Colonel Allen West appeared on the insufferable, self-absorbed bore Bill O’Reilly show to discuss the war in the Republican Party and the Tea Party movement. Here’s the clip:

In addition to other things, the fact that West didn’t take O’Reilly to task for calling John McCain and his ilk “moderates” shows why Allen West should not lead the Tea Party movement. If McCain is a moderate, it’s a moderate Democrat!

The propagandist media, at the direction of the Democrats and wussypants Republican Party leadership has very successfully demonized the Tea Party movement as a group of racists, violent extremists, and worse. It’s easy to demonize some one or group when the left has the entire media complex at its disposal. And that is just what they do. The propaganda media destroys anyone or anything that stands in its way of destroying traditional America and furthering its goal of national socialism.

America hasn’t seen anything like the Tea Party movement since perhaps the Revolution. None of the founders of the movement believed the first Tea Party protests in February of 2009 against the (non)Stimulus Bill would result in a massive grassroots movement capable of changing the country. This scared and continues to scare the bejeezus out of the Washington establishment. So much that a sitting President used the IRS as an attack dog against Tea Party groups and individual leaders! That he is still a sitting President shows the complicity between the Republican and Democrat corruptocrats in Washington. We all know the vitriol we would have endlessly heard if a Republican president sicced the IRS on a leftist group. Months later after the IRS scandal was uncovered, it’s crickets. Nothing. Nada. Because the IRS attacked the hated Tea Party movement. And wussypants Republicans in Washington are nothing if not dedicated Democrats.

Allen West would be the leader of the Tea Party if asked. By whom? There is no leader or board empowered to speak for the Tea Party movement. So how could Allen West become the de facto leader of the Tea Party movement if there is no controlling authority? No doubt he, like many others would love to be the Big Chief of the movement. Many have tried. Since 2009, various and sundry local Tea Party leaders, politicians, and organizations have tried to establish leadership over the Tea Party movement. As usual, personal gain and ego is the motivating factor. Most so-called Tea Party organizations hate their competitors. But none have succeeded in taking charge of the movement because, once again, the Tea Party is not an organization. It is a movement.

The book “The Starfish And The Spider” tells why the Tea Party has existed for four years and is not looking to lose steam anytime soon. Cut the head off of a spider and the spider dies. Cut an arm off of a starfish and it grows another one. This is why the left has not killed the Tea Party movement. There are too many moving targets. No one is in charge. The Tea Party is a group of millions of fiscally responsible Americans without a national leader. Sure, there are a few national Tea Party groups and at least one DC political organization (FreedomWorks) who get a lot of press attention but they largely speak only for their specific groups and have little or no influence with local Tea Party groups throughout the country.

Is it any surprise the mainstream propaganda tried to crown Sarah Palin as the leader of the Tea Party? Or later Michele Bachmann? Because they wanted to Saul Alinsky them to death by digging up every item of personal trash in their past. The same would be with Allen West, or anyone else. By being a movement, the movement continues with new leaders should any one individual leader who is successfully cut down by the media or DC elite.

Allen West. AWD once endorsed him to run for President. Well, I’m a racist. That aside, I like West because he has guts, served in the military, and doesn’t appear to back down from a fight with libs. He also regards Islam as the enemy it is to America. But after watching his term as a Congressman from Florida, it was blatantly obvious West is not a Tea Party conservative. My guess is he would be just the latest Marco Rubio to talk the talk but walk down the path of Washington establishment politics. Why does AWD say that? Here’s a few things West did in his first and only term in Congress:

1) voted for ObamaCare funding for school clinics.

2) voted for Pigford reparations.

3) voted NOT to cut spending to the bone in his FIRST vote as a TEA Party representative.

4) voted to renew the Patriot Act.

5) voted FOR NDAA, which will scoop you up, deposit you in jail, no reason given. No counsel. No family notification.

6) Said George Zimmerman had “no authority” to shoot the attacking Trayvon Martin. He did. Zimmerman’s authority is called “the law.” He also called the slaying “a tragedy” and called for a federal investigation.

Those votes hardly represented the Tea Party movement’s beliefs! My biggest worry is whether West would become black first, American somewhere down the line as is so common with blacks. Beyond that, AWD personally knows a national Tea Party leader who met with West’s Chief of Staff while West was serving in Congress. During the meeting, West’s chief man said “don’t you realize we hate the Tea Party movement?” True story. West went to DC and hired the same old RINO K Street staff hacks that have been in that foul city for decades. Not the best judgment! No wonder he voted for Pigford! That alone will forever cast a shadow on West’s judgment, priorities and loyalties. While I might vote for West over Christie or another @#&* Bush (I will not ever vote for the latter two), I would fully expect him to roll over and become just the latest assimilated RINO President.

As much as it has been demonized by the mainstream propaganda media and RINO Republicans, the Tea Party movement really has one goal…to establish fiscal sanity within our federal, state and local governments. That is, government should not spend more money than it receives in revenue. Just like productive, non-welfare producers live ours!

The Tea Party does not embrace social issues such as abortion or gay marriage. It focuses its efforts solely on fiscal responsibility. The latest debt limit increase and Continuing Resolution debacle is a perfect example. Continuing Resolutions would not be necessary if Obama and Harry Reid would submit an annual budget as required by law. But they don”t want Americans to know how they’re wasting trillions in revenue annually. Of course, the wussypants Republicans are the perfect dupes to continue granting debt limit increases and CR’s! May they all burn in Hell!

Allen West should focus his efforts on defeating the RINO RNC establishment and losers like John McCain and Lindsey Graham. The Tea Party will succeed without him. It is a movement that has awakened tens of millions from their American Idol slumbers and now has them fully active fighting trying to save what’s left of our Republic. Bill O’Reilly should quit wasting our time. He knows nothing of which he speaks.


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