It’s really amazing how the Republican Establishment cannot grasp why Donald Trump is beating the dog snot out of El Jeb Bush and other GOP good old boy faves. Or maybe it’s they get it but don’t want to acknowledge the reason because admitting that the Republican Party = Democrat Party would be to admit defeat. And defeat means less contributions from SRV’s (Stupid Republican Voters). Those sweet little idjits who post memes of George W Bush with the caption “Miss Me Yet?” on their Facebook pages. Bless their stupid little hearts.

Where they are dishonest, the GOP Establishment is cunning. And they saw the Tea Party movement coming back in 2009! They couldn’t make enough promises to slice, dice, and circumcise all that wasteful spending in Washington and oppose Obama’s socialist agenda if the Tea Party would restore them to control of Congress.

At its inception and when it was running on eight cylinders, the Tea Party movement stood for these principles:

1. Fiscal responsibility (Government should spend less in revenue than it seizes in revenue)
2. Personal responsibility – More producers, less moochers
3. The Rule of Law – Government should enforce the laws it creates
4. National sovereignty – Border enforcement and immigration laws must be enforced
5. Free market capitalism – Government should play a minimal part in America’s economy and allow free market principles to create wealth

(Note: you’ll see NO social issues in those principles.)

Tell me, where does the Republican Party stand today on any of those issues? I rest my case. Enter Donald Trump.

Trump owes his success in the polls to several reasons.

First, Trump is a successful businessman and not a politician. Tea Party conservatives do not trust politicians. Even those who swear up and down they are bleed Tea Party fiscal conservative principles. Think Rand Paul will endorse Mitch McConnell again? Absolutely! Paul has been usurped by the Establishment and is now part of their corrupt system. He will dance on their string as long as the Establishment needs him. They will most likely carry his dead, aged body from office many years from now. He’s no longer there to make change. He’s there to stay there. If the wheels stay on this experiment called America.

As a businessman, Trump understands how to create wealth. Not seize and spend it like politicians. He knows how government hamstrings American businesses and taxpayers with high taxes, regulations, and the flooding of America with cheap, illegal labor. And we like what he is saying!

Second, Trump understands the total disgust of the conservative voter with the Republican Party. And the GOP has only itself to blame. The vile tactics used to manipulate black voters in Mississippi to vote for Establishment man Thad Cochran against a true conservative and Mitch McConnell’s stated desires to “punch the Tea Party in the nose” were not lost on conservatives.

Campaign promises turning to elected lies have alienated the conservative voter. Millions of us refused to vote for big-government moderate Mitt Romney in 2012. Millions more will refuse to vote for El Jeb Bush or any other Establishment crony in 2016. Why bother? We vote in primaries for conservatives. We refuse to vote in the general election for another Democrat/Republican.

Donald Trump also is popular because he doesn’t need the Establishment or their Chamber of Commerce blood money. It’s revolting to watch the Republican candidates like Scott Walker and Marco Rubio talking out of every side of their pieholes about where they stand on Anchor Babies. They’re against Anchor Babies! Wait! They’re now for them! Wait! They don’t know where they stand! Wait! What is an Anchor Baby?

These limp noodle-spined politicians know the conservative voter despises this abortion of the 14th Amendment but realize the Establishment and Big Business want Amnesty more than John Boehner wants a Kleenex. As they twist in the Establishment wind, Trump’s words against Anchor Babies are music to the American citizen’s ears.

For his part, El Jeb Bush doesn’t care what conservatives think. Minus the cankles, El Jeb is Hillary.

Third, Donald Trump doesn’t take sh*t from smarmy talking heads in the propaganda media or from the Republican Establishment. We conservatives are sooooo tired of the ever-appeasing (in Trump’s words, “loser”) GOP types. We want a fighter. Somebody that will figuratively stab our enemies in the guts. Then go after their families.

We believe when Trump says he will close the border. We know the Republican Party won’t. We believe he will cut taxes and lessen restrictions on American businesses. We know the GOP wussypants boys won’t. We believe he will deport illegals. We know the Establishment wants Amnesty.

Yes, Trump may be lying. We don’t know. We will see. The Republicans have done nothing but lie to conservatives. This we KNOW! We have seen!

Bluntly, as a Tea Party conservative, I really don’t care what happens to the Republican Party and their Establishment candidates. Would I prefer El Jeb to Hillary? Not really as I don’t see any difference in them. The Republican Party lost me after Thad Cochran in Mississippi. The Republican Party deserves every bad thing that happens to them. They have kicked their conservative base in the teeth for way too long. Time for some payback.

I will vote for Ted Cruz should Donald Trump fizzle out. Nobody else moves the needle for me. If Trump runs third party against El Jeb, I will vote third party. The fiscal conservative now realizes there is zero difference between the Republican Establishment and Democrats in Washington. If there is a difference, the Republicans will bend over every time and give the Dims what they want. Every time. I refuse to reward the Republican Establishment my vote based on promises again. Ever.

I’m sure the Establishment will pay roly-poly Karl Rove millions for what AWD has shared here today. They’re stupid like that.

One day, the SRV’s will realize that Bush = Clinton and Republican = Democrat. Then they will fully realize the indictments made here today are true and stop supporting the GOP. I refuse to pretend there is a difference in Washington. And I am enjoying this wonderful moment of schadenfreude as the Establishment twists in the wind watching Trump kick their asses while they realize their actions have sealed their doom.


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