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#AllLivesDontMatter to #BlackLivesMatter



With the latest murder of a white policeman in Houston by a black criminal, it’s obvious that no other lives matter to #BlackLivesMatter than those of criminal blacks.

Shannon Juruary Miles has been arrested for the cold-blooded murder of Sheriff Deputy Darren Goforth. Goforth was shot while putting fuel in his car. He leaves a wife and two children.

It’s not surprising that Miles has a long list of run-ins with the police. Unfortunately, crime is the chosen profession for many black males in America. Miles also attended several colleges (at taxpayer expense, no doubt) and attended the black Texas university Prairie View A&M, where Sandra Bland was a student. Bland also had a long list of offenses with police and committed suicide while in police custody. Prairie View appears to have the stellar record of the most felons in its student population than any other school. Their Murder and Violence programs is reportedly one of the nation’s best. Or worst.

#BlackLivesMatter and their close cousins, the New Black Panthers and Louis Farrakhan, have been calling for killing police officers because…well, because they are police are mainly white.

The race war that #BlackLivesMatter thugs have begun have their roots with Community Organizers Obama and Eric Holder. Their disparagement of police at every turn have enraged the ghetto class thugs like Shannon Juruary Miles and other black thugs who have either killed police, murdered innocents, or were killed while attacking police or armed citizens.

Two years ago, AWD penned this post:


Race relations in America have not improved since then. They have in fact disintegrated. The black racist insurgent group #BlackLivesMatter, funded by rich white leftists, has looted and burned Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri (twice) and several policemen have been shot or murdered in cold blood by black men.

Department of Justice data shows that black men between the ages of 18-49, make up only 3% of the US population but are responsible for 50% of murders and violence.

This week, two white journalists were murdered on air by a gay, black racist who decided to kill the two for saying such racist statements as “we’re going out in the field.” In his demented, poisoned racist mind, “field” connotes “cotton fields.” This is the lunacy of the ghetto black lefts and the white liberals who fund them.

Now would be the time for honest, law-abiding black Americans to take to the street for #AllLivesMatter protests and call for #BlackLivesMatter to shut the hell up. But I fear that will happen when “moderate-Muslims” do the same to criticize “radical Islamists” who are killing and raping their way across the Middle East. In fact, both massive protests are scheduled on the 12th. Of Never.

Thank you, Hussein! Your putrid words and worthless actions have created a wound in America that will result in the deaths of more innocents. Their blood is on your hands.

For the law-abiding among us, lock and load. Don’t be caught unaware or unprepared. And avoid anywhere with those who support #BlackLivesMatter because, to them, #YourLifeDoesntMatter. And neither should the opinions and poisonous hatred of #BlackLivesMatter matter to law-abiding Americans of every race.



  1. Quartierleblanc

    I’ve preached this all along. African Americans wonder why they’re profiled and here it is. There are an endless number of incidents dating back from the knockout games that began a couple of years ago. Unfortunately I have to look at a just about every African American as a potential threat now and it’s not my fault.

  2. Here is what BLM thinks of the dead Texas cop………….

    time for excuses are over…..for there is no excuse for this behavior…they are scum ..time to deal with them as scum….

  3. minuteman26

    All I can say is “Face Down Like Mike Brown”. Time to deal with the black thugs and white Marxists of Black Lives Matter. All are Obama’s children.

  4. I am a female cab driver in Massachusettes. Just last week i had to throw a piece of crap black man out of my car. They are so disrepectful, and they think we owe them something. We owe them something, but i doubt they will like it. They think they got the white race on the run…mainly because we are not gathering and chanting idiotic statements in public. We dont get our checks in the mail…we are busy working. But we are not running…we are merely being methodical. We are watching very carefully, and while they are marching and chanting, we are preparing. Stay aware…be careful…our time is coming.

  5. I think it’s time we call out the group #BlackLivesMatter for what it really is and what it represents, black racism.

    If white mobs chanted ‘Pigs in a blanket, fry em up like bacon’ rhetorical threats against LEO’s, no one would hesitate to describe that ugliness as hate speech and racism. When #BlackLivesMatter racists do it, it’s excused, defended and even praised as a civil rights movement.

    Black racism hides behind their alleged victimhood. Every act of bigotry, from name-calling to race riots to murder, is justified by the claim that every single white person is part of a conscious or unconscious conspiracy to discriminate against them. This claim, embodied by the racist term “White Privilege”, is classic racism.

    #BlackLivesMatter activists are not victims of racism, they are perpetrators of racism. That is why they reject “All Lives Matter” and insist that only “Black Lives Matter”. Every victimhood excuse made to defend this racist disdain for other races is a lie.

    The left shrieks that black people can’t be racists because racism exists only as an institutional phenomenon and black people are institutionally powerless. Not only is this wrong, it is ridiculous. Institutional racism against blacks was outlawed in the United States 50 years ago. Nonetheless in the hypocrisy that has become the civil rights movement, the federal government implements institutional racism against white people – a fact that is never mentioned.

    There is no epidemic of police brutality or even systemic racism against blacks as claimed by this so-called civil rights movement. There was no case of Hands Up Don’t Shoot. The fact that neighborhoods have more expensive homes than others is not the second coming of segregation. America does not have a white supremacy problem. It has a black racism and victimhood mentality problem.

    People don’t like to talk about black flash mobs or black race riots. It’s an uncomfortable conversation, but it’s one that we need to have because without it we can’t even begin to deal with the racial problems we face and because the failure to have that conversation creates a vacuum the left fills by playing the race card against everyone in their way.

    There are no Klansmen remaining in the U.S. Senate now that the last Democrat Klansman, Robert Byrd is gone. But there are more than a few black racists on the Democrat side of the House. #BlackLivesMatter activists are already holding 2016 candidates hostage to supporting their racist agendas.

    Not talking about the problem of black racism will not make it go away. There is no reason why in 2015, with blacks as dominant forces in the federal government and in major American cities and in the national culture, we should accept the intertwined assumptions of black victimhood and white guilt.

    While many on the Left will howl and cry it isn’t true but black racism is real. It is not a minor problem. It must cease to be a taboo to speak out and tell that truth. But I can’t see Obama even wanting to admit it’s partially his doing.

    In America, everyone has the same opportunity to pursue a fulfilling life, through diligence, perseverance, determination and plain old American grit. There are thousands of examples of black Americans who have achieved this dream. But there are not enough of them.

    That is not the fault of white America. It is the fault of the black community themselves, who have lost the notion of an intact, 2 parent family. They have lost focus on the notion of hard work and the utilization of all the resources that are available to them.

    I am sick and tired of hearing these chronically victimized, lazy, drug addled, disrespectful, whining losers placing the blame for their lot in life on anyone or anything other than themselves.

    It’s time for black America to buck up, grow up and get in the game. White America has had enough.

  6. Black lives don’t matter to me any more than reading the obits.
    I don’t care.
    Blacks have positively shown me that they are a different specie and not part of a white man’s World. Let them all go to hell or at least back to Zimbabwe.
    I am fed up with their way of life and the waste of hard earned money that my work has paid me.
    let them ALL get out of the USA and back to their oiginal country where their “way of like” is expected and appreciated.
    And if any of these negro men have white wives, well you can take them with yo!
    This latest killing of a Houston,TX Deputy is what has 100% made my mind up.
    I have absolutely no respect anymore for a black skinned human being.
    That’s it, I am fed up.
    Everywhere I go, I am armed.
    I do not travel anywhere I think I may encounter a negro.
    Any white person who love the negro, well why don’t you just go with your negro lover. Tired of it and will never be able to mix, mingle, be near any negro person again,,,,,period.
    Can’t trust them to at responsively!!!!!!!!

  7. Spurwing Plover

    Blacklivesmatter marching through the streets calling for the murder of police officers and not a word from the media scum suckers no surprise here you cant ever trust those lying media reptiles

  8. Obama is backed by powerful and rich people world wide to do what he is doing now; causing a race war. Do not think that every time Obama speaks you see it on television. Obama meets with black caucuses and black groups constantly and these speeches do not get put on television. He is speaking harsh things and he is telling blacks what they want to hear and how they are discriminated against. He is a communist, street organizer. That is his profession. He still is a street organizer more than he is president. White people better know that they are in a war. Realize it. Embrace it. You are in a war and it will eventually be a war for your very existence. Remember that without the police you are next. There are millions of blacks that hate you because you are white and they are embolden by this president to begin their move. Push back. Stay armed and stay ready. If you do not have a gun, get one and the bullets to shoot it. You will be called on to fight to save your democracy, your family, and your white brothers and sisters, very soon. IT is what you have been put on this planet to do.

  9. I’m just wondering..I am white and married to a black woman; my WIFE. S0—–if this race war is going to be a possibility, (which it may be and IS being created and fabricated by the US Gov., but not for most of the reasons you folks believe in), whose side do I be on??:) Me and the wife are the same RACE…the HUMAN ONE, so now I’m confused Sportsfans! But giving this matter thought and prayer we have come to the conclusion that since our blood is as one-red- and we are of the same RACE, remember? That HUMAN reference, this “war” will be best “fought” by those who decide upon the picking of “sides” as children deciding the skins and shirts teams! But if we had to fight-and we WILL-we will die as ONE defending the color of our lives and souls, defending our BLOOD together!!

    • whose side do I be on??

      It looks like you have already decided that one. And as far as anyone acting like ‘children deciding the skins and shirts teams’ It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that blacks in astronomical numbers are unwilling to adapt to civilized ‘Human’ society. We ‘Humans’ expect a standard of behavior from EVERY race yet black people refuse to comply. To them it is not who they are. It is not what they are able to do (at least not on any large-scale basis). As offensive as it may sound to your ears, these people clearly do not want to belong where rules are expected to be obeyed and where civility and common decency is taken for granted.

      How much more conflict, aggression, and violence from blacks are the rest of the “HUMAN’ race expected to endure? How many more of our white police officers and deputy sheriff’s must be executed before we come to our senses?

      Black people don’t see themselves as ‘one’ with the rest of us. And a lot of us here on this message board share that same opinion. Texas deputy Darren Goforth was assassinated, shot from behind execution-style while fueling his patrol car, by a black man. When Goforth fell to the ground, his assassin stood over him, shooting multiple times. Deputy Goforth leaves behind a wife and two kids. What rational ‘Human’ would do that to another fellow being if they felt that ‘the color of our lives and souls are of the SAME blood together’???

      It’s time to take a stand for what is right. And stop supporting what is wrong.

    • Miscegenation is a choice you made. Congratulations, you love your wife, and are to be commended for it, but you also made your choice when you married her. Whether the two of you are good people or not, will not matter when the doo-doo hits the fan. If there is going to be a race war, then you and your wife need to decide NOW which side you are going to be on, and then you had best surround yourselves with the people you side with. There are good blacks, and there are bad whites, but unfortunately, there seems to be more bad blacks than good ones.

      As violent and untrustworthy as blacks have proven themselves to be, when hostilities begin, there will be few who will take time to ask the black with the gun if he’s a good one or a bad one. Most will just shoot first, and sort it out later. And all your liberal garbage about being human and having red blood, etc, etc, etc, won’t matter one damn bit.

      When the lead starts to fly is a poor time to make choices.

    • to Cempa:
      Touching! That is your problem. Both of you should have stayed in your own race. Looks like you both lose.

    • joe
      Ever thought about suicide?

    • stfu

  10. Meanwhile, back in Ferguson, black lives continue to matter…. This is why Ferguson will again erupt in flames and looting, because a nine-year-old black girl was shot dead in her bedroom while doing homework. The murderer? A 21-year-old black male named De’Eris Marquan Brown.

    So black lives matter??… even though 93% of black murder victims are killed by other blacks?
    What is any rational, intelligent (white) person to think of the BLM noise, other than “Typical stupid Negro rhetoric?”

  11. Latest from the front lines: A black and two wiggas murdered a cop in the Chitcago area. Don’t know all the circumstances yet, but this killing of cops is getting way the hell out of control.

    Its only a matter of time before the cops start getting real serious about protecting themselves, and it will be at the public’s expense.

  12. Another one from the Front Lines of America
    #BlackLivesMatter Radio Show “It’s Open Season on Killing Whites and Cops”

    The show was recorded on September 1, 2015.
    The hosts promise to kill more whites and cops.

    Another racist hate-filled show hosted by blogtalkradio
    ** The hosts say it’s open season to kill whites and cops
    ** There will be more executions of cops and whites
    ** They are going to start picking white people off one by one by one when they are alive
    ** They also find the execution of Texas Deputy Daron Goforth hilarious

    We all know if the races were reversed the MSM would be ALL over this story screaming about HATE speech and being racists for taking advantage of free speech.

    If what, 13% of the American population wants to start a race war? I don’t think they will like the outcome when enough of ‘whitey’ and the ‘PoPo’ get sick and tired of their terroristic, hate filled rhetoric.

  13. Just Observant

    Go shoot them. There is a war on terror, they are enemy combatants.

  14. I will always try to judge an individual for the goodness in their hearts along with their positive contributions to society… sadly to say, 90% of the black race offer nothing I’m interested in. I’ve been around blacks most of my life and I find the majority of them to be very lazy and it is always the white mans fault for their lack of success. The killing of police officers needs to stop ASAP.

  15. I suppose some will say my comments seems racist here of late…well I will say this ..I have had my fill of Black Lives Matter scum….think who is in it ..who funds its …how is it organized???
    Who supports it???
    We have become such a PC bunch of wussy -pants …enough is enough….just listen to this entire video..
    if it does not make ya blood boil then you are already to far gone down the road to being a libturd commie black ass kissin fag….

    our problem is with sorry ass people ….no matter the color …sorry ass media and corrupt Congress and a POTUS that is bent on erasing our white history… transforming us into a socialist shit hole.

    end rant

  16. deranged black thug says it’s not safe for white people no mo……..

    deranged black thug says it’s open season on crackers……

    and he would rather starve to death than live under white tyranny…………………

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      Well Bluto….they will certainly starve to death if they are successful in taking us out. Who the hell will keep the zoo clean and feed the animals after all the zookeepers have been killed by the escaped animals?

      • Quartierleblanc

        There was a video that still may be on you tube and a question was posed to young Black girl. The question was what would happen to Blacks if Whites disappeared. Her response was something like ” we bez fu$%ed. Classic and one of the more intelligent responses I’ve heard.

    • And here’s a deranged Black Woman who believes that there’s no such thing as reverse racism. And goes on to say that “A black person expressing racial prejudice or backwards ideas about white people is okay. And on a structural level, black prejudice does not really affect the rights of white people.”


      Apparently she is unaware of the black prejudice that recently affected the right to life of the white Texas deputy who was executed by a black man and the two white journalists who were gunned down by a former colleague who was black.

      Hating someone solely because of the color of their skin is just plain racism, regardless of who is doing the hating. And if this woman doesn’t believe that blacks hating people solely because of the color of their skin isn’t racism she needs to be slapped across the face so she can wake up. You cannot fix stupid. I am appalled at what liberals have been teaching these low functioning idiots. When you are so stupid that you cannot even see the ridiculousness of what you are saying then there is no hope for you or your people.

      On a side note, not even mentioned on ABC news tonight – The left’s war on police across the nation continues with three more non fatal attacks on LEO’s. One the shots fired at the LEO caused a police cruiser to burst into flames.

      This HAS to STOP! Blacks must NOT be allowed to riot, burn, rob, rape, and murder whoever they want!

      okay, rant over.

  17. According to Allen West blacks kill more blacks in 6 months than the KKK killed in 86 years. I believe this must be why the KKK started to begin with. Counties all over the south did not have police to cover such large areas, and as we’ve been seeing worldwide, black men don’t seem to be able to restrain themselves from violence and rape. NOT ALL, but a huge percentage. Bigger than any other group of people on earth, with Muslims running second in line.
    All people ever hear is how evil the white man is. White man has been fighting for centuries to keep animals like those out of our countries and homes. We went through 1750 years of slavery at the hands of Jews, blacks, and Muslims. They went through around 400 years. Right around 300,000 blacks were brought to this country by Jewish slavers. Many of them wanted to come in the indentured program. A black man with indentured slaves decided he didn’t want to let his slaves go at the end of their contract, so went and had the law changed to keep them for life.A black man was responsible for slavery. We, white people lost a half a million of our own fighting the civil war and we were the only people on earth, here and in EU to make slavery illegal! I could write all day about the injustices of slavery and how we’ve been framed by the Jews, but back to the point.The MSM will never put these numbers out. This has made me cry a couple times and I have never gotten to the end as you can scroll all day and not get through it all. The majority were home invasions it looks like.

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