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A1 Love!

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This is mostly for my NC compatriots, but also for any of you to think about and consider when this kind of crap comes up in your neighborhood.  The Great State (“they” tell me so) of North Carolina is considering Amendment 1, defining “marriage” as a union between one man and one woman.  This Amendment is up for popular vote on May 8th, having been “legislatively referred” (i.e., no balls).

Now, as many of you know, the author is as Libertarian as they come.  To paraphrase our one and only AWD, I don’t give a **** if you want to **** snakes.  Ain’t my bidness.  Don’t make it my bidness.

The opponents of A1 are trying to frame the debate in exactly those terms, but it isn’t so.  Oh, and they argue that “it hurts families and children.”  Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.  Uhhhh, like everything else that libtards say?

Opponents say that children of unmarried parents could lose their health insurance, or be taken away from a surviving parent.  They say that kids will lose their inheritance if mommy and daddy aren’t married, or that people won’t be able to participate in important medical care decisions for their loved ones.

Let’s examine just part of what the opponents have to say:

Marriage for gay and lesbian couples is already banned in our state. But the impact of the amendment is so broad that it snares not only gay and lesbian couples and their children in its legal net, but also any unmarried couple and their children.

Amendment One bans all other legal relationship recognitions—prohibiting North Carolina from ever recognizing civil unions and domestic partnerships. Thousands of North Carolinians rely on these legal protections. Removing these rights creates far-reaching and long-lasting harms for families from all walks of life.

Amendment One would interfere with protections for unmarried couples to visit one another in the hospital and to make emergency medical and financial decisions if one partner is incapacitated.

We must come together as one to protect ALL NC families by voting AGAINST Amendment One on May 8.  (via

Oh my gosh!  Who will rise up to protect the puppies and kittens and flowers and true love after none of us have jobs any more!?!?  Aaaaaurgh!!  Well, now let’s look at what the proposed amendment says:

Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State. This section does not prohibit a private party from entering into contracts with another private party; nor does this section prohibit courts from adjudicating the rights of private parties pursuant to such contracts.

They say “Amendment One bans all other legal relationship recognitions…”  Uh, no- that second sentence recognizes and protects legal relationships and contracts.  The amendment bars certain kinds of domestic relationships from being recognized under the law.  Not married to your baby-momma?  Write a will.  Get a Power of Attorney.  It’s called LegalZoom- look it up.  Hell, my parents each had both even though they were married!

And the bit about keeping people from “visit[ing] one another in the hospital and [making] emergency medical and financial decisions if one partner is incapacitated.”  That actually seems like a very important protection to me.  What if someone is incapacitated, then suddenly has “lovers” start appearing from every corner, trying to get in on the action?  Again, if there is someone in my life that I want to have that authority, I know a few attorneys who can draw it up.

Not to waste your time shredding each and every one of the opponents’ “arguments,” I will leave you with just the examples above.  They are all disingenuous and wrong.

So, could the real opponents (i.e. not the ones who are just gullible or wrong-headed) have another reason?  One they’re not telling us?  For years, activists have been on the march trying to change state law to allow ‘gay marriage.’  It is currently banned under statute, but this amendment would raise the bar from statute law to constitutional law- a much higher hurdle for future changes.

If I may digress slightly, I hate the whole subject of ‘gay marriage.’  Why?  Because there is no such thing.  It’s like trying to pick out a new golf bat, or decide whether to visit a unicorn ranch.  These things do not exist, and an elected body can no more create them than they can make cars run on water by passing a law.  ‘Gay marriage’ is a made-up term, used by people trying to acquire special rights for themselves, to create an artificial debate.  Marriage is, to use a term that a friend said, a “natural institution.”  Look at ancient Greece, 4,000 years ago.  A man could have a wife.  He could also have mistresses.  And concubines, prostitutes, cabana boys, and probably a few snakes, too!  Yet the understanding of marriage was the same- one dude, one chick.  Of the exceptions to this natural order, the only ones I’m aware of involve one dude with more than one chick.  North Carolina didn’t create marriage.  We didn’t define it.  It existed before NC, before the US, before kings and tyrants and rulers galore- and it will outlast them all.

This is not about homophobia, or tolerance, or treating everyone the same.  It’s not about protecting children, or puppies or flowers or jobs or true love.  Their ultimate goal is to force citizens and private institutions to accommodate their ways.  Think what an upside-down world it would be if a Lutheran church could refuse to perform one couple’s wedding because they’re Baptist, but couldn’t turn down another’s because they’re same-sex!

The Libertarian side of me has some problems with this proposed amendment.  State Constitutional amendments up for popular vote?  Can we say “tyranny of the majority”?!?!?  51% of North Carolinians could vote to make it illegal to be me- yours truly would be screwed.  We are not a democracy.  We are a constitutional republic.  But the pressure from these activists is on, and our elected representatives couldn’t do the job.  They threw it back on us, the voters.  NC, vote for A1 on May 8th!

I will leave you with some music that most of you will think sucks, unfortunately, but I found it fitting.



  1. These sons-a-bitches want us to believe that if one homosexual goes after another homosexual’s ass…that constitutes a marriage.

    Why don’t I think so….

    Get back into the closet homos….

  2. Inagada…..that’s some pretty good music you poster there

    • Inagada Davida

      Thanks, Bluto! I was young-n-dumb back then. Not many will like it, I think. Glad you do.

      Just a tip, too, for anyone who does listen- it’s a DJ record, it’s really over by 5:00. It was intended to be mixed out of by then, so don’t bother to listen much past that…

  3. Excellent post Inagada…gives many much to ponder…love how you dissected issues as well.

    Got ‘er tweeted too. ~

    • Inagada Davida

      Thank you, BT! I wrote it partly for some of my Libertarian friends who want to live and let live, but don’t understand that the other side doesn’t.

      • Oh heck…you’re more than welcome friend. I more than admire the way you write, sure would like to see your input here more often…no doubt about it.

        Got to get…busy day for me today, I shall return later though. 😉

        Btw…it will be interesting to see what others think as the day goes on, that’s for sure.

        • Inagada Davida

          Aw, shoot… :blush:! I guess I just pick the golden opportunities before I run my (figurative) mouth!

  4. Spurwing Plover

    Any real marrage is between one man and one woman and screw the liberal Human rights idiots and the imperial judges as well

  5. Yeah Spur, I thought it worked that way too. It doesn’t
    surprise me that our elected officials condone this type
    of behavior, it’s part of their to destroy our country from
    inside out.

  6. Death to Libtards

    Thank Obama whether you support or oppose A1. He gave us a Republican General Assembly for the first time in a century. The Dems kept this off the ballot forever. Now the people will decide. Homo “marrage” has been against the law for years, but as in California, a judge could legislate it off the books from the bench at any time. NC is the only Southern state without a Constitutional amendment. I’m personally voting for it.

  7. Death to Libtards

    P.S A queer sexual harassment scandal in the NC Dem Party office is not helping the cause of A1 opponents.

  8. I disagree with how government has intruded into something as organic and underived as marriage, sanctioned by ones particular faith. Marriage is taxed, licensed, regulated, and eventually reduced to statistical market share for Divorce Lawyers.

    It is a disingenuous for the gay community to claim they are seeking such parity in modern marriage, when in reality it is about further diluting a long standing religious tradition.

  9. Hippie Ripper

    Good one….
    I particularly liked these lines: “It’s like trying to pick out a new golf bat, or decide whether to visit a unicorn ranch. These things do not exist, and an elected body can no more create them than they can make cars run on water by passing a law. ‘Gay marriage’ is a made-up term, used by people trying to acquire special rights for themselves, to create an ARTIFICIAL DEBATE. Marriage is, to use a term that a friend said, a “natural institution.” (I added some cap letters).

    What you didn’t address however is the idea that “the gov’t” has any business in regulating marriage at all…Marriage has always been done by the Church. Or the old “common law” where you simply “hold yourself forth as man and wife”…
    The idea of civil marriage is fairly recent, I think? And gay marriage is just one more step in the ongoing gov’t control movement….

    The Hippie Ripper
    “Get a haircut….hippie!”

    • Inagada Davida

      HR, I actually started to put that in there about keeping the government the hell out of marriage. You know that’s what I believe, but I just let it be assumed here.

  10. Hippie Ripper

    Understood…but its a widely misundertood point…:)

    • Inagada Davida

      Uhhhh- HR, you make a damn fine point right there… What a lot of my libertarian friends miss is that they are against this amendment because they think that it’s government interfering in marriage. It’s not, and that was one of the points that I was trying to convey here. This amendment is about preventing government from interfering in marriage in the future.

      The other point that I was trying to get across was to my conservative friends- quit trying to preach the Bible to a bunch’a heathens, no offense, but there are plenty of secular arguments in favor of A1.

      For my liberal friends- *crickets*. I don’t have any of those.

  11. Spurwing Plover

    The people can vote it in but one jerk in a black robe can over ride the will off the voters and use the CONSTITUTION as their excuse THROW THE BUMS ALL OUT OF AMERICA

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