subset of millennials incapable of being offended, of imperturbable sangfroid, who are insanely quick with rapier retorts both online and IRL, and whose capacity for destruction of SJWs and the sick “culture” they create is like nothing we “oldfags” can imagine–an indomitable amalgam of incredible talent, high IQ, broad erudition, and hilarious, withering ridicule.

And, like Donald Trump, the more you attack them, the stronger they get.

In fact, Donald Trump’s popular support is, in my estimation, largely driven by these young White Warriors. All those hilarious Trump memes you see on Facebook and such? They’re coming from /pol/, 4chan’s politically incorrect board. (In fact, pretty much all memes–at least, all the good ones–you’ve seen floating around the internet for the past decade can be attributed to 4chan users.)

But 4chan is, as alluded to above, not what it once was. Amongst other key changes, its founder–a geeky kid named Christopher Poole (known more affectionately by his 4chan handle, “moot”)–has walked away from his muse and sold his soul to the antithesis of 4chan: Google. (Not that I blame him–Google no doubt offered him a pretty penny to join their evil ranks, and the poor kid never made a dime off 4chan and I’m sure his mother was on him to get a real job and move out of her tiny NYC apartment.)

But I don’t believe that matters: Anon has grown up, and, like Poole, has left the 4chan nest and started their own adventures.

And they’re making their mark.

The Trump phenomenon is only the tip of the iceberg. What is happening is that these graduates of anything-goes slug-fests are bringing their tactics to bear upon the sociopolitical milieu as we speak.

They are no longer “anon”; they are now “shitlords” (a term of endearment co-opted from feminazis’ handbook of epithets against men), and they are busting down one “safe space” after another and shining the light on these SJW cretins so all the world can see what a bunch of ridiculous, craven paper tigers they really are.

They are destroying Orwellian political correctness. They are hacking university printers and remotely printing off, en masse, the most “triggering” material they can produce. They are “troll-storming” cucked-out, neocon rags like National Review Online. In short, they are fighting back. Lord almighty–someone’s actually fighting back!

They are, in a way, Vikings loosed upon an effeminate populace…and it is a glorious thing to behold.

While our debt-saddled, highly indoctrinated, precious little snowflakes pride themselves on their rootlessness, blowing in whichever direction TPTB decide to blow them, 4chan’s best and brightest stand tall, strong, and unyielding. They shall not be bowed.

In sum: Where once I saw 4chan as the death knell of Western Civilization, now I believe that it may prove to have been the modern agora in which Western Civilization found the will to rebirth itself, once again.

The fight is not over, my friends. In fact, I believe it’s just getting started.

Reddit, 4chan
Reddit, 4chan




  1. Spurwing Plover

    I see where a bird landed on sanders podium and brain-dead liberal cant get over it all I suspect it was’nt a dove nor hawk heck not even a vulture but it wasnt me either probibly just resting himself its just too bad the bird didn’nt releave himself in sanders head

    • looked like a sparrow to me……

      kinda the weeds of the bird world……

      but the cloud went wild.

    • Majority of the Sanders supporters thought it was very cute that a little bird landed on the podium. I on the other hand thought “Oh great! First a BML thug pushes him off the stage, steals his thunder and now a little bird?! This is the guy you people want as a president? A leader who gets show-jacked by a bird? Pathetic!”

      I honestly thought that.

  2. Here’s some funny news in regards to the liberal cyber thug elite known as Anonymous.

    A while ago, an Anonymous Anon launched an anti-Trump attack but, get this, Anonymous declared the attack unofficial and requested fellow Anons to stand down.

    More amusing is that it turns quite a few Anons are Trump supporters. Lol!

    Things must be not so happy in Liberal Utopia if an Anon is voting Trump! That’s like the Pope going to Ozzfest and stage diving during a Lamb Of God number! 😛

    • Wolfie, AWD has been to an Ozzfest. Didn’t stage dive during Lamb of God, though. Also didn’t see the Pope.


      • Dude, that’s because the Pope was busy washing the feet of Muslims. Failing to stage dive is on you though. 😉

      • I’ve never been to a concert, had an opportunity to go to Ozzfest 2006 with a friend but I passed it up. Good thing I did for my friend came back with a broken arm, broken knee, three broken ribs, three misdemeanors and ended up on probation. What happened? Long story short, he got flirty with some guys girl and ended up in a mosh fight.

        Said the concert was awesome by the way. Lol!

    • “Anonymous” today is not the Anonymous of yesteryear. Moot sold 4chan down the river, and it has subsequently been taken over by SJWs. These so-called “Anonymous” are simply SJWs trying to be l33t h4x0rs…but they can’t because they’re, at best, pathetic script kiddies. Hence why their pathetic attempt to hack Trump failed so miserably.

      All the real talented anons of yesteryear have long-since flown the 4chan coop, don’t go by “Anonymous” anymore (from what I can tell), and most, if not all, rally around Trump. Weev is perhaps the most notorious of them all (he’s the one who pulled off the recent college printer hack).

      • I don’t like so called “hackivists” by whatever shape, name or form they use. Lulzsac was the worst of them, Lizardsquad is another malevolent group and Anonymous is also malevolent dispite a few good deeds they did.

        I strongly believe hacking for the purpose of stealing information should be a capital offense punishable by death. It’s going to get much worse with this social media craze, which I strongly believe is foolish to get into. Honestly, I could never understand the point of showing ones own privet life to the world.

        Anyway, I’m tickled by the recent post on AATP.org in regards to this anonymous. One mmoment they are praising the group and now they are shaming them! 😛

  3. Hey RS. I changed my opinion on 4chan during the Boston Marathon make believe attack. There is so much that stinks about that incident, (all completely buried now,) but The 4chan was right on top. I think it admirable that they are so morally reprehensible that the dilettantes are repulsed. I get sick of the average 4chan bs but if you dive deep it’s better than the dark web. Time to change there name. Free puppies for Jesus or some such.

  4. Spurwing Plover

    Here we are in April and this month comes Earthday when all the eco-freaks get together and behave like the blabbering idiots they always have been

  5. carnac123

    Fighting back is addictive. It makes one feel good to know he got into the fray and held his own and is still alive. Fighting the liberal establishment and minorities is a good thing. You find out that these people are far from the bad-asses you thought they were. If you remember your first fist fight (if you even had one) you will know that you really never felt the hits from your enemy because you were too busy hitting him and your adrenalin was so high your body was “in the zone”. Fighting takes many avenues. You can literally fight in the street or you can fight on the internet. Get out into the street. Fight for your rights and your race.

  6. Nick Digger

    Anyone know the origins/context of that GIF?

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