Two Brooklyn police officers can’t say “I can’t breathe” because they were murdered by an assassin today while in their patrol car. The gunman, who is also dead, said on his Instagram account “They Take 1 Of Ours … Let’s Take 2 of Theirs” in reference to the Eric Garner incident. Maybe NYC should make owning guns illegal. Oh. Just more lawlessness and murder from those who contribute nothing to America.

The murder of the police in Brooklyn is not surprising as America watches our country that once judiciously followed the rule of law descend into the lawless rule of the streets. Or jungle. Wasn’t it just last week that Al Sharpton’s protest in New York was led with chants of “What do we want? Dead police! When do we want it? Now!”

White anarchists of the Occupy movement and black thugs are committing violent acts at an increasing rate while enjoying the protection of Obama, Eric Holder, the Propaganda Media, and white liberals. As such, America is no longer the “shining light on a hill” but a falling superpower being destroyed by political correctness.

The shooting death of black teen thug Michael Brown was not a racial incident until it was turned into one by Obama and his ilk. A black thug with a lengthy arrest record who attacked a police officer was shot after robbing a convenience store. Brown tried to take the officer’s gun and was shot rushing the policeman. But the officer was white and Brown was black. That’s all Obama needed to turn this into a racial fiasco.

AWD watched the riots and looting in Ferguson, Missouri and wondered why the police and National Guard weren’t shooting the rioters? Looting and rioting is a felony. The quickest way to stop looting and burning is to kill the looters. Law enforcement had been commanded to merely stand by and keep looters from moving to other parts of the city. They were no doubt ordered not to fire on those who fired on them. The Attorney General made his stance clear…he was on the side of the lawless thugs.

Black thugs have preyed on innocent white people for years now in sadistic, unprovoked beatings they call “Knockout Game” or “Polar Bear Hunting.” Youtube is full of videos showing this barbarity. To date (to my knowledge) only one person has been charged with a federal hate crime for playing Knockout Game. It was a white man who punched a black man to see if the attack would gain national news coverage.

White anarchists and black protesters now openly commit crimes without fear of consequence. Bridges and interstates have been closed by these protesters, businesses and innocents attacked, yet law enforcement and America stand by and watch. They don’t want to get involved.

Lawless thugs openly post on social media calling for the “rape and burning of white women.”


Soon after this was posted, white teen Jessica Chambers was kidnapped, raped and burned to death. But no news accounts, no riots or protests, not even a mention by the Propaganda Media, Obama or Holder. After all, Jessica was white.

AWD wrote this post in August, 2013:


This was before the Michael Brown incident. The first paragraph said:

Every day brings a new story of another “senseless death” of an innocent white person at the hands of “urban youths” somewhere in America. “Senseless death” is what the PC propaganda media refers to violent, out-of-control black on white crime. WWII vets beaten to death, babies shot between the eyes in botched robberies, Australian visitors shot for gang initiation, the ghetto contingent in America has shown both its blatant disregard for humanity but also their absolute hatred of white people. In the ghetto black community, murdering an innocent white person brings accolades and credibility! Is that what MLK dreamed for his community? I don’t think so. Is this what Trayvon would have wanted? Absolutely! Just read his Twitter comments!

Since August, 2013, race relations in America have gotten much worse. And every sign points to our descending further into a one-sided race war.

All this violence could be halted if law enforcement would only do what it is sworn to do…enforce the law. But cops now are open game to thugs and the Department of Justice (oxymoron alert). The attacks on NYC police illustrates that point. And the blood of all the innocents killed or attacked stains the racist hands of Barack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder. They were raised as black radicals and they continue their quest to destroy the America they hate. That America was once the America that held fast to the rule of law.

My heart weeps for the America I once knew. Those who built it and continue to pay the taxes are openly ridiculed by the left and the results are telling. The winds of war are blowing on our shores. Be prepared. Molon labe. Thank God for Texas!

Here’s what law enforcement must deal with on a daily basis. God bless them! And God be with the loved ones of those two Brooklyn officers who were murdered. (h/t iotwreport)

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