#AllLivesDontMatter to #BlackLivesMatter



With the latest murder of a white policeman in Houston by a black criminal, it’s obvious that no other lives matter to #BlackLivesMatter than those of criminal blacks.

Shannon Juruary Miles has been arrested for the cold-blooded murder of Sheriff Deputy Darren Goforth. Goforth was shot while putting fuel in his car. He leaves a wife and two children.

It’s not surprising that Miles has a long list of run-ins with the police. Unfortunately, crime is the chosen profession for many black males in America. Miles also attended several colleges (at taxpayer expense, no doubt) and attended the black Texas university Prairie View A&M, where Sandra Bland was a student. Bland also had a long list of offenses with police and committed suicide while in police custody. Prairie View appears to have the stellar record of the most felons in its student population than any other school. Their Murder and Violence programs is reportedly one of the nation’s best. Or worst.

#BlackLivesMatter and their close cousins, the New Black Panthers and Louis Farrakhan, have been calling for killing police officers because…well, because they are police are mainly white.

The race war that #BlackLivesMatter thugs have begun have their roots with Community Organizers Obama and Eric Holder. Their disparagement of police at every turn have enraged the ghetto class thugs like Shannon Juruary Miles and other black thugs who have either killed police, murdered innocents, or were killed while attacking police or armed citizens.

Two years ago, AWD penned this post:


Race relations in America have not improved since then. They have in fact disintegrated. The black racist insurgent group #BlackLivesMatter, funded by rich white leftists, has looted and burned Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri (twice) and several policemen have been shot or murdered in cold blood by black men.

Department of Justice data shows that black men between the ages of 18-49, make up only 3% of the US population but are responsible for 50% of murders and violence.

This week, two white journalists were murdered on air by a gay, black racist who decided to kill the two for saying such racist statements as “we’re going out in the field.” In his demented, poisoned racist mind, “field” connotes “cotton fields.” This is the lunacy of the ghetto black lefts and the white liberals who fund them.

Now would be the time for honest, law-abiding black Americans to take to the street for #AllLivesMatter protests and call for #BlackLivesMatter to shut the hell up. But I fear that will happen when “moderate-Muslims” do the same to criticize “radical Islamists” who are killing and raping their way across the Middle East. In fact, both massive protests are scheduled on the 12th. Of Never.

Thank you, Hussein! Your putrid words and worthless actions have created a wound in America that will result in the deaths of more innocents. Their blood is on your hands.

For the law-abiding among us, lock and load. Don’t be caught unaware or unprepared. And avoid anywhere with those who support #BlackLivesMatter because, to them, #YourLifeDoesntMatter. And neither should the opinions and poisonous hatred of #BlackLivesMatter matter to law-abiding Americans of every race.


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