This entire ‘national conversation’ on guns is nothing more than another liberal attempt to pin the blame on something else beside the real reason for all the violence in the streets. It is not guns killing all those people in Chicago. It is black males with guns.

The question is why are black males so violent? FBI crime data shows that black males commit over half of America’s violent crimes and murders. Black males make up less than 6% of the population. Those in the ages when most violent crime is likely to be committed must be around 2 to 3%. This would exclude the very young and very old. Also, one must realize that not every black male is a thug who commits crime, further lowering the percentage of the US population that commit the vast majority of violent crimes and murder. I don’t have the data but would submit that the percentage of the violent, black criminals would be lower than 2%. Think about that. Half of America’s murders and violent crimes are committed by less than 2% of the population. Seems like an easy fix.

Liberals believe the answer to stop the violence in America is to take firearms from honest people. There are tens, if not hundreds, of million guns legally owned by lawful people in America. These people don’t commit murders in Chicago. They don’t even want to go to Chicago. They will not give up their guns to a federal government they do not trust. They wouldn’t give up their guns to a government they did trust. If you’re really serious about reducing the amount of gun crime in America, wouldn’t it be much more feasible and logical to remove black males from society?

After setting a record for murders in Chicago (congratulations!) in 2012, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is considering stronger gun laws. It is illegal to own a gun in Chicago. What more can he do? Ban people from thinking about guns?

Emanuel said:

“As somebody who stood by President Clinton’s side to make sure we had a ban on assault weapons, I do not want to see more weapons on the street.”

Well, Mayor Genius, making guns illegal isn’t exactly getting them off the streets, is it? When will you be honest enough to admit what we all know? Guns don’t kill people. Black males with guns kill people.

The reason for murders and violence in Chicago (and other large cities) is not guns. The PC left know this but don’t care. They have an agenda to disarm the honest people of America to keep us from rising up against a tyrannical government. The reason for murders and violence in Chicago (and other large cities with large black populations) is black males. This is the truth. Not the truth the PC left wants to hear. Not the truth the PC ‘conservatives’ want to hear, either. But the truth is the truth. What makes up truth? Facts and data. And there’s a whole hell of a lot of it pointing to black males as the culprits in violent crimes and murders.

The PC left has blamed slavery. They’ve blamed Jim Crow laws. They’ve blamed poor education while pouring money into worthless teachers unions while giving a limp-wristed attempt to educate children who do not care about education. They’ve blamed poverty and spent trillions of our tax dollars on social programs and welfare with less than zero positive results. They’ve blamed racism at every turn when they themselves live far removed from the black street terrorists they have created. The PC left has created the current nightmare of violence from black males and has blamed everyone and everything except the real culprit. Themselves!

The PC left and government has destroyed the black community, as a whole, over the past 60 years. There are black Americans who have taken advantage of the opportunities in America, educated themselves, kept the law, and have become successful, productive citizens. They want to live no closer to the violent ghetto thugs than those of other races.

The government and PC left destroyed the black family (and too many white families, too) with the Great Society programs of Lyndon Johnson. Single mothers were rewarded for having illegitimate children but lost benefits if the father lived in the home. More illegitimate babies, more money. Welfare recipients were paid more to sit at home and collect welfare checks and live off of government largesse than to become self-sufficient citizens. With the government checks rolling in each month, black mothers didn’t need a husband. They had the government. The government became the daddy. And the terrible results show.

Over 70% of black children are born to single mothers. Black males impregnate single mothers with multiple partners without having to bear the responsibility of raising them. Black children born into this scenario are raised on the streets. They do not learn values, civility, the advantages of education, or responsibility. Their mothers were probably born to single mothers, too. It’s a disastrous circle that guarantees a life of government dependence and crime.

Young black males have black ‘leaders’ telling them they are victims of America and the white man. They are owed free money, housing and food because of slavery and other airy excuses. Too many of these black males grow up as violent animals. Crime data supports this. But this has been the dream of Democrats, race hucksters, and PC liberals. What’s in it for these PC leftists? 98% of black women voted for Obama in 2012. Want to blame the problems with low-achieving, black people on something? Blame it on Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. You can also include Jimmy Carter, Lyndon Johnson and every Democrat in Washington and in most state houses. Throw in a heap of wussypants Republicans who have sold out rather than fight the destruction of America and the black community by government.

Yes, whites commit gun crimes. We have seen too many white lunatics shooting up movie theaters and elementary schools in the past several years. While these are tragic and shocking, the dead body toll is a weekend in America’s black ghettos. Why don’t we hear from PC leftists complaining about the murders in Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, Birmingham, Atlanta, Baltimore or other cities with large populations of black males and, ergo, black violence? Again, the PC left has an agenda and criticizing their supporters isn’t in the equation.

Every major problem we are experiencing in America today comes from our corrupt federal government. Violent black crime is only one problem. Uncontrolled spending and national debt, the housing crisis, unemployment, inflation, etc are directly attributable to the federal government. Yet, their solution to fix all our problems is to place higher taxes on those of us with who still have jobs and take our guns. I refuse to take the blame for the clusterf*ck created by corrupt politicians in Washington!

Want to have an honest discussion on gun crime? Let’s start by taking a hard, honest look at who uses guns to murder in America. Black males and a few psycho white males. The psycho white males go on their rampages a few times each year and kill 20 or so people. Black males killing 20? That was yesterday.

Is one group not more tragic than the other? Not to PC libtards.

Rahm Emanuel should ask himself if the violent black males in his city are fulfilling the dream of Martin Luther King? And yes, AWD is judging them by their character. Or lack of.


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