Today, Milo Yionnopolous was uninvited to speak at this year’s CPAC after an interview is said to show his support of pedophilia. Milo vehemently defended his opposition to the vile sickness but it was enough for the Muslim Brotherhood CPAC to uninvited him. He also lost his book contract with Simon & Schuster.

AWD is not a fan of CPAC and am reposting a piece explaining why from a year or so ago. I don’t have much of an issue with Milo except I wonder if he would get as much press as he does if he wasn’t flamboyantly homosexual. However, anyone who causes liberals butthurt…errr…maybe I should rephrase that…is all right with me. Even if that shit ain’t right what he does behind closed doors.

AWD always receives a lot of emails and calls from blogger buddies and other friends in conservative media and the Tea Party movement asking if I’ll be in attendance at CPAC. This year was no different. The answer is always “NO!” AWD has never attended CPAC and has no plans to do so. There are a few reasons:

1. Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan – CPAC is hosted by the American Conservative Union, of which Norquist and Khan are Board Members. Norquist and Khan have been linked to the Muslim Brotherhood on several occasions. In AWD’s humble opinion, no patriot, conservative, or conservative organization should attend an event hosted by a group with board members who have close ties to a Muslim terrorist group. Period!

2. CPAC does not allow free speech. Last year’s Bloggers of the Year were Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. Both of their blogs deal with the threat and danger of Islamic jihad. Geller and Spencer were both told by conservative blogger John Hawkins, hired to work for CPAC, they they could personally accept their awards in person only if they promised not to discuss jihad or criticize Islam! I crap you negative!! Here are the two Bloggers of the Year who won because of the excellence of their blogs in discussing Muslim terrorism and they are not allowed to discuss Muslim terrorism at CPAC! I suppose the Muslim Brotherhood wouldn’t like that.

3. This was allowed to speak yesterday:

mcconnell gun

Maybe he brought the gun to shoot any real conservatives who showed up. That Mitch McConnell is invited year after year to lie and act tough (he needed to bring a gun this year) shows the futility of attending CPAC for conservatives.

Oh, Chris Christie received a standing @#&*ing ovation. Say no more!

4. Politician and celebrity worship – Hey, you can stand in line for two hours to get your picture taken with Mark Levin! Want Rand Paul’s autograph? You can post it on Face Book and everyone will think you’re important! I’ve never understood the adulation politicians receive from conservatives. Because they are only politicians. Which basically means they are in it for themselves and the riches they receive from elected office. How often do we see a politician leave office because someone else might be better for the job? Ask Texas Congressman Ralph Hall who turns 92 this year and has been in Congress since the 70’s!

Politicians work (or should!) for us! And they do a pretty crappy job by nearly every measurement. So to listen to Mitch McConnell talk about all the grandiose things he’ll do if the Repubs win the Senate makes me ill. To give 2nd Amendment and illegal immigration squish Chris Christie a standing ovation makes me Ralph (not Hall). We’ve been down the road before of listening to political speeches full of “we need to’s” and “we have to’s.” The Repubs will do nothing except appease the Democrats and spend money on useless wars and big corporations if they win the Senate. But they WILL NOT defund or repeal ObamaCare. Don’t believe that hype!

5. The mutual ass-kissing/backstabbing – It’s disgusting to see the fakery that goes on at these events by attendees. The egos and greed of trying to get ahead reduces many attendees to pseudo-politicians!

Know this, most national Tea Party organizations despise each other. They are all competing for the same donated dollars and media time. Many bloggers go to CPAC to kiss the asses of larger bloggers trying to gain some kind of recognition. There are very few large conservative blogs, in AWD’s opinion, who tackle the tough issues. Most are as politically correct as Huffington Post and scared of their shadows! Well, they wouldn’t want to actually report the truth and be labeled racist, homophobic, Islamaphobic, sexist, take-your-pick by their supposed ideological enemies on the left! Let them all kiss their own asses! AWD is taking his son pig hunting.

Don’t get me wrong, AWD would enjoy hanging out with some of the bloggers and people I respect that I don’t see very often. We’ve had a lot of fun and accomplished some good things together over the years. But the reasons listed above are why AWD will not attend CPAC this year or any time in the future. I have never been very good at kissing asses and don’t like not being able to look at myself in the mirror. And I will never support anything or anyone who is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood!

Here is Frank Gaffney discussing Norquist and his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood:


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