Add an Army Major General and 15 others to the lives wasted and wounded in Afghanistan trying to…what are we in Afghanistan for again? Oh yeah, “bring justice” to somebody. But certainly not anyone affiliated with the Religion of Peace. That would be racist an Islamaphobic. So what ARE we trying to accomplish in Afghanistan?

The problem with Afghanistan is it’s filled with Afghanis (or whatever the hell they’re called). Muslim Afghanis, which makes them savages in anyone’s book. The only difference between Muslims in Afghanistan now and 1000 years ago is AK47’s, rocket launchers, and IEDs. Nothing else has changed! W Bush launched attacks in Afghanistan to knock the Taliban out of power after they gave Obama bin Laden (WHO OBAMA KILLED!!!) safe haven where he planned and launched the 9/11 attacks. Well, the Taliban hasn’t been running the joint for some time now. It’s worse, we have a smiling Hamid Kharzai taking our billions while stabbing us in the back plotting with the Taliban for when we leave. I say let’s move up the sayonara date big time!

Afghanistan, after hundreds of billions of American dollars and thousands of promising young American lives, is as big a cluster you-know-what as Iraq. Why? Because Iraq, life Afghanistan, is filled with Muslims too. The only question left for America concerning Afghanistan is how many more lives and how many more dollars will we waste there for nothing in return?

Muslims are many things. Savage, uneducated, brutal, ignorant, hateful, dishonest, and lazy are some attributes to the Religion of Murder that come quickly to mind. Civilized is not a word ever used to describe Islam and its barbaric followers. Trying to create democracies among savages is akin to creating beauty among Code Pink members. They are simply incapable of understanding the benefits. They both prefer brutality and ugly. It’s who they are!

Back in 2010, AWD submitted the Kill Them Dead policy for dealing with Muslim terrorists worldwide. Rather simple but very effective. Here it is:

1. Immediately remove our troops and assets from Muslim controlled lands. Cut off all forms of foreign aid to any country that is Muslim controlled. Do not sell weapons or armaments to any Muslim country. Completely disassociate ourselves with those parts of the world but leave the following promise written in blood: If any attack on the United States or its assets initiates from your country, we will kill you dead. Without hesitation or mercy.

2. Remove instantly all non-US citizens who are Muslim or come from Muslim controlled countries. Students, tourists, illegals….every single Muslim that is not a US citizen must be deported immediately. Of course, AWD’s plan on security the border must be implemented immediately. Muslims who are US citizens must be monitored as their loyalty, based on experience, to America is suspect. Our safety and security cannot be based on trust for those who have not been trustworthy in America and in other western democracies. Before you libtards start screaming racism, just research Major Hassan of Ft. Hood or the Times Square bomber. Oh, and also that little thing that happened on 9/11. The safety of my family and fellow countrymen comes way above the feelings of Muslims.

Of course, Part 1 of the Kill Them Dead policy involves the use of nuclear weapons. Nuke one savage Muslim country and you’ll never have trouble with another. Until you have to nuke them too when they test to see if you’re still serious. I would be.

I’m disgusted with more American lives lost to savages parading as allies. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in Afghanistan it’s Muslims can never be trusted. Their only loyalty is fully given to Islam. And Islam is a cult of death and destruction that respects only one thing. Power. I say let’s immediately pull every asset from Muslim countries and follow AWD’s Kill Them Dead policy. It has to work better than anything W or Hussein has come up with!

Pull completely out of Iraq and Afghanistan immediately. Exercise Kill Them Dead and watch our troubles with Muslims go away. Letting savages murder a Major General? That’s just plain stupidity! Just like spending more money and lives in Muslim hellholes!

Quit trying to civilize savages. Destroy them like the cockroaches they are.


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