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Charles Bronson, Clint Eastwood, Lee Marvin, Steve McQueen….Hell, Chuck Norris!!! The days of yesteryear were replete with men of valor, spines and balls. Remember when war movies extolled the greatness of America, instead of apologized for our successes? They actually had real men starring in them. It is no small wonder why the fading he-men of the day still draw huge box office success when the young, hairless creampuffs of today’s generation are struggling to find a toe hold.

Reflect on post WWII cinematic fare. ‘The Bridge on the River Kawai’, ‘The Longest Day’, ‘The Dirty Dozen’, ‘The Great Escape’ and so many others. They filled us with American pride and left us feeling like we had just walked on hallowed ground and peeked into the lives of the heroes we venerate.

Today, our military is disgraced by films which denigrate the great sacrifices of our troops. These recordings will dictate to future generations how to feel about the great service donated by our soldiers.

Americans used to love being American! Every true American yearns to lay his or her life on the line to defend our freedoms. Now, we have skinny jeans, pencil glasses, plaid shirts and MacBooks. Hey, let’s ride our bikes to the bar, drink PBR, and talk about the latest obscure band that nobody gives two round turds about.

If you can’t already tell, hipsters make my blood boil. “War is bad, that’s why we voted for Obama. He has a Nobel Peace Prize!” Sometimes it is better for your sanity to smile, nod, and plunge your head through a plate glass window.

You can blame lots of things on the decline of red blood in this country. The liberal media , Hollywood and songs with more whistling than singing are good places to start, but I think it really starts at home in the family.

We have some good, strong women in this country. Certainly, under ideal circumstances they would be capable of raising a child without a man, but when in the history of history has anything gone 100% conflict free? You need a mother and a father to raise a well-adjusted child. Period. What happens when Jr. has no father to look up to? He finds a father figure to fill the gap.

Surprise! When a pre-teen looks for a father-figure they rarely seek out the big brother/big sister program on their own. They either go to a close by family member or an older adult neighbor. However in most cases, kids gravitate towards rebels or thugs that seem cool because they do bad things. How many teen hoodlums have you met in your lives that appreciate the rich history of liberty in this country?

Kids growing up pre 1990s usually came from a two parent home. They had structure; they said the pledge of allegiance in school; the parents didn’t rely on the school to teach them everything and they actually took the time to impart some wisdom on the side.

When you think about the power of a family unit, you realize the hammer and anvil really come from having a mother at home, and a father at work. Metal doesn’t shape itself; it must be molded into utility. The mother, being the anvil, provides the stability of a home. The father, being the undisputed hammer, is the one who disciplines the little hunk of metal into a sharpened sword.

You can leave an unsharpened hunk of metal outside of the forge, but what do you get? You get a little, rusty misshapen piece of metal. No utility, no purpose other than the most menial task: Usually a paperweight or a doorstop.

I am sure the metallurgist trolls will pick this metaphor apart, but you get what I am trying to say. As long as the family unit is broken, our country will continue to produce “Americans Lite”. May God have mercy on our souls.


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