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Every once-in-a-while I hear about a news story that makes me smile. Earlier this week, 71-year-old Samuel Williams was minding his own business in an internet cafe in Florida, when a couple of mask wearing, 19-year-old thugs entered through the front door with one of them waving a gun. Williams wasted no time in pulling out his .380 caliber semi-automatic handgun and foiled the intentions of these guys. Once he fired a shot, the two tough guy criminals tripped all over themselves in an attempt to get away. Williams managed to hit them both and they were arrested a short time later.

Of the 30 plus people in the cafe, not one of them were injured. Had Williams not been a legal concealed weapons holder its likely the outcome would have been different. Whatcha want to bet that every single one of the people in the cafe now support concealed carry? This is just another example that shows it is the person behind the gun, and not the gun itself, that makes the difference.

For all of you that haven’t seen a reason to get your concealed carry permit, this might be a good time to consider it. Lets review some possible options if you find yourself in this scenario. You could throw your hands in the air and hope the criminals have mercy on you. I’m not sure what the percentages are for success with this one, but whatever they are – it’s too weighted in the bad guys favor for me. You could whip out your cell phone and call a cop! Please don’t tell me you really think that is a good option! Get real! You are dealing with a couple of criminals who feel comfortable enough to burst into a store waving a gun, all for a few dollars. You need help then, not when someone has time to come save you. Think I’ll pass on this option. Or, you can whip out your own, legal concealed weapon and take care of it right then. Yeah, I think I’ll stick with this option.

I’ve heard it said a million times that a gun is a great equalizer. As a female, I would have had about the same fate trying to go up against a couple 19-year-old boys as this 71-year-old man. It would have been no match. But with my Glock 17 tucked safely in my IWB, I’m covered. I have never had to pull my gun in a situation, and I hope I never have to, but I can tell you that there is something very comforting know that I can take care of myself.

Just in case you think this is a random situation, think again. We are living in a crazy world. Just a quick scan of the news this week and you have a flash mob of hundreds show up at a Wal Mart in another Florida city. After they vandalized the inside of the store, they fired a few gun shots as they left the parking lot. Of course, you could always go to safe Toronto where they are heavy in the gun control department. Much safer! Right? Wrong. 2 dead and 21 injured after a street party. Then you have the guy who entered a bar in Alabama and injured 17 people. All of these incidents happened in the last two days.

Seems to me like it’s a good time to make your own personal safety plan.

Here’s our hero in action!



  1. He’s been one of my hero’s since I saw this on the Blaze last night. – It’s a good one…ya gotta love it.

  2. REV Wright

    If either of the two thugs were black and/or voted Democrat in 2008, the 71 year old man could be in a world of…………s11t.

    Eric Holder will NOT be pleased.

  3. Dave in Texas

    Ha ha ha ha ha. That old man shut down the TNB real quick. Good for him.

  4. Awesome. I love it when boneheads go to rob a joint, and all they get is an extra hole to bleed from.

  5. Swamp Music

    That woman behind the counter at the beginning of the video has no idea whats going on, and she’s right in the old mans line of fire. Plus his target has his weapon pointed at the old man and does not shoot. The old fellow must have some combat training by the way he advances on the chimp.

    Very methodical, tactical advance. I’d say he would hit anything he shoots at.

    ‘Epic Internet Cafe Man’.

  6. Paul Bonnichsen

    Imagine both of these low lifes could be Obummers children if he had boys.

  7. This is exactly why I carry.

    I carry because I am not in good health, and am an easy target, and I refuse to be a victim. Nobody should be a victim of thugs like this.

  8. That was awesome! God I love heroes like that old guy.
    I hope everyone in that place gives the old guy handshakes/hugs.

    Excellent name for the guy, Swamp!

    ‘Epic Internet Cafe Man’

  9. Just read both perps got hit. One got a round to the arm, the other caught two. One in the leg, another in his ass.

  10. Stories like this bring tears to my eyes-because I live in California where there is,for all intents and purposes,no concealed carry.Bet those worthless thugs got the surprise of their lives-HAHAHAHA!!!!!Jeez-I have to get out of California.


    See what armed citizens can do to stop crime see one of the reasons the Founding Fathers included the 2nd Amendment See more reasons we need to reject the UNs Small Arms Control Treaty

  12. LMAO… now that just made my morning. Thugs like those two animals are only tough in numbers and when they THINK they have the upper hand or advantage…. Has anyone seen this on the national news? ( MSM ) because THIS is the first I heard of it.

    Cant wait to see what our resident trolls, Private Army, Juan, Karen, etc… have to say about this. Especially mr black power Private Army.. two armed young black men being chased off by and old white man.. what beez up wid dat Private? LOL

    No wonder the NAACP advocates for abolishing the 2nd amendment… THEY want US to be helpless.

  13. ;->

    Molon labe.

  14. This video helped me with my pocket pistol conundrum of S&W 380 Bodyguard versus the Sig P290 laser in 9mm, and for that sir I thank you.

    • Death to Libtards

      The pop gun you have on you is better than the master blaster back home in the gun safe.

    • I agree. I just got the P290 a few weeks ago. I would have much rather had that in his situation. Coulda saved the tax payers some more money. 🙂

  15. Too bad he didn’t kill those savages!

  16. Thomas Murphy

    Gosh, black wearing hoodies…now don’t jump to conclusions! Not all people who wear hoodies are bad, but a lot of bad people wear hoodies. It is the uniform of punks.
    The profile fits.

  17. Cooter Brown

    As I have always said this reverse discrimination is BULLSHIT and seeing how the media reported this is just more reverse discrimination to make us feel bad because we are white . To bad the senior citizen didn’t shoot the little bastards right between the eyes. All they wanted to do is run in and pistol whip whitetie and steal there money and leave. And if Obama had a few sons they most likely would look like these two loosers…. Yep 3 cheers for the old white guy packing heat. I say always shoot for the nuts or head, They will be less likely to run away..

  18. 3rd AF Crew Chief

    Can’t wait … moving to FL

  19. KennakaKeeper

    How do I feel about Gun Control, break into my house one night and find out……

  20. Louisiana Steve

    If you watch the video closely, you will see Mr. Williams in grave danger just as he fired his first round. The instant before he fired his first round, the hooded punk turned and pointed his weapon directly at Mr. Williams. Fortunately, the bum never returned fire. For all you Reverand Sharptons out there, the case for self-defense was made at that instant. This Trayvon wanna-be got what he justly deserved. Mr. Williams was a courageous fellow. He never once retreated in the video. Every movement he made was punctuated with an aggressive step forward. This man is truly a hero.

  21. Death to Libtards

    True story time. We have had an old fashioned honest-to-God sheriff for about thirty years. He still wears a uniform and rides the roads in a marked patrol car. Not because he has to, because he wants to. About twenty years ago, he rode by a convenience store where a deputy’s wife was working to check on her and say hello. A rocket scientist first class walked right past the marked car and pulled a toy gun on the clerk. The sheriff shot him six times, ending his crime career on the spot. Why only six times, you ask? He had an old fashioned .357 revolver. I don’t know whether to file this under DRT, stupid crook, or instant karma.

  22. ARbuilder

    Way to go Mr.Williams…You are a true hero and a man to be respected…You did not shrink from the danger but faced it head on…My kudos to you sir!!

  23. See how the two tough guys trip over each other to run away?? Not so tough are ya now? Big men smashing the computer, but once a old guy evens the playing field it’s time to run. Hahahahahahahha. I like the way Mr williams held the weapon and snuck up to close range before ventilating the 1st “yout”. Then he kept shooting even as they fell outside. Calmly locked the door, and waited for the police.Where’s da revrunds?? The naacp (not capitalized intentionally). I read where one of da youts said the old man should have stopped shooting when he was down. They said the gun was rusty, and not even loaded. I hate to repeat myself, but hahahahahahahahaha.
    I say he’s lucky the hero did not shoot him in the torso or head. How’d that robbery go for ya there son?? Piss ant cowards.


    Does anyone else see the irony in this story of an elderly gentleman being able to defend himself because of the 2nd amendment being quickly followed just days later by a mass shooting in a Denver area movie theater.. hmmmmmm?

    I wonder if the government could have recruited or released some known/diagnosed lunatic and armed him with weapons and ideas… I distrust THIS administration and their marxist goals so much that I don’t think my theory is much of a stretch to imagine… what say you guys? They want to disarm us all so badly ( as all tyrannical government with bad intentions do ) that they are willing to create a crisis that they can exploit for political expediency.

    “Never let a crisis go to waste”


    Two stupid 19 year old fools who found that CRIME DOSNT PAY I hope they get a long time in prison for being stupid

  26. Spurwing Plover

    JUST READ ABOUT THIS SELF DEFENSE CASE IN ARMED CITIZEN It involves a store owner who was restocking some shelves when two lowlife brothers wearins ski-masks and Bandanas tried to rob him one of the miserble punks even knocked they man down and was kidking him the man gragged his gun and open fired now the two lowlife punk brothers are pushing up daisies

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