A Cask of Amontillado


For those fortunate enough to have been educated before the nonsense of common core, many of you might remember a short story titled “The Cask of Amontillado.” Just to jar a few memories it was a tale of grisly revenge penned by Edgar Allen Poe. There’s nothing like a saga of well-planned retribution, especially to those deserving of such a day of reckoning. And now it seems that a real life story of what the French called revanche could be in the future for a number of media types.

Most people now know the genius behind the “original” Fox News, Roger Ailes was recently laid to rest. Roger had also lately been fired by the Murdoch family for allegations of “sexual her ass meant” by a number of women during his tenure at Fox. At the eulogy, Roger’s 17 year-old son, Zachary, was quoted as saying, “I’M COMING AFTER THEM AND HELL IS COMING WITH ME.” Sweet.

Snowflake New York Magazine editor, Gabriel Sherman, who had dogged Ailes and his family for years thought that this represented a “threat” to the women who had accused Roger of “sexual her ass meant,” He even commented on social media that this was “scary.” Really Gabe? You’re a complete idiot because better than even money, says young Zachary, has put you high on the payback list. It doesn’t just include a number of lowlife, washed up, female pop tarts. I’m sure the lad has something special in mind every time he thinks about you. In fact, I suspect that his fondness for you ranks right up there with anyone who has the last name of Murdoch. Just saying.

There is a long list of women who have accused Roger of “sexual her ass meant.” (Whatever that means) Figuring prominently on this roll call include the insufferable Megyn Kelly, the rapidly aging Gretchen Carlson, the impaired Laurie Dhue and the nutty Andrea Tantaros. Lesser-known figures named are Julie Roginsky, Kellie Boyle and Rudi Bakhtiar. (Whoever they are?) Wow, where did Rog even find the time to run a company with all the tail he was chasing? Of course it seems under the current definition that “sexual her ass meant” can mean anything the accuser/plaintiff/bloodsucker wants it to be. What a nice trick for a quick and easy payday. I’m sure that all the women felt “entitled” as well. There’s nothing like self-rationalization when personal gain and/or payback for bad performance on the job come into play.

Here’s an open message to those of you named and unnamed who might just be on “Zachary’s List.” (Sounds kinda catchy doesn’t it) What you have here is a highly motivated, very wealthy teenager whose major purpose in life is now a settling of scores. Before you guys and gals get too excited, Zach is not planning to wall you up in the catacombs like Fortunato in The Cask of Amontillado. (However, I do find the thought of that happening to more than a few of you media personalities rather amusing) No, he’s just planning on ruining you and making your lives miserable. If you happen to swallow your gun or take a nosedive off a high building, that would be icing on the cake. Since the slight upon him, has by your proxy the MSM, extended to Zach and his family, he will have no problem providing that same courtesy to your family, friends and loved ones. They too will be targets. After all, he will feel “entitled” to do so.

This is what you can count on. Young Mr. Ailes will grow into a confident, ambitious and powerful man with influential and wealthy allies. Many of those friends will be your enemies, who will guide, tutor and provide him with every possible civility. He and they will think about you often and plan accordingly. That’s something you never thought about when you made your accusations and acquired your ill-gotten gains. I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show. Sleep well and remember that payback is a bitch.

Zachary Ailes and his mother Elizabeth Tilson


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