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A Message to Obama


Caution - This is Sparta
Go dine in hell!

You tell me to choose my words carefully as you illegally monitor my every correspondence, and audit those who speak out against your tyranny; completely ignoring our right to free speech.

You call us racists and extremists while you rape our constitution, incite racial violence and plant the seeds of socialism in the hallowed halls of our most revered buildings.

You stand on the graves of dead children and black people, ignoring the fallen whites, to make false claims about our RIGHT to bear arms.

You ask us to submit?  Well, that will be a problem.  You see, our knees are too sore from bumping them against your bureaucracy and taxes to kneel.

You bring the conquered heads of RINOs to my country’s steps; you insult our women and you threaten my countrymen with prison or drones.  Oh, I have chosen my words carefully Kenyan, perhaps you should have done the same.

You think we are terrorists but we aren’t.  We are PATRIOTS and THIS IS AMERICA.

You will see that before this is over, even a ‘god-king’ such as yourself, will feel a very human chill up your spine.

You want my rights?  COME AND TAKE THEM!




  1. rightwingterrorist

    Hear, hear!

  2. I must say you got the roundness of Barry’s dome exactly in the pic.
    Makes me want to dent it with wrench
    You got some fire now!
    Lazlo Likes. But some pointy teeth info would have been nice.

    Here is Lazlo’s word for You, Barry, and your goons. Because I know you’re reading this
    Up Yours Barry, you aren’t qualified to shine people’s shoes. You are an arrogant vibrating butt plug firmly lodged in the arsehole of Liberal America.
    Come get me so I can escape and pee on your administration, YET AGAIN!

    • RedSeeingRed

      You always crack me up Lazlo! By the way, I can’t make out your avatar and have been meaning to ask you. Is that a monkey wih a guitar?

  3. Let’s roll!!!!

  4. Screw Obama and his marxist cadre.. they ALL should be tried for treason as enemies of our Constitution. The hottest circle of Hell is reserved for traitors like these…

  5. Jumpin' Joe

    Time for whitey to get it on.

  6. Spurwing Plover

    Obama uses a childs icon like BIG BIRD to push for his reelection while he supports to murder of the unborn fewer kids for Big Bird to ever get to meet

  7. We all know something has to be done to bring our Country back to what God and the Founding Fathers intended it to be, but what? Electing different Rinos isn’t gonna do it. Getting involved as much as we can helps. All I see is Ted Cruz and a handful of others trying to do the right thing, but every liberal attack dog will be sent to destroy them if they can. I guess that’s the 10 million dollar question.

    • Magnum, I am growing more and more optimistic with each passing day that shit’s going to come to a head, and sooner rather than later. Why do I say that? Pure gut instinct. I know that’s nothing to go on, but it’s all a guy in my position will ever have access to since I’m not privy to the chatter happening in higher circles.

      If I’m right, then prepping (food, water, ammo, etc.), training (conditioning, guns, self-defense, etc.), and networking (networking, networking!) are the holy trinity of to-dos for us grunts as far as I can see at the moment.

      If and when the time comes to fall in line to take the fight to these bastards, we better be ready. I don’t want to miss out on any deliveries of justice.

  8. Off subject……

    but has anyone been watching “The First 48″……

    DAMN……Those “Big City” animals are dangerous.

    Molṑn labé.

  9. 50 year commemorative speech……..

    Mine eyes have seen the glory!!!!!!!!

    I’ve been to the mountain top………

    Yes, mine eyes have seen the glory of the tea party people………patriots all……

    someday a little white boy and a little white girl will be able to walk down the street hand in hand and not be assaulted by inner city black thugs……….

    I’ve been to the mountain top and I have seen the glory of what white people have done…..building civilizations, living under a great document “the Constitution”, and creating and building great cities………..

    mine eyes have seen the devastation that hath been wrought by welfare, section 8 and Obama phones………..

    I’ve been to the mountain top and mine eyes have seen one day we will be rid of the parasites that drag down the country………..

    I’ve been to the mountain top and have seen that the parasites will return to their homelands of Zimbabwe and the Congo and leave this land to return to their huts……

    commemorative speech by………

    Martin Luther Bluto………..a creepy-ass cracker

  10. I don’t get what Obama has done for Black people in America. Can anyone seriously answer that. You said he sticks up for Blacks. How? He hasn’t put anything in place that benefits Blacks and no one else.

  11. Snake Oiler

    In our article, “Pentagon Celebrates Gay Pride During Treason Trial,” we noted that Obama’s Defense Department hosted a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month event which failed to include any mention, pro or con, of the most celebrated homosexual soldier in American history, Bradley Manning, then on trial for treason.

    It was a strange omission. Why weren’t they proud of their gay solider?
    Homosexuals marched on his behalf in gay pride parades.

    My article quoted conservative columnist Ann Coulter as saying that Manning’s homosexuality was critical to understanding the case, and that foreign intelligence services have traditionally exploited sexual perverts.

    We don’t know everything there is to know about NSA leaker Edward Snowden, who supposedly has a girlfriend that he abandoned in order to flee to China and then Russia. But his handler, Guardian writer Glenn Greenwald, is an open homosexual with Marxist links whose “partner” was detained on his way through London and had his laptop, camera, memory sticks, and DVDs confiscated by authorities.

    The media won’t remind us of this fact, but two previous NSA defectors to the Soviet Union/Russia, Bernon F. Mitchell and William H. Martin, were also perverts.

    Mitchell confessed to “sexual experimentation with dogs and chickens,” according to the 1962 report, “Security Practices in the National Security Agency.” Mitchell, who had “associations with members of the Communist Party,” was “sexually abnormal,” had “posed for nude color slides perched on a velvet-covered stool,” and had “homosexual problems.”

    The report said Mitchell and Martin “had supposedly gone through the most rigorous of loyalty and security checks prior to and during their employment with the most sensitive and secretive of all agencies”—the NSA. Issued by the House Committee on Un-American Activities, it recommended ways to improve background checks of potential NSA employees.

    At that time, the government frowned on employing homosexuals and “deviates.” In fact, a 1950 congressional report was titled, “Employment of Homosexuals and Other Sex Perverts in Government,” and said that the FBI, the CIA, and the intelligence services of the Army, Navy and Air Forces were all “in complete agreement that sex perverts in government constitute security risks.”

    Can you imagine a government report nowadays referring to “perverts?”

  12. redseeingred

    I am on my phone, so I cant comment on each individual comment the way I want to, but suffice to say:

    I have seen the glory of the coming of the lord, he grows inside the
    hearts and minds of patriots glaore.

    The battle yet to start but AWD will set the score, his truth is marching on!

    Glory, glory Halleluja!

  13. Lest we forget ORDERS I WILL NOT OBEY

  14. I have nothing but contempt for Ovomit. He’s doing his dead-level best to socially engineer a society which kills ambition and punishes intelligence.

  15. The US Constitution was designed with a triad of branches (Executive,Congressional,and Judicial) so as to provide a system of checks and balances. Meh, this is a FANTASY!! The only branch that has any real (physical) force is the Executive Branch with the military and the US Marshall Service under its jurisdiction. The other two branches, Congressional and Judicial, have no forceful option to counteract the Executive Branch; they are feckless and impotent. How is this a system of checks and balances? Obongo can get away with anything he wants to unless his private forces turn on him, as happened in the Soviet Union in the ’90s. The remote possibility of State Military Reserves, under the command of state governors, fighting the US military is likely to fail. Somebody please respond.

    • RedSeeingRed

      I can see a slim percentage of the military remain loyal to Obama. I can also see the lion’s share turn against him. Get ready to see mass deployments (maybe to another war… Syria comes to mind) if signs of a revolution start to boil up. They can’t do much good across an ocean.

    • I don’t think you’ll see state military reserves doing anything. If it’s going to come…well, why bother speculating. I have no idea.

      • Can’t you see the Soviet Military revolting against their rulers?
        It happened; why can’t it happen here?

        • Oh, I can. I just think it’s going to come from people closer to .gov.

          • You’re better than BigTimer in responding to posts that haven’t been posted yet. NLS, it’s going to come from all fronts: close to government and away from government.

          • NLS means Never The Less: Just made it up, if you’re wondering.

          • lol–was just looking that up.

          • ps, i also need clarification on this: “responding to posts that haven’t been posted yet”. Not sure what that means yo!

          • What I meant was that BT responded to my post while it was still in its Limbo of 3 minutes. I get it, and don’t worry.

          • Still in limbo? WTH are you talking about Pico?

            I’ve went out of my way to include and respond to you time and again. – Worry not…not gonna happen again.

            Like AWD said to you long ago…”See Ya”

          • It takes 3 minutes (Limbo, my word, I’m sorry; it means impatience; read Catholic Teachings) to get our message posted. I don’t understand your concern. I’m terribly sorry for this.

          • In Catholicism, Limbo is a place for undecided souls. If you have been deemed evil you go to Hell. If you have been deemed good you go to Heaven. God deems it. If God can’t decide then you go to a mysterious place called Limbo. It is the place where souls are sent to await their final fate. I’m not making this up. In the early years of the Church, souls stuck in Purgatory can be boosted up to Heaven by family members and supporters giving donations to the Church with the designated souls pushed to Heaven. Do you feel my angst about your three minute wait for posting comments? Maybe this is a little overboard.

          • And maybe you’re insane. – Just sayin’

            Adios Pico…this isn’t limbo, I mean it. – See ya!

          • I just do not what went wrong here. You have my email adress. Please tell me what I did to make you so mad at me.

          • Pico…I do not, nor do I want your email address for any purpose whatsoever. – TROLL

          • Was Pico trying to say his posts were taking three minutes to appear? That has never happened to me… Maybe he assumed the countdown timer for editing the post meant it didn’t appear untill the clock ran out?

          • RSR…

            You have to know Pico. He has said so many things in the past that I have tried to understand and take under my wing to somewhat defend that it’s become way past nutsville. I’ve had my fill with this lying BS….enough for me. No more. And that is that.

            I’m done talking about it all…and my disappointment and anger isn’t meant towards to you…the arrows are sent to Pico.

          • In spite of loving participating in this blogsite, I will bid all of you a fond goodbye. BigTimer delivered the death shot tonight, and I thought I might reason with her. She refused to be reasoned with, a first with her. Good Luck with all AWD commenters and a good night. See y’all on other sites.

    • The people of the United States are the Fourth branch of government, as in “of, by, and for the people.” It will be us that straighten this shit out, and unfortunately, it will be bloody. The people, once aroused, will be the ones that overpower the king’s personal army. There were more than 30 million hunting licenses issued this year, that’s a standing army in anyone’s book. No amount of executive orders will be able to disarm us, as there are not enough personnel in the king’s army to carry out such orders.

      I say now, that any government unit that shows up in my “hood” to try and control us, is going to get a fast and painful lesson in guerrilla warfare that they will not soon forget, those that survive, that is. My neighbors are veterans of Vietnam, Korea, WWII, and the recent war games in the sandbox, and they are more than well versed in unconventional warfare. We will gladly school them, eat their lunch, then politely hand them their asses.

  16. That was a great movie. We just need the American version to take place. The sooner the better.

    • RedSeeingRed

      I completely agree! Let’s just hope our 300 don’t get wiped out before the rest of the country wakes up!

      • Snake Oiler

        Waking up the hoi polloi will most likely involve the same type of actions that were used in the final scenes of They Live. I’m sure you know exactly what I am referring to. Brainwashing isn’t effective if you know what is going on.

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