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El Jeb Bush has learned a lesson that will serve well other Republican candidates. Don’t piss off the base and don’t support illegal immigration.

It’s only a matter of time until El Jeb says Adios to his stupid run for the GOP nomination. There are a couple of huge problems with his campaign.

  • El Jeb has consistently stuck his finger in the eyes of the conservative Republican base. His message is virtually equal to his buddy Hillary Clinton. Support of Common Core, illegal immigration, amnesty, etc doesn’t play too well with conservatives who vote in primaries.
  • El Jeb has the energy of a ten day old turd. He is boring, uninspired, and believed his millions of RNC dollars would win him the nomination. Wrong! His messaging is 180 degrees wrong for what Republican voters are demanding from the GOP nominee.
  • El Jeb thought his last name would guarantee his success. Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us. Fool us three times? F*** you!

The Bush family has coddled up to the Clintons since W left office. The major problem for El Jeb is that the Republican base despises the Clintons. And we’ve watched W calling Bubba his “brother from another mother” and we’ve watched El Jeb awarding Hillary with a Liberty Medal. How stupid do the Bushes think we are? Well, we know the answer to that. And we know we would rather sell our children for medical experiments in Tehran than vote for another @#&* Bush!

El Jeb might hang around a while longer because of his large ego but he is done. And El Jeb’s collapse should serve as a huge warning shot across the bow of the USS RINO that conservatives are done with the Republican Party. We will no longer vote for another McCain/Romney/Bush/Rubio.

Until the Republican Party nominates a candidate who has conservative principles who is willing to rip out the throat of the Democrats and Obama (and the GOP Establishment), and actually keep one of his @#*& promises, it’s ES&D wussypants Republican Party!

And for some Music That Doesn’t Suck, here’s Lou Reed singing Perfect Day. I encourage the Establishment to listen to the final words of this song. “You’re gonna reap just what you sew.”

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  1. this piece-of-crap conspired with, and sought the advice of Juan McPain to eliminate the conservative base from participating in getting him the GOP nomination………he conspired with Jaun trying to figure out how he could win the election without the base of the party………..

    what a fool……….this dumb-ass rino thought he could out spend everyone by garnering all the big donors and preventing the rest of the candidates from obtaining any funds to run a campaign……he thought wrong……..we weren’t buying into it………

    I still expect rino’s like Jib to sabotage the election since he is effectively out of the race……..the big establishment republican donor super-pacs will do all they can to derail a Cruz, Trump, or Carson, campaign……and if they are unable to defeat anyone of them in the primaries they will turn their attention to the election and do what they have to do to elect “the Hildabeast”…… rino’s like Jib Bush would rather “the Hildabeast” win the election than permit a to conservative win…………

  2. George Wallace had it right when he said there was not a dimes worth of difference between a democrat and a republican 60 yr’s ago.

  3. Own The Insult! If The GOP Elects Ryan, Why Not Just Rename Itself “The Donorist Party”?

    Money quote:

    The Eric Cantor story reveals the dark underside of this issue. Cantor had barely finished cleaning out his desk on Capitol Hill when he was offered, and accepted, a job with an investment bank at an annual salary of three and a half million dollars.

    That’s the calculation a lot of GOP congresscritters hold in the backs of their minds. Tick off the voters, the donors will take care of you. Tick off the donors, it’s back to small-town lawyering. That’s why the donors win on issues much more often than the voters do. That’s why the GOP is much more a donorist party than a voterist party.

    And Yet Again – U.S. Chamber of Commerce Announces Goal To Destroy Nationalists and Conservative Politicians

    Heb ain’t dead yet, if Trump folds he’ll be right back in the top 3 or 4 candidates.

  4. Crankywhitewoman

    I read today that he recently said “I eat nails.”

    So did some of the mental patients in the psych ward of a hospital I worked at.

    • CWW, you must realize that what you read was probably edited by the MSM, who wants El Jeb to be the nominee (He’s just Hillary lite).

      I’m willing to bet that what he really said was more along the lines of “I eat boogers.”

  5. Here, here! Adios, el Jebo. You were a bland milquetoast to begin with…

  6. Eastwood Ravine

    Don’t tease me! I’m waiting for the day I click on my bookmark to the Drudge Report, then when the page loads, the largest headline that Matt Drudge has ever used reads “Jeb quits!”, or something akin to that.

  7. I’m not Republican but personally am surprised that Jeb Bush has stayed in the race as long as he has. The majority of my friends and family are politically active and also happen to be Republican/Republican-leaning. I don’t recall a single one of them who is a Bush supporter, or at least one who would admit to it publicly.

    Trump, Carson, and to a lesser extent Cruz seem to be the big favorites among the people I know and encounter. Very rare that I meet a Paul supporter, but when I do, they are over-the-top in their devotion to their candidate!

    Jeb Bush is conservative on his social values but doesn’t strike me (as a Democrat) as particularly conservative on his economic values. He’s definitely “conservative” if you compared him to the Democratic candidates, but is probably one of the most liberal in his economic views & record of the Republican candidates.

    Bush is very much an establishment candidate, as well. I think that voters are just fed up with the establishment in general, and it is really showing with the current Republican field. Unfortunately, those of us who are Democrats seem to have a major establishment candidate who is probably going to be the inevitable nominee–Clinton. I’m about as enthusiastic for this as most Republicans are for Bush. If this happens…I could really see myself flipping parties, which would be a first for me.

    I will also be interested in seeing how this election goes.

  8. Spurwing Plover

    He dose a good impersonation of a Orc

  9. Jeb just launched his ‘Jeb Can Fix It ‘ tour yesterday and all I could think of was my Grandson’s pal; Bob the Builder….. Trump was right….Bush is getting bad advice from the money men and is obligated to dance for them, no matter how idiotic it may be.

    So let’s break out the guitar and have a little sing along, I am sure most here know the ditty to that show The Beverly Hill Billy’s. Just changed up the words a bit. 🙂

    The Beverly Hillbush’s

    Listen to a story bout a man named Jeb
    His daddy and brother left the middle class dead
    Then one day his family were making people poor
    And up came the plan lets send ’em all to war

    ( Iraq that is, Oil country )

    While out one day makin economies crash
    The people around Jeb started givin him some cash.
    They told ‘ol Jeb that the money’s all for free
    But we’ll own you outright cuz money don’t grow on trees

    (Dollars that is … Millions of ’em … Suit cases full )

    Well the first thing they do is help their banker friends
    And they’re ain’t no limit to what they let them Bush’s spend
    And when it comes to cheating Jeb has a lot of spin
    The same big lies that gave Dubya his win

    ( Florida that is … Missin ballots … Hangin chads … )

    Now Its time to say goodbye to Jeb and to all his kin
    Will they trick you poor suckers into kindly votin ’em in
    Jeb’s rich and entitled but has no leadership ability
    America don’t need another helpin of the Bush stupidity

    ( Hillbush stupid that is … W’s voice: “Fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me aaah. aaah, — you can’t get fooled again.” )

  10. I hope jeb enjoys returning to the trailer park and his park model full of cats. See ya, ya sorry nutless wonder.

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