A Strange Man in the Bedroom


KGG watched this video and her skin crawled! What is wrong with this woman? This poor, helpless female seems to think she is forced to do what the guy under her bed tells her to do. I don’t care who the guy is or what political party he is affiliated with, a strange guy is NOT welcome under my bed, at anytime. I have to wonder why she lets the man under her bed and then proceeds to let him force his opinions on her! KGG has a personal protection plan and it comes in the form of a little fire power.

There are a lot of good reasons to have a plan in place to protect yourself. Strange men under your bed is one of them. There have also been a lot of tweets lately about violence that will occur if Romney is elected. Here are a few of them:

I Heard Mitt Romney, Tryna Take Away Food Stamps, If He do. “IMA START A RIOT, IMA START A RIOT”

If Romney win Imma start riot! –

If Romney win niggas goin riot’

on b if romney become president im a start a riot on 11th in front of heb and subway. oh im a make the damn news. espn, kbtv and kfcm.-

You askin too much!!

See what I mean? Not exactly sure what language those tweets are in, but that is for another post! We are living in a crazy word and it just makes sense to be prepared.

I never leave home without packin’ a little heat and I have plenty of guns scattered through the house, so I feel pretty confident that I am prepared for whatever situation I am faced with. Girls, I am telling you – you do NOT have to be a victim like the girl in this video. A little time and effort and you can be shooting like a pro. AWD has given his list of ‘must have’ fire power in the past, but I wanted to talk about it from a girl’s perspective.

There are a couple different situations to consider. Personal defense and home defense. What you want is a weapon that will stop an attacker in their tracks. It needs to be something that you are comfortable with. Most gun ranges allow you to rent different guns, so you can get a feel of what works for you. I recommend something with a higher caliber than a .22 as you want something that would actually stop a 250 pound man. My personal favorite is a Glock 17 9 mm. It is easy to handle and feels good to shoot. I prefer to carry my gun on my body, but it just isn’t always possible. Girls dress differently than guys and it’s much harder to conceal. (I know I’ll get some argument there – but I just refuse to wear a vest everywhere I go!) I also LOVE my Walther PPS 9mm. It is slimmer than the Glock and easier to conceal. For those time when I have to resort to carrying in my purse, I go with a little Ruger LCP 380. It’s small and easy to shoot.

In most situations, a shotgun is the ‘mother of home defense’. There are a lot of them on the market and my personal favorite is a Remington 870 tactical. As long as you can handle a shotgun, if you can point and shoot you will hit your target. Keep in mind, there are a lot of safety rules to know, such as, a wall will not stop a bullet. I’m going to assume that if you are ready to arm yourself you know that you need to be trained!

If you have a handgun and a shotgun you are well on your way to being able to protect yourself and your family. I will warn you though, a couple days at the range and you will be ready for an AR 15! Ask any guy and he will tell you that there is just something sexy about a girls shooting an AR!

Lara Croft

That's not a gun in my pocket


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