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It’s really amazing how the Republican Establishment cannot grasp why Donald Trump is beating the dog snot out of El Jeb Bush and other GOP good old boy faves. Or maybe it’s they get it but don’t want to acknowledge the reason because admitting that the Republican Party = Democrat Party would be to admit defeat. And defeat means less contributions from SRV’s (Stupid Republican Voters). Those sweet little idjits who post memes of George W Bush with the caption “Miss Me Yet?” on their Facebook pages. Bless their stupid little hearts.

Where they are dishonest, the GOP Establishment is cunning. And they saw the Tea Party movement coming back in 2009! They couldn’t make enough promises to slice, dice, and circumcise all that wasteful spending in Washington and oppose Obama’s socialist agenda if the Tea Party would restore them to control of Congress.

At its inception and when it was running on eight cylinders, the Tea Party movement stood for these principles:

1. Fiscal responsibility (Government should spend less in revenue than it seizes in revenue)
2. Personal responsibility – More producers, less moochers
3. The Rule of Law – Government should enforce the laws it creates
4. National sovereignty – Border enforcement and immigration laws must be enforced
5. Free market capitalism – Government should play a minimal part in America’s economy and allow free market principles to create wealth

(Note: you’ll see NO social issues in those principles.)

Tell me, where does the Republican Party stand today on any of those issues? I rest my case. Enter Donald Trump.

Trump owes his success in the polls to several reasons.

First, Trump is a successful businessman and not a politician. Tea Party conservatives do not trust politicians. Even those who swear up and down they are bleed Tea Party fiscal conservative principles. Think Rand Paul will endorse Mitch McConnell again? Absolutely! Paul has been usurped by the Establishment and is now part of their corrupt system. He will dance on their string as long as the Establishment needs him. They will most likely carry his dead, aged body from office many years from now. He’s no longer there to make change. He’s there to stay there. If the wheels stay on this experiment called America.

As a businessman, Trump understands how to create wealth. Not seize and spend it like politicians. He knows how government hamstrings American businesses and taxpayers with high taxes, regulations, and the flooding of America with cheap, illegal labor. And we like what he is saying!

Second, Trump understands the total disgust of the conservative voter with the Republican Party. And the GOP has only itself to blame. The vile tactics used to manipulate black voters in Mississippi to vote for Establishment man Thad Cochran against a true conservative and Mitch McConnell’s stated desires to “punch the Tea Party in the nose” were not lost on conservatives.

Campaign promises turning to elected lies have alienated the conservative voter. Millions of us refused to vote for big-government moderate Mitt Romney in 2012. Millions more will refuse to vote for El Jeb Bush or any other Establishment crony in 2016. Why bother? We vote in primaries for conservatives. We refuse to vote in the general election for another Democrat/Republican.

Donald Trump also is popular because he doesn’t need the Establishment or their Chamber of Commerce blood money. It’s revolting to watch the Republican candidates like Scott Walker and Marco Rubio talking out of every side of their pieholes about where they stand on Anchor Babies. They’re against Anchor Babies! Wait! They’re now for them! Wait! They don’t know where they stand! Wait! What is an Anchor Baby?

These limp noodle-spined politicians know the conservative voter despises this abortion of the 14th Amendment but realize the Establishment and Big Business want Amnesty more than John Boehner wants a Kleenex. As they twist in the Establishment wind, Trump’s words against Anchor Babies are music to the American citizen’s ears.

For his part, El Jeb Bush doesn’t care what conservatives think. Minus the cankles, El Jeb is Hillary.

Third, Donald Trump doesn’t take sh*t from smarmy talking heads in the propaganda media or from the Republican Establishment. We conservatives are sooooo tired of the ever-appeasing (in Trump’s words, “loser”) GOP types. We want a fighter. Somebody that will figuratively stab our enemies in the guts. Then go after their families.

We believe when Trump says he will close the border. We know the Republican Party won’t. We believe he will cut taxes and lessen restrictions on American businesses. We know the GOP wussypants boys won’t. We believe he will deport illegals. We know the Establishment wants Amnesty.

Yes, Trump may be lying. We don’t know. We will see. The Republicans have done nothing but lie to conservatives. This we KNOW! We have seen!

Bluntly, as a Tea Party conservative, I really don’t care what happens to the Republican Party and their Establishment candidates. Would I prefer El Jeb to Hillary? Not really as I don’t see any difference in them. The Republican Party lost me after Thad Cochran in Mississippi. The Republican Party deserves every bad thing that happens to them. They have kicked their conservative base in the teeth for way too long. Time for some payback.

I will vote for Ted Cruz should Donald Trump fizzle out. Nobody else moves the needle for me. If Trump runs third party against El Jeb, I will vote third party. The fiscal conservative now realizes there is zero difference between the Republican Establishment and Democrats in Washington. If there is a difference, the Republicans will bend over every time and give the Dims what they want. Every time. I refuse to reward the Republican Establishment my vote based on promises again. Ever.

I’m sure the Establishment will pay roly-poly Karl Rove millions for what AWD has shared here today. They’re stupid like that.

One day, the SRV’s will realize that Bush = Clinton and Republican = Democrat. Then they will fully realize the indictments made here today are true and stop supporting the GOP. I refuse to pretend there is a difference in Washington. And I am enjoying this wonderful moment of schadenfreude as the Establishment twists in the wind watching Trump kick their asses while they realize their actions have sealed their doom.



  1. Disgusted Caucasian

    The only thing I disagree with here is Ted Cruz. I won’t vote for him either as he screwed us on the TPA “deal” and then, when he realized he outraged his base, only then did he claim to be tricked into supporting TPA by the turtle. If I knew the TPA was a bad deal for America, then a Harvard educated Senator should certainly have known. I just don’t trust Cruz anymore. There are other reasons as well. It’s Trump or non of the above for me.

    • DC, Cruz certainly screwed the pooch on ObamaTrade.


    • captainmike

      I too was a big Cruz fan before his TPA vote. Talk about a huge disappointment. That vote was 180 degrees out of sync with everything Cruz has been saying for the last couple of years. He lost my trust also.

      • Disgusted Caucasian

        Yeah CaptainMike….I was all in for Cruz until I listened closely to the words he uses in his speeches. When he announced at Liberty University, he said “Imagine an administration that would….” and then he would state his case and in the process leaving himself an out. He did the same thing in a recent interview on the campaign trail…”If I’m elected I intend to do this, this and that….” again leaving himself an out by only ‘intending.’ When Trump speaks, he uses the word WILL many many times. He doesn’t leave himself an out. You can’t wiggle from WILL or SHALL.

        Can Trump be lying to us….sure….he could be but I don’t know that and I doubt that. I’m 100% sure that if I vote for a Republican that is already in Washington, they are lying to me. I’m voting for Trump because he can’t be bought, he appears to say what he means, he’s taking the fight to the enemy when it comes to PC, the crooked news media an immigration. Muslims are on the march…literally, around the world and intent on destroying us by occupation. I want Trump on the job.

        • The way Cruz tap danced to avoid giving a direct answer to a question on illegal immigrants that Trump answered directly and with no BS is what is making me question Cruz. The more info I get on him, the more it looks like he is turning into just another typical ass covering politician.

          But he is still my number two choice, right after Trump. I will never vote for Carson, I like the guy, but the current magic negro has soured any trust that I may have had for blacks. Was that racist? Tough shit.

          • Disgusted Caucasian

            I won’t vote for Cruz for President but if the ticket becomes Trump/Cruz, then I’ll still vote for the Donald.

  2. minuteman26

    Well stated. My preference is Trump also for the same reasons. Would consider Cruz and Carson also if Trump doesn’t get the nod. Would also vote Trump on a third party ticket if it comes to that. However, it appears Trump is gaining more momentum daily and may just pull this off. The Marxists and Rinos are truly running scared.

  3. AGAIN…….

    I’m tired of voting for a REpubliCAN’T who acts like a conservative during election season…….

    only to have him get elected and go to DC and vote like a DEMocRAT.

  4. QuartierLeBlanc

    Trump for me all the way. For one he will absolutely stick it to the MSN. THAT is way overdue. Secondly someone has finally attacked the stupid PC industry with the “use the correct speech or else mantra.” Lastly he has correctly identified our leadership as STUPID. Succinct, to the point and certainly spot on.

  5. Marco Rubio…..not a chance in hell…..nothing but an amnesty son-of-a-bitch……although he’s trying to hide it……….and the same with Walker……a closet establishment republican all the way……I’m not fooled by this guy………….

    Kasich can go to hell along with Graham, Pataki, and that fat slob from New Jersey……..lying sacs-o-crap all of them……….

    the eye doctor sold us out……he’s made his bed now he can lie in it………..

    don’t think the brain surgeon is qualified…..and he’s weak on the second amendment… I say no to him too………..

    Jindal looks good…….Santorum looks good……..Cruz looks good………..

    but Trump seems to be the guy……refuses to back down…….says what I’m already thinking…….can’t be bought……has got some real intelligent men on his staff………..and he’s the one who’s poking a sharp stick in the eye of the republican establishment and I like that………….

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      You surprise me Bluto…..with your being okay with Santorum. He was an establishment soldier when it came to fiscal matters. He has a horrible voting record on budget bills. He always voted with the establishment “Bushies” for huge deficit spending. He is also is as exciting as the inside of a garbage can lid and doesn’t seem to have much fight inside him. He doesn’t present himself as presidential and he looks more like Mr. Rodgers when running. He may be okay with social issues but it takes more than that to fix the mess the leftists got us in.

      • I’ll re-examine his positions…….he’s been coming out pretty conservative on issues, especially illegal immigration………

        but i will look at him a bit closer……………….

  6. Bluto said what I would of said.
    Trump says it like it is and the Demorats better get used to it or move out of the USA.

  7. When Jeb Bush allowed hecklers shouting “Black lives matter” to drive him off the stage in Las Vegas, he may have given us a clue as to what kind of president he would be. People ignored too many clues about Barack Obama before putting him in the White House. There is no excuse for ignoring clues about another candidate now. Can you imagine Ronald Reagan letting #BLM hecklers drive him off the stage?

    Ronald Reagan: I Am paying For This Microphone, Mr. Green

    We may have reached the point where elite candidates think Trump could win Iowa and potentially the nomination and, according to some, possibly the White House. Granted there is a ways to go, but that sort of sentiment is bound to have an effect on the election.

    I’m not sure which part scares the establishment elites most: that he could win the nomination, or that he changed the race? Apparently it has them in panic mode.
    Finally, maybe because they see it in black and white in the polls and in popular opinion? Or maybe because they see a potential threat with the popularity and money? At any rate, the establishment are finally sitting up and taking notice. And they don’t like what they are seeing.

    They tried dismissing Trump, ignoring him, calling him names and ridiculing him….. never mind what Megan Kelly tried to do. It’s laughable as how they see him as the problem. It would be nice if the GOPe would start paying attention to us now that they see how angry we are. I imagine they’ll blame it all on Trump and just keep ignoring us as usual.

    It’s also true that the Alinsky Fraud Machine is massive and getting bigger. And last time I checked…hell hasn’t frozen over. Democrats will use the dead to vote if that’s what it takes to beat our candidate. But Trump has a way of being heard. So far they haven’t found the way to stifle him. At least he is challenging their status quo. 🙂

  8. One thing I hate more than the dem party these days is the Republican party, and that is coming from a Republican of almost forty years. Piss on the spineless Republican party… at least 90% of them. I’m mainly leaning in the direction of Trump followed by nobody. Should Trump go third party so will my vote.

    I think Americans are sick and tired of the lies and are ready for anybody who is not a politician. My only concern is the moochers of America who grow in numbers daily will vote for whoever promises the most freebies. Lastly, I love Trump because he tells the media they can shove their thoughts up their asses.

  9. To put it simply…Trump is the balls that has been. So sorely lacking in Americas leadership..

  10. So I thought I would start doing a little research about Donald’s campaign because the media wants to tell us who Trump ‘is’ instead of letting Trump tell us himself.

    Seems the talking heads are always inventing controversy to hijack and derail what the Donald says, so I don’t know if I want to vote for him or not. I don’t know if he is really a conservative or not. But if the media keeps up their bullshit he might get my vote just out of spite.

    So a little back ground that I am happy to share

    Trumps campaign manager is Corey Lewandowski

    In 1994, while still in school, he ran for the 16th Middlesex district seat of the Massachusetts House of Representatives; he lost.

    He interned for Steven C. Panagiotakos. Democratic Massachusetts state senator, who was the chairperson of the Senate Ways and Means Committee. A fairly run of the mill democrat.

    He also worked on the campaign for Peter G. Torkildsen a former member of the United States House of Representatives who was a impressive conservative IMHO.

    And he worked for Bob Ney a republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and a all around crook.

    In 2001, Lewandowski served as campaign manager for republican Senator Robert C. Smith of New Hampshire.

    During the Smith campaign Lewandowski criticized John E. Sununu for not screening his contributors more carefully, saying, “The people of New Hampshire want someone in the U.S. Senate with clear, concise views on terrorism. They’ll judge a congressman based on the people he associates with, his voting record and his campaign contributions.” And evidently Lewandowski earned the displeasure of the Anti-Defamation League because somehow he painted Arab Americans with a broad brush with the above statement.

    Lewandowski also worked for Americans for Prosperity, a Koch brothers conservative political advocacy organization. The words Koch Brothers makes liberals mindlessly squawk talking points like they are Jeff Daniels in an HBO episode of the Newsroom.

    That is all for now

  11. At this point, Trump could argue that left is right and up is down. The difference is, he’ll make the polies eat his words!

  12. captainmike

    As far as I’m concerned, all of the candidates other than Trump are basically RINOS. Walker just came out and said he would “not take a formal position” on the anchor baby issue. He may as well have said “I am just another flaky, establishment politician who will dance on the string of the party.”

    • captainmike……………

      right on……Walker is closet establishment rino sac-o-sh*t………some of us aren’t fooled by his deflecting bullsh*t……..him and Paul Ryan are thick as thieves…..and Ryan is nothing but republican establishment swine……

      I’m with ya on these rino sons-a-bitches man…….my disgust with them grows more and more each day……………

  13. some good news about the Trump campaign………Donald Trump had a meeting with Carl Icahn, another billionaire philanthropist, and the talks went extremely well…………

    Trump asked Icahn if he would take on the task of negotiating the trade agreements with Japan, China and the Far east……..Icahn said he would…………..

    Trump is lining up some of the best, smartest, people that know what they are doing in the country to handle America’s business…….

    the number of attendees at the latest Trump rally in Mobile has been re-evaluated…….from 30,000 to 60,000 attendees……………..

    read it and weep GOP rino bastards……………….

  14. I think Hildabeast is toast……….done……….kaput………she’s just hanging on trying to figure to squirm out of this email debacle she created for herself…….looking for a fall-guy……someone to blame…… but she isn’t going to get away with it this time……….she’s hated…..even by dhimicrats and by me too……..can’t stand the lying-ass bitch……………

    anyhow………this is something I came across and needed a place to post it so here it goes……….

  15. Yeah, I just watched Trump basically bitch slap Jorge Ramos from Univision. Ramos got escorted out, but was readmitted later with a slight attitude adjustment.

    Trump isn’t taking shit from anyone. I hope he can keep it together long enough to win, the MSM is going to be on a vendetta to smear him.

  16. Great blog Dude. Finally somebody who hates Republicans as much as I do. And I will vote for Trump. I will write him in if I need to. Karl Rove couldn’t be melted down and poured on you. I heard George Wallace speak to a packed house at the old Charlotte Coliseum in ’64. He said there was not a dimes worth of difference between Dems. and Repubs. back then. Looks like he was right. Trump is like a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of the field. Now we have somebody to vote for who is not a politician, can’t be bought and is not P.C. That traps me.

  17. thas right,
    i will vote 3rd party also if trump runs 3rd party, if this country is going to collapse from the weight of the leeches and traitorous self serving bastards in washington then so be it, better sooner than later before
    the brown shirts come door to door.

    • on a lighter note, i am fed up with fox news as well, the only one there is hannity any way, so this is where i get my news, ( links and such), sad bouquet indeed!

  18. If Trump runs third party we will see another Demonrat win. The Dems own about 50% ofnthe vote give or take. The GOP has a slightly smaller base with a couple percent being something else. Depending on factors like how many turn out to vote either party might win. If a popular third party candidate is on the ballot we get the Ross Perot effect. They pull votes from the other candidates. Since Dems are emotion based voters they are not logical….they are loyal. They vote for ‘their guy’ regardless. The GOP base is more rational and thus more likely to vote third party….not enough vote third party to win…just enough to cost the GOP the race. That is why G.H.W. Bush lost to Slick Willie in 92. Perot took enough votes from him to doom his reelection but nowhere near enough to win himself. The exact same thing can happen again in 16. The Democrats would KILL for a populist third party candidate. They know it would split the conservative vote and guarantee them a win. They could run Charlie Manson and be guaranteed a win. Third party candidates HURT the GOP and HELP the Dems. We need a MAJOR party candidate who can win AND is FOR America….like a Reagan. Not sure if one exists anymore. And if they do show up they are subjected to ridicule, abuse and character assassination be the media….the propaganda wing of the Demonrat party.

    • Perot took more votes from Clinton. Had Perot not been in the race it would have been 60:40 Clinton. As for Trump, Right On. GOP, blow them up and burn them down…Forever. I’d vote for a Carpet Jockey before another GOPer.

  19. GOP sac-o-shits are trying to keep Donald Trump off the South Carolina primary ballot…….

    these republitard bastards are trying to force a third party run by Trump……….these “bastards” would rather loose the 2016 election to “any dhimicrat”……including losing it to a communist from Vermont, Birdbrain Sanders……..but lets face the truth……there’s no difference between Birdbrain Sanders and Hildabeast or any dhimicrat…..they’re all communists………..

    the truth is the GOP prefers a communist to any one that’s and independent thinker or who supports the Tea Party…….they don’t oppose Obongo because they support Obongo’s communist policies…….the GOP doesn’t object to this “in your face communism” by Obongo or the dhimicrats…..they prefer it……….

    there is no doubt that the GOP will throw the election to the dhimicrats if Trump appears to them that he is going to win the nomination……they will throw the election………..the GOP intends on throwing every road block it can in front of Trump to try and stop Trump……..

    it looks like Trump not only has to fight the dhimicrats but the republitards as well……..if it comes to Trump running a third party candidacy……I fully expect to support his candidacy……………I would support his candidacy if only for the reason he pokes a sharp stick in the eye of the republitard establishment hacks…………fu_k them……

  20. Angrywhitedudette

    You speak German?

  21. Bargis Tryhol

    I think Trump will do a good job. Plus,Trump’s wife is way hot.
    Gotta say, if we have to look at a First Lady for 4 years let’s look at her!
    Especially after looking at the pompous fat-ass African for the past eight years.

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