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The Battle of Rotherham


God Save the Queen!
God Save the Queen!

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.
– The Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.

I was certain TPTB would never let this happen. Certain of it. Well, never have I been so wrong, and never have I been so happy about that fact.

Not only is a huge congratulations due to our brothers across the pond, but a huge thank you as well. You, dear Brits, have won for all whites world-wide the first major battle in our war for Western Civilization–a win that may prove catastrophic to the plans of our enemies who have, for the past century or so, been wildly successful in destroying us.

We have been marched to the very edge of our existence, staring into the abyss of global genocide and racial extinction, bayonets fixed and at our backs, and at this darkest hour, hope found a way to fight back.

Yes, it took us watching our little girls get gang raped by hostile aliens imported and financed by our supposed “elites”; it took countless murders of good, intelligent, productive, innocent white folk by savage brown hordes; it took bankrupting us to support ungrateful and hopeless “developing nations” abroad while putting criminally credit-unworthy “minorities” into McMansions they couldn’t afford at home; it took corrupting and ruining our wondrous institutions to merely assuage the infinitely delicate sensibilities of perpetually aggrieved and cripplingly underperforming “people of color”; it took us all of this and more, but dare I say finally–finally!–white people are waking up to the fact that this catastrophe of civilizational proportions is not some accident of misguided but otherwise well meaning people, but a design specifically for our elimination, and that if we wish to survive, we must fight back, fight back now, and fight back hard.

TPTB will not go quietly into that dark night. They have been at this for over a century, and they’re not about to abandon their project now, being so close to successful completion. They are patient, smart, devious, and without a shred of human remorse. Expect worse to come in light of this–what they no doubt see as an unfortunate, but momentary, setback to their scheme.

But I should hope that Brexit serves as a signal to whites world-wide that a sufficient number of us are awake. And with that, we should have confidence in our ability to put mass behind our initiatives unlike anything before.

United, ladies and gentlemen, there will be no stopping us.


by Rudyard Kipling

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy — willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddenly bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.

PS, for brother Liam and anyone else interested: Finding a credible source for this poem to properly attribute to Kipling is a difficult endeavor–one I never succeeded at. However, per commenter “Petronious” over at an old AmRen article:

This is one of Kipling’s WW1 pieces, written 1915. The proper title of the poem is “The Beginnings.” It originally accompanied the story “Mary Postgate” in Kipling’s “A Diversity of Creatures” (1917). It can also be found in “Rudyard Kipling’s Verse Inclusive Edition 1885-1918” (Doubleday, 1920), 739.

I fact-checked this when he originally wrote it and I remember it checking out. So, rest assured, this is a genuine Kipling poem.




  1. Red….you say it so eloquently…….white people all over the world should be celebrating Brexit……I know I am………it gives us all some hope that we too can throw off the shackles that the socialist elites have placed on us………

    celebrate….hell yes I’m celebrating………

    freedom has found a way…….there is nothing like liberty….it is so damn precious….. ..
    it’s a great day….for all white people all over the world……….

  2. Joe Stalin

    Now, when the iron is hot and the populace is angry, reestablish the right to own an unregistered gun.

    Brexit has shown that you CAN ignore all the useless communist MSM, the whining politicians, the snarky poofters that have worked overtime for decades to disarm you against the Third-world savages your pols INTENTIONALLY imported INTENTIONALLY for you to be harmed.

    Aren’t you just SICK of being unarmed against a government and invited Third-world militia?

  3. Bill Matheson

    Well done, Red. You get to the heart of it, and the Kipling poem takes on new meaning in these circumstances.

    Western civilization is an organism infected with an awful (((virus))). The immune system is finally kicking in. This trend must continue.

  4. rightwingterrorist

    A wonderful day, but don’t celebrate too long.
    The enemy never sleeps.

    • They’ve already started. Google says the people didn’t know what they were voting for, your 401k is doomed (what working class person has a 401k, for chrissakes?), intelligent people are dumbfounded, and so on. The one thing we can learn is to never let up. Rust, Satan, and progressive idiots never take a day off! This vote was not only white people, there were hundreds of thousands of “people of color” voting to leave.

  5. Curt in Pittsburgh

    Angry White Dude, you should be Trump’s choice for Vice President.

  6. Guns&Bacon

    Excellent piece.

    Although we have a very long road ahead of us, brexit gives us hope of realigning our values, and rallying for our cause.

  7. Mic doodle

    A-****ing-men Red. Now the Brits need to get to some dirty work if they hope to return sanity to their country.

    Unfortunately there won’t likely be much repetition of Brexit here in the states. The last two generations of Americans have sat around being “responsible” individuals, replacing the idea of actually instituting a nationalist government with just working hard and going to church once a week. Yeah, that’ll keep the country great somehow, even when decisions on the federal level are shipping those jobs overseas and turning your kids into self loathing anti white mental eunuchs.

    Between those generations being stubborn and idiotic enough to never want to ruffle feathers, instead endlessly blathering on about how law and order can’t ever be pushed up against even when the left has won using those means, and the millennial freaks….man it’s a sad state of affairs. Maybe trump can turn it around, or at least apply some brakes, but it would require…..drastic…..strategies to save this country.

  8. Presently, Great Britain is plumb full of muslims, etc.
    So, when will the “purge” take place to get rid of these mongrels?

    • If I were King RedStater of England, I’d mandate the following:

      Anyone not of European descent, or of the Muslim faith, is to leave within a month to the country of their choice, or be rounded up and sterilized–children included.

      Problem solved within a generation, no concentration camps required.

      I’ve been saying for years now: Our choice is to ethnically cleanse, or be ethnically cleansed. It’s a grim choice, but one forced upon us by TPTB. You wanna blame someone for how awful it is, blame them. In the meantime, we gotta do what we gotta do.

  9. Mr. Frosty


  10. Brexit…….Brexit is as big as the fall of the Soviet Union in the early nineties…….it will have as big an impact on the world stage as the Soviet Union collapsing under it’s own weight…….

    a tidal way is brewing and it”s going to sweep over the western world……the globalists have had their day and it’s about to end…….the collapse is at hand…….and it’s about time………people all over the world are seeing what socialism has brought them….”nothing”…”misery”…”life in the poor house”..and they’re sick of it………..

    the elites are scared….scared to death…..and the elites in this country are beginning to tremble……they’re scared to death that their precious socialism isn’t going to survive………..

    this is what I say to the elites:

    death to socialism…..death to the elites…….let them die a miserable death………

  11. Whites are waking up to the reality that tptb have been using immigration as the tool to kill White Western civilization.

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