Alt History Is Dangerous


For those of you who don’t know alt history (alternative history or AH) is a form of fantasy fiction in which historical events occurring in another fashion produce a different outcome. For practical purposes it’s really merged into science fiction. A prime example would be the Conan the Barbarian books, comics and movies. Most people now would recognize the current HBO series “Game of Thrones” as a form of this genre.

So why would I think this type of entertainment dangerous? Most “normal” people would consider it mind-numbing fun. The key word here is normal and when you’re dealing with liberals, anything normal with them is frankly quite rare. After all, this is a group of people who will believe in any form of nonsense such as transgender identity. Many of them having trouble knowing what restroom to use.

Lets face it; the average American can be pretty stupid. However, the average liberal takes stupid to new lows. Not only do they not know anything, they’ll believe the weakest shizer ever invented. Money says that if you asked the average lib about GOT, they’ll not only believe the story is historical fact, they’ll even offer you a timeline.

The big problem with alt history is that it has a way of trying to become real history. Hollywood is a master of deception and uses this propaganda tool often. They call it artistic license. The rest of us just call it bullshit.

Case in point is the movie “Django Unchained.” Quentin Tarantino managed to stretch the story into 165 minutes of fantasy. In real life and history the Django movie would have lasted somewhat less than 5 minutes.

The real danger with alt fiction is that it will often create animosity and foment violence between groups of people, especially when the race card is played. Django was just the beginning and a test run.

Now the creators of Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss (those are the two guys in the caption pic) along with HBO, are making a new AH drama entitled “Confederate.” In this fantasy version of history, the south has won the civil war and slavery remains an institution within the modern era. With slavery being the emphasis, what group do you think is not only going be denigrated but also targeted for violence?

But there’s more over the horizon. Amazon is producing a competitor, titled “Black America.” In this drama the North wins the American Civil War, but blacks are given the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama as reparations where they establish the country of “New Colonia.” In this view of alt history, New Colonia is a world-class economic powerhouse and the United States is in steep decline. Right. The key to good fantasy fiction is to make it halfway believable. I’d sooner believe in the fire-breathing dragons and hot little blondes running empires as noted in GOT than the premise of New Colonia becoming the next Japan.

I suggest the producers; Will Packer and Aaron McGruder look at the biggest cities in those three states before engaging in fantasy fiction. If you examine it closely, there’s already been a form of reparations. Birmingham, Jackson and New Orleans have huge black majorities whose city governments are dominated by African Americans. The net results are high crime, rapidly deteriorating cities that are fast becoming uninhabitable. Then there are all those economic powerhouses in Sub-Saharan Africa of which there are exactly none. I just wonder if Will and Aaron have ever heard of a place called Haiti. Just saying.

The bottom line is that the new version of alt history is nothing more than a propaganda attack that seeks to destroy the American culture and with it the country itself. There’s no better example that liberalism is a mental disorder and a path to societal suicide than this dis-information program.

Rest assured that both shows will be used to ridicule and vilify whites, especially southerners. Fully expect the programs to be used as an excuse for violent crime. Blacks will mourn for the fantasy utopia they think they lost and seek to blame whites for something that never existed in the first place. With the present situation in this country this is something that is not needed. Of course the idea of producing a show with positive values and examples never entered liberal minds and never will.

However, anyone can engage in a bit of fantasy fiction. I really find the bottom caption pic particularly amusing as well as a good counterpoint to Confederate and Black America.





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