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A Strange Man in the Bedroom


KGG watched this video and her skin crawled! What is wrong with this woman? This poor, helpless female seems to think she is forced to do what the guy under her bed tells her to do. I don’t care who the guy is or what political party he is affiliated with, a strange guy is NOT welcome under my bed, at anytime. I have to wonder why she lets the man under her bed and then proceeds to let him force his opinions on her! KGG has a personal protection plan and it comes in the form of a little fire power.

There are a lot of good reasons to have a plan in place to protect yourself. Strange men under your bed is one of them. There have also been a lot of tweets lately about violence that will occur if Romney is elected. Here are a few of them:

I Heard Mitt Romney, Tryna Take Away Food Stamps, If He do. “IMA START A RIOT, IMA START A RIOT”

If Romney win Imma start riot! –

If Romney win niggas goin riot’

on b if romney become president im a start a riot on 11th in front of heb and subway. oh im a make the damn news. espn, kbtv and kfcm.-

You askin too much!!

See what I mean? Not exactly sure what language those tweets are in, but that is for another post! We are living in a crazy word and it just makes sense to be prepared.

I never leave home without packin’ a little heat and I have plenty of guns scattered through the house, so I feel pretty confident that I am prepared for whatever situation I am faced with. Girls, I am telling you – you do NOT have to be a victim like the girl in this video. A little time and effort and you can be shooting like a pro. AWD has given his list of ‘must have’ fire power in the past, but I wanted to talk about it from a girl’s perspective.

There are a couple different situations to consider. Personal defense and home defense. What you want is a weapon that will stop an attacker in their tracks. It needs to be something that you are comfortable with. Most gun ranges allow you to rent different guns, so you can get a feel of what works for you. I recommend something with a higher caliber than a .22 as you want something that would actually stop a 250 pound man. My personal favorite is a Glock 17 9 mm. It is easy to handle and feels good to shoot. I prefer to carry my gun on my body, but it just isn’t always possible. Girls dress differently than guys and it’s much harder to conceal. (I know I’ll get some argument there – but I just refuse to wear a vest everywhere I go!) I also LOVE my Walther PPS 9mm. It is slimmer than the Glock and easier to conceal. For those time when I have to resort to carrying in my purse, I go with a little Ruger LCP 380. It’s small and easy to shoot.

In most situations, a shotgun is the ‘mother of home defense’. There are a lot of them on the market and my personal favorite is a Remington 870 tactical. As long as you can handle a shotgun, if you can point and shoot you will hit your target. Keep in mind, there are a lot of safety rules to know, such as, a wall will not stop a bullet. I’m going to assume that if you are ready to arm yourself you know that you need to be trained!

If you have a handgun and a shotgun you are well on your way to being able to protect yourself and your family. I will warn you though, a couple days at the range and you will be ready for an AR 15! Ask any guy and he will tell you that there is just something sexy about a girls shooting an AR!

Lara Croft
That's not a gun in my pocket



  1. What type of 9mm ammunition do you use for your carry load?

    I have a couple of Glocks, a Glock 32 357 sig and my all time favorite, my Glock 20 with 16 rounds of 10mm. I live in the mountains and hike alot and carry a radical black bear load by Double Tap: (It will work on “bath salt/PCP zombies as well)

    “The heaviest and deepest penetrating 10mm in existence! This hardcast Wide Flat Nose Gas – Checked bullet will not deform on impact, and will create a large deep wound channel. Excellent for hunting or woods protection!”

    Caliber : 10mm

    Bullet : 230gr Wide Flat Nose Gas Check Hardcast

    Ballistics : 1120fps/ 641 ft./lbs. – Glock 20
    1008fps / 519 ft lbs 100yds Glock 20

    • Kansas Gun Girl

      When I carry, I use hollow point! For target practice, FMJ.

      • I may be preaching to the choir already, but you know you can really upgrade the 9mm these days with ammunition selection.
        Corbon DPX, Buffalo Bore, or this one from DoubleTapAmmo.com
        9mm+P 115gr JHP
        “These loads are low flash and really move. All three loadings are +p rated and deliver quite a punch! ”
        Ballistics : 115gr @ 1415fps / 511ft. lbs. from a G17.

  2. What a stupid ad. And who the heck is the group Wake the Beast. whoever they are…they failed big time with this one, it’s too stupid to comment much more. – Backfire indeed!

    Always been protected since I’ve been a young gal…always will be. – ‘Nuff said.

  3. The poor lady wets the bed. That is her nurse.

  4. Quartier LeBlanc

    Actually you can miss with a shotgun, it’s a lot more than point and shoot. Plus buckshot packs a wallop in recoil and not all buck is created equal. For open bore chokes and OO buck the spread is going to be no more than 12 inches at 10 yards or one inch per yard, therefore at most home defense ranges, the weapon behaves more like a rifle than a scattergun. As a system the weapon optimizes at the 20 to 30 yard range, a distance where a pistol is at a significant disadvantage. A ghost ring sight helps get on target quicker plus if you change to slugs it’s necessary. Quartier really likes an IC choke in a standard pump gun if you can find one. As a general rule Quartier likes the 9 pellet buffered plated high velocity 00 buck and you can extend the range a bit without flyers. Quartier also suggests trying some 3 inch triball and seeing how it patterns. You really need a ghost ring for this stuff which is three nasty 60 caliber tungsten alloy balls. Serious penetration here. You don’t need a tactical handgrip unless you’re really interested in controlling the weapon with one hand while doing something else with the other. I’d also keep the thing slick except with the exception of a light and if you do put a light on it, make sure it will strobe or flicker. Blinds the hell out of the bad guy. Maybe some spare ammo on the stock but not much else. I don’t like slings on the things and don’t use them. My two cents.

  5. Enoch Powell

    The Beretta .32 Tomcat is a good one that’s easy to conceal. I know, I know, it’s just a .32, but you do get 8 rounds (1 in the chamber), very high quality and reliability. It’s also light and very small. In any case, you’re going to be using something like this up close if it comes to it and eight to the head should be quite persuasive.

    There’s also a really small Colt .380 Mustang that packs a bigger punch and isn’t much larger or heavier than the Beretta; seven shots with one in the chamber. This is a very nice traditional weapon.

    The way I look at it, if you can’t hide it you can’t carry it. So something small enough so you can carry it all or most of the time is better than something big that you have to leave at home a lot.

    And these smaller guns are extremely controllable and surprisingly accurate. Again, the need for these things is usually at pretty close range.

    And anything is better than yelling, throwing rocks or trying to reason with a lively, vibrant attacker.

    • Kel-Tec 32 ACP is the smallest lightest 32 on the market and has virtually no recoil as its not a blowback operation. Had a Tomcat got rid of it. Too many malfunctions. I NP3ed the Kel-Tec and its the smoothest and fastest to empty of any mouse gun I’ve had. What convinced me besides weight was the Silvertip hollow points have a documented 1 shot stop of 50%, same as a FMJ .45 ACP. Better than .380 Silvertips.
      It is so light, less than 10 oz with 8+1.

      • Enoch Powell

        So you had malfunctions with the Tomcat? I’d like to hear what happened. I’ve had really good luck with mine, but it would be nice to know if they have any known weaknesses. I’ve got a Tomcat and a Jetfire and they’ve both been extremely reliable. I’ve had no jamming at all. With the Jetfire I did have to replace the clip once. The spring got all buggered up.

  6. Kansas Gun Girl

    That’s why I said ‘if you can handle ‘ a shotgun. A Remington 870 is super easy to handle. Haven’t taken anyone shooting that couldn’t hit the target with it! Knowing your weapon is key with any choice. That and regular practice!

  7. That is such a sad ad. I ended up laughing at the thought of my 89# , 4′ 10″ wife bouncing up and down on the mattress while emptying a magazine of .45 ACP into the mattress and then asking me for another magazine. We both use .45’s but she can outshoot me all to pieces. First big gun she ever shot and she wouldn’t downsize for nothing.

    • Enoch Powell

      Ha ha. My wife is very small also. She had never shot a gun until she met me. She became EXTREMELY enthusiastic about it right away. She does prefer revolvers. Her favorites are the classic S&W models 36 and 66 with the big grips added and short barrels. She has an irrational fear of automatics jamming. We were shooting an extremely old .25 cal. Baby Browning one day and it jammed because we were using hollow points. Stupid of me. Since then she considers automatics to be of low and disloyal character.

  8. Watch these videos and sell the LCP 380.

    (The Glock 36 is a small 45cal. that shoots like a dream and will fit in your purse, or maybe a Glock 19.)

    ‘Bath Salts’ Causing ‘Excited Delirium’?


    Bath Salts Craze Caught on Tape


    Bath Salt Zombie Fight – Raw Footage – 2012


    Man High on Bath Salts Jumps on Cars on the HWY


    Bath Salts Zombie Goes For A Job Interview At Welding Shop 2012


    Bath Salts Zombie Caught On Tape 2012 LSD PCP


    • Kansas Gun Girl

      LOL Edtudo! I add to my gun collection – but don’t sell them! You can’t have too many guns! I have several small handguns. My little Ruger is accurate, I can handle it well and it fits easily in a purse.

      Everyone has to go with the gun that works best for them. At a minimum, everyone needs a gun/guns they can easily carry. For me, that means more than one carry gun. If you ever tried to wear a Glock in a IWB with a skirt you would know what I mean! 🙂 AND, a good weapon for home defense is also mandatory. The guns I listed above are by no means my complete list, but what I consider a minimum. Everyones choices will be different.

      • Yes ma’am, I understand and didn’t mean to lecture.
        did you get to watch any of these crazt “bath salts” videos? This is a national crisis with 15 states having already declared an emergency and more getting ready to do so. Somebody is flooding the streets of America with drugs and I don’t believe it’s just for profit.

        • Kansas Gun Girl

          I had seen a couple of them and watched a couple more this morning! Couldn’t help but laugh at the naked guy wanting a job …. and I think I have a hard time carrying concealed! haha

          Yes, America is in crisis and half of the population is clueless!

          P.S. I didn’t take it as a lecture! 😉


    Remember if OBAMA and the UN get their way Self Defense will be a crime just like it is in england Thats why we must oppose the UN SMALL ARMS CONTROL TREATY

  10. Holy damn….that video is the dumbest F*&%*$g thing I’ve seen in a while. What republican war on women? Not wanting to pay for birth control and abortions is considered war on women? Attention to any woman too stupid to figure this out: Democrats only see you as a cervix with voter registration. That’s it.
    And if you caught that “I’m just trying to help you” BS line, remind me which side loves to control every aspect of your life. From what you eat, what you buy, whether you’re “qualified” to own a gun, etc…

    As for my guns..can’t say. They’re still at the bottom of the river from that tragic boating accident.

    • As for the war on women; this ad actually IS a perfect example. Notice how the Demorats portray women as mindless zombies incapable of doing anything unless one man or another tells them what to do?
      And these sleaze merchants actually have the gall to call Us misogynists?
      I hope this ad spot was immediately followed with an ‘Army Strong’ ad featuring a woman. It would be nice to see two polar opposite positions of the leftist manifesto side by side for once.

    • LMAO! I very happy to hear you survived the accident. 😉

  11. Since I can’t sleep, I’ll comment. Republicans in your bedroom? That guy seems more like a Democrat.

  12. Apparently these perfidious Libs will stoop to any level to make a useless point and they have accomplished just that, through this meaningless ad!

    On another note, just a few days ago Autumn Pasquale a 12 year old white girl goes out riding her bike in her NJ neighborhood only to be abducted by two black teenage thugs who strangled and then dump her body in her families trash bin.

    By the grace of God, their mother had the strength and fortitude to place her murderous sons into the hands of the proper authorities. Very few newspapers in typical liberal form, hesitated to plaster the images of these derelicts with a few possible exceptions like the NY post.

    Where’s good ole’ Al “Sharptongue” when you need him to arouse the public of an alleged racially-driven crime? Oops! That doesn’t apply here. After all, the victim was a little white girl and the two murderous bike thieves were young black teenagers!

    Funny how Dear Leader made no attempt into injecting his opinions regarding this travesty as he did when one Trayvon Martin was accidently killed by the racially mixed Geroge Zimmerman!

    I guess he’s too busy hopping from one latenight television circuit to another while desperately trying to raise cash to subsidized his fledgling presidency to take the time out and comfort Autumn’s grieving family as he did with the promiscously free-contraceptive-seeking slut, Sandra fluke!

    • American citizens are being directly and indirestly murdered by the thousands every year in “what’s left of Amerika” thanks to the welfare underclass gangs and liberal anti gun and anti self defense policies!

  13. Steve Sybert

    Looks like they are trying to portray Republicans as control freaks. I can kinda see something like this if your wife/girlfriend is ill or disabled to some degree or other. I took care of my late wife, including feeding her, and helping her dress/undress.
    but this woman in the vid is perfectly capable of making her own decisions, and taking care of herself. She doesn’t need this man’s “aid”. Kinda funny to watch, except that there are guys like this guy in the video. And, unfortunately, women like the one seen here. Let me conclude with this life philosophy: “Nearly all human problems can be successfully resolved by the judicious application of the Olympic barbell, and Jeet Kune Do training”. Jeet Kune Do is simply an open-minded approach to your own personal self-defense. And the gun should not be overlooked. Practice! Practice!

    • My thoughts too…
      The words that we speak and the demeanor we display can move mountains. Gun or no gun, war is a state of mind. When they come to you in your dreams, it’s time to wake up. The seen and unseen are in play today, more than ever.

      The world does need a level headed leader that can perform under extreme pressure, using an educated intellect from experience. Someone who has more interest in destruction and golf is your enemy, if that is where your ranked with the deciever.

  14. Oh, KGG!: The very first time I shot an AR 15, I was in LOOOOOVE!

    Normally, my carry weapon is the Ruger LCP .380, and I keep a Mossberg 500 handy in my cave in the event of an intruder. Can’t afford the AR-15 yet, but we all have to have a dream to reach for…

    As for that weird ad — what the sam-hill is the point? It’s the liberal p-c nuts that are trying to oversee every darned breath we take… Yikes.

  15. inagadadavida

    I think this, I know this, but this guy says it better than I can:

    “The Big Lie of the late 20th century was that Nazism was Rightist. It was in fact typical of the Leftism of its day. It was only to the Right of Stalin’s Communism. The very word ‘Nazi’ is a German abbreviation for ‘National Socialist’ (Nationalsozialist) and the full name of Hitler’s political party (translated) was ‘The National Socialist German Workers’ Party’ (In German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei).”
    — Dr. John Joseph Ray

    It is the political left, not the right, that wants to sleep under your bed and control what you do with your life.

  16. This is more of a Liberal ad. They are the ones who want the government to be in control of everything. They also want the government be evolved in all aspects of our lives. ROMNEY 2012! Go out and vote:)

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