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Two Brooklyn police officers can’t say “I can’t breathe” because they were murdered by an assassin today while in their patrol car. The gunman, who is also dead, said on his Instagram account “They Take 1 Of Ours … Let’s Take 2 of Theirs” in reference to the Eric Garner incident. Maybe NYC should make owning guns illegal. Oh. Just more lawlessness and murder from those who contribute nothing to America.

The murder of the police in Brooklyn is not surprising as America watches our country that once judiciously followed the rule of law descend into the lawless rule of the streets. Or jungle. Wasn’t it just last week that Al Sharpton’s protest in New York was led with chants of “What do we want? Dead police! When do we want it? Now!”

White anarchists of the Occupy movement and black thugs are committing violent acts at an increasing rate while enjoying the protection of Obama, Eric Holder, the Propaganda Media, and white liberals. As such, America is no longer the “shining light on a hill” but a falling superpower being destroyed by political correctness.

The shooting death of black teen thug Michael Brown was not a racial incident until it was turned into one by Obama and his ilk. A black thug with a lengthy arrest record who attacked a police officer was shot after robbing a convenience store. Brown tried to take the officer’s gun and was shot rushing the policeman. But the officer was white and Brown was black. That’s all Obama needed to turn this into a racial fiasco.

AWD watched the riots and looting in Ferguson, Missouri and wondered why the police and National Guard weren’t shooting the rioters? Looting and rioting is a felony. The quickest way to stop looting and burning is to kill the looters. Law enforcement had been commanded to merely stand by and keep looters from moving to other parts of the city. They were no doubt ordered not to fire on those who fired on them. The Attorney General made his stance clear…he was on the side of the lawless thugs.

Black thugs have preyed on innocent white people for years now in sadistic, unprovoked beatings they call “Knockout Game” or “Polar Bear Hunting.” Youtube is full of videos showing this barbarity. To date (to my knowledge) only one person has been charged with a federal hate crime for playing Knockout Game. It was a white man who punched a black man to see if the attack would gain national news coverage.

White anarchists and black protesters now openly commit crimes without fear of consequence. Bridges and interstates have been closed by these protesters, businesses and innocents attacked, yet law enforcement and America stand by and watch. They don’t want to get involved.

Lawless thugs openly post on social media calling for the “rape and burning of white women.”


Soon after this was posted, white teen Jessica Chambers was kidnapped, raped and burned to death. But no news accounts, no riots or protests, not even a mention by the Propaganda Media, Obama or Holder. After all, Jessica was white.

AWD wrote this post in August, 2013:


This was before the Michael Brown incident. The first paragraph said:

Every day brings a new story of another “senseless death” of an innocent white person at the hands of “urban youths” somewhere in America. “Senseless death” is what the PC propaganda media refers to violent, out-of-control black on white crime. WWII vets beaten to death, babies shot between the eyes in botched robberies, Australian visitors shot for gang initiation, the ghetto contingent in America has shown both its blatant disregard for humanity but also their absolute hatred of white people. In the ghetto black community, murdering an innocent white person brings accolades and credibility! Is that what MLK dreamed for his community? I don’t think so. Is this what Trayvon would have wanted? Absolutely! Just read his Twitter comments!

Since August, 2013, race relations in America have gotten much worse. And every sign points to our descending further into a one-sided race war.

All this violence could be halted if law enforcement would only do what it is sworn to do…enforce the law. But cops now are open game to thugs and the Department of Justice (oxymoron alert). The attacks on NYC police illustrates that point. And the blood of all the innocents killed or attacked stains the racist hands of Barack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder. They were raised as black radicals and they continue their quest to destroy the America they hate. That America was once the America that held fast to the rule of law.

My heart weeps for the America I once knew. Those who built it and continue to pay the taxes are openly ridiculed by the left and the results are telling. The winds of war are blowing on our shores. Be prepared. Molon labe. Thank God for Texas!

Here’s what law enforcement must deal with on a daily basis. God bless them! And God be with the loved ones of those two Brooklyn officers who were murdered. (h/t iotwreport)

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  1. Major media bosses have openly admitted to censoring black crime. No crimes are more censored that black on white violent crimes.

    The majority of these murders are random stranger killings. Many were motivated by racial hatred.

  2. Twisted black muslim…murdered his girl friend in Baltimore earlier today.

    Btw…now I hear his former gal friend isn’t dead.

    • …the notorious crime ridden Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn…

      It certainly is. Out of 62 ‘notable people’ from this neighborhood listed on Wikipedia, 18 were identified as rappers, including Ol’ Dirty Bastard. If he were still alive, he might need to update his moniker to Ol’ Thuggy Bastard. Interestingly enough, Bobby Fischer also hailed from this place.

      Billy Joel’s 1980 song “You May Be Right” includes “walk[ing] through Bedford-Stuy alone” in a list of foolhardy things the singer has done.

  3. This Cold Blooded Murder and the racial hatred for white police officers started when Obama said the white police officer acted stupidly when arresting a black professor. Then Obama inserted himself into the Trayvon Martin shooting by saying, If I had a son he would have looked like Trayvon. Then Obama inserted himself in Ferguson saying, Ferguson has some racist police officers after a criminal thug tried to kill a police officer. Obama sending Holder to investigate racism after a Grand Jury refused to indict the white officer. Then Obama went to the United Nations and made a speech saying, America has racial problems where young black men are being shot by white police officers. Obama sent in Sharpton who whipped up the black mob and Ferguson burned. Now New York City and Mayor De Blasio and Sharpton beat down the white police officers for the death of a black criminal and the Mayor by his actions of supporting and condoning Sharpton led to protestors assaulting two white police officers. Now today the chickens have come home to roost and the accumulated beat down by the President, Holder, Sharpton and De Blasio culminated in the COLD BLOODED MURDERS OF TWO WHITE NEW YORK POLICE OFFICERS !!! Thank you Obama for following Saul Alinsky’s rules for Radicals to the letter…Especially the chapter on how to divide the Races and have them turn against each other…

    • By WHITE, I assume you mean “White-Asian” and “White-Hispanic”, those being the “media-declared” races of the assassinated policemen.

  4. Obutthole certainly knows how to fix things…..

    Obama calls on black athletes to become activists

    Activists? I’d wager over half of these loudmouthed morons can’t even ‘activate’ the most miniscule part of what most normal people would refer to as the mind.

    AlfalfaDoLittle • 5 hours ago

    Become activists?
    “Hands up don’t shoot.”
    “Pants up don’t loot!”
    “Hands down, stop being a clown!”

    How about teaching them to read and write, and teach parenting skills?

    Friggen spooks.

  5. I guess this would be a subheading under ‘Asymmetrical Warfare’. The race war has been hot for quite a while now, but with only one side actively participating. Too many white fools have been temporarily anesthetized by the idiot box, and then, as a consequence, some permanently anesthetized by the black thug horde.

  6. They paint my car like a target, we take our orders from fools… Crime in the city…Neil Young

  7. Mr. Rational

    the blood of all the innocents killed or attacked stains the racist hands of Barack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder. They were raised as black radicals and they continue their quest to destroy the America they hate. That America was once the America that held fast to the rule of law.

    This is why Blacks cannot live under the same government as Whites.  They must have their own countries… which already exist.  Send them all back to Barbados, Honduras, Brazil, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Liberia.  Let Eric Holder be the Attorney General over a country that looks like him.  Let the Obama daughters grow up in a nation of people where quarter-white is the elite.  They’ll be right at home… and American-Americans will be so happy to be without them.

    • I wholeheartedly endorse your idea. The only slight adjustment might be that it would be a priority to get as many as possible out of the Western hemisphere. Which begs the question: Why aren’t American blacks (and blacks in general) falling all over themselves to get to The True Black Paradise of South Africa? Haiti could be the ultimate, where Obutthole might be perceived as the reincarnation of Papa Doc. Holder could be supremo of the new TonTon Macoute, but who would he persecute?

      • I remember seeing Chris Rock spend a few moments on this matter: ‘Why can’t Blacks leave whitey alone?’ His response: ‘Uh Uh’ while waving his finger. Blacks have learned the secret to perpetual extraction of freebies from whitey is convincing them of the inexhaustible supply of white guilt.

        You can break this by simply stop sending your kids to University for non-STEM degrees.

  8. Not white flight, but white fight!

    14 yr old heroically shoots and kills Mexican bandito intruder [in] Charlotte, NC

    Two Latino brothers, who are habitual offenders, broke into a home in Mecklenburg County, NC. The home belongs to an elderly couple. Their 14 year old grandson was home at the time and shot and killed one of the invaders.

    The surviving brother was quickly apprehended because he was already wearing an ankle bracelet.

    Check the expression on the homeowner when the reporter asks him where his grandson got the gun at 00:46. Considering the pistol used, the youngster might believe in that old German proverb – ‘A fistful of might is better than a sackful of right’.

  9. And where is our glorious leader. That bastard is enjoying himself in Hawaii. He could care less. His plan of destroying America with his legions of black criminals and white liberal scum is coming together. They can all go to hell.

    • …They can all go to hell…

      They certainly don’t have much further to go.

      “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”

  10. 100% AWD. One mistake being the milk reference. No less evil than saint Mandela.

  11. “There’s blood on many hands tonight. … That blood on the hands starts on the steps of city hall in the office of the Mayor [Bill DiBlasio]. … Those that allowed this to go on will be held accountable.”
    – President of the Patrolman’s Benevolent Association

  12. I sometimes dream of that prime “Dirty Harry Moment” when some young thug or thuglette decides to try to rob or threaten my life while I’m out shopping or otherwise partaking of a glorious capitalistic day spending money, when I can take my “conceal and carry” out and eliminate an eminent threat before they can have 10 babies to Not support.
    When will angry white Dudes and Dudettes stop sitting on their hands being scared to death of being labeled a racist? I’m weary of these little mongrel bastards pissing all over my culture and customs and will strike back? Cultural preference and pride in my own culture DOES NOT equal racism like the youngsters are being taught. Segregation is our salvation and insulation from deviate behaviors . I grew tired of walking on eggshells long ago and don’t care if I hurt their little feelers. Being a child of the 1960’s I’ve seen looting, burning, cop shooting, and much more for a lifetime ,its labeled different things to suit their moments,movements or agendas while sidestepping the issues in their own deranged culture or lack thereof.The civil rights era was not a peaceful protest and this crap happens any time they get upset at a spark to set them off before knowing facts or thinking they are all downtrodden angels. I am a coiled rattlesnake if these punks find that they “cant breathe” and I’ll show them how to hold their breath for free and have a good day afterwards

    • Mr. Rational

      When will angry white Dudes and Dudettes stop sitting on their hands being scared to death of being labeled a racist?

      We’re writing racist Christmas carols and other songs over at SBPDL, you should come see.  I’ve gotten laughs with “Slay Ride”, and apparently some sharing is going on.

      Cultural preference and pride in my own culture DOES NOT equal racism like the youngsters are being taught.

      The very FIRST thing you must do is stop being afraid of the word “racist”.  The Marxists have defined “racist” as any White who doesn’t kowtow to PC.  Instead of running from it, embrace it.  They call you racist, shrug and say “so what?”.

      That TEA Party sign is all too true:  “It doesn’t matter what this sign says, you’ll call it racist.”

    • I wanted to add a situation and make everyone aware of an incident that happened on oct.25 of this year.My son didn’t see it on the news in Colorado and I was wondering if anyone else had.On October 25 two Sheriffs deputies were shot by an illegal alien with an AK47 while Obama was trying to cook up his immigration plan.This criminal was deported 2 times that they know of and were unsure if they even knew his real name.this mexican criminal had a long rap sheet in the US.I was out that day as he led local sheriffs on a high speed chase on hwy80.Both sheriffs were great men and apparently the Marxist media didn’t find them worthy of mention while they will glorify a felonious hoodrat.Not all of those border jumpers are meek farm laborers and an estimated 20 percent are violent criminals.I wanted to see just what goes on down at the border and spent a couple weeks doing my own surveillance in Southern California and what I found out could be very alarming at port of entry San Ysidro,Imperial Beach,Tijuana river channel,Calexico and others…this is the article please make everyone aware.the news channel sidestepped the fact that he was here illegally

  13. Sadly the death of those two policemen will be seen in some quarters as payback for all the injustices that the black community has suffered this year!!!!
    I fear 2015 will bring more of the same, another gentle caring black boy ( aspiring rap artist ) will be killed by some white guy…The same crap will repeat itself over and over….
    Many more whites will be victims of black violence regardless of age or sex… I have seen to many old people become victims of these out of control feral blacks both sides of the pond, it makes my blood boil!!
    You just have to look at what is happening in South Africa and the cost of having a black run government…The murder rate/violence is out of control, white farmers have been killed by the thousands by black thugs…. What was South Africa before whites came? Same as America before white settlers came…Undeveloped and uncivilized…
    I do ponder sometimes and ask myself, what contribution the black race has made for mankind?
    All I see are talentless singers,athletes and some actors with the usual black chip on the shoulder attitude,and not forgetting the half white half black leader of the free world…Bongo Obama!!!

  14. I bet another reason they didn’t shoot the looters was because it would have really ramped things up. “Cops shot more unarmed black teens!”

    I hear Al Shakedown is backpedaling, Jared Taylor mentioned that in his article today on AmRen.

  15. PointyEndOut

    Blacks want to mix it up?
    GREAT !
    Time for us whites to take back OUR America and lets start by sniping off sharkton and jackason, throw in faraconman.
    Blacks cant shoot so its easy pickin’s vs a hunting rifle!
    Wake up white America!
    Rise up white America !
    Clean up all America !

  16. Black Nazis like Al Sharlatan, Louis Fartinacan, and Barack Hugochavez Obutthole have no conscience, and therefore no shame. Inciting an horrendous act of violence is nothing new for Al:

    Less than a month later Al Sharpton was on the same microphone informing New York’s black community “that we will not stand by and allow them to move this brother, so that some white interloper can expand his business on 125th Street. And we’re asking the Buy Black Committee to go down there, and I’m gonna go down there, and do what is necessary to let them know that we are not turnin’ 125th Street back over to outsiders as it was done in the early part of this century.”

    The “drums” of the Harlem community had done their job. The word was out. One of Sharpton’s picketers forced his way into Freddy’s Fashion Mart and shouted: “I will be back to burn the Jew store down.” Before he could make good on his threat, another Sharpton protester named Abubunde Mulocko burst into the store with a loaded .38 caliber pistol and shot three white people. Then he shot a Pakistani because he mistook him for a Jew. Then he torched the store and burned alive five Hispanics, a Guyanese and a black security guard whom the protesters had vilified as a “cracker lover.”

    After stirring up racial hatred with his heated rhetoric on 125th Street and broadcasting his hostility on two radio stations for months, the Reverend Al Sharpton abruptly claimed total ignorance of what his underlings had been up to. He had a sudden case of global amnesia. In his sanitized autobiography, Sharpton makes no mention of the incendiary broadcasts he and his buddy Morris Powell had made. To hear him tell it, he barely knew of the loud and vulgar protest at Freddy’s.

    …the Reverend Alfred Sharpton, a man who makes true Christians wince merely by claiming to be a Christian himself. Sharpton’s continued defamation of Steven Pagones, even after six thousand pages of court evidence that exposed Tawana Brawley for the liar she is, revealed the genuinely evil essence of Alfred Sharpton. Sharpton has never showed any remorse for the incalculable and unnecessary suffering that he inflicted on the Crist, Patterson and the Pagones families, or for the way he relentlessly poisoned race relations in America, or for the way he eluded personal responsibility for the payment of his debt. When asked about his role in the Brawley hoax, this clergyman-without-a-conscience replied: “If I had it to do again, I’d do it in the same way.”

    Read the entire piece, then you will have a total understanding.

  17. What a country!

    These are just a few examples of people who, upon learning of the murder of two New York City police officers, took to Twitter to express their approval and glee.

    1. A government, run by a bunch of Thugs, Bullies, Hoodlums and Power Hungry Low Life’s whom are best suited for prison.

    2. The Obama Administration.

  18. Txsecededave

    Another reason of many for Texas to secede and form our own new constitutional republic and flee this lost, over powering federal empire. The empire of perpetual war, perpetual debt, and political correctness gone haywire. It can be done and oh man, think of the possibilities! All of the alphabet agencies will be a bad memory, irs, epa, the ed and the fed! The instant repeal of the 1934 NFA and the 1968 amendment to it. True property rights! It would be FREEDOM, man…like you could never imagine!

    • Tremendous. But consider a new republic consisting of all the states of the old South going eastward, plus those states going northward (Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota) to the Canadian border. In this manner, tariffs could be collected on all goods being transported between the two unconnected halves of the new People’s P. C. Republic of the U.S.S.A – the Union of Socialist States of America.

  19. Pingback: PAUL HARVEY: "WHAT ARE POLICEMEN MADE OF?" - Angry White Dude

  20. The first order of buisness for the new congress should be the immediate removal of Eric Holder (for setting the tone)
    That would be:
    1. If the nation was still sane

    2. If the congress were not PC geldings

    Giuliani Obama’s ‘Propaganda’ Made People ‘Hate the Police’ Mediaite

  21. When you don’t want to dance with the devil, the law dogs are more than willing. The problem is fixing stupids in large numbers with friends as the Heads of State. This is where the citizens within the law should be “seeing it coming!” It is time endure the trials that will try your soul. Learning how and what to fight for is the key my friends.

  22. A society has two choices: 1) to be a structured, lawful, and ordered society,
    OR 2) to be an anarchistic jungle where savagery and violence rules.
    One need look no further than American inner cities to realize that a majority-black population means the latter choice. Is there any wonder then, that white flight has left Amerca’s cities to founder and die?
    Detroit, anyone?

    • Chump Change

      The Islamic State (of Iraq and the Levant) is quite “structured, lawful, and ordered” – well, except for all that cracker intervention. I wonder – for my next vacay should I safari in Detroit or Mosul?

  23. Muslims invading Idaho – don’t think I like the sound of that.

    Thousands of Muslim colonists invading Idaho — Here’s the photo of smiling Syrian children invading the nation of immigrants. And if you object to our culture being displaced, you’re an


    who deserves to be shunned and shamed for your repugnant and out-dated stuck-in-the-1950’s world view.

    Unless, of course, you’re an Indian — er,uh, indigenous person — in which case you are a victim of invading hordes from Europe.

    Thousands of Muslim colonists invading Idaho would be the headline, had I written the source article.

    Oh!! Did I forget ‘homophobe’ in the list?

    Apologies for the oversight. According to this report the vetting process is overseen by a Syrian who assures that no homophobic invaders, er, uh, immigrants slip past his eagle eye. The vetting process is meant to cleanse the hordes of terrorists hiding in their midst. The feds are good at that, aren’t they?

    • Sweet Baby Ray

      First you don’t want Mexicans. So your Government servants bring you Guatemalans.

      Then you don’t want Guatemalans. So your Government servants bring you Syrians.

      Now you don’t want Syrians. How is your Government supposed to Help(TM) you when you won’t submit?

  24. What’s not being mentioned is the fact that black cops have been allowing black criminals to get away with crimes for years. Ever since I was a teenager living in black areas, black drug dealers were paying black officers for protection. Even black females were having sex with black cops to keep their sons from being busted for drugs and out of jail. This was when dealers sold marijuana. I am now a 50-year old black woman and dirty black cops are now getting paid to protect crack dealers during their drug transactions. Last year, ten Atlanta officers were arrested during a sting where they were observing drug transactions, making sure everything went smoothly. These officers, which included 2 black females, were paid $7000 per transactions. And these drug buys took places such as parks. It’s no wonder so much violence takes place at these playgrounds. Black cops aren’t there to protect black parents and their children who may be having a family outing. Those cops are in the park earning illegal, tax-free money. Where’s the outrage? Where’s the racism?

  25. What’s not being discussed is the fact that black cops have been allowing black criminals to get away with crimes for years. When I was a teenager living in black neighborhoods, drug dealers paid black cops “hush” money. These cops would be inside houses where they could see drugs, mostly marijuana’, in plain sight. The cops were just their to collect the “hush” money. They didn’t call for back-up nor did they arrest anybody. Some of those cops were even related to the dealers. That was in the late 70’s and into the 80’s. Nowadays, black cops are getting paid thousands of dollars to protect crack dealers. In 2013, ten black Atlanta officers, including two black females, were arrested for making sure that drug transactions went smoothly. These officers were being paid $7000. Where’s the outrage from the black community?

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