A Message to Obama


Caution - This is Sparta

Go dine in hell!

You tell me to choose my words carefully as you illegally monitor my every correspondence, and audit those who speak out against your tyranny; completely ignoring our right to free speech.

You call us racists and extremists while you rape our constitution, incite racial violence and plant the seeds of socialism in the hallowed halls of our most revered buildings.

You stand on the graves of dead children and black people, ignoring the fallen whites, to make false claims about our RIGHT to bear arms.

You ask us to submit?  Well, that will be a problem.  You see, our knees are too sore from bumping them against your bureaucracy and taxes to kneel.

You bring the conquered heads of RINOs to my country’s steps; you insult our women and you threaten my countrymen with prison or drones.  Oh, I have chosen my words carefully Kenyan, perhaps you should have done the same.

You think we are terrorists but we aren’t.  We are PATRIOTS and THIS IS AMERICA.

You will see that before this is over, even a ‘god-king’ such as yourself, will feel a very human chill up your spine.

You want my rights?  COME AND TAKE THEM!



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