Trump Soup


Man up, faggot.

Fan up, maggot.

Patriots need to get their sh*t together. I’m getting sick of the bellyaching. Grow up, kiddos. Existence is war. If you want to exist, you must forever be fighting. There is no point in time at which the war is won. The war is eternal, punctuated only by brief episodes of peaceful R&R.

The latest thing that has our weaker brothers’ panties in a wad is that Trump has “flip-flopped” on Dreamers. Well, that’s it I guess! Time for mass suicide!

First, Trump was always squishy on the Dreamer beaners. This was no flip-flop. And it’s not even an altogether terrible idea as it gives him some political cover to be more radical on other agenda items related to the “Latino” invasion. (Not that he will necessarily take any such action, but if he does, we can then view this announcement as a tactically good move.)

But, second–and more importantly–who gives a shit about what Trump does anymore? It was amply demonstrated that he was compromised the moment he authorized bombing Syria. At that point anyone who doesn’t have his head up his ass would have realized that Trump no longer represented our movement. What it does not represent is that our movement is finished!

Did anyone out there really think Trump was going to single-handedly lift this sinking Titanic ship of state out of the frigid depths? Trump–the reality show host? Really?

Nigga, please.

Trump was a token of a burgeoning resistance born of the 4chan generation–youthful, red-pilled, and ready to rumble. Those young guns got him into office despite a full-on assault mounted by a damn-near omnipotent Establishment.

Getting Trump into office was a goal not because he’d resolve our problems, but because it would prove just how powerful we are thanks to this new, youthful patriot brigade. And we did it. Lord Almighty, we did it.

So now what–we sit back and wait for Trump to solve everything for us? And when he gets turned, we’re to simply cry about it and go back to playing video games?

Trump was the focal point of our resistance. His rallies were where we clash with antifa. Well, with Trump no longer an inspiring symbol of resistance, we simply look elsewhere.

Ann Coulter and College Republicans are stepping up to fill the void. We must keep on forcing “hate speakers” onto campuses, provoking antifa to a fight, and there we must continue to meet them with overwhelming force.

We might consider based stickman to be our movement’s new avatar. Already he is spawning clones. And while antifa gets their lights knocked out by our guys, law enforcement is finally starting to assist in their unmasking.

Soon, they will have nowhere to run and no way to hide. And that will be the last of the Establishment’s violent goon squad, as these degenerate losers are not even paper tigers.

And once the goon squads are out of the way, what next will they come at us with?

I don’t know. But the point is, we’re stronger than ever, we’re still fighting, and we’re still winning.

Forget about Trump. Full steam ahead.


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