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A Post I Wish I’d Written


Oy effing vey.

A snippet from The President America Deserves, by Gregory Hood over at Radix Journal:

Devoid of inspirational qualities, bereft of qualifications, utterly useless in any system or setting besides the 21st century First World managerial state, Hillary personifies our society like no other person before or since. If the Presidency is to be a kind of Affirmative Action monarchy which cycles between various tokens for different races, genders, and sexual orientations, let her have it. Let the triumph of an empty pantsuit stand witness to the failure of the great experiment in self-government.

It is well worth a read in its entirety. I heartily encourage everyone to take the time to read it closely.




  1. Tough depressing read particularly with links to more depressing narrative. Really, haven’t we read enough of these articles in the past six years? It may well be over for white Christian males, but I can’t help making my MLB analogy. Bud Selig, PEDS, endless boring games, stuck in fifties mentality, nobody watches baseball anymore, right? Not so fast- Highest attendance ever in first two weeks of season, team revenues and values at all time inflation adjusted highs. I’m not so sure it’s over for ‘Merica. I don’t give a crap if Hilary is elected(news flash-she won’t be)- I do think more people are awake now than were six years ago and that only can be positive for the Nation and negative for the current ruling elites. I’m going shooting and then gonna watch some baseball. Wes-out!

    • Wes
      I’m not so sure it’s over for America either, I have faith that the best is yet to come, Your simple words assure me that there are others just like me.

  2. the country has gone to hell in a hand-basket……things are so damn bad I can’t see straight…….Hilda-skank and Slick Willy have committed treason…..sold the American people down the road so they can live the “good life” on some else’s dime……….they have lied continuously for the past 25 years…..stole….cheated…..connived…..schemed…..created a money laundering scheme with their fake foundation………got patriotic Americans killed…….sent innocents to jail for what they did……..and it doesn’t stop…….

  3. Bluto said it all! Can’t top that!
    Maybe Vince Foster will rise from his grave and strangle her somehow.

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